16 Personalities on Dating Apps

16 Personalities on Dating Apps

– Today’s video is sponsored by Birdy, the dating app that uses
the 16 personalities to match you up. Unlike other dating apps though, you don’t see anyone’s pictures until you like their profile. On Birdy, personality comes first. If you’re looking for
a better way to date, you can sign up for Birdy in
the link in the description. Now, let’s get to the video. (upbeat guitar music) These dating apps are so shallow. It’s all about Netflix and chill. Whatever happened to foreign art house film and discuss? I’m not a fan of it,
it’s too many choices, it’s overwhelming. It’s like when you go to a restaurant and the menu’s 10 pages long. Who needs that many choices? I would really prefer to
meet someone organically, but yeah, I’m on a few dating apps. You know like, OkCupid, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge,
Match, Coffee Meets Bagel, Elite Singles, Farmers Only. I tried it for a while,
but I kept forgetting that I even had a profile, so… I keep telling myself
that I’ll meet someone in real life, but I guess
that would require me to go out in real life, wouldn’t it. I spend a lot of time
crafting just the right vibe for my profile. Because I wanna come across as active but not intimidatingly so. Smart, but not pretentious. Your mom will love me, but
I’ve still got an edge, you know what I’m saying? I love picking out all the
outfits for the photo shoots, and getting the profile pics just right. And then watching all the likes come in. I still haven’t messaged anyone yet, but I don’t wanna get
too serious too fast. I don’t know if my standards are too high or if everyone on this app just sucks. Why would I be on a dating app? I can walk down the street this afternoon and get three dates for this weekend. Hey, hair and makeup
girl, you wanna go out? Boom! Did my mother put you
up to asking me this? Because mom, if you’re watching, I’ll let you know when I
call you later today, okay? Love you! Another website collecting my data? Keeping track of the kind
of women I’m interested in? Logging all my correspondence with them? Yeah, I’ll pass. Ooh, this girl looks nice. She loves coffee, loves traveling, and enjoys watching Netflix. Okay, I’ll give her a like. Uh, next girl, she also loves coffee, loves to travel, and… watch Netflix. Give her a like too, why not. Next girl, she loves… coffee… (dark underscore) loves to travel… Well I’m finding out that apparently people don’t like it when you just list everything you don’t want in a match. Because apparently
people prefer positivity for whatever reason. This is so inefficient. I send out 100 messages a week, I get no replies, and the only people who
message me are spam bots and the uglies. Woof. I start my profile off with a challenge. “You aren’t the one for me, change my mind.” So far I haven’t received any messages, so it’s working like a charm
to weed out the undesirables. It’s mostly good… until I realize I’m not
interested in the other person and then I have to delete
my account, fake my death, go off the grid for several months, that kind of thing. Just one, I’m just looking for one person who doesn’t love coffee,
traveling, and Netflix, please. It’s tough because you spend
all this time making a profile and then searching through
the other profiles. And then you finally find
someone you wanna message and you take all this time to
write a very personal message and they read it for like
two seconds and are like no, not interested. We could’ve had something! And you just wanna throw away our love! Oh my gosh, I found one. She doesn’t mention coffee, traveling, or Netflix on her profile. Wait, she says, “Don’t message me unless you are at least six foot three.”

100 thoughts on “16 Personalities on Dating Apps

  1. Share with your next online match 🥰
    Sign up for Birdy: http://bit.ly/2DlZjLp
    If you're wondering "What do the letters mean???" 🙃 just Ask Jeeves "MBTI"
    Subscribe or I'll swipe left on you 👉 http://bit.ly/frankjames

  2. I am clueless about these IGN-ratings that people call themselves but man, fuck dating apps.
    All superficial bullshit where every match is ended with their accounts just fucking disappearing without even having said a single goddamn word. I have the feeling I have only met one single living being on these types of apps.

  3. OMG! I thought several of them were "me" until I got to the INFJ – yup, that's me. Am I the only person who actually daydreams about faking my death?

  4. I've seen a few of your vids and I love them, this is so super funny 😁!! But I'm an ENFP and I've literally only ever been on one dating site, twice. And it's a very specific one. Even being on it doesn't sit entirely well with me… 💚

  5. I am so glad I got set up by friends.
    Friends know you well enough to know if you're a good match for someone. Anyway, we've been married for 5 years now

  6. I am an INFJ according to the 16 Personalities test, and that is eerily me… I literally deleted my tinder profile then started a new one again..twice before 😅

  7. I'm an INFP and I got a beatles shirt and 6 of their lp's lol

    And I do have the tendecies to idealize people and create a whole relationships we could have and then get dissaponted when they don't act that way… I'm working on it

  8. I put Italian subtitles to this video🇮🇹 The INFJ was so accurate, I couldn't keep my face straight while translating because I felt guilty. XD

  9. Offended ENFJ here! I assure you, I've never spent a single minute trying to pretend to be something I'm not. The supposed "fakeness" of ENFJs is one of the worst misunderstandings of who we are. People think we can't really be that "on" all the time, that we can't really enjoy listening to other people's problems, that no one is THAT jazzed for the party…it must all be an act. I think that for other people, who aren't as naturally social, they are projecting their own insecurities onto ENFJs. As if admitting that some people really are that happy and capable in social contexts would mean that they are failing in some way.

    You are so wrong! Sure, you might be uncomfortable in a lot of social situations. Yes, you might find navigating relationships to be a challenge. But that does not mean you are broken, or that there is something wrong with you! We all have different things we bring to the table, and we all add something beautiful to the lives of the people around us. It's ok to rely on your more outgoing friend in social situations. We don't mind! We just want you to be happy and have a good time. If I can help you do that, then we are BOTH happy. And no part of that is fake.

  10. ENTP here… totally died over the part where I weed out people. I literally showed my friends last weekend how fucked up my profile is just to make the dating pool much much smaller.

  11. Too bad the entire premise of the dating app is based on lies! No seriously, these 16 personality types are complete hogwash

  12. As an INFP, I refuse to even participate in dating apps. This one time I made a profile just for fun and then I saw the first person and freaked out majorly
    Lile this is a real human being how could I swipe them?! So I deleted it and never went back 🙂

  13. Ok but my tinder bio is “ I guess the 21st century’s way of high school reunion is through tinder bc I’m seeing familiar faces 😲 hope everyone’s been well !! “ yes I am ENFP
    now time to check out bridy 🤠

  14. So I'm an INFP, but I misread the ISFP, and I thought I already got coverd. And suddenly there's the last one, and it got me curious because that's exactly how I use a dating app, and then it really was my type 🤯 …man ur good.

    Can't wait for Birdy, looking for an ENFJ girl.

  15. The INFJ one is convicting my soul. God knows how many times I've done that and I feel really bad about it in retrospect.

  16. I love your interpretations of intp as it allows me to have a bit of a laugh at myself. Thanks for making alot of days a bit more cheerful for me

  17. I may not be an infj but that one called me o u t sggsvdbdjd
    Infp wasnt as relateable i am Too Anxious to send the first message most of the time shdvhdbdhbdjd but i would definitely take Much Time to send a first message if i did gdvdbvdbdbmd (if i even,,, used a dating app that is)

  18. I'm An INTJ, yet I'm more like to approach Dating Apps like ISTP, and ISTJ…

    edit: I didn't have a dating app, and I guess I will never be… I prefer to wait xD😂

  19. ISTP keyphrases: "collecting my data" and "keeping track (of my data)"

    Immediately i thought, "that's a big NOPE for me." it turns out it was ISTP. And so am i. 😆

  20. Hi Frank, it would be interesting to see a video about '16 personalities on watching Frank James' 16 personalities.'
    As an INTJ, I would jump to the comment section first to see if someone had been posted a list about when each of personality appears…. and skip the video to my MBTI type.

  21. I was waiting for my INFJ- and it was perfect. I feel this way about actual dating! It's like you need to go into hiding ♡♡♡ Accurate-!! Doubt Birdy is in Australia yet- but checking it out ♡

  22. To all of the INFJs in this thread: You believe you are the type that is both the rarest and ironically most mistyped…. So, are you sure you're really an INFJ??

    Discuss… (ENTP waiting with giddy anticipation 🤭)

  23. lol i guessed INFJ as soon as i heard "…until i realize I'm not interested in the other person…". exactly why i don't go on any of that stuff or bother dating in general. just don't have the time or energy to deal with all the consequences of a wrong choice, like that crappy feeling of not liking someone as much as they like me, and putting off rejecting them for as long as possible, and. then wanting to hide in a hole after i finally do. i may not ever end up finding a partner, but that doesn't sound so bad at the moment. there is a lot more to life than that, thank God~

  24. lol yes, when I was on dating app's my profile said just a few things about me & ended with:

    No partiers. No addicts. No extroverts.


  25. Excellent 😂 I’m intj and met my isfj husband online… figure that one out! Only God could have brought us together!

  26. I just watched a video called "Psychologists Debunk 25 Mental-Health Myths" and one of those myths is to believe Myers-Briggs personality tests are reliable. They are not. There is no scientific evidence that proves the test is testing personality on a valid way. Even though that test is used by organizations (which is no valid reason haha, organizations sometimes do not know anything about psycology), there is no proof of reliability.
    They even mentioned dating apps that are based on that test are sadly based on a non-reliable test.

    Immediately, I thought about your channel and how most of your videos are based on a useless test :,c
    Personality is hard to define, classify and measure.
    So sad.

    But, hey, I love your videos tho

  27. I'm an INFJ

    i don't even have a dating app but i do remember one time a guy for some reason have my number and started texting me on WhatsApp. We talk for one night only . On the next day, I decided to "forget" about him and hope he forget about me too. and I haven't even read his recent message which is on November 2019

  28. As an INFJ, ive never used Dating Apps, i enjoyed beeing single and all the freedom 🙋 (i met my husband 3 yrs ago and i love him uncoditionally and passionately, but i still miss the freedom of beeing single sometimes and as we met, i wasnt looking for someone though, it just happend 😁🥰 )

  29. you’re act made me hate myself even more
    I’m not trying to be negative or sth
    But I didn’t like Your INFP portrays

  30. 2.30 that is sooooooooo me, lol, my profile on TheInnerCircle is filled, intentionally, with a dozen + NOs. who cares what people perder to read? For me the getaway to meeting somebody worthwhile is making 100% clear what I don't like. In a world where everything and everyone mostly sucks, it's far easier to state what I don't want FIRST before getting into any of the good stuff I like in a woman

  31. ENFP 🙋🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️My best friend is an ESTJ and you nailed it! “Woof.” 😂😭

  32. I'm not paranoid about my information being out there.
    As a genetic genealogist, I have my literal DNA on over a dozen websites, lol. Sure, I don't trust the government, but my hobby interests outweigh my paranoia, haha.

  33. I LOVE THIS!!!!! This is so funny and a bit depressingly accurate about dating websites/apps!!! Thank you!!! I was saying exactly this the other day to a coworker: You can't filter people out properly and most people are definitely too boring for me…I mean, who the fck doesn't like coffee, travelling and netflix??? Arghhhh… Forever alone INTJ….*insert sad violin music* XDXDXD

  34. I like that you don't show what personality it is until the end. It was so creepy how I recognized mine before it came up.

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