15 INFP Personality Type Secrets that People usually don’t Know

15 INFP Personality Type Secrets that People usually don’t Know

15 INFP Personality Type Secrets that People
usually don’t Know Basically all people are different. Even though they belong to the same introversion
classification, there are still things you probably miss. Even with specific classification of 16 personalities
from MBTI, there are so many differences. In this video, I’m going to share with you
the list of 15 secrets from INFP personality type that people usually don’t know. Before we jump to the lists, make sure to
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in the future. #1 – Thirst of inspiration INFPs do not like living bland. They want something or someone who can inspire
them. Typically, they find their inspiration from
books, poetry, social movement, and people who are in the same wavelength. #2 – They are really attached to their value People with INFP personality frequently doubts
or questions themselves before and while doing certain things, making them look spacing out. This is because they think that what they
are doing is based on their value they hold. #3 – They like simplicity You may not realize that INFPs live in very
simple manner. They want to touch with the essence of life
which is not merely about something materialistic. #4 – Creative expression Unlike other introvert types, the INFPs cannot
directly express what they feel. That is why they transfer such expression
through artistic forms such as poetry, song lyrics, and photography captions. #5 – Emotional healer This type of personality is actually a good
listener and wise decision maker. They value either people’s feeling, and
that is why they are willing to help if you are having problem. #6 – Too many burdens As the effect of listening to people’s problem,
the INFPs are usually soaked in people’s problem. Though the problem is not passed, INFPs sensitivity
makes them feel real. This burdens the INFPs. #7 – If it matters, then it matters INFPs hold particular values that they believe
are true. When they start to do something that matters,
they will do it until they achieve what they want. Though they are usually lazy, something that
matters them most will be done without second opinion. #8 – If they saw a bird flying in the sky. Other MBTI personalities might not even care
about that. However for INFPs, they actually see it as
freedom, peace, and serenity. They tend to see things with a certain meaning. #9 – Do not like ordinary jobs INFPs who work for companies are usually not
happy. The reason is because the companies typically
seek profits above all. Additionally, the routine works are boring
for creative INFPs. #10 – Requirement to be a partner If you are interested to people with INFP
personality, you should have something to share. It should be something meaningful, motivating,
and informational. #11 – Ignoring problem Though INFPs do not mind listening and giving
solution to other people’s problem, they actually will not confront the problem. They will sweep the conflict under the carpet
until it resides. #12 – They can be leaders INFPs do not usually take in charge as leader
because of not wanting in a spotlight. However, with enough motivation, they will
do. #13 – New experiences are always welcome INFPs love to learn something new for the
sake of humanity. They seek for the possibilities by building
new connection, learning new things, and exploring what they want. #14 – INFPs believe that being in a relationship
means they should be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready. With that belief in mind, they prefer to be
in a relationship during 20s and 30s. They want to secure their family first, then
themselves. #15 – Logical people always challenge their
virtues and ideals. All in all, that’s the 15 INFP personality
type secrets that people usually don’t know. Really cool information isn’t it! Please share your thoughts and experiences
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46 thoughts on “15 INFP Personality Type Secrets that People usually don’t Know

  1. Who studies us….? How do they know these things…? Why….? For what purpose? To make fools of us, or Making money? Get rich off of us while we starve? (What? when? Where?… _) For what good is it to know that you are blessed? For what good is it to mankind if you are denied living, … under oppression or manipulations of evil…? I only know that God Knows Why, and I truly will follow Him and him only…Jesus, yes, Jesus I said… In the end, I believe we will know our purpose, till then our eyes will be open to the vail that he tore open for us gentiles and we will see the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD… Lord have mercy on us all as humans in this small dimension that we think is so dogmatically true… AMEN, my Brothers and Sisters… See you there.

  2. What does "they wanna secure their family first, then themselves" mean?! Does it mean we want to get into a relationship before we think about developing ourselves? Or does it imply the exact opposite?! 😅 otherwise quite on spot on every point.

  3. I thought you said in your other video that INFPS are not good in making decisions but you points out in number 5 that the are wise decision maker. Kindly enlightened me. Thanks.. 😊 ( I took several test and I'm an INFP -mediator type. )

  4. Thank you for this video.. It's so amazing to explore yourself and how every thing is so on point.. And after watching it all i want to go out there and explore and be creative and free!! 💖 INFPs we're so damn special and wonderful people.. Never forget that!! Go and be who you really want to be!! ☀️💕💕

  5. We want to sort ourselves out before being in a relationship so we don’t lose our sense of self, and we can be in a genuine partnership

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