5 Scientifically Proven Traits That Make Women More Attractive

5 Scientifically Proven Traits That Make Women More Attractive

5 Scientifically Proven Traits That Make Women
More Attractive. Here are some features that make women more
attractive in the eyes of men. Know a whole range of physical and brain reactions
that provoke a woman in a man with these traits that make a woman attractive to men, according
to science. 1. A loud voice. Research at the University of London claims
a high voice in a woman is more likely to be perceived by a man as attractive. A high-pitched
voice does not only represent youth, also a kind of a “small” body. Again the unconscious
wins and dominates the perception of the man before the image of women. 2. A long and healthy hair. German scientists contribute to research claiming
that a mane of long and healthy hair is also a favorable feature for an attractive woman.
It is also necessary to mention that none of these “factors” are necessarily vital to
a man. 3. Smile. Scientists at the University of British Columbia
say that another favorable feature for the physical attraction on the part of men to
women comes from a beautiful white smile. And almost as if this were not interesting,
it turns out that for women it is quite the opposite, women like much more a serious man
when does not smile. 4. Less makeup. The Bangor University UK also agrees that
less makeup on the face of a woman is much more attractive. Something that does not really
surprise us, since surely more than once I have heard a man saying he prefers a woman
without makeup. 5. “Lady in red”. According to the Journal of Personality and
Social Psychology of the American Psychological Association, the color red increases the physical
attraction of a man to woman. And this has an instinctive reason; This study found that
the red color has the same effect on animals that are not descendants of primates. It is
even sympathetic but also consistent that in our whole life pop culture has romanticized
the woman dress as a symbol of passion and even representative of the femme fatale. To learn more about the 5 Scientifically Proven
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  1. Guys like women with less makeup? Really??
    Because last time I checked, they are all over the women who wear medium to full coverage makeup 😕

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