2Pac: ENFP/ESTP – The Enigma of Tupac Shakur

2Pac: ENFP/ESTP – The Enigma of Tupac Shakur

welcome back to INFPeople today I want
to talk a little bit about the Enigma of Tupac Shakur’s personality of Tupac he’s
one of my favorite artists so and he’s very people always talk about like how
there was kind of two sides of him and it’s very difficult to understand like
what was going on with him and so my theory is that Tupac actually had a dual
personality which if you believe in astrology makes sense because he is a
Gemini so it’s either so I believe I think it’s either that or he had just one personality but another one was sort of a mask but since Tupac was
like a really real person like one of that’s one of the things that people
love about him is that he was so real I think that it’s probably that he had he
had a dual personality and so I would say that he was an ENFP and also an ESTP
so but if he if he if one of them was real and the other one was a mask I
would say that he was actually an ENFP because a lot of his early life and his
first few albums were much more ENFP they seem more like an ENFP something
that someone like that would write or talk about like his topics and things
like that I love Pac he’s one of my favorite
artists but I more resonate with the ENFP side like I mean his ESTP side is
intriguing it’s like man this is crazy like that he can be like this at these
two different ways but I don’t identify with that
so as an INFP ENFPs have the same functions and also like the in a
slightly different order but we both both of our strengths are at the top our
two strengths are the same and our two weaknesses are the same just a little
bit flip-flopped so yeah I really identify with that part
of Pac but I see people online type in him as both of those things like
something like I don’t think it’s the fans that resonate with each side like
some people would be like no man Tupac was an ENFP this that I like it
because I was feeling them so much and other people would be like no he was the
ESTP for sure because of this that and the other in like like I’m an ESTP
and I just always felt Pac so much and I think that that the fact that he
had this dual personality is part of the reason that he appealed to so many
people or at least so many people that were in the like hip-hop
open-minded people that would be in the artistry in general you know even if you
weren’t a hip-hop fan because Tupac was more than just a rapper or even more
than just an artist but that that’s not really what we were getting into today
we’re just gonna be talking about his personality so yeah so he had so first I
want to talk a little bit about like my dad because I love Pac like I said I
love the one side of him more but my dad was Tupac like he is Tupac like he has the same he gets the same two personality types when he takes
it the MBTI assessment he always gets either ENFP or ESTP and he also is a
Gemini in like he he loves Pac he acts just like him like his
mannerisms the way he talks like his passion everything is just so similar
and I always would wondering like man why’s dad love Pac so much until I
found out about the MBTI and I saw Tupac’s personality types and and then my
dad’s too and I was like man wonder like this dude is like the
they’re so similar that he must really identify with him like both the dual sides
and everything the dual personalities so like so Pac had this side of him like
this you can might call it the softer side like in one in one respect he was
an like a like he had do songs for women like Dear Mama Keep Ya Head Up
and he was just like a social activist a leader for the oppressed
a voice of the voiceless like he was all these things I think that that was the
ENFP side of him like the Champion you know the ENFP is the Champion and then on the other hand was just like you know I kind of like the typical 90s gangster rapper kind of person but it was with more
passion behind it he was you know you would talk about women the way the way
most rappers did back then and you know money and drugs and all that stuff and
that was more like the ESTP side and I think that people that like that would
would see Pac as an ESTP but that just had kind of like a sensitive
side also yeah so these are these so there were
these two sides of him and so he’s been an enigma for a long time and people
just always tried to figure out like what is what was going on with this guy
like what was his real what was his real self or was one of the
sides fake and one of them not and I feel like if one of them was a mask it
would have to be the ESTP side like the side that was all about like like money
and women and stuff like that and like but not like love and stuff but just
like getting women and stuff like that because I don’t think that anybody in
that sort of situation would would fake being an ENFP because that you don’t
that’s not like you can’t really fit into that world like the hip-hop world
especially in the 90s being being like sensitive and like sort of abstract and
stuff like that or you could be abstract I guess but you can’t be like you can’t
be like a sensitive soul or something like that and like you look at Tupac’s
past and like when you was growing up in Baltimore he lived he went to an art
school and he studied things like ballet and he was all in the poetry and things
like this and yes so we stranded in New York so we moved to Baltimore which
was total ignorance town to me because okay it was just like I’m gonna and
Baltimore it’s just ignorant I don’t know it gets me upset to talk about it
Baltimore has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy the highest rate of
AIDS within the black community the highest rate of teens killing teens and
highest rate of teenage suicide and the highest rate of blacks killing blacks in
Baltimore Maryland and this is where we chose to live so soon as I got there
being a person I am I said no no I’m changing this so I started to stop the
killing campaign and save sex campaign and AIDS prevention campaign and
everything and then I came back and I felt like I did a lot of good I did good
things so it was very a very ENFP sort sort of life in his first few albums
especially like his first his first two albums were very political politically
driven and it was like he would always champion being the champion of the
oppressed just like an ENFP would so you know his Introverted Feeling would
would have him fighting for the underdog and especially since he was one
of those underdogs and then and then he extroverted with it with his Extraverted
iNtuition with like a bunch of different connecting a bunch of different ideas
like all the problems in our society and I think one of the arguments that people
have about him being in ESTP instead is that when he was his lyrics were were
more concrete like he basically said what he meant most of the time but I
think that that has some something to do with the fact that a lot of his music
was like freestyle some a lot of the times or why it’s not like that’s why he
would he would be in the studio I guess he wrote sometimes but yeah but so that
was one of the arguments for his ESTP is that he his lyrics are mostly concrete
but there are a lot of ideas in there just because he doesn’t use like like
really heavy metaphors all the time doesn’t mean that he isn’t an ENFP how
did we get from from Grandmaster Flash The Message to where we are now in
hip-hop again you have to be logical you know if if I know in this hotel room
they have food every day and I’m knocking on the door every day to eat and they
tell and they open the door let me see the party let me see like them throw and
salami all over that but I mean just like throwing food around but they’re
telling me there’s no food in there you know I’m saying every day I’m standing
outside trying to sing my way in you know I’m saying we are hungry please let
us in we are hungry please let us in after about a week that song is gonna change
the we hungry we need some food after two three weeks it’s like you know give me …food or I’m breaking down the door after a year you just like you know I’m saying I’m
picking a lot coming through the door blasting you know it’s like you hungry
you reached your level you don’t anymore we asked 10 years ago we was
asking with the Panthers who was asking with them you know a Civil Rights
Movement we was asking you know now that those people that were asking
they’re all dead and in jail so now what do you think we’re gonna do so yeah his
early albums like if you look at 2pacalypse Now you look at like Strictly
and Me Against the World they seem very much like like an ENFP most of most of
the stuff on there like he was he was very political championing the
oppressed and then and not even not even just the political aspect but you could
see like his Introverted Feeling with songs like like Dear Mama especially
like stuff or for his mom like Shed So Many Tears like I think that my favorite
Tupac album is probably probably Me Against the World that’s my fav… that’s one
of my favorite albums of all time that’s that is like near and dear to my heart
help me get through like hard like my high school years I used to
and even now like if I’m really upset like if maybe me and my wife were
fighting or something I just put on Me Against the World and just zone out
because like you can just feel like everything that he’s saying in that
album you can just feel it so much but so yeah like his first three albums were
really were very like heavy on the you can you could see the ENFP side but I
think that when he got like when he went to when he got with Suge Knight and
Death Row I feel like he you could see the more the ESTP side of him if and
that’s why it could be that it was more of a mask because like maybe he just got
in that environment and he was like well this is the way I gotta act because you
know I’m in this place was Suge Knight and these gangsters so you know I gotta
harden myself and be gangster too or if he also actually was a had a dual if
he actually had a dual personality type and he could just be like well now I’m
going to use this part of me because because I can do that too I can get on
both sides be like the poetic artists and also like the gangster rapper if I
have to be if I need to be and you know being because in being those kind of
situations because he didn’t grow up in nice
neighborhoods and stuff especially after he left Baltimore everyone said
there were two sides to Tupac the wonderful side and the not so wonderful
Suge Knight’s influence brought out the worst Tupac now started to wage a war
against Biggie that’s my premium white trying to control Tupac Tupac was losing control after he got with Death Row it was kind of like his music
changed his uh like his subject matter change it was all about it was more
about like you know typical hip-hop stuff at the time not really about not
so much about it was like All Eyes on Me almost had no political songs where
whereas 2pacalypse Now was almost a completely political album even Strictly
was even though it was more you can see more of his Introverted Feeling instead
of so it started to be more about like him and then than like the
abstract notion of the oppressed but you could still see like it was very
political and then even even with even with Me Against the World like it wasn’t
quite it wasn’t quite as overtly political as a Strictly or as yeah
Strictly and 2pacalypse Now but it was still social commentary I guess you
could say All Eyes on Me had some social commentary also there were a few tracks
like I mean I don’t dislike the album but it’s not my favorite like it is for
a lot of people but um it was still there was still a lot of the more like
the kind of stuff that an ESTP would talk about sort of so yeah just he just
kind of changed his style a little bit or a lot really change the kind of
changed the way he was and then like that’s where this this kind of like
what so who was Tupac like this early career guy or this the later in his
career like what’s the real who’s the real Tupac and and I think that they
could just both be real and like they were that’s just part of his personality
he had a dual personality so so yeah so basically those are the two those are
the two main types I see Tupac typed as and so he could have been both of
those types or one could have been a mask and if one was a mask then
I would say that it was the ESTP and that he was actually an ENFP
but yeah I I tend to believe that he was just both of those types and he could
just draw from both sides whenever he needed to or whenever he wanted to so
yeah I hope you enjoyed this video my take on the Enigma that is Tupac Shakur
so I’ll see you guys next time if you like this I hope you go ahead and
hit the like button and leave comments I want to know your guys’s take on this
because you know this isn’t a completely this I haven’t or this isn’t a complete
theory this is just something that I’ve been thinking about for a while since I
got into the MBTI and Tupac’s one of my favorite artists I think I’ll do like an
artist series like about different musicians and their personality types
and that might be how I talk about each personality type because I don’t want to
just make videos that are just like so this is what an ESFP is or this is
what and this is so I might just talk about it through artists and there are
other ESTP and ENFP artists that I’ll talk about where I’ll go more in each
part of their function stack and everything like that a little bit more
in depth but this is just to get this idea out there so yeah if you liked it
go ahead and hit the like button and leave some comments let me know what you
think about this I forgot to show you guys that I have on one of my Tupac
shirts or my I guess it’s my only Tupac shirt my All Eyes on Me I got a
shirt for every occasion pretty much so you’ll see me like maybe showing my
shirts in my videos but yeah so there it is peace and love every time I speak I
want the truth to come out you know what I’m saying every time I speak I want a
shiver you know I don’t want them to be like they know what I’m gonna say cuz
it’s polite they know what I’m gonna say and even if I get in trouble you know what
I’m saying that ain’t that what we’re supposed to do is I’m not saying I’m
gonna rule the world or I’m gonna change the world but I guarantee that I will
spark the the brain that will change the world and that’s our job is to spark
somebody else watching us we might not be the ones but let’s not be selfish and
because we’re not gonna change the world let’s not talk about how we should
change it I don’t know how to change it but I know if I keep talking about how
dirty it is out here somebody gonna clean it up

9 thoughts on “2Pac: ENFP/ESTP – The Enigma of Tupac Shakur

  1. I think Most of Pac's catalog is ENFP….Other than All Eyez On Me.People say he changed when he went to Death Row, but I'd argue that Makaveli is his most "ENFP" album.

    And people need to research Afeni Shakur.The woman was a warrior who definitely had a "gangsta" side.Not street wise, but she had courage.She was "ballsy".Pac was born into a gang of militant black radicals.On the run from COINTELPRO , mother addicted to crack, living in poverty.Wouldn't call him "gangsta", but he definitely had a angry/"crazy" side.

  2. i don't know wich but I do think he was an NF (probably an Extrovert). All he talks about is people, society, feelings, good and evil, social recognition, influence, etc. ENFP or ENFJ is my guess. I don't think he was an ESTP, the way he talks is too passionate
    I clearly see the NF idealist in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL-ZoNhUFmc

  3. Thank you your analytical perspective. Your commentary is very useful for me going forward, as a current Psychology major (CSULA) new to using the various modes of analyzing personality types.

  4. I LOVE Pac!! Yeah I always felt drawn to his music and yeah the hard gansta side he presents still had great beats etc I can get lost in regardless of me not having that side of life in me (I'm sooooo non-confrontational!!)

    Not sure if you ever caught this interview he did at 17 (https://youtu.be/YPj8l9uFl6k) but it always helped me to bridge the gap better from his "hardcore" life to a more sensitive one "underneath". Obviously getting caught up with his Death Row acquaintances he had to present a little differently for the producers if he was to be given the opportunity to "express himself" on a large stage. But yeah I'm that "white dude" who bumps Tupac all the time in my rotation of music!! Like you said in your other videos "what does that even mean black or white". Bottom line – if you like something just like it and see through all that society BS which if you let it will drive you before you know it to a place where you don't want to be (like bluegrass music or something for me lol).

    RIP Tupac and keep doing your thing with these videos! The world needs more compassion and authenticity!!

    …..I NEED TO WATCH YOUR WHOLE VIDEO BEFORE COMMENTING as you have got me twice now LOL. My little 17 year old link you already had at the 7 min mark!! lol Funny


  5. 2pac was an ENTP with high Fe. He in no way was an ENFP or ESTP. It’s a difference between Fe and Fi. After jail he became an ENTJ

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