100 thoughts on “5 Dating Hacks That Make Him Fall For You (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

  1. lol. this is pretty basic the hell. you dont need his advice, you need a brain wtf. full of BS. And you dating camilla cabello? obvs a beard. 😂😂😂

  2. i enjoyed this video, but i want to ask what is it to mean if you and him are in different places all the time,but he still wants to video chat with you?

  3. Omggg I commented a whole story about this underneath one of your videos a few months ago about the first point you made! 😇 Is this a coincidence or am I that big headed to think you A) read my comment B) got inspired by it and used it in this video? Nah probably a positive coincidence 😄 love the video 🖒

    I'd love to see a new video about standards though. I'm less worried about being liked/winning someone over these days I just want to make sure a guy is right for me, but early on without wasting too much time to be fair 😇 Would live to hear some more tips about that. Right now my new thing that I do is that when in doubt I just make the guy my friend from the get go or as soon as possible; like after the initial stages of conversation, when I feel like he may not entirely be what I'm looking for in a partner. If he's up for friendship it's a win win, it could be something wonderful actually 😇. This might not always work (the other person might not want to be frriends), but it's a nice possibility and I am actually as much on the market for new friends as I am for a partner 👧

    Anyways looking forward to your tips on how to make sure if someone is a good match 😄 😇

  4. Is he even married, has education, or primary source written proof from clients that his methods work, without paying them to write reviews on his dating methods? Why not just be yourself, and not practice fake dating actions and verbal responses before going out with someone? That's like getting your hair permed, wearing booty pads to look like Jlo, and telling the person you work as a nurse for a living, when in reality you get paid to taste pet food, or you're a armpit sniffer for deodorant companies. If you think the person is going to leave, as soon as they see the truth, then all of this was a complete waste of time, and shows you lack confidence in your unique personality, and great qualities you have to offer.

  5. I need help so there is this guy I like and I talk to him once in a while but he never talks first I always have to say something first. I told him I like him and that I didn't want to ruin our friendship but I feel like I scared him away what should? I do I've offered to hangout with him when he is free but he never told me when he is free should? I give up on him but I really like him he nice really smart a good person and he has a great personality 😭😭😭 but I feel like hes not interested in me!

  6. Funny how some haters are commenting on his clothes . Who cares how someone dresses? It’s not your business . In any event Mathew can wear anything and he will still be stunning . 😛💋

  7. I watched this video because of your accent. I don’t need this advice cause I’m very happy being single and don’t need a man in my life just to be miserable. Girls, if you want no headache in your life? Stay single and be happy. 😃

  8. Oh my goodness this video was made for me – the first three points felt like advice Matt would be giving me if he observed me on a date 😅😂

    I think I could do a great job

  10. Well, if he doesn't asks questions (doesn't seem to emulate my questions about him) should I just give info about me like that?

  11. I have seen quite some of ur videos with my bestie who has huge but hilarious relationship issues with a guy she recently met. So i am not one of those people who is watching ur videos for relationship advice. I am a really socially awkward person who is desperately trying to be less awkward in front of people and I after observing the way u talk and act I will say that u are inspiring. The way u talk about confidence standards, right way of communication, I just love it. Actually I am learning how to talk to people in a human like manner from u. So thanks for that. I like ur advices. They are pretty logical and to the point. For a people repellant like me u are an accurate demonstration of how to talk and make people listen to u. Admire ur skills

  12. Honestly this advice is spot on. I just started talking to a close friend who I’ve now developed romantic feelings for. He’s a little socially awkward and so it took me a while to get him to realize I was into him, but taking dating slow has worked so well for us. I watched this before we went out and it helped so much. I made myself remember listen to him intently and let him finish his thoughts, but also add to them when he’s done and keep the conversation going. No phone for 5 hours, no mirrors to check myself in as I walk by, just him and me. That lead to the most fun and best date I’ve ever been on and an opportunity for many more!!

  13. Recently I been on a date and it was amazing, there was no awkward silence between us and we were sharing information and enjoying each other's company after that we walk for like 2 hours, slowly she held my hands for like 10 mins and it felt so good because my past dates was terrible and I saw the spark in her eyes too.when she was leaving she booked a cab for herself, during that moment she switched on her mobile data and 5,6 tinder messages popped out and she started staring at me but I was chill as it was our first date and I was expecting 2nd date too, then at night I asked her if she had reached home safely, the next morning I texted her mentioning previous night but now she is not showing any interest but I genuinely like her. WHAT SHOULD I DO ????? +MatthewHussey @matthewhussey

  14. How can I get to start relationship again or have him chase me after we ruined it because he disappeared on me and I vented out lot of shit coz he never msgd, and when he got back from trip and saw my msgs instead of getting back and apologizing he said we can be friends and nothing more , I want to make him chase me now for sex for everything else now

  15. The only person thats always love to communicate and meet me face to face and go out with me and know all because I rumble/mumble with him about my life happenings – my exfiance!

  16. Dude I fucking love Matthew Hussey lmao….I just love your videos man….the content is always top notch, but your charisma is what gets me as well. "Don't be afraid to look down and then look up again.." ahaha I don't know why that made me giggle- it's not even meant to be funny, but it's just so endearing lmao!

  17. I like listening to Matthew, but why is a 'man' giving all the advise? Where are the women telling men what 'women' want or expect?

  18. Dude i hate what u did with the video in the description. Tell me, whos paying you to gather statistics on how long you can make people stay watching a video without timeline, by appealing to peoples desires? For anyone who thinks I'm just looking for attention, Click the link and pay close attention to how long it actually takes for him to give you viable information about attracting a man, pay attention to that whole Ethos – establishing credibility and Pathos – appealing to you emotions part. Ive done this sort of spiel myself before so I know what I'm talking about. It's just not fair when.all you want is a clear answer to your issues and problems. (That beeing said u have some pretty useful stuff on yt so good job for that ;))
    A bit sneaky mate not gna lie 😛

  19. As a guy, i say these tips are very solid. Quite a few times i have lost my interest within minutes, just because i felt like an interrogation was going on. Especially the job question right away is a major foul. This attitude shows to me that you are actually trying to tick boxes and not get to know me as a person. At the same time they didn't bother tell anything about themselves and actually interact. Let me give you a very easy example. When someone asks you about your day, say something more than "good" or "ok". Oh and ask them back about their day too. Don't be lazy and entitled, show you are willing to try. Not all men are satisfied with you having a pussy (sorry for being so blunt, but some women need to hear/see this).

    Ps. And don't constantly interrupt! This shows that you have no respect whatsoever…

  20. Yes I always love it when my girl friend like to look at me in her eyes smiling sweetly at me as we are having lunch. I feel that attraction from her and smile back. I’m girl so I guess guys will even love that. All she does is simple but natural and loving. All she is communicating is that she enjoy my company.

  21. Matthew thank you so much with all of your videos. Now im not a adult more of a younger teenager but my first date is next week and all of your videos help me so much. At first i was nervous to even talk normally around him but now I can just be myself. Thank you

  22. I know I'm guilty of interrupting conversations. This one guy talked so slow, his story was ear bleeding long & dull in the beginning. He kept hesitating & I just wanted to constantly end his sentences so he would get to the next one. But I slowed down & actually listened for once, yes…listened. He seemed to be less anxious after his story & he made me laugh so loud. His humor shone through by the end of his childhood story. Had I done my usual control freak interrupting, I would never have seen that humorous part of him that really is so attractive. Good tip Matthew!

  23. Where is the female dating guru to teach men how to attract a great women. After listening to him it seems that it's only women fault that we are single. Or only women believe in dating guru

  24. The guy should be the one to be vulnerable first. If he isn't, communication will probably be too hard to be worth your time.

  25. I went on a few dates with a guy who’d NEVER let me finish a story let alone a sentence. He’d interrupt me & when I’d try to interject, he’d speak over me as if I wasn’t saying anything. I couldn’t stand him & I called it quits. He texted me a few weeks ago saying he regrets messing things up with me, apparently he went on a date and got a drink thrown in his face, probably because he doesn’t shut up 😂 I told him he should regret it & ive met someone else 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Please pray for me its my first date ever with a guy at my school who iv never talked to just snapped a few times and he asked me out. Like fr im sooo nervous please please send your prayers

  27. I got help with my dating skills with those guys: http://www.surgicalcoaching.net. It changed my life.

  28. Stop trying to look perfect all the time. Lol. My name is Anntionette, but I'm sure they can't wait to meet Anton.

  29. Tomorrow I’m going on the third first date in the last 2 months. I’m nervous like it’s my very first date ever. Think I’ll try those tips to see if they work fingers crossed

  30. I have a second date tommorow, and I'm hella nervous. But we're getting ice cream and going to a petting zoo so I'm also very excited.

  31. sir pls advice some tips on how to meet with the guy that loved me in my school years, when i know about where he lives.

    its a request sir, please reply fast

  32. What I’m hearing is

    Don’t talk too much
    Don’t talk to little
    No phones pay attention
    And be perfect but not perfect

    Meaning confusion.

  33. The first thing you mention is a thing I really struggle with. Not necessarily the talking too fast part. But the keep asking questions part is really accurate. Also because of anxiousness I sit completely still and stiff. My body language basically says “I really don’t like you”. I tense all my muscles because I am continuously reflecting on my behavior. It is something I am going to work on for my next date. First step was actually going on a date after a very long time. And damn what was I nervous. But I am proud of myself that I went. Unfortunately it didn’t work out with the guy. So the next step for my next date is to mind my body language. For me, dating really is a skill that should be practiced.

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