10 WEIRD Tests of Psychology & Personality: Answer Test Questions NOW!

Online tests are for the most part pretty
meaningless. Even so, I’ll bet most of us have taken a
personality quiz at one point or another, and who hasn’t spent ten minutes of their
life trying to work out when they’re going to die, how much of an 80’s chick you are
and which game of thrones character you’d like to die being spooned by. But not all online tests are like this, as
some are backed by genuine psychological research, and others….well they are just plain freaky. So if you’ve ever wanted to find out how racist
you are, what fetishes you and your partner share or if you’ve got resting bitch face,
then check out these ten weird online tests you can take right now. Number 10: How Racist Are You? I like to believe that I am completely free
of all bias, whether it’s racial, political or otherwise. But sometimes I’m walking down the street
and I see a Welshman and I really have to hold myself back from kicking his stupid face
off. So I wonder, exactly how prejudiced am I? Well thanks to the fine folks at tolerance
dot org we can find out by taking their Implicit Association Tests to quantify our unconscious
biases. Do you hate fat people? Are you prejudiced against those of a different
age, gender, sexuality or race? Then step right up and confront your inner
bigot without delay. First I took the skin tone test, and it began
by asking me to identify people as light or dark skinned, and then say whether I thought
a particular word was good or bad. It then straight up asked me if I preferred
lighter skin over dark skin, and obviously I said no, because I love making waistcoats
from the skin of every race. But it turns out I was lying, and apparently
I have an automatic preference for light skinned over dark skinned people. However, I then took the race test, and it
told me I had no detectable prejudice. So what do I do? Join the KKK or sign up for a liberal arts
major? I am so confused right now. Number 9: Are You Vengeful? Has our last entry made you realise you’re
not as woke as you thought? I bet you’d love to find out where we live
and mail us some dog poop wouldn’t you? Or would you? Have you got a taste for revenge, or are you
willing to forgive and forget? The TRIM revenge test can tell you the answer
to this question better than most, as it was developed in the late 90’s by professional
psychologist Michael McCullogh – unlike most online tests, which are developed by depressed
failed screenwriters working for Buzzfeed. There are a few of these tests online, but
the easiest one we found was hosted by nymag here…
http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/07/test-yourself-do-you-seek-out-revenge-or-avoid-your-problems.html I took this test, and it turns out I have
both a high rating for vengeance and avoidance. So if you ever dare cross me I’ll have to
take my revenge at a distance, probably with a javelin or something. Number 8: Are You Crazy
This one’s a little trippy, and I’m not sure how scientifically accurate it is, but what
the hell let’s try it anyway. By viewing this video of a rotating Charlie
Chaplin mask, you can apparently tell whether or not you have schizophrenia. https://youtu.be/QbKw0_v2clo
The mask uses an optical illusion to display a second face within the concave part of the
mask, and to most people this illusion works, appearing as if a convex face is emerging
from the wrong side. But if this illusion doesn’t work on you,
and the second face appears concave the whole time, you might have schizophrenia. Like I said, I’m not so sure of the validity
of this test, but what I do know is that I tried really really hard to see the concave
mask on every single rotation. Number 7: The Shape Test
http://www.hypnoid.com/psytest2.html Hypnoid dot com’s shape test uses the Pierley
Redford Dissociative Affect Diagnostic to test your brain’s affective response system,
and while the results are often worded like a crap horoscope you’d read in Cosmo, the
test itself is pretty darn trippy. Its questions revolve around the attribution
of emotion to various shapes, and along the way you’ll be asked to determine which shape
is insane, which shape is sinful, which shape can hear you breathing and which shape wants
to hurt you. The test told me I’m living in a higher realm,
and considering the lifestyle choices of many of our viewers, I suspect that may be the
case for some of you guys too. Number 6: Hot or not? Anyone else remember that early 2000’s website
Hot or Not? It was and apparently still is a site where
people rate each other’s profile pictures on a score out of ten. And after you’ve been rated, a solid 6.9 like
me might then get a few messages from people who like what’s going on in your facial regions;
but these strangers may have been wrong to validate me so, because did you know that
attractiveness is not necessarily an exact science? Studies into the symmetry and presence of
certain ratios have been used in an attempt to quantify what makes humans attractive,
but much of it is down to personal preference. So have you ever wondered how your tastes
stack up against other people? Well now you can find out, by going to testmybrain
dot org and taking their “Judging Face Attractiveness” test. All you have to do is rate fifty generated
faces for attractiveness, tell the testers whether you’re Hispanic or Latino, and once
you’re done, the test will tell you how similar your scores were to the average. I took it and scored reasonably high, meaning
that my preferences are similar to most people. But if you scored low then don’t be upset,
it just means the entire world’s ugmo’s are yours for the taking. Number 5: Flea Bites
Ever wonder if you’ve got flea bites? I know I have, so head on over to fleabites
dot net and take their “Do you have flea bites” test. http://www.fleabites.net/do-you-have-flea-bites-test-yourself-and-find-out/
I mean what more can I say? If you’ve got an especially mangy cat or dog
you’d be mad not to find out. Number 4: Resting Bitch Face
If you’ve uploaded a photo to Hot or Not and everyone’s told you you’ve got resting bitch
face, then it’s important you get tested. Every day thousands of young people suffer
from RBF associated ailments, but this condition is easily cured if caught early enough. By heading over to Noldus dot com and uploading
a photograph to their Resting Bitch Face page, their sophistamacated algorithm jiggy will
analyse your expression to determine its levels of contempt. We tried it out with this picture of our very
own Nathan posing with a monkey… https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13669741_1775622799317812_3144796477302282825_n.jpg?oh=4bfc3228b5a6a0e1f94c7da06306bd73&oe=5971E7E6
…and while Nathan scored low due to his altogether pleasant demeanour, the monkey
was judged to be a nasty cold hearted bitch. Number 3: Where’s Your Mouth From? http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/12/20/sunday-review/dialect-quiz-map.html?_r=1&
This next one is mostly for residents of the USA, but since American culture has infected
every corner of the globe then non-residents may wanna give it a shot anyway. This test hosted by the New York Times will
tell you which region of America has most influenced the way you talk. Questions include “what do you call a sweetened
carbonated beverage”, “do you pronounce cot and caught the same” and “how many syllables
do you use in the pronunciation of caramel”. Apparently my dialect is influenced by California,
Hawaii and New York, with barely anything in between. Go figure. Number 2: Are You Into That? If you’re in a relationship and your sex life
is getting a little boring, you might consider introducing something new into the equation
to spice things up. Perhaps a little whipped cream, maybe some
Mickey and Minnie role play, or what about some good old fashioned Acrotomophilia. You might need a hacksaw for that last one
though. But plucking up the courage to suggest these
new and exciting activities can be pretty tricky, especially if your partner is the
kind of person who thinks doing it with the lights on counts as kinky. But the Mojo Upgrade test removes the possibility
for embarrassment by presenting both you and your other half with a series of common fetishes
to pick from. Should you match up on any it’ll let you know,
otherwise it keeps them a secret. So if you want a little Fifty Shades action
and your partner’s up for that, pow, tomorrow night’s gonna be a whole lot more interesting. And if only one of you is into dressing up
as a horse while someone whips your buttocks with a badminton racket, that piece of information
will remain known only to you and your browsing history. Number 1: Can I hear colours? Synaesthesia is a condition which causes some
humans to experience a strange crossover of the senses, such as the ability to associate
sounds with colours, words with a certain taste, and to feel the sensation of being
touched on certain areas of the body when a particular sound is played. And if you’ve ever wondered if you have this
ability you can find out by going to synesthete dot org and taking their synaesthesia battery
test. You have to register to take the full test,
but you can find out if you’re likely to have some form of synaesthesia by taking the introductory
test first, which includes such wonderful questions as “Does the name ‘Derek’ taste
like earwax?” and is Wednesday always orange? And that’s our list. Let us know if you took these tests and what
you results were by posting in the comments below. And once you’ve done that, take a look at
our recent video on five mind-bending psychological theories…because did you know that Shia
Labeouf loves Strange Mysteries?

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