5 Subtle Things I did To Become More Feminine – Class By Deb

5 Subtle Things I did To Become More Feminine – Class By Deb

5 Things I Did to Become More Feminine Salut my name is Deb, welcome to Class by
Deb. Today I’m going to be sharing five things
that I did to become more feminine. Before we get started with the video, make
sure to hit the subscribe button down below, subscribe and join us and also you can hit
the notifications so that you will be notified whenever I upload a new video. Without any further ado, let’s get started! The first thing that I did was “Stop Cursing.” Ok, I used to have somewhat of a potty mouth. I know you guys have probably not seen it
on YouTube and I feel like it was me being rebellious because I grew up in a small town
in Haiti, small province called Petit-Goave. The household where I grew up, it was a Protestant
Christian very strict. My dad was very strict even though I did not
live with my dad but like if I did something out of line, he would know before I get home. It was just like very strict, so when I moved
to America, I was away from my dad, away from you know all of that I was like okay, I can
do what I want, say what I want, dress how I want and that’s like when I started to
curse and I feel like sometimes I’m like oh, I’m grown so I could curse. No, it is just not ladylike. The next thing that I started to do is “Allow
People to Help Me.” Ok, it doesn’t even have to be men, it’s
like women, men, anyone. Whenever people want to help me with something
I just allow them to do it because I used to be this very independent woman like I can
do this. Like I’m always jumping to do things for
myself like I would not allow anyone to do the smallest thing for me. And I’m like nowadays, I’m like it is
so beautiful to just sit back and just allow someone to take care of you like for someone
to help you. Let’s say I drop something, I just allow
someone to pick it up for me. Or when people open the door for me, I just
allow them to do it and I say thank you and I keep it moving. You know it is so ladylike so beautiful absolutely,
absolutely love doing that. For whatever reason, I feel like I’ve been
saying this affirmation every time someone does something for me, I’m like the world
loves to take care of me, women love to take care of me, everyone loves to take care of
me. I would say this somewhere in private or I
would just say it in my mind and it’s like every time I do that, it just keeps on happening. The next thing that I started to do is “Wear
More Dresses.” It is super super, ultra-feminine to just
wear dresses you know like a red dress like what I’m wearing today. Ok, my closet is filled with dresses right
now. I’ve just been buying dresses all over the
place. Nothing makes me feel more feminine than when
I wear a dress. I live in New York City where it gets really
cold and it’s like you know you have to be out of your mind when it’s below zero
to be wearing a dress in New York. This winter we haven’t had like below zero
too much this winter, so I’ve been wearing dresses about 85% of the time this winter. I absolutely love it. Something that’s been helping me is Heat
Tech undergarment. So I have Heat Tech turtlenecks, Heat Tech
shirts that I put under my dresses, Heat Tech leggings, Heat Tech umm pantyhose under my
clothes and I’m set. I also would pair my dresses with long boots
like riding boots, over the knee boots that way my legs are covered and I have socks that
are knee length socks, over the knee socks that I put under those boots and my legs are
fine. Like I have been so fine this winter wearing
dresses it’s amazing like I can’t believe I haven’t been doing that for years. The wearing pants thing, I picked it up also
when I moved to America because in Haiti, I wasn’t really allowed to wear pants. I was supposed to wear dresses and skirts
cause I was a Protestant girl, you know going to church and all that. That’s how you’re supposed to dress and
then when I came to America, I’m like NO I can do what I want, so I’m gonna wear
pants and I ended up having a bunch of pants in my closet. Now I’m like what was I doing, you know
it’s like no, it’s not cute at all. Ok, I still wear pants though. But umm, I throw a pair of pants on once in
a while but I’ve been wearing dresses a lot more and it’s so feminine ultra feminine
absolutely love it. The next thing that I started to do more is
“Smiling.” Ok, I have a gorgeous, beautiful smile but
when I’m out and about, I’m usually in my resting face. When I’m alone and I’m like traveling
or whatever, I’m in my resting face and it’s like No. Now I catch myself and I start smiling and
it’s like there’s nothing more feminine than a beautiful smile you know. (Beeping sound) Ah this is driving me crazy,
somebody’s car is going off. So annoying! The thing that I started to do is focus on
bringing out my feminine energy. What I would do usually, I would burn sage
around my apartment, meditate, listen to some very relaxing music, repeating some affirmations. Also just a good old shower and just really
moisturizing. Because a lot of times I could be in a rush
like I’m rushing and everything is Boom, Boom, Boom like I have to be out. But, taking my time to like put on a lotion
and really really smell the perfume that I spray on. It’s like it brings out my feminine energy
and people are usually so magnetically like drawn to me for whatever reason when I do
take my time to bring out this energy. I think it’s a really good investment, like
you really want to invest some time in bringing out your feminine energy. I try to do this every day, like early in
the morning. Even doing my makeup sometimes like just the
fact that I’m taking my time to do it just make me so relaxed just brings everything
positive that is on the inside of me and it’s just so beautiful. I absolutely love it when you have like your
positive energy and you are in a beautiful dress, you’re smiling, you’re not cursing,
you’re having people helping you out. It’s just like Boop, this is such a beautiful
feminine woman. Oh my God! Uh-huh yep. These are the things that I wanted to share
with you guys today. Let me know in the comments down below, what
have you done to become more feminine. I want to know cause I’m still on my journey,
I’m still learning and I want to learn from you guys. Let’s learn from each other. And subscribe, join the family! Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed
it. And remember, your life is your art make it
beautiful . Au revoir.

100 thoughts on “5 Subtle Things I did To Become More Feminine – Class By Deb

  1. Yeah, you give off a very joyful gentle vibe, i'd totally fix the oil of your engine: free of charge! 🙂 (i'm actually an engine engineer…)

  2. The effects of becoming feminine are almost immediate. it is life-changing. I am so grateful to be a woman. The five ways I"m becoming more feminine is buying flowers, no cursing, no yelling, speaking in a soft voice, and smiling with my eyes. Oh and wearing dangling earrings and more dresses.

  3. love your confidence and energy. Homemaking makes me feel more feminine (in small doses lol!), wearing dresses and dolling up for sure, showing my husband affection and listening more to him for some reason makes me feel very feminine. Having my hair and nails done and just keeping myself up.

  4. Taking off my upper lip and facial hair amma grooming my eyebrows is the simple things that made me feel more feminine and look more polished

  5. I live in Texas and have never even heard of heat tech lol. But even though our "winters" are only in the 50s some days (60-70s most days) I still hate the cold and struggle with wearing dresses. I hate for my feet and legs to get cold or catch a breeze but I want to wear dresses more so Im going to look into this heat tech business. tfs 💕💕💕

  6. I now wear heels at work. Not high ones but just enough to help me walk in a feminine manner. I also dress smartly to work and wear perfume. Im working on a signiutre smell.

  7. Your lipstick is beautiful! What color? What brand? Please? New subbie here. You're so confidently gorgeous 😊

  8. Loveee this, plus you’re Haitian. I love ittttt 😍😍😍. My goal this year is to be more Feminine and I started already. You’re sooo beautiful 😍😍😍

  9. First video of yours and I am hooked! As a super masculine woman, trying to tap into my femininity, I find you so inspiring! Thank you so much! ❤👏

  10. I definitely had to work on my elocution and speech (potty mouth). I also needed to learn to accept help! I'm still learning this. You're beautiful by the way.

  11. What have I done? I have decided to smile at and greet every woman I meet and awwww…they greet me right back with a dear..I am still not able to do it with the guys ..coz I am shy especially if I am attracted to the guy but I decided that I can at least be warmer to the ladies..

  12. Thank you @Class By Deb for these reminders! I need to implement all five, especially the one about accepting help. I love your smile!

  13. Bonjour! Perfume reviews on my channel! Check me out! I see you like fragrance!! 💕🌺🌸💐🌹🍓🌺🎀🍉♥️🎀🌺🌸💐🍓🍒💕🍷

  14. I will practice letting others help me. I usually don't because I think that when people offer to help me they have ulterior motives but, I will begin to let down my guard and allow others to assist me.

  15. I absolutely love your tips. I feel feminine when I wear bold lipstick, perfume, and pamper myself. I definitely need to work on my resting face lol because I also have a contagious smile and wear more dresses and high heels👠👗

  16. WOW! You are STUNNING! Omg I live in NYC too 🙂 Yes tights are a must have and layering as well! I am so happy to watch more videos from you what a doll! xo

  17. Fellow Haitian here also living in NY, hi😂👋🏾 sis can you tell me the name of your lipstick? I’ve been on the search for a good red lipstick and yours look so good💋😍

  18. Truly the effects of becoming more feminine are literally immediate. I just went down to the shops with just a simple outfit on and walked as if I were on the runway, smiled at more people and I immediately noticed more people looking at me and smiling back at me. Somebody even held the door open for me!

  19. I love hearing you say that you have a gorgeous beautiful smile. So many women have been taught that saying stuff like that is bragging, but it's not bragging if it's TRUE. ❤

  20. Sometimes it is so hard for me to be feminine!🤣 I love to dress down because it’s more comfortable. When I argue with my man I like to yell to be heard.

  21. You are sooo beautiful, thank you so much for these amazing videos! 😍

    And it’s such a coincidence that ou se Ayisyen! I’m learning how to speak Haitian Creole in school right now lol! ❤️

  22. I promise you I’m only 5 seconds into the video with only a few minutes left on my lunch break, but I just subscribed and became an instant fan because you are soooooo beautiful!!! I will be binge watching your videos when I get home lol. I love these kinds of videos!

  23. I definitely want to try these but its hard. I love dresses but its hard when you live in the North of England its cold and freezing here, so only works if you travel around in a car. Also the smiling thing, I do like smiling instead of the resting b face, but when I smile people come up to me asking why Im smiling for no reason and call me weird for it. I absolutely agree with everything you said though, especially step number 5

  24. THis is Amazing!! so Empowering… i love wearing heels and give out compliments like theres no tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

  25. I was once out somewhere and heard a (Caucasian) mom flip on her little 9 or 10 year old daughter for not wearing earrings that day. I still remember that and try to never leave the house without earrings and at least one bracelet. I tend to look better in jeans than dresses, so it softens my look and dresses up my outfits.

    And I ALWAYS put on mascara. Doe eyes at any lash length are ultra feminine.

  26. You’re so beautiful. I’m wondering… how do you allow people to help you without them feeling like you are waiting or expecting it?

  27. I've been working on being more feminine since last summer. I grew up around boys so I had very masculine energy about me that I realized that I did not like. When I started taking my health seriously and lost weight, it pushed me to become more feminine so now I smile more, brought dresses, walk and do things more gracefully, and finally learned to let people help me (especially men). The effects of it were immediate and everyone (man or woman) wants a piece of your magnetic energy. You're definitely right about taking time to fully and intentionally practice self-care. I find that people can definitely sense when someone puts time and intention into self-care. Anyway, this was such a great video and I'm definitely subscribing! ❤️

  28. 😂😂 i thought the car alarm was someone in my apartment complex going off im peepin out the window at 2:18am!!!💀💀…great vid by the way!

  29. My mom (African) hates pants never wears them. Maybe once every two years. She wears dresses every single day. She also wears makeup everyday I grew up thinking she was born with red lips. She cooks. Doesn’t curse. Such a lady.

  30. This is good advice. Thanks! I was listening to another youtuber give advice on femininity and she was dropping F bombs like a soldier..I couldn’t take her seriously..lol..anyway, you look beautiful and very feminine.

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