5 Types of Attraction You May Experience

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  1. Damn this video is very helping my confusion. I have a sensual attraction to a friend, not cooperated by romantic nor sexual feelings. Now I know, I can go on with my life peacefully lmao

  2. Could you guys do a video on emotional intensity? I believe I have emotional intensity but I dont completely understand it

  3. I feel validated by this video as an asexual. It makes me really happy to know that aesthetic attraction is a thing. I've been explaining that to people for years, but now hearing about it from a legit source makes me feel like I haven't been lying/making up things to myself and others. Thank you.

  4. i always thought there was something wrong with me when i had multiple "crushes" on guys. turns out it was just aesthetic attraction thank goodness

  5. I’m very very confused on what I feel towards one of my best friends. I feel like I have a romantic and sensual attraction towards him but at the same time platonic. We don’t see each other as much but still do talk a lot through message, and he has many new female friends and I feel jealous. I don’t know if it’s because he has new friends and I’ve been feeling like a terrible friend to everyone or if it’s just that I like him. Because what I think is that he has new and better friends and I won’t be like them. But why do I feel like I like him? He’s just a friend and i know he is and won’t ever be anything more but I still do feel like that. Or maybe I am jealous that he has better friends and I’m not like them and he won’t like me anymore and won’t want to be my friend.
    I don’t know, this is very confusing. If you can, could you please tell me what attraction I might have towards him? Thanks

  6. Damn I'm hugely sensually attracted to my friend and I was worrying if I have a crush on him
    Altho I was really thirsty for him for a bit at one point, mainly bc I'm a lonely 22yo virgin having him as the only close friend haha

  7. I literally get attracted to the people I know don't like me and suffer in silence so I don't make them uncomfortable or if they're dating someone, I don't want to ruin that.

  8. Interesting. My friend really wants to date and I’ve been thinking about it, I am really into him in a romantic way but when I think of kissing him and intercourse I feel nothing. I’ve always thought that meant I must be deluding myself on the romantic attraction…

  9. I'm so confused what I'm feeling right now, I don't even know what I want anymore I'm lonely but scared to have anything more with anyone.

  10. A video on alterous attraction and queerplatonic and alterous relationships would be great! Love for all the aro and/or ace people!

  11. Wow this helped so much. I was confused about how I feel towards people and now I’m finally realizing I’m definitely asexual. I was a bit confused cause I still wanted to touch my crush and I thought they where pretty but I never wanted a sexual relationship. That is such a weight off my chest, thanks!

  12. So I have:

    Sensual + Romantic attraction to my crush

    Whoops, I got myself smiling again and have my heart beats fast

  13. Thank the gods that I found this video! I was tally going through a small crisis wondering why I wanted to cuddle and hug my best friend, and I mean extremely cuddly like cuddling a big Teddy bear and just enjoying the moment kind, when I didn't feel that I liked her in a romantic way. So I'm kinda glad that at least I know that it's sensual attraction that I'm feeling :DDD

  14. My fiance and I both understand that we will find other people pleasing to look at but that doesn't mean we want to do anything with them and it's nice. This is the healthiest relationship I've ever been in.

  15. Hello! I need help from someone with my life. A guidance. I'm only 12 and I'm depressed. I don't know why tho. Can you make a video about it???

  16. oh wowww, so im sensually attracted to a friend of mine. I was already thinking like i dont know if i am necessarily romantically, let alone sexually, attracted to her, but i still want to touch/ be touched by her non stop and be in her vicinity/ get her attention all the time. Something i merely experience with her, not with any of my other, even closer, friends.
    Always confusing yet good vibes, like there r mixed signals and all but there's also peace. My brain just melts when i think too long abt it lol.

  17. Platonic, romantic, sexual and aesthetic 🙂 but now with a new girl that I met idk ;-; just saw her once and when we touch hands, her hand was so warm I felt like she was touching my soul ;-;

  18. Aww this was really helpful! Also the birds and bees animation for sexual attraction was adorable (◡ ω ◡) 💛🌟💛 I've never heard of aesthetic attraction, so I'm glad I learnt something new today! :0

  19. For me, this is weird 🙁
    There is a man that I consider like a mentor/teacher, someone to ask advice and to look up to. He is obviously also a friend.
    One day, I was in a hotel room with him (he travels a lot) and we started chatting but then he started to get like physical/flirty.
    I was not expecting that and O was shocked on the moment but oncethe shock gone, I feel like attracted to him, meaning I want to spend time with him but nothing sexual at all, he is not Johnny Depp but still good looking, nothing romantic either… and I don't know what is this attraction. Would that be thz 1st one ?

  20. Thanks, I really needed it. Could you do a video further explaining the difference between platonic and romantic attraction? I would be really thankful.

  21. Ok- so I feel sensual attraction, more than sexual attraction, but I’m not unable to feel sexual attraction I just feel sensual attraction long before sexual. And (especially early in a relationship) I rather cuddle than, well.. have sex. Now to find a semi-simple way to explain that to people I date becauseeeeeeee it’s easier that way-

  22. Could sensual Attraction also be something Young parents feel towards their Babies and Vice versa? Or did I misunderstood something?

  23. Dear Psych2Go, I have a friend I have known for a long time and he is forcing me into a relationship with him, telling his friends how he has a girlfriend he stays up with all night texting, ect… I am not interested in him at all. I got so stressed out today at school about it and threw up in the bathroom. I know the simple solution is to obviously say I am not interested, but it's a little harder than that… I need help because I feel like I am trapped. I have a constant headache everyday because of him and he is jealous when I am with my friends…. Please, even if Psych2Go doesn't reply, can someone please please help me?….. Advice, a simple push, anything would do at this point…

    Sorry that this doesn't really apply to the video…

  24. I have seen girls that I find really pretty, but I didn't have a romantic or sensual attraction (I'm probably demisexual, so sexual attraction is almost off the list) know that I know about aesthetic attraction makes things more easy to understand, ty <33

  25. I want to give big thank you, Psych2go!!! 💞 I've watched your channel for few months now, I've learned so many new things and some videos have helped me! I really like your many animation styles and ideas, and one big plus is that your videos has real information, some other videos doesn't, and it's annoying. I just don't know how to explain how much I love this all content you've made 🤧❣️ Thanks!

  26. and that's why asexual people can date, we don't feel (or infrequently feel) sexual attraction – but we can feel romantic attraction, for example 🙂

  27. I'm very confused with my mind there's anuything that can make me cry and when I say nothing is nothing but somehow only ONE especific thing reach the deepest place of my "hearth", I'm very hurt for that, and when I see a clip of that it make me shiver a lot and I break in tears, I don't if that is jointed with my depression but that is the only thing that can make me cry, my own existence is a waste. I feel very useless just for breathing, I hate me.
    I beg you

  28. Agh yeah I’m ace so I feel a lot of romantic attraction but also platonic and sensual attraction (generally towards separate people) and… and… I just want hugs. All the time. Frickin hugs I can’t.

  29. Okay so 3:45 minutes and half of my existential crisis are resolved. I consider myself asexual but the fact that some people would look so beautiful to me confused me so much because I still wouldn't want anything from them. Aesthetic attraction is usually the only attraction I have and it's always been so hard to explain to those around me who don't really believe in asexuality. At least now I can put a name to it!

  30. aesthetic attraction seems to be in lead with me, if I see a girl with tons of freckles, my heart melts instantly for her, and I'll daydream how amazing it would be to spend a lifetime with that person.

  31. "What do you think when your hear the word attraction?"
    Me: How can someone be attracted to someone? How is someone attractive?

    Basically I don't know how someone can be attracted to someone.

  32. Aesthetic attraction? Now I finally have a word to use so I can tell a story about my mom.

    I am gay, and my mom asked me if I found a female actress attractive, and I told her that I'm not the person to ask, since she knew ahead of time I like guys. She proceeded to say that that was stupid and everybody on Earth is able to experience aesthetic attraction and tell when someone is truly beautiful.

    I guess I simply don't experience aesthetic attraction, or at least very rarely. It's much more likely for me to experience some weird hybrid of romantic and platonic attraction. Like, I consider my friendships to be very romantic and (hopefully) sensual, but not sexual. Probably just a me thing.

  33. I'm Asexual and Aromantic so I don't experience Sexual or Romantic attraction. I do experience the others all the time. Yay! I'm not confused anymore!

  34. Thank you for your style of content. This is perfect for explaining attraction to students in an appropriate, non-intimidating style.

  35. Thought this would help me with knowing whether I’m bi or not (I think I’m crushing on my best friend) but now idk if I’m attracted to her in a sensual way or romantic way widhddj

  36. Hey phych2go! just asking what do I do if iv lost a close friend? I lost mine yesterday she broke the friendship silently and Mum said ‘if she hasn’t called by now’ as almost a month ago I gave her my phone number I haven’t seen her in 3-4 years

  37. I really like the aesthetic of this video. It’s overall kinda relaxing to watch. Also, I love the child-friendly way you were able to portray sexual attraction

  38. Aesthetic attraction e.g: A straight person finds someone of the same sex physically attractive and/or sexually attractIVE without feeling sexually attractED to the person

  39. Can i have a suggestion? Can you do signs that you may have anger issues? This just my suggestion bc ive been angry easily lately so yea again my suggestion

  40. Thank you so much for this video, Psych2Go! This is incredibly helpful especially to asexuals who want people to know that sexual attraction isn't the only attraction a human being can experience

  41. Please please please someone tell me how to stop developing romantic attraction. It ruins my life. Please someone help me

  42. idk what my feeling are this girl makes me wanna cry and every time I look at her my toes curl up and I feel like my heart physically dropped to the bottom of my chest and I really wanna talk to her but I can't cause I'm a nervous wreck around her and I'm also a girl and I've never had a crush on anyone or felt this way about anything I'm not even sure if I like girls but then again I've never had any feeling towards a boy this is so confusing and overwhelming help ok thanks for coming to my rant bye

  43. I have been confused about how I feel about my friends girlfriend. I think I’ve been mistaking sensual attraction for romantic attraction. Both of us hug, cuddle and kiss each other on the cheek. I’ve never understood feelings very well ,I have Aspergers, and no one has explained how the different types of love feel, so I’ve mistaken one type of love for another

  44. There's this girl, she was withe and then she said she needed a break to get her mental health better and I said okay even though it hurt. She went on to spend time with other people and flirt with other people in front of me even though she said we would be together once she was better. I cried over her for months asking myself why I wasn't good enough, started questioning if I was ugly or too heavy or curvy. She said she like my personality but I wasn't even close to her standards in looks. She was so sweet and she acted like she loved me when we were dating.

    I'm better now but I'm still somewhat attracted to her and I hate myself for it, does anyone have some advice?

  45. As an asexual person, now I have a video to show someone when I want to explain about types of attraction and how I can still have crushes and want romantic relationships without feeling sexual attraction towards anyone💕

  46. I feel like I experience a lot of sensual attraction, but it’s hard to share it without people thinking it’s in a romantic or sexual way. I don’t really feel romantic much.

  47. I’m attracted to those who l like the same kind music that I do? Is their any psychological facts to this???!


  48. what if you have romantic attractiom for someone but no sexual attraction?? what's that supposed to mean? what am i supposed to do with that person? is this meant to start a relationship or???

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