6 Behaviors That Scare Men Off | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

6 Behaviors That Scare Men Off | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Mat Boggs: Hey, this is Mat Boggs, and today
we’re going to look at six behaviors that actually push men away. The reason this is important is because the
flip side of these behaviors are actually what draw men closer to you. Sometimes in relationships we don’t even know
the kinds of things that we’re doing that push people away or actually draw them in,
so this is going to shed some light on that for you. Check it out. Behavior number one is playing games. This is when you’re not really being true
to your authentic self. It’s like he texts you, text comes in, and
you’re like, “I could text him back. But you know what? I’ve been told that waiting actually draws
more desire or creates desire for him. I’m going to wait a day.” Or he asked you out and you’re not busy, you
could hang out, but you tell them you’re busy because you’re just trying to create the appearance
that you have an amazing life. Everyone has an authentic meter in them, and
we can feel the authenticity meter in each other. For example, you and I have an authenticity
meter. And when we’re being authentic to who we are,
it’s right in the center. It’s aligned with who you are. But when you’re trying to be something you’re
not, it goes to the side, and it’s like you’re off centers, you’re off balance. People can actually sense this when you’re
off balance. What you want to do is bring it back to center
to really be yourself. Because when you’re yourself, he’s going to
feel that in you and be drawn to you. Behavior number two is being too aloof. This is where you don’t actually show that
you’re interested in him. You don’t give him compliments. You don’t tell him you’re attracted to him. You don’t get excited when he calls. It’s this because often women will put on
this facade of playing hard to get, like I’m not that interested. Well, the challenge is men don’t invest in
relationships where they don’t feel like it’s got a shot or a chance. One of the ways we know, hey, this might actually
go somewhere is if you’re giving us or showing us interest. Now, you don’t want that pendulum to swing
to the extreme, and we’re going to talk about that in just a moment, but actually showing
interest, actually letting him know you’re attracted to him. Letting him know you’re interested in him,
letting him know you want him will actually draw him in. Behavior number three is the opposite of being
too aloof, and that’s treating him as if he’s perfect. I remember one of my best friends was dating
this woman. He really liked her, and they were spending
the night together. He was telling me that they were brushing
their teeth about ready to go to bed, and she stops brushing her teeth. She looks over at him and she goes, “Oh my
gosh, you are perfect.” He said in that moment he wanted to cringe
and just run because he knows he’s not perfect. He knows he’s got a bunch of flaws. And if she is saying you are perfect, men
take that as if you’re putting him on a pedestal and you’ve got a false view of him. And the moment you actually get to know him,
the moment you know that he is really flawed, and he’s got a bunch of things that aren’t
perfect, you’re not going to want him. You’re not going to love him anymore. What’s way more powerful is to actually have
the vibration of love and acceptance, that you’re in to him but that you’re willing to
love him for his imperfections, that you’re willing to accept him for who he is in this. You’re not putting him on this false pedestal. Being loved and accepted for who we are is
actually one of the strongest draws and the strongest forms of connections we can have
as human beings. And behavior number four is an attitude of
entitlement. Nobody likes people who feel entitled. You don’t like people who feel entitled. And men, we don’t like people who feel entitled. Here’s the challenge. As a man, we know that one of our roles is
to provide. It’s been that way for thousands of years. And whether or not you can provide equally
as he can provide, it’s hardwired in us that ability to provide. Men who have done a successful job at earning
money for themselves, they become financially successful, often, it’s very easy for women
to take advantage of that situation. And most men have felt taken advantage of
where women expect nice things, expect nice restaurants, expect to be taken out, and buy
me this, and fly me here, and do this for me. That attitude of entitlement is incredibly
off-putting. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t want
or like nice things or even want him to pay. I’m of the belief he should be paying. He should be providing. He should be taking out, even though you might
be making more money than he is. He should be leading with that. But here’s a very easy, simple way to flip
the script and instead of pushing him away with entitlement draw him in with gratitude. No matter what level of success we are in
our lives, and what I’ve come to find is the most successful people in the world are often
the ones who are humble, who are often the ones who are first to say thank you, who are
first to live from this state of gratitude. Wow, I love this. Thank you for this dinner. This is so amazing. Highly successful people, I mean, truly successful
people, live from that vibration. That’s one of the things I love about my wife. I mean, our finances are merged. And even when I take her out for a date night,
I pay. I pay for the bill, and she’ll say, “Thank
you so much. This was amazing.” She shows gratitude in that moment. I know that she’s paying for half the bill. Our finances are merged. But just the gratitude is so endearing and
it totally draws him in. And number five. Now, I know that I’m going to get blowback
for this one. I know that some of you are not going to like
this. You’re going to disagree with this one. But it’s absolutely true. Number five is emasculating behavior. Now, we first have to define what is emasculating
behavior because there’s a lot of connotations out there and concepts for what it is. Simply put, emasculating behavior is behavior
that demonstrates you don’t believe he has what it takes to accomplish the job. Simply put, you don’t believe that he can
actually do it. That’s emasculating behavior. It often shows up as innocent suggestions. It often shows up as you trying to help or
step in because you actually know how to do the thing better and you can show them how
to do it more efficiently and with a better outcome. But the challenge is, men, we have this deep
wired need to provide and for the ability to figure this out. So you got to ask yourself, is it worth getting
the job done faster? Is that benefit worth the disconnect that
you create with emasculating behavior? I’ll just give you an example. I’ve shared this in another video because
it’s so clean. It’s such a clear example. I’m cutting an onion, helping my wife with
dinner. She asked me, “Will you cut this onion?” So I’m cutting this onion. She comes over, and she goes, “Honey, you’re
not cutting the onion in the right way. You got to turn it like this and cut it like
this.” Now, I would have gotten to the same outcome
at the end of the day with that onion. I would’ve diced it into tiny little pieces. But her coming over and saying, “You’re not
cutting it the right way,” instantly I felt this wall come up. Yes, I know she’s better at cutting onions. Yes, I know she’s a better cook. But what that communicates, even in a underlying
way, is that she actually doesn’t believe that I can do it and that I actually didn’t
provide the job she wanted. Or let’s say that your husband isn’t as handy
around the house and he’s fixing the toilet or the little drain plug that’s in the stopper. The water’s leaking down there, and he’s trying
to figure it out. And you know how to do it, and you can do
it faster. In that moment, you’ve got to decide, am I
going to say, “Honey, you’re not doing this right. Step aside. Let me do this,” which is emasculating behavior,
or let him figure it out? I know that it might be tempting to want to
step in, but the bond that you form by letting him actually do the job is incredible, especially
if you let him figure it out and then celebrate him for a job well done. It is momentous for men. On the flip side of that, the cost of the
emasculating behavior degradates the connection in the relationship. So here’s kind of the rule of thumb. If he’s not going to hurt himself and he’s
not going to hurt anyone else, let him figure it out. Let him proceed. And if you really do want to make a suggestion,
here’s a couple, or make a correction, here’s a couple of phrases that you can use is, “Hey,
honey, can I make a suggestion?” or, “Are you open to some feedback?” Because that question, that lead-in, if he
says yes, then he’s open to it and he receives it much, much better and more effectively. So number five, emasculating behavior. Actually letting him do the job creates an
even stronger connection with him. Number six is called the instant relationship. When you’re dating someone, it’s really easy
to fall into the pattern of just trying to get him to like you before you even know if
you actually like him or not. I see that pattern happen a lot, and that
kind of pattern where he can feel that you’re just trying to get him to like you before
you’ve even decided if you like him or want a long-term relationship. You’ve sort of just assumed I want this instant
relationship. That is actually repelling to men because
men want to feel chosen. Men want to feel selected, selected above
all the other options you have. All the other amazing men that you could choose
out of all of them, you’re choosing him. Every human being, that’s a very, very powerful
feeling to feel chosen. Isn’t it? When he says, “I want you. Out of all these other people, you matter
to me. You’re important to me. You’re beautiful. You’re amazing. And I think you will be the amazing person
in my life. We can have an amazing relationship together.” Well, he wants to feel that same way. So when you get into a relationship and just
try to get him to like you, that communicates, wow, she’s willing to have this instant relationship
with me. There’s something called the commitment connection
factor. Here’s what it means. When the connection is leading the commitment,
these two factors are joined by an energetic cord, if you will. And when you’re deepening the connection,
it actually pulls the commitment forward. It’s like if a guy goes on a first date with
you and he pulls out an engagement ring and then proposes, you’d be like, “No,” and you
would think he would be crazy and you wouldn’t want to date him again. Why? Well, it’s simply because you don’t have the
connection with him. You date that same guy for a year, have an
amazing connection with him, and a year later he gets on his knee and proposes to you, now
you’re in tears. You’re happy. You hug him. You say, “Yes, this is amazing.” Why? Because you have a deep, profound connection
with him. So when the connection actually is outpacing
the commitment, it draws the relationship forward. However, when the commitment gets out in front
of the connection, that’s when that cord breaks and the connection actually drops. So when a woman says gives the impression
that she’s like, “I want to be committed. I want to have kids right away. I want to get married right away. I want … ” When he feels that rush of commitment,
it can absolutely kill the connection. So let the connection lead. Let the connection deepen, and that will naturally
draw the commitment forward for the both of you. So my question for you is, what behaviors
do men do that actually push you away? This is very, very valuable for men to hear
this so that they can know what behaviors you want them to do that actually draw him
closer to you. So go ahead and post that in the comment section
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100 thoughts on “6 Behaviors That Scare Men Off | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

  1. A guy agreed with me from day one that we had the same relationship outlook. I enjoy space. He actually got extremly clingy after our first two phone calls, (never even met the guy)

    I thought it seemed like soul mate material now im just turned off and done.

    I cant do clingy men

  2. Negatives

    1 playing games
    Wait to answer text

    —say you’re busy when you aren’t

    2 Authenticity meter. People can sense that
    Center it

    3 being too aloof
    Giving-ness shows interest

    Treating him as if he’s perfect


    False view. False Pedestal
    Not good

    Accepting him as he is

    4. Entitlement
    No one likes the feeling of entitlement

    Draw him in with appreciation/gratitude

    5 emasculating behavior
    Demonstrate you don’t believe he can finish a job…

  3. Thank you for saying it’s okay to be authentic. We are told to play all sorts games and I just can’t do it… I just need to be me. I do everything you are saying to do and not do.. it’s my natural behavior… some men don’t seem to want authenticity.

  4. Girls avoid insecure hypersensitive men with vulnerable egos who do not want to develop. Not being able to accept constructive criticism or wanting to learn something because the knowledge comes from a woman proves his view of women. Dump him! There are real men out there who do not have this problem. A balanced individual experiences no negativity or wall between himself and his partner because that person gives advice or are able to do something with a better method. You are part of a team, it is not a competition against each other. Keep loving and growing 💖+🌱

  5. #3 is also a fear of mines because in the past, I’ve found this to be true for my own experiences. Some guys would put me on this pedestal from the start and it would feel as if they come into the situation lookin to find something flawed abt me so they can bail. Because most of these guys would bail at the first sign of a disconnect or disagreement. Ironically, these men in question are as flawed like me. In some cases, more imperfect bc they’re often the cause of these issues in the relationship. Not sayin I don’t have issues. My issue is I can be defensive whilst these men think they are awesome. Definitely a good one, which I think goes both ways

  6. I was texting this guy from a dating site who doesn't drink at all or smoke. I don't smoke either, but I drink responsibly with my girlfriends once or twice out of the month. When I told him I "drink socially," he responded by saying that people who say they drink socially are retarded. What did I do? I stopped texting him and called out, "NEXT!"

  7. things that scare me away? when we first meet /get together, and he tries to put me in competition with other women ( y'know gives me the impression there are other women interested etc)..i will just walk away – i dont need to compete 🙂

  8. Oh boy. I think I have done this mistake innocently. Emasculating behavior, I’m definitely guilty. 😅😭 instant relationship also 😢I’m afraid…🙄

  9. Feminine men with competitive personality is what pushes me away. It’s just as if he’s trying to be me? Or wanting my place and secretly hating…

  10. Behaviors that push me away: Being too pushy, trying to sleep with me too soon, making jokes I should delete my dating app becuz I found him (on the first date), blowing up my phone (men do it too) inconsistency, negging, lazy, unambitious, etc.

  11. Love this,I want the man to win me over.Im tired of being so certain of the man and he doesn't think twice about me,smh.

  12. What turns me off at 62 y/o…? And yes, the men I date are from 65 to 72 and may need hearing aids or have slight memory loss) but still ….

    1). Super superficial and critical of others. When a 73 y/o man points out and critiques every overweight/wrinkled/ugly woman (in his opinion) while on a date with me.
    2. Admits he’s totally insecure and wants/asks for validation/praise all the time.
    3. Controlling and demanding resulting in over-the-top compromise and negotiations. One man told me I ‘had’ to use the refrigerated condiments after being without electricity for a several days post hurricane (otherwise I was being wasteful). I gave the mayonnaise/all condiments to him to use at his home. (He accepted only 3 items).
    4). When he makes several attempts to push food in my mouth (especially BBQ octopus or raw eel 🤢🤮) after I tell him ‘no thank you and turn away from him’
    5) When a 2nd date asks me if I want to move in with him after my lease is up 😳😑
    6) When he drops hints about marriage with me within the first 3 months of dating.
    7) When a man talks incessantly about his wealth or his financial misfortunes.
    8). When he eats breakfast at 6:30a every morning but you’re not hungry that early and he insists you have to eat with him anyway.
    9). When he leaves town to go to his ‘2nd home in another state’ for weeks and he doesn’t let you know. He just disappears for a period of time then calls like nothing is wrong. Loose my number Dude!
    10.). When he gets pushy for me to move my belongings (even seasonal items not used very often) into his home. I tell him ‘no thank you or I prefer not to’ but he continues to bring it up often. I finally asked if he needed hearing aids.

  13. Validate my feelings and listen to them. You don’t HAVE to agree! But acting like you’re too busy to hear me out makes me feel so un important. Communication is so important! Whether you agree or agree to disagree the act of being heard in itself is soooooo important.

  14. Turn off for me (-as a woman )
    1) not truly listening
    2) moving too fast (with words or actions – similar to the CCF)
    3) inconsistency (too much connection one day nothing the next )
    4) talking too soon about intimacy (related to 2)
    5) cursing
    6) talking as if I would be his friend not a woman

  15. I have a question, you say here you need a connection before a commitment but you also say in other videos not to be afraid to show your standards, so how do you communicate that you want to be exclusive with him early on when there is still not that much of a deep connection built if you also need connection before commitment?

  16. Great way to test if a guy really likes you. Use these things to drive him away if he comes back for more, hey give him a chance.

  17. He doesn't do too many things that I don't like we're learning all the stuff seems so new to me and I went to change instead of change him today he said he'd like to listen to one of my videos and I was real happy that he was interested I can't think of things that I don't like just the silent treatment talking to his ex in a sexy way about her and I don't like her riding on the back of this motorcycle that much either.

  18. My now ex used to always try to control how I did everything. Everything had to be done HIS WAY. He was critical and nagging. I'm so over controlling people

  19. I feel scared when there is a lack of security, clear communication and lack of boundaries on both parties. I want him to have boundaries and to respect mine. When boundaries are violated I feel like running. I feel devalued.

  20. What I do not like is the hot and then cold attitude. It makes me question his real intent. I want him to be hot for me, or make comments, phone calls, notes or some sign he is thinking of me, everyday not just on Fridays or every other day.

  21. When he makes subtle negative comments about my looks, mostly out of concern but it makes me feel bad about myself. When he tries to tell me what to do, I know he wants to help but it feels like he's bossing me around. When he gets a negative attitude tone in his voice when he doesn't like the way I do things. It feels condescending and makes me feel inferior.

  22. Guys that put on a false front (fancy cars, house, saying how much money he’s got, etc) and will only date a woman much much younger than he is. if your a bachelor at 58 never been married maybe it’s because your not honest with yourself and only looking for a young chic to make you look good. Insecurity at its finest.

  23. What pushes me away: Him rarely initiating any sort of physical touch. Him screaming at me. Cheating. Bad hygiene. Not taking care of his health.

  24. What scares me away is when a man criticizes normal female behavior. Like something is wrong with you because you have feelings and get emotional. It’s the same as when women use emasculating behavior towards men.

  25. "Playin on" or taking advantage of a womens (what i like to call) "biological nature"…ie talking about getting you pregnant(too ealry on), taking advantage of kindness/the attentive nature we naturally have.

  26. As far as the first two, there is a reason women do those things and it’s because they work. As much as I absolutely hate it, being too available is a quick way to chase a man away. As for number three, I’ve seen a lot of men run away from women that put them on pedestals. So I’ll agree with that one.

  27. It's scary to me when a guy is smothering. It leads to control. I don't like my every move to be monitored. This might feel like love to some women, but it feels more like trouble to me.

  28. Things that send me running:
    1. A man stuck in his glory days and it’s all he talks about. I want a man to be in the present moment with me.
    2. Passive aggressive comments or behavior. There isn’t a bigger turn off than back-handed compliments or when getting a text that says, “well, I guess I won’t bother you any more” because you didn’t reply on his timeline.
    3. Disingenuousness. I don’t like when a man changes what he is saying based on my response. Don’t tell me one thing, then another thing a minute later just because I didn’t respond the way you expected. Just be yourself and I’ll be myself.
    4. Bragging about money, cars, shopping. This feels like a shallow man looking for a shallow woman. Impress me with your character and personality, not your money.
    5. Self-proclaimed ladies men. In my experience, any man who feels the need to point out all of his self-perceived good deeds, is usually all talk.

  29. gratitude should be authentic , from the heart and women like to be pampered , indulging like a lot . it's just how we are

  30. for some reason , women cant tolerate this moment of figuring it out when things can be better faster yet good point and women are entitled to some sort of masculinity by nature by society measures , she cant be putting her self off just to satisfy a man's ego unless they do this for each other , just sharin my thoughts ….

  31. things that pushes me away as a woman , sense of exaggerated possesiveness , not expressing vulnerable emotions , being a loof in tough times of a relation or raising the logo of a " silent treatment , sudden withdrawals and not having emotional maturity to discuss matters and needs in a relation … lack of emotional intelligence as well

  32. What scares me away is 1) when they think they can pull it off smoothly moving too fast into a relationship. It just makes me wonder “Why the hell do guys always move too fast into a relationship, do they have some sort of a deadline or something to prove?”. 2) Tells a type of body shape he likes a woman to have. 3) I HATE smokers. For me it’s a instant deal breaker. Giant turn off. I don’t care if he smokes once a day, 3x a week or 5x a month. He’s STILL smokes. 4) Drinks a lot 5) Easily yells at others when they barely did anything. 6) When he looks at other women while with me, I would think to myself “Is he with me or her?”. 7) When dancing, he suddenly tries to grind himself on me as if we’re on spring break. 8) If he answers a text and turns away from me for more than 2min. A real gentleman wouldn’t do that. He would give a quick brief answer to a call or txt and put his phone away right away. 9) If he’s always talking about himself as if nobody around him exists. 10) His negativity 11) Calls or txt too often 12) Says he’ll do something but never ends up doing it 13) Asks for money

  33. Ladies, it's very simple. If you are just DTF, spread your legs and the men will line up. If you are looking for a life long partner, then being a debt-free virgin with no tattoos is the way to go. No self respecting man wants to commit to damaged goods with extirpated bond-pairing ability.

  34. What scare me away:
    – Sexually suggestive at the very beginning of the 1st conversation.
    – He's not single. (Now he's cheating on his partner.)
    – Smoking. Drinking too much. Doing drugs.
    – Saying "I love you." "I like you." "I miss you." but never have a real talk with me.
    – Bragging about his record of sexual partners. (I don't want STDs. Thanks)

  35. I'm like a man. I don't like to be told I'm doing something wrong. Makes me feel like he thinks I'm incompetent. I'm also put off by not feeling listened to.

  36. Literally the exact same things you mentioned in this video. Men who play games, make me feel like I can't do something, jump right into the relationship without even bothering to get to know me really make me run for the hills.

  37. What puts me off is men who almost instantly want to have sex with you. I wish men understood that for some women, sex is not just a hit and run. We nee dthat emotional connection. And I feel like when sex is rushed without establishing a connection. Everything gets ruined. It may work differently for others but for me it's always ended in disaster

  38. I know this sounds crazy, but if I'm on a first date, I will gently offer to help with the tab, just not to appear selfish or entitled. BUT if he accepts my offer, it's a bit of a turn off. I will give enough money to cover my portion plus tip, but it's my little test to see how generous or not a man is.

  39. Tell me what do you do when a man suffers severe anxiety and phobias but won’t get help and makes you feel bad because he says you can’t accept him for who he is and keep pestering him because you want to go places and do things?

  40. Being attracted by other women, giving compliments to them (when you are standing by or not).
    Appraising other women but forgetting to compliment you.
    Inviting for a date to a cafe but telling: "oh, prices are crazy here", or "let's just have a drink" – i.e. no providing element in man.
    Not having a purpose, ambition.
    Disrespect. Not being respectful to the woman, her position in society, her rights
    Treating her like a lifelong housewife !!!

  41. Send your crush a panic message at two in the morning because you just saw him being eaten alive by a giant Blaziken in a nightmare.

  42. Something a man does that would push me away, I could write a book on this but I will keep it to the one that has caused me the most pain over the years of dating. It's after the relationship has been established and while I am speaking, he will say things like, "just say it" or " I didn't call to hear about that!". The first one indicates to me that now all of a sudden he sees me as not getting to the point fast enough yet he does the same thing. The second one says to me, what I want to share isn't important and he called to hear only what he wants to speak about, yet, he is the one that asked the open ended question, What did you do today? Anyway, my significant other broke up with me a month ago after dating 2 years and approaching the point where I was retiring and he was selling his house to purchase an RV so we could travel most of the year and then come to my house for the winter months. I was crushed to say the least and blindsided. I do not know if he will return or not. I had watched numerous videos of yours before and during the time we have dated. I am at a total loss with this breakup and have been watching videos by other relationship coaches and been No Contact as they suggest but I am beginning to think perhaps I have watched too many videos and just need to follow my own intuition. If you have any thoughts on my situation, I would be open. I am 67 years old and cannot go through another breakup like this ever again. It's too hard on the emotions.

  43. I need him to be brave and strong enough to dig deep for a real connection. When he makes a lot of assumptions about me and assumes he knows all about me before he actually does. This shows me he is not actually interested in getting to know me but that he is just putting labels on me that work for him. If he is not willing to ask questions, communicate, spend time and actually get to know me (and then accept me and all my flaws) then he's not the guy for me.

  44. Thirsty behavior is a push to his pull. It sends the desperation signal.
    Also many of the things you stated are true for us.
    Overly cocky, aka entitlement
    Placing me on a pedastool, whoa! This one is a major push.

    Now to counter the above?
    Playfulness with a bit of edge.
    Tactful radical honesty * This is very confident and healthy.
    Flirtatious but not to the point of bull 💩.
    We don't like hearing a script nor feeling like we are part of your road to being a king. A man who is still in his Prince, feels pathetic. Peter Pan over 40?
    NOT attractive.
    Mid Life Crisis? We can smell it as much as a man can smell a woman who wants a relationship just to have children.😆

  45. 1.playing games ? Wait a day, authentic center 2.being too aloof ? Being to get interest . 3. Treating the man as a perfect person,,, 4. Draw him with gratitude,, 5. Emasculating behaviour :not really that he will do it,,,leaving him do the job 6. Feeling choosen,,, amazing relation,,, communication,,,, commitment connection factor,,,let the connection live,,,

  46. When they are 1. Inconsistent, 2. Cheap, 3. Bad Communicators, 4. Play it “cool” for the sake of holding it over your head, 5. Are effeminate or expect masculine providing from the female. 6. Try to gauge how sexual you will get with them / trying to get metrics, (verbal cues / body language) on the bare minimum effort it will take for you to get sexual with him. 7. LOW EFFORT/Laziness/Inability to be a man with a plan. #vomit #thankyounext

  47. I actually like when men put me on a pedestal and give me attention…I feel like their #1 priority which is what I want but that does eventually fade…especially after sex so I've learned to make a man wait for a couple months and see if he sticks around and gets to know me and fall in love and most can't wait til one did but then he moved away and now I'm starting over again

  48. So are we supposed to love unconditionally when we are giving 100 percent and he's giving nothing an taking and taking and taking I gave everything and paid everything and did everything and got nothing but cheated and used and ABUSED. AN I DID EVERYTHING U SAID AND GOT NOTHING IN RETURN.

  49. I dont know what it means when my man said "you know what you need to live with me cause you need to learn a lot" I felt like im too slow and stupid and we just had our first meeting. I don't exactly know if what i feel is right wrong after i heard those words.

  50. What turns me off is men that send you a dic pic and you haven't had sex with them yet., I just can't respect them. Also a man that keeps pressuring you for commitment too fast, and any man that doesn't care about smelling good, mouth and body must be fresh. A guy that doesn't want to ever include my child , i mean in a relationship where I see this person often. A man that looks at other females while we are out together, a man that says he loves me and ignores my needs, a man that complains about his exes…..a man that puts ketsup on a $20 steak, that i cooked. gawd i could go on and on. A man that doesn't listen to me and could help but just makes jokes about my situation, esp if the situation could be avoided. A man that discuses problems in your relationship with any other woman.

  51. What I really hate in men (women do it too) are…
    Those who interrupt and talk over me. I absolutely despise this. They will ask me something then cut me off at the third word or so to loudly talk over me. When I say something to them about this they’re incredulous and demand “What? WHAT!!” I repeat myself and they might turn and leave while I’m midway thru the repeat of my request for them to stop interrupting me.
    Or, the know it all. Loudly braying their opinions on any subject because they’re the only one who knows truth.
    Or the ones who inserts an insult in front of other people about me (in the middle of a sentence that has nothing to do with the insult) in order to bolster his imagined standing with those people.
    Or the one who Just. Won’t. Shut. The. F. Up. It’s not as though he’s expounding on something of importance or interesting, no, it’s about the time of day when he takes his bath, when he gets up, what he had for breakfast, his lunch, his dinner, and midnight snack. How he washes his dishes. What laundry detergent he likes. His preferred driving route between his house and the grocery, etc., etc., etc….and no way to get a word in edgewise because somehow he’s learned to talk while both inhaling and exhaling.

    I know, I sound mean and bitter…maybe so, but I’ve just had it with these people and finally decided to no longer be “nice”. If their feelings are hurt when I cut them off, so be it, let them deal with the results of their boorish behavior.

  52. Men need to stop when asked. Deal breaker, when I say please don’t call me that, or please don’t do that ex. Impulsive behaviour when I say STOP. Game over.

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  54. On a 1st date, this guy tells me that he is so good in bed, former lovers stalk him. Total turn off !! I made sure there was NO 2nd date.

  55. If everyone would just drop their egos life would be much easier 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  56. hi mathew, i'm from israel and i see your video's, and enjoed all of them.when you said that every person wants to feel the chosen one,i said to my self that this is the most important behavior that keeps me away from the guy or let me keep him.
    thank you so much

  57. When men brag about things they own, people they know, things they are better at than everyone else. Instant turn off and makes me think you are interested in trophies more so than substance. Let me find that out on my own and be impressed by how humble you are.

  58. I've never met a man I'd really want to draw closer to me. Usually if they see even little bit of intrest, they try to rush in full on, which makes me feel nausea and being disrespected. They really can't appreciate the human value of a woman. I really dislike this perception that relationships are a game!

  59. What scares me away is when a man comes on too strong and I can sense he doesn't have confidence in himself. Clingy behavior is a big turn off too, and sulking or acting like a victim and not being in his masculine.

  60. @Kiera White if a man goes cold and silent than I hate it!! I take it as a sign that he just doesn't care enough to confront me about the issue and try to solve it that it's OBVIOUSLY not (as) important to him (as it is to me) and that therefore he OBVIOUSLY MUST NOT care about the relationship (otherwise he'd want to talk about it so that we could fix it, right?) – I think THAT and not following through on their promises (both equal in letting me down and making me feel not safe and not cared for – because OBVIOUSLY I can't trust the guy) is my biggest NO-No.

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