🌍 Budgie Body Language (part 1)

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  1. right, so my bird likes being on my chest, and he generally likes being on me. like, all the time. but i try to rest my hand on my stomach and he literally ATTACKS it. i was laying down, and he flew onto my shoulder. didn’t think much of it. he jumped in my face and nipped at my lip. i literally don’t know what to do.

    edit: so i’m literally just supposed to ignore it


  2. Can you please tell me how to let the budgie come back to the cage or the hand and not to stay too long at the roof of the wall after going out of the cage?

  3. Budgies pant when they're also scared. Budgies flap wings for exercising or also excitement. Also, slight tail bobbing doesn't always mean a sign of sickness, birds do it to help with balance.

  4. No my birb just wants to kill things thats why she viscously plays with her rope

    Edit: 2:54 that penguin wants its misery to end

  5. Thank you so much ! I went to see my budgie yesterday and he was being all playful and letting me hold him! Turns out he was just a happy lil birb to see me ! Thanks to this vid!

  6. Flipping wings can also be for exercices or because they are excited by something like when you make the bell ring, it's exciting him because he knows it's a toy. Budgies love the sounds of the bell (most of them). Or when they are flipping wings a little and they're closing their eyes a bit , it's a really good sign they truly love you.

  7. My grandma's parakeet is panting and tail bobbing but she's stubborn on the fact that "he's fine" and "he's not sick" what do I do?

  8. My budgie doesn’t really play with toys but my other budgie did but I don’t think it’s because of her not being happy or healthy I think she just doesn’t like toys she likes one toy in her cage she has like 3

  9. It looks beautiful. It is a rare pattern in Japan. It was good to see. Thank you very much.

  10. Aaaahh!
    If my budgie starts tail bobbing, what sickness could it mean? For future reference. Also, this video was very informative!! ❤️

  11. Heelp : my budgie doing something strange
    Its like tapping on the ground with feet
    And shes doing it for days every second

  12. I have a question for anyone who's reading this but I own two male budgies from the same batch however my budgies seem to be doing this 1:27
    Can anybody tell me why they are doing this?
    Can budgies like the same gender as themselves?

  13. Thank you so much for making this a video! I was thinking about getting one and the one I’m going to get one is from my local pet store! There cheap and since they are I think I am going to get one and this is just perfect! Thank you!

  14. Tail bobbing is not the sign of sickness. Totally health, birds do it as well prior sleeping. It is a balancing thing as well.

  15. These are the cutest videos. Now I have a green cheek conure not a budgie but this and your part 2 was just adorable!🐥😂

  16. My budgie has been tail bobbing when he sleeps for almost a year, but he's happy and fine. He eats, tweets away and bobs his head, idk if he's sick or just does it then

  17. My budgies are tasting my fingers but my female one she does that too and when she gets her foot on my finger she's starting to bite me so hard I bleeded that time!

  18. My bird was bitting the top of a toy and he was bitting the end and I was watching him..but sundenly he started to panic and start dangling from the toy… turns out the toy poked him and went through the bottom of his beak and started bleeding..but he’s a little better cause me put some cream on him…😭

  19. If they are happy outside of the cage… they will poop everywhere and say "Budgie was here.." and if they poop on something it is automatically theirs… "This is MINE!" LOL

  20. Biting is also a sign of defensiveness because they are scared and trying to protect themselves rather than aggression .

  21. I brought 4 budgies 5 days ago. Now all of them escaped from their cage as I was changing food and water. They are in the same room which is closed by me from inside. So I am in the room too. What shall I do to guide them back?

    There is a neutral relationship as of now as this is the first week and I am just letting them settled at this new place

  22. I scritched my budgie for the first time and he didn’t really bite me he just kinda slightly nibbled my finger
    Edit: ffs auto correct I DID NOT stitch my budgie

  23. Beautiful! Such lovely wonderful little souls. They're like angels. Thank you for sharing all of these calm moments with us.

  24. IMO, keeping a lone budgie is cruel, no matter how much time the human spends with it. I'm convinced that they're not truly happy unless they have at least one other bird to spend time and bond with.

  25. Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute adorable cute cute cute cute adorable adorable adorable cute little Birdy so cute

  26. My birds tail is only slightly moving and it’s only when I play bird noises, should I be concerned? I just got her two days ago

  27. I just got my budgie a week ago. He plays in his cage a lot and seems healthy. However sometimes when he sits to rest, he slightly bobs his tail. Is this normal, or is he sick? I’m worried.

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