5 Traits Women Look For In A Man

5 Traits Women Look For In A Man

5 Traits Women Look For In A Man. Smart, masculine, generous, good … And the
list goes on! Here, the characteristics of the “ideal man”, according to surveys conducted
on women. Although men do not believe it, masculine
traits of personality and character are far more important to women than physical characteristics.
For example, for the great majority, a man who is good with children and perhaps not
so handsome is a sexier man than a very attractive but not very empathetic man.
  And it is not an idea obtained at random or
invented by a group of women, but the conclusion reached by two online surveys that sought
to determine which were the most desirable male features before the eyes of women. More than 1,000 women, aged 21 to 54, were
consulted for the surveys, of which only 13% said they assessed “muscles” in a man, while
66% considered moral integrity as an essential requirement”. The results showed a total of 20 characteristics
that women find most appealing to men, divided into traits of character, personality, practical
skills and physical attractiveness. So summarizes an article in lostiempos.com: 1. Faithfulness (84%). More than 8 out of 10 women rated “fidelity”
as a sexy attribute on a man. The tendency of the woman towards the “bond” is a biological
imperative to raise the children correctly. It is important that a man assures her that
he is faithful and that he will be there for a woman. 2. Reliability (75%). Three out of four women are looking for a
man who can make compromises and fulfill them. 3. Kindness (67%). Teenagers may be attracted to the typical
bad guy, but the older ones prefer kindness as it inspires confidence. If he treats the
waitress and street children well, you know that he is compassionate and empathetic … In
short, a super sexy attribute. 4. Moral integrity (66%). If he is honest, fair and has the courage,
to tell the truth, he is a good and empathetic person, an exceptional trait in a couple. 5. Paternal instinct (51%). Being a good parent (or having the potential
to become one) is to be a good role model to follow, and reveals to be patient and caring,
qualities that women want in their partner. See how he is with other children (nephews)
and how he is as a mentor at work. Please let us know your opinions in the COMMENTS
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  1. Absolute bullshit. 80%of divorces are initiated by the female. They want me to have all the traits they lack.if you got money looks and status you can have any female you want.

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