10 Iconic Characters Who Were Actually Rip-Offs

10 Iconic Characters Who Were Actually Rip-Offs

ten iconic characters who are actually
ripoffs number ten Captain America flags by their very nature are meaning to be
recognizable individual and unique to the country that they’re from so when a
superhero’s costume is literally just a tight-fitting flag it really helps to
separate them from other heroes that’s why Captain America kind of has a
monopoly on the whole Stars and Stripes look I look which in true American
fashion used to belong to someone else fourteen months before cap laid that
famous right hook on the Fuhrer pep comics a Buda shield a red white and
blue super Patriot with the Stars and Stripes shield on his chest now that
doesn’t look good for cap but at least his shield was a different shape except
the only reason cap shield is circular is because after his first appearance
featured a more classically shaped shield MLJ Comics who own pet accused
Marvel of plagiarism the shield also got his superpowers from a super serum made
by a scientist who was then killed by Germans to make things worse the serum
shield received was titled under the acronym shield sacrum heart innovation
eyes lungs and derma in case you were wondering by the way that was 26 years
before Marvel came up with their own awkwardly forced acronym for the word
number 9 Simba based in part on the biblical stories of Joseph Moses and
Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet Disney’s The Lion King was never destined to be
the most original film ever made that probably didn’t bother the filmmakers
when they picked up its two Oscars but one controversial comparison that’s
always plagued the film was to Kimba the White Lion the anime of a samurai to
Zuko’s 2050s manga series was quickly cited by many critics of the film for
its numerous character and plot similarities both feature lion cub
protagonists wise baboons hyena sidekicks and evil line antagonists in
the one-eyed claw and the almost one-eyed scar they also share pretty
uncanny visual sequences and the circle of life theme now the lion Kings makers
have denied inspiration from the anime and in their defense
Simba does mean lion in Swahili so you can forgive the similarity in the two
leads however early test footage of Simba
shows him as a white line like Kimba Simba’s voice actor Matthew Broderick
knew the anime and even believed at first he’d signed up for an American
adaptation however despite a petition by 498
Japanese animators Disney have never officially credited the film as
inspiration number 8 Wolverine better known for being the
only character anyone wanted to make an x-men movie about for about ten years
Wolverine has since become the most iconic member of the inimitable mutant
superheroes granted they themselves have been accused of heavily imitating an
earlier DC super trooper known as Doom Patrol but that’s another story
former DC Comics artist Dave Cockrum was put on pencil Duty for Wolverine second
ever outing but to this point Wolverine was basically just a guy with claws
Cockrum added many of his most distinctive traits except they weren’t
really his traits Cockrum had spent a lot of the time at
DC during a legion of super-heroes member called timber wolf and he
basically reinvented the character again for Marvel as well as their similar
hairstyles and names Londo and Logan also shared an origin story which
featured them being experimented on with fictional metals timber wolf didn’t get
Wolverines regenerative powers until after Wolvie became popular but they
both boast enhanced strength agility and senses and a trademark short temper
Cockrum has never explicitly admitted as much himself but DC writer Keith Giffen
addressed the similarities in 2004 claiming Cockrum took timber wolf back
over to Marvel with him number 7 wall-e before Pixar’s tonight’s feature film
even hit cinemas in 2008 the internet was littered with a sense of general
deja vu from the eponymous robots design from the release of Wally’s first poster
the lead was dogged with comparisons to the film’s short circuit now this 1986
sci-fi and it’s 1988 sequel followed Johnny v a government robot that becomes
sentient after being struck by lightning except for the robot with human
characteristics though the characters aren’t massively similar but their
physical similarities are considerably harder to ignore both move around on
similarly shaped treads have free fingered hand like claws and
surprisingly emotive binocular esque eyes
they’re not exactly twins with Warren stumpy frame making him look more like
Danny DeVito to Johnny Five tallest them Arnold Schwarzenegger build but the
inspiration is hard to deny wall-e director and co-writer Andrew Stanton
tried to do just that however he claimed the two primary influences for the
character were a pair of binoculars and locked Oh junior from Pixar’s logo and
inaugural short film that said Stanton did concede that he’d seen short circuit
once and may have subconsciously lifted something from it number 6
Indiana Jones since his first foray onto the big screen in 1981 fans of Indiana
Jones have tried to trace the lineage of inspiration for the character now some
claim that he’s based in part on Hyrum Bingham the third an attractive young
Yale professor who discovered the ruins of Machu Picchu over a century ago the
film came about because Spielberg had been turned down to direct a Bond film
and George Lucas cites early 20th century adventure serials as inspiration
but there’s one glaring imitation that neither have officially cited as an
influence the 1954 Charlton Heston adventure flick secret of the Incas the
film has been frequently compared to Raiders of the Lost Ark for its plot
character and tonal similarities but mostly for the undeniably similar looks
of the two adventurer leads according to costume designer Deborah
Landis Indies iconic leather jacket fedora and over the shoulder bag will
indirectly inspired by Heston’s the in the secret of the Incas
Landis claims that the crew watched the film together several times and is
surprised it wasn’t listed as an influence because Incas is almost a
shot-for-shot Raiders interesting thing to note here paramount owns both Incas
and Indy and stop distributing Inga’s entirely hmm I wonder why that might be
number 5 spider-man as his theme song reminds a Spider Man can spin a web any
size catching thieves just like flies granted he was one of the first non
sidekick team superheroes and he has a number of hallmark traits that have
earned him the status of comic book legend but it’s the web shooting that
really sets him apart from his comic book peers it’s just a shame that the
same ability didn’t bring Spider Queen the same Fame back in
in 41 when she debuted the web-shooter aesthetic the wife and lab assistant of
government chemist Harry Kane not that one Shannon Kane used her late husband’s
formula for spiderweb fluid to fight the Russians who killed him this technically
landed her on the side of the 1940s Germans a trait Stanley thankfully chose
not to use for Peter Parker the rest however was fair game Spider Queen also
dressed in red and blue despite the colors having nothing to do with spiders
and sprayed Webb from wrist mounted devices with similar flick of the wrist
just like Spidey can also swung them her webs and tied up enemies with them or an
issue down to the three issue she last it so what do you think do you think
Peter Parker is a ripoff of Shannon Kane or is it a weird web-based coincidence
let us know in the pollak above and in the comments down below
number four Buzz Lightyear for children of the 1990s Pixar’s Toy Story was as
iconic as it was scouring the idea that your toys were alive made a considerable
amount of kids treat them very differently but that’s idea didn’t
actually originate from the 1995 animation legendary puppeteer and film
maker Jim Henson actually used the plotline nine years earlier in his TV
special the Christmas toy the 50-minute TV film follows rugby the tiger Jamie’s
favorite toy who worries that Christmas is able to plant him with a new toy just
like Toy Story the toys come alive after humans leave the room except Toy Story
cunningly changed the idea from Christmas Eve to the day Bandys birthday
party original when rugby tries to wrap himself among the presents he lets loose
a new space toy called Meteora queen of the asteroids only problem is
Meteora doesn’t believe she’s a toy familiar
instead she thinks she’s landed on a strange planet among an alien population
granted meteora is a woman and doesn’t look too much like Buzz Lightyear but
for the first film thinks he’s a spaceman it’s effectively
buzzes entire stick and it wasn’t even his number three Solid Snake Metal Gear
Solid director Hideo Kojima aside from being videogame royalty is
well known for being a proud cinephile who blends cinematic preferences into
all his work but one obvious implements that almost landed him in hot water was
John Carpenter’s Escape from New York whose lead Snake Plissken was pretty
clear inspiration for Solid Snake bows have sing
I patches or solid I if we’re getting technical and obviously the name snake
which isn’t exactly the most common solid snake even adopted the surname
Plissken for a while and the likenesses are so glaring that it’s hard to
understand why it’s never been taken to court
well John Carpenter actually cleared that up in a 2015 interview Carpenter
was discussing a lawsuit escaped from new york’s production company studio
canal has leveled against luc besson block out for ripping off the entire
storyline when he addressed Solid Snake he claimed that studio canal were
actually prepared to take legal action against the game series but carpenter
asked them not to because in his words Hideo Kojima is a nice guy makes you
wonder what he thinks of Lucas song number two Megaman Megaman has earned
his place in the annals of videogame history as one of the platform’s most
iconic characters but with all the sequels and spin-offs the franchise has
spawned it’s strange to think that in actually began life as a spin-off itself
when the first Megaman game was being developed in 1987 the Japanese manga and
cartoon character Astro Boy was at peak popularity and Capcom saw a chance to
capitalize with a video game adaptation of the character but late into
production Capcom lost Astro boys licensing rights and were faced with a
hard choice either scrapped the game totally redesign it or option see
neither of those of course they went with option C turning the character blue
putting a hat on him and calling him Megaman despite him still having the
overtly prepubescent look of the source material this was just enough to dodge a
lawsuit despite the fact that characters beam cannon and entire backstory was
kept practically unchanged both were created by mad scientist’s in the image
of their dead son and both fought against their original prototypes
serving his older brother standards again small amendments were made and
cobalt became a proto man but otherwise same difference
number one Batman the Dark Knight is one of the most
famous and recognizable heroes everted on a cape and cowl his bat symbol alone
has its own legacy of excessive merchandise and is pretty much
inescapable but the iconic logo stig was actually borrowed from an earlier Caped
Crusader as was basically his entire character in his defense Batman
co-creator Bob Kane has been pretty forthright but the inspiration he drew
from the story of Zorro but the parallels are still pretty
staggering both Bruce Wayne and Don Diego Vega come from wealthy families
and adopt dim public personas so no one assumes their masked crime fighters
Zorro even has an Alfred s Butler called Bernardo and a jet-black vehicle in this
case a horse which he stores in you guessed it a secret cave since the Dark
Knight Returns in 1986 Batman’s writers have worn the rip-off quite unashamedly
on their sleeves since Frank Miller’s graphic novel introduced a detail most
iterations of Batman’s origin story have his parents murdered leaving a screening
of the Mark of Zorro which is a pretty bold way to reference what’s effectively
just plagiarism so that was 10 iconic characters who were actually ripoffs
have we missed any out which one surprised you the most let me know in
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100 thoughts on “10 Iconic Characters Who Were Actually Rip-Offs

  1. Pretty much all of Disney is stolen material, and then they go out and get copyright laws changed so their 'original' content can't get 'stolen'.

  2. You guys apparently don't do research at Alltime10s. Zorro and Batman are blatant rip-offs of (The Count of Monte Cristo). So much so that Alexandre Dumas should have gotten writing credits for both.

  3. Oh look because we are on YouTube we have to Americanise words for our cousins over the pond even though you are English 👌🤔

  4. I dunno. The Batman being a rip off of Zorro thing seems pretty weak to me. I mean yeah Bob Kane admited it
    but still. They are completely different characters.

  5. I saw a George Lucas interview where he cited Alan quartermain from king Solomon's mines as an influence on Indiana Jones.

  6. In the case of Batman , we see this type of archetype often, so whether it's the Punisher or Death Wish, we have someone that loses someone they love, then take to fighting crime, but hide their identity. the fact that they usually have a lot of money, is convenient for story telling because it allows them to have items to help them fight crime.

  7. I always suspected that Batman was influenced by Zorro.
    Think, if Batman was set back 100 yrs he'd be riding a horse too.

  8. Shazam was a direct Superman rip-off. They not only got sued for it, but they lost the lawsuit, too. The only reason Shazam is still around is because DC saved him, despite them being the one who killed him in the first place. So when you think about it, it's quite hilarious that we have Superman and Shazam in the same comics these days.

  9. You'd be surprised how often that Megaman one happens. Warcraft was originally a Warhammer Fantasy game that was declined by Games Workshop and they slapped a repaint on it.

  10. misinformaton. Due to the video creator being misinformed. Unsubbed. Especially when you have millions of subs get your fucking facts straight

  11. The saddest thing is a un-witted young Disney employee sent a cease and desist letter to the production company of Kimba the white lion… although it was retracted and no suit filed, because of the drama the production company basically stopped producing any Kimba related material. The only remnants of Kimba is the mascot of Tokyo baseball team.

  12. To be fair to the Number One on this list, Zorro hit Public Domain around the time they started to openly admit it.

  13. Matrix is full of rip-offs, also the Bible (both old and new testaments) consist of many ancient stories and legends, dated back to Ancient Egypt or Babylon.

  14. This Sam is a direct ripoff of Sam from 101 Facts. How do I know? Easy, the real Sam would have mentioned Jennifer Lawrence and promptly got a stiffy 🙂

  15. I will always fight against the idea of Wall-E copied from Short Circuit.

    I've watched Short Circuit 1 and 2, and treads??? Wow, that and that's it…. A "rip-off"? No. That's like Cars is a rip-off of my personal vehicle cuz they have 4 wheels.


  16. NOOOOOOOOO…imagine Disney not being original and not only work with world wide rip-offs, only to make it like they thought of it their own by calling them 'Disney's…..'
    Disney is so fake and without fresh ideas, that they feel the need to steal everything, adjust it just a bit and then claim it as their own, when they are damn well ripping off all fairy tales/stories told throughout the world.
    The 'most magical place' is actually 'The most plagiarized place' you can be.

  17. This foreign hoe with a STOOPID accent boutta talk shit about my shitty country fuck off only I can talk about my country pussy boii

  18. Wait, hold on a sec. Yes Astroboy was created after the image of his father's dead son when he died in a car crash, but Mega Man was never created in the image of Dr Light's son. As far as the Mega Man goes Dr Light never had a son. First Protoman was created to advance the world of robotics to next step, but a faulty power cell and the thought of having it fixed would have him lose his identity caused him to runaway. Then Mega Man was created to be Dr Light's lab assistant, but he always saw him and Protoman as his sons and Roll as his daughter.

  19. Actually Toy Story and Jim Henson story we're inspired by The Nutcracker. A story about toys and a favorite toy that came to life When the Children work around. You really should know your culture

  20. I watched and loved the first season of Doom Patrol. But I did think how similar it is to X Men which was disappointing.
    Now it turns out Doom came first! Marvel, you should be ashamed.

  21. George Lucas draw his Inspiration for Raiders or the Lost Arc from the French 60's Movie "Adventure in Rio" with young Jean-Paul Belmondo.

  22. I asked people of color from around the world why a lot of our countries and communities are so impoverished and corrupt. I created a story around their answers. Download that story for FREE or listen on YouTube ⬇



  23. You did have some valid points, but what rubbed me the wrong way was how you used the word "plagiarizer" to describe the authors who outright stated that another character was their source of inspiration.

  24. The real rip off in Batman was Bob Kane stealing the credit for something he had very little creative input in. The real credit belongs to Bill Finger and Jerry Robertson. Bill came up with the main custume design the alter ego "Bruce Wayne" the Batmobile, Bathound, etc. Jerry and Bill together created Robin and the Joker. Bob Kane should have shared credit but he didn't.

  25. Mentions Wolverine but says nothing about Deadpool. Not even like a similar to Deapool comment or something Surprising. And to be honest. Many of DC and Marvel's characters are the same. At least the older ones.

  26. Anyways, being influenced by and ripping off are two different things. Zorro is an influence on Batman, Lion King was a direct ripoff and same for Indiana Jones sadly.

  27. Batman may of ripped off Zoro but Marvel basically took Batman and made Iron man and more. They even ripped off Superman multiple times.

  28. Wall-E being from Short Circuit is bullshit – there’s barely a enough justification shown. May as well say Short Circuit was inspired by Cameron’s Tanker vehicle from Terminetor1

  29. You missed the fact that because of Kimba the white lion, the Hayao Miyazaki films were released as Buena Vista and not their parent company, Disney. The story goes that, because Disney wouldn’t credit Kimba the White Lion as its inspiration, Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki himself didn’t want the Disney name anywhere on their videos. To seal the deal, Disney offered to produce the English versions under Buena Vista and would not put Disney on anything related to the movies.

  30. "Inspired by" and "ripped off from" are not really synonymous with each other. To say that Batman is a rip off of Zorro is a huge stretch.

  31. Most of these were quite shocking. I always thought Spider-Man was an original. I knew about The Lion King though.

  32. Actually Short Circuit was based around the looks of R.O.B. The robot from the 1985 NES peripheral, and also The NES is boxed-shaped, and the story of the Pixar film is based around Noah's ark from the bible.

  33. Oh man, you missed one thing about megaman my friend. Megaman was a ripoff off Astro boy while astro boy was himself a ripoff of Mickey Mouse. You think it was a coincidence that he has those two points on his head? Lol

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