16 Personalities on a Sick Day

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  2. My sister is an Esfp and it just so happens that she is sick today, the very day i saw this video for the first time… Shes been binging on Netflix all day, but i think you should have added a little more drama to it haha
    She expects me to baby her and is so dramatic

  3. This is perfect timing because I think I may be coming down with something haha (I joke but I'm secretly freaking out)

  4. Btw Frank, I read somewhere that INFJ and ESFP are the most incompatible signs together? Is that true? Can you please make a video of which MBTI personality matches the INFJ the least? Xx

  5. I’m an INTJ, but as soon as I feel sick, I make my grandma’s onion and garlic syrup. No sick time for me.

  6. “Sick of you suckassss! Aha! Gotcha!”
    “Argue with some fools online”
    “You suck at exploring”. He’s just too quotable I can’t 🤣

  7. bro i love your videos so much, like you dont get lazy at all you still got so much detail, the sick dead eyes for example, its amazing, keep up the good work

  8. Funnay

    Hey! You're so popular now all these people I work with bring up your show.. I seem to work with a lot of INFJs 😊👍

  9. First time I don't relate with the INTP one, I might feel like dying but I'm not weak as my coworkers, they are a bunch of crying babies, a cold is not gonna kill you, especially if there's no signs of infection 🙄 but they like drama

  10. I am an ENFP and I am much more like ISFP depicted here.
    Can we stop with the rusty, huh? I feel like this is not the first time #teamenfp has been misrepresented here either… Hmmmm…..

    #fake news

    I STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH! I feel like I would love to accidentally bump into you at a coffee shop (NOT STARBUCKS) and accidentally spill hot coffee on your hand. I would then apologize profusely and emphatically while doing whatever I can to help you. You would then, after staring intensively and pensively straight at my face for a quick couple seconds, which I am low key ecstatic about and intrigued by, say; "Hey girl, that wasn't cool… It kinda hurt a lot, but that's ok, I forgive you and thank you so much for all your help." "Also, would you like to be my soulmate?" To wich I would respond with a big goofy smile and probably unconscious hair flip, and say "well, with every thing I've seen of you on YouTube, I'd say there's a pretty decent chance, but let's just get to know each other some more and see what happens!" 💁😀😘

  11. These are sooo funny 😊 I would love to see a video of you explaining the types and how you differentiate them for these sketches! Regardless, thank you for making these!

  12. I love these so much! But, I thought the ENTJ one should have ended by giving everyone at the office orders to keep things on track… not that I’ve ever done that or anything…

  13. Can I be all of these at once?

    Except the one about working out…I don’t remember the last time I worked out 😂🙃

  14. ENTP here. I really related to INTP and ESFJ far more than I should have 😂😂. The former when it's no big deal, the latter when there's something important I had to do !

  15. Wow you're either an amazing actor or you're actually sick (or quite possibly both!)… if it's the latter, take care of yourself! 😀

  16. The video was at 0:02 and I was like. :-O He did not start the video with an ENFP. No one ever starts with an ENFP. 0:09 But, he did.

  17. I found all these hilarious because everyday is a sick day when you’re chronically ill, but I don’t take life too seriously so thanks for this one 😂 #INTP

  18. Infj 😂😂😂 lol i did what u demonstrated today itself ..omg!! I was reading this book called the power by rhonda byrne for half an hour and then YouTube for the next 3hrs 🤣🤣🤣

  19. INTP – yes 100% true. when I was younger my dad would get pissed if he caught me playing games while I was sick. Apparently I had to just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling because that's the only thing a sick person is capable of doing. Lol

  20. "Arguing with fools on internet". Thats pretty much me as ENTP. Nothing IS mora satisfying than breaking the worldviews of other people when I tell and post them some research facts which they havent never knew before.

  21. 0:00 ENFP
    0:14 ENTJ
    0:26 INTJ
    0:32 ISFJ
    0:39 ISTP
    0:49 ESFJ
    1:00 ESTP
    1:14 INFP
    1:28 ENTJ
    1:37 INFJ
    1:47 ESFP
    1:54 INTP
    2:03 ENTP
    2:12 ESTJ
    2:17 ISFP
    2:40 ISTJ
    (I'm sorry if it's not perfectly timed)

  22. Infj’s always wants to read books I literally have a bookshelf full of books I’ve never read but always ends up binging on YouTube videos 🤣🤣

  23. As an INFP I kind of agree but at the same time I don't like wasting time so I would read and try to productive but yeah…the phone calls are nightmares😭

  24. As an ISTP, I most identified with the INTP one. It really is a wasted sick day if I don't get to play video games all day, man.

  25. INFP here. It’s like he was there the last time I called in sick lol (except he forgot to say I was “faking it” and it was really a mental health day)

  26. Hehehe as an ENTP it is so relieving to finally have a YouTuber who portrays me accurately each time! Great work, this series is my favorite.

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