7 NATURAL HAIRSTYLES (For Short to Medium Length Natural Hair) (4B/4C Hair)

7 NATURAL HAIRSTYLES (For Short to Medium Length Natural Hair) (4B/4C Hair)

Hey Guys, welcome back to another video. So today I’ll be creating 7 natural hairstyles for short to medium hair. Make sure you leave a comment letting me know which was you favourite hairstyle and I hope you enjoy the video. (music track)

70 thoughts on “7 NATURAL HAIRSTYLES (For Short to Medium Length Natural Hair) (4B/4C Hair)

  1. Such a breath of fresh air, watching this video. Love the styles. What kinda pins are you using?

  2. I love all the styles,but I'm still struggling to do it 😅hope to learn it quickly cause i get tired of my short natural hair…..

  3. Wow she got a beautiful full head of hair!" This just motivates me even more to go natural some point soon but clueless how to begin the process. All those hairstyles she did were cute as helll!

  4. I’m so happy I finally found someone with hair that’s the same texture and length as mine!!! Can’t wait for more vids😁😁

  5. I am as white as ur background, yet still I have 4a/b hair.

    Am I literally the only one?

    Btw I‘m wearing them in twists or braids most of the time.

  6. How does tha hair stay firmly put in one place when you brush it?? That's witchcraft to me!
    I have finger cramps just by watching this, your patience is the stuff of legends, Idk how could y'all do it on a daily basis D:

  7. 4:16 please tell me what the band thing that goes around your head is called and where i would get one please

  8. Lovely vid, how was your hair prepped prior to styling, was it blow dried? Also what are you using to slick down the sides and edges? Is it a gel, if so which brand please?

  9. What products do u apply on ur hair ? ..my hair is very rough and sturborn and it cuts a lot when I comb it …need help

  10. What are you using to lay down those edges in the front ? This looks just like my hair, never can do anything with it so dry, tangled, and at least 50% shrinkage. My hair touches the top of my shoulders but you'd never know it. The struggle is REAL😢

  11. This music though ❤️❤️❤️ Giving me hope that I can actually, finally style my hair into these styles.

  12. I love this. What is that cream you apply to make your hair flat? Every time i even attempt a high pony, i have hair sticking out

  13. Black hair is beautiful!! and I love the Rick James inspired Evelyn champagne king inspired 80’s funk music in the background lol

  14. What are the clips you are using? I use rubber bands at the end of my twists and it always leave my hair sticking out because of the rubber band. Is it just a clip? Bobby pin?

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