Hey, kids it’s me PDRsan Yesterday Rola made her YouTube debut I’m guessing she didn’t make it in Holywood Dude! I watched her first video I don’t dislike Rola I actually kind of like her Rola don’t worry Every YouTuber’s first video is shit Are you trying to be supportive? After watching the video, it made me think there are way too many mainstream celebs on YouTube! Yeah, so many have started in recent months How many have started recently? London Boots Atsushi The girl from AKB whi shaved her head Tsuji-chan Mokkorimichi SHINGOOOOOOO! Yoiko Conspiracy Theory Man The guy who gives away money on twitter Tsutsumishita GACKT Hiromi (and many many more) Man, Hiromi is a blast from the past There was this manga I liked in high school called Makuhari and in one scene it took the piss out of Hiromi Shueisha got an angry phone call and it the manga the scene was completely changed (you can only read the original in The Shonen Jump it was in) talk about thin skin is what I thought back in the day but know that I think about it, it was probably the agency that took action and not him Dude You’re way off topic Oh, right so lots of Japanese mainstream celebs are starting YouTube channels Why do you think that is? because it looks fun How old are you!? Sorry… I don’t think all of them are like this, but I think a lot of them saw Hikkain’s great success and comedians like Kajisac and Nakata Atsuhiko crossing over to YouTube also finding success they saw them and want a piece of the pie ie money Seeing all of these celebs cross over to YouTube OH, no! It’s the end of YouTubers seems to be some people’s reaction Don’t be stupid First not all of these celebs are going to be able to adapt to the constantly changing YouTube style and find success Oh, yeah Also Youtube isn’t a race (despite what many people say) Lots of people can be successful at the same time so these celebs coming in isn’t really going to change much for YouTubers I think it’s actually a good thing Why? When celebs start a Youtube channel the mainstream media talks about it When the mainstream media talks about it, you’ll get people new people coming to YouTube to check out this celebs channel Yeah some of the people who watch the celebs channel might stick around (imagine I said that in an Arnold voice) and watch Youtubers so it’s good for us too I hope Oh In closing To all the mainstream celebs that started YouTube recently Here it comes YouTube in 2020 sucks balls Yup They only care about their advertisers and a small (small) amount of YouTubers The rest of us might as well not even exist Your videos or even channel may get deleted unfairly If you make something a bit edgy even if it’s not edgy You’ll get this yellow mark and will make next to nothing form your video but if you make your videos too family friendly You’ll get slapped with a children’s content mark and make next to nothing form your video Welcome to YouTube Lots of mainstream celebs Lots of mainstream celebs PDRsan PDR3 hoodies are on sale! Click the link down below if you’re interested Please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed theb video(^o^)b Don’t forget to subscribe! Maybe click the bell icon to get notifications What do you guys think of all these mainstream celebs invading YouTube? Also check out yesterdays video and the one before that !!!(^-^)

100 thoughts on “おい!芸能人!!YouTubeに来すぎだろ!!!

  1. 黄色💲 < 中庸 > 子供向け
    ☝広告❌       ☝広告❌

  2. 芸能人の動画って表面だけ豪華で中身スッカスカなんだよね。まあYouTuberと芸能人の二面性を楽しめるから個人的にはお好きにどうぞって感じですね。

  3. YouTubeが上手くいかなくても本業あるし遊びやろ(´・д・`)

  4. ロンブー淳って昔ニコニコ生放送で配信してたしむしろ芸能人の中じゃ走りかも

  5. 別にYouTubeは誰がやってもいいんだし正直嫉妬にしか見えない


  6. YouTubeに芸能人来すぎ!

  7. 天道総司さんとGACKT様は普通にウェルカムです…仮面ライダーカブトの変身者と、仮面ライダーディケイドの主題歌を歌った方がYouTube進出とかもう……(歓喜)

  8. 何年もあんたのことみてるけどいつ年取るの?若すぎ。同じ時間過ごしてるとは思えない。

  9. まぁ芸人は流石に話が面白いし編集無しでも全然おもろい

  10. 私もローラ、ハリウッド失敗したのかなって思ってしまいました。。

  11. まぁでも、芸能人がYouTuberになればその人たちのコネでどんどん中堅がそこに入りやすい環境になって面白いコンテンツになるだろうな。ドッキリだとかやってみたとかはいらない。トークバラエティのようなコンテンツがほしい

  12. 本職のYouTuberより知名度あるし、視聴者増えるしな!

  13. 喋んなゴミ底辺ユーチューバー、お前は最初の動画だけじゃなくて全ての動画がクソだな。

  14. 関さんが言っていた


  15. 芸能人が自分のネームバリューを利用して何かをやるのはこの上なくダサいしお金ないのかな?って思う

  16. いや、スマホゲーと同じで、同時にチェックできる配信者は限られてるので、チャンネル登録者でも怠慢なってきたら容赦なく切って芸能人YouTuberも追加している

  17. 芸能人が流れてきてYouTuberが終わりというより、芸能人が流れてテレビが終わりってかんじ

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