30 Hardest Decisions You Never Want to Make (Personality Test)

30 Hardest Decisions You Never Want to Make (Personality Test)

Apparently, you guys really like torturing yourselves with these videos So today, we’re going to torture you a little bit more Welcome to ItsAllViral And today we’re bringing you another thirty hardest decisions you would never want to make Ready? ‘Cause here we go Number 30 Would you rather freeze to death, or burn to death? Now you may have heard this one before, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy choice Either you’re going to be frozen in ice until you die, Or you’re going to be set on fire until you die It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard this one, it still sucks Number 29 Would you rather poop your pants every time you talked to your boss, or, every time you talked to your significant other’s parents? Talking to either one of these people is nerve-wracking enough But, what is you added a nice little extra element of poop whenever you did it? What will you choose when crap hits the fan? Number 28 Would you rather pop a boner every time you excused yourself from the table? Or every time you addressed a crowd of people? Now, this one is just for the guys, Either every time you stand up from the dinner table, be it at your house, or at a restaurant, Your little one stands up with you Or every time you address a classroom, or give a presentation, or even just ask for a group of friend’s attention You’re getting a little more attention than you want And don’t worry ladies.. All is fair because, you’re up next Number 27 Would you rather have an extremely heavy period for three days, Or a very light period for three weeks? Keeping it even with the question for the girls, either you have the worst period of your life for three days, Or you have a very light period that lasts you three whole weeks This one’s up to you Number 26 Would you rather save 5000 people and die, but no one knows you did it? Or, not save the 5000 people, live, and everyone knows you chose not to save them How much of a hero are you? Is saving people worth dying if no one knows you saved them? Or is the guilt of not saving them enough to live with? Number 25 Would you rather have sex with your cousin, but no one knows you did it, Or not have sex with your cousin, but everyone thinks you did? Now this one is tricky Really, it all depends on whether or not you want to save your reputation Or, maybe it depends on how grossed out you are by your cousin What ever it depends on this one sucks …No pun intended Number 24 Would you rather never watch your favourite movie again, Or watch your least favourite movie once a week for the rest of your life? Perhaps you love your favourite movie too much to give it up Or perhaps you hate your least favourite movie way to much to give it up What if your favourite movie means a lot to you? Or, what if you least favourite movie is just too awful to endure for the rest of your life? The choice is yours Number 23 Would you rather change sexes for a year, or get kicked in the genitals every year for a month? Now, maybe you like being a guy, or you like being a girl And really wouldn’t want to experience life from the other side But would you want to keep things the way they are at the cost of being kicked in the nards every day? Is it worth it? And.. speaking of genitals, let’s check out this next one Number 22 Would you rather lose your genitals completely, or, gain 500 pounds Now, maybe you don’t like sex Or, maybe you’re confident you can lose this insane increase in weight You don’t like this question? Well, too bad You’re the one who clicked on this video And it’s only going to get harder from here on in Number 21 Would you rather have a head the size of a water melon, or a tennis ball? Whatever you choose, you’re going to look, and probably feel ridiculous Be careful, the choice is yours Number 20 Would you rather be locked in a warehouse by yourself, or locked in a warehouse with ten strangers? It may be nice to know that nothing will happen to you while you’re trapped in that warehouse, But, it would be awfully lonely Perhaps you’d like some company while you’re stuck in that warehouse? But what is one of those 10 strangers is annoying? What if one of them is a freak? Do you really want to take any chances? Number 19 Would you rather be stupid in a world full of smart people, Or be smart in a world full of stupid people? No one wants to be the stupid one in a group of friends, so how about being the stupid one of the entire world? Or, would you rather be super smart but everyone around you is completely braindead? Do you want to carry the world on your shoulders with your knowledge, or be carried with your stupidity? Number 18 Would you rather always have to whisper, or always have to shout? You’re either always going to be hearing, “Could you speak up?”, or “Could you be quiet?” Every day for the rest of your life Question is, which one do you want? Number 17 Would you rather be able to fly, or to be able to turn yourself invisible? Two of the most desired super powers in the world The ability to zip through the sky or travel anywhere you want without a plane ticket, or the ability to sneak around unseen and eavesdrop on anything you want Choose wisely Number 16 Would you rather have superhuman strength, or superhuman speed? Another two desired powers, another difficult choice Either you can power through anything in your path like the hulk, Or you can zip around the world in the blink of an eye like the flash The choice is yours Number 15 Now how about this one? Would you rather have super strength but no arms, Or super speed, but no legs? Now you may be thinking, “What? That’s completely pointless!” And you’re right, but you still have to choose You’re the one who clicked this video Number 14 Would you rather marry a complete stranger, Or have sex with 5 complete strangers? Now this one is definitely a roll of the dice Either you take your chances once, or you take your chances five times Surely one of those people is a nice person, but surely one is not so nice The question is, how many times do you want to roll the dice Number 13 Would you rather burp every time you kissed someone, or fart every time you got a hug Either every kiss you share with a loved one is interrupted by a little gas coming up, or every time you get a hug, a little gas is squeezed out of you You’re going to be humiliated either way, so take your pick and remember to say excuse me Number 12 Would you rather be able to turn back time, or be able to see the future? Perhaps you’ve made some mistakes in your life that you wish you could go back and change Or perhaps you want to see your future mistakes, and avoid them altogether Number 11 Would you rather be able to get away with every lie you tell, Or be able to always know when someone else is lying? Perhaps you always want to know when someone is lying But how oftem do people lie? Do you really want to know? Then perhaps you want to be able to lie whenever you want, and always get away with it But do you really want that much power? Number 10 Would you rather be a famous movie star, or a famous YouTuber? On one hand, you get to always be in all the big movies, and make millions of dollars But, you don’t get to perform your own content On the other hand, you make a little less money than a movie star, but you make whatever content you want How much fame do you want? How much creative freedom do you want? The choice is yours Number 9 Would you rather bite your tongue every time you eat something, or, get a paper every time you touch paper? Now, we know, this one sucks. But you still gotta choose Either you bite your tongue at least once every time you eat, Or you get a paper cut every time you try to write something or turn the page of a book How much can you endure? Number 8 You’re thrown into a pit of acid! Would you rather die from the acid, Or die from drowning in the acid? Oohf, this one’s tough You’re going to die either way, but would you rather die from the acid eating away at you, Or die from sitting under the acid long enough to drown from it? Again, you’re the one that clicked this video Number 7 Would you rather be fluent in every language, Or be able to play any instrument proficiently? Perhaps you want to impress the world with your musical abilities, or perhaps you want to be able to talk to everyone in the world? Do you want to be the worlds greatest musician? Or, the worlds best traveler? Number 6 Would you rather have abnormally large teeth, like say.. Mileena from Mortal Kombat, Or no teeth at all? Either way, you’re going to look ridiculous in the middle of your face ..And, terrifying for that matter Do you want to be ridiculous with giant teeth, or no teeth at all? This is definitely one to chew on Number 5 Would you rather have a zit on your lip, or a zit in your nose? Listen, zits suck No question about that And this is arguably two of the worst places to have them But, you gotta choose Take your pick. No.. pun intended… Number 4 Would you rather always have diarrhea whenever you have to poop, Or poop out a knife once a day [Insert weird grunting noise here] Diarrhea sucks, though, pooping knives also sucks Or so, I would assume Question is, do you want to poop once a day but it’s a knife? Or have diarrhea every time you poop? What if you get sick and are pooping 3 or 4 times a day? Or would you rather only poop once but it’s super painful because.. well.. it’s a knife.. Number 3 Would you rather be a supermodel, or date a supermodel? Either way, one of you is super attractive Do you want to be the trophy, or do you want to date the trophy? That’s not to say there’s nothing beyond looks in a relationship But looks definitely say a lot Number 2 Would you rather be an all powerful wizard! ..But have to poop out of your mouth Or be a millionaire! ..But everyone else is an all powerful wizard Would you endure the taste of poop to be a wizard, Or perhaps you don’t want to taste poop all the time and would be perfectly content as a millionaire But wouldn’t you feel left out as the only person who doesn’t know magic? Is the poop worth it? Or is the money worth it? And finally Number 1 so of course we save the worst for last Your mom and your best friend switch bodies And the only way to switch back is to have sex with one of them Would you rather have sex with your mom in your best friends body? Or have sex with your best friend in your mom’s body There’s not really much to say about this one other than.. Good Luck Alright guys that’s another 30 choices you’d never want to make But obviously you guys keep coming back for these videos so some part of you wants to make them You sick weirdos… That’s going to be it for this one guys, Be sure to let us know what your choices were down in the comment section below! If you liked this video be sure to drop a Like and Subscribe for more great content! That’s going to be all for this one. Thanks so much for watching ItsAllViral We’ll catch you all in the next one!

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  1. I am not 100 percent sure but if you where invisible you would not be able to see i cant explain it just look it up.

  2. I would love for people to hug me and I fart that sounds adorable and hilarious I know people that would hug me just because I would fart and laugh

  3. You know don't pick invisible cause if your not a muggle then you could pick up a invisibility cloak and do both or just have none of the powers and get an broomstick too.

    For those who don't know it's Harry Potter search it up.

  4. 4:32 lol i would rather be able to fly cuz if im invisible means i would not be able to see…. think about the science behind this….

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