8 Blindspots (& Insecurities) of MBTI Types

8 Blindspots (& Insecurities) of MBTI Types

[Alex] Hey guys, I wanted to do this topic because I realized that my blind spot function as per like the socionics theory is something that I’m like really insecure about, so I was thinking that maybe every single type is insecure about their blind spot functions since they just like have no idea what it is and how to use it at all so yeah, I thought we would talk about the eight different blind spot functions, and how they manifest in the 16 types. [Intro music] [Calypso] Yeah, I think we approach this a little bit differently. Alex was mostly talking about the concepts behind it, and with my Si, I just found a bunch of examples with myself and the people that I know and hopefully, it’s congruent. Yeah, so okay starting off with Fe blind spots, so this is the blind spot for both INTJs and ISTJs. Generally, Fe blind spot means that you’ll be insecure about How you convey yourself, like, emotionally to other people. Yeah, like I feel like for myself personally I’m kind of unaware of like the emotional tone of what I say sometimes or if, like things that I might say are potentially, like not necessarily inappropriate, but could be construed in a way that might be really offensive to other people, when to me it’s just like purely logical and isn’t offensive to me. So yes, they might find difficulties in like being warm or like connecting with others and like any sort of social environment and I feel like I have insecurities related to that. [Calypso] So I feel like the second function is the function that contributes to your blind spot so for the Te of the IxTJs: a lot of the times what they’re saying is totally factual but because they’re so focused on how it is actually factual, there – they can’t – they’re blind to the emotional impact the emotional effects, but they’re saying for example I think Alex was like, no like she was writing the scripts to a video and I was editing it and then she wrote like “we wish to inform you guys, ablablabla” I’m like yeah I think, it is true, we are providing information, but I need to change that wording because the emotional effects is not what you probably wanted. but I need to change that wording because the emotional effects is not what you probably wanted.
[Alex] Right. Yeah. And then like an ISTJ friend I have, I just remember like once we were both teenagers and she just like stared at my face and stared closer and closer and then she was like “You need to use more moisturizer.” I’m like okay, fact, but whoa. Yeah yeah, for sure. The blind spot is part of the super-ego block in socionics theory along with another function so I feel like for the INTJ and ISTJ this manifests slightly differently. Since the INTJ also has weak Si I feel like learning certain social norms and also like remembering important details or remembering details that are important to others like when someone’s birthday is or just like random facts about something about someone and that is important to them might be like something that they’re insecure about. And then for the ISTJ, I feel like with Ni as their other weak function it’ll be sort of like noticing patterns on social behaviors And how to respond based on like, yeah, on like an overall broader context rather than just specific instances. Okay, so then for the Te blind-spot, this will be the blind spot for INFJs and ISFJs. So I feel like they will be insecure about executing things that will give desired results externally or logically communicating to others in an efficient manner. [Calypso] Hehe, Te blind-spot where are you?! Oh okay, um, okay so for the Te blind-spot it’s kind of like a reverse of the Fe blind-spot, because it’s INFJs and ISFJs. So I think they’re Fe, like, they’re so aware of their – the emotional effect that they fail to do, like, some Te things like confrontation, or like, if many people are believing in one thing, they don’t want to ruin all of that by using external logic. [Alex] Yeah so for the INFJ, they’ll also have weak Si. So I feel like they will be insecure about implementing things and finishing things in sort of a logical step-by-step manner or maintaining a consistent workflow or just general organization. That might be difficult for them. So for the ISFJ, they’ll also have weak Ni, so I feel like they will be insecure about having a long term vision which they can execute logically. Okay, moving on to the Si blind spot. So this is the blind spot for ENTJs and ENFJs. So, I feel like they will be insecure about remembering details potentially finding sentimentality in certain instances and maybe also finding like routines or preferences that work for them and make their life easier. [Calypso] Yeah for the Si blind spot, I thought of how like Ni affects your usage of Si, so I think for both ENFJs and ENTJs, the ones I’ve known, they get this like big glorious vision of the future but they don’t actually compare it to the things that worked in the past which is so opposite to how, like, for example an ISTJ does things. I think I was looking at one ENTJ’s business plan, and it was all like future glory and all these like projections but they weren’t really based on past models of things that could work and it showed like a complete lack of awareness to the detailed procedures required of this endeavour. So it was like all future, no details, no past. Yeah, yeah for sure. So for the ENTJs along with having weak Fe, they might be insecure about doing specific things that can like, convey their emotional intent to others. Or doing things to care for others in a way that they would appreciate because they just don’t remember all these Si details about what the other person preferred. Oh, and for the ENFJ with weak Te as well I feel like they’ll be kind of insecure about executing projects or things effectively and again like you said, remembering specifics about what worked and what didn’t in order to kind of integrate that into their Ni plan. [Calypso] Yeah, okay so for ENTJs’ like, Si-Fe super ego block thingy I think sometimes like in relating to other people they don’t really know what the standard procedure is, so it can come off as like really blunt [Alex] Right, yeahyeyeah. Like, disregard for social norms – kind of similar to the INTJ as well. Just in a slightly different order. [Both] Yeah. [Calypso] It’s just because a lot of people say that it’s their Te that makes them so blunt, but like with ESTJs, I feel like they’re much less blunt because they know like, what you’re supposed to do, by Si. [Alex] Yeah, they know the social protocol. [Alex] Yeah, they know the social protocol.
[Calypso] Yeah. [Alex] Ni just does not remember that stuff. Moving on to the Ni blind spots. So this is ESFJs and ESTJs. So I think this manifests by not being able to see consistent trends and patterns and their own actions and just in the world in general and maybe not being able to see sustainable paths of growth outside of their Si experience. [Calypso] Okay, this is kind of a hard one for me and basically the generalization I came up with is that they’re so honed in on past models and the details, kind of like the opposite with the ENTJ/ENFJ. that they fail to see the whole picture or they don’t see the like the implications into the near future [Alex] Yeah, right. I feel like with Ne, they can probably see like multiple possibilities into the near future but it might be hard for them to just select one and see the consistency in that singular path. [Calypso] Yeah, like ESxJs have this amazing propensity to keep things open and you wouldn’t think of that because they’re like, judgers, but Yeah, the ones I know, they like to keep things like way open and close it at the last minute. [Alex] So I feel like with the insecurities for the ESFJ having weak Te as well this will be, again, effectively executing long term plans. And so for the ESTJ, they have weak Fe as well, so they might be insecure about, like inspiring others to see their long-term vision or to see worthy big-picture causes and things like that. [Calypso] Oh, that’s so accurate because no because an ESTJ person I know He’s like, “Oh, I love everything about business, but there’s one problem.” I’m like “What’s the problem?” and he’s like “I hate people.” “I just don’t wanna work with people.”
I’m like “people is part of business..” (fades out) [Alex] Moving on to the Ti blind spot. So this is the ENFPs and ESFPs. So I feel like their blind spot manifests by not having consistent logical reasons for their actions or being able to understand logical workings of entire systems. [Calypso] Yeah, this is kind of interesting because the second function of both of those two are Fi and I think Fi and Ti can have some interference with each other. So for example, like an ENFP friend I know she just – like one day she was like “I want to do project management for Netflix or Hulu or some streaming service.” And then – no no, but that was the end. It wasn’t like “Oh okay, that was inconsistent with everything else I’ve done previously.” “Let me figure out-”
It’s just like “I want to do it. I’m gonna do it.” And, but I mean, usually for both the ENFP ESFP, they’re usually like, quite confident and resourceful enough to pull it off. Right and another thing I notice about them is that they will be very easily, I guess, swayed by their Fi impulses because there’s no, like Ti consistency to like, rein it all in. [Alex] That makes sense. Yeah, so I feel like their insecurities will sort of manifest and maybe not understanding sort of the logical principles behind the world in order to kind of like navigate it with confidence. And so for the ENFP I feel like with Se – with weak Se as well, yeah this will manifest quite clearly because they’ll kind of not understand maybe like logical principles in the real world and how they work and how they can navigate that. And for the ESFP It’ll be more about generating theoretical possibilities to understand certain logical principles that they might be insecure about. Okay moving on to the Fi blind spot, so this is ENTPs and ESTPs. So this blind spot manifests by not having Consistent ethical reasons for one’s actions and also not being able to understand other individuals’ motivations and desires. [Calypso] Yeah, this is an interesting one – it’s kind of the reverse of the Ti blind spot and I think it’s kind of hard to see, because I think maybe our society is so like, anti Fi that like having a Fi blind-spot you can’t even see it. And I see it though, like when we have arguments with like ExTP a lot of times I would be arguing for what I like or what I dislike, but they would be arguing for what’s good and what’s bad. So that’s just like this age-old Fi versus Ti like conflict. And I think sometimes we’re so caught up in objective logic via like Ti which is subjective and they value it much more than maybe their individual feelings towards things. [Alex] Yeah. [Calypso] Especially since they value Ti in conjunction with Fe, so the collective feelings about things. [Calypso] Especially since they value Ti in conjunction with Fe, so the collective feelings about things.
[Alex] Right. [Calypso] So yeah, might not value their own feelings. [Alex] Yeah, it might not be maybe like objective logic but I think it’s consistent logic, right? So to them like Fi is going to be like so inconsistent and like, all over the place. And they’re like “Agh! How can you not see that this doesn’t make logical sense in this like entire model?” For the ENTP, having weak Se as well I feel like this will result in insecurities and kind of acting in the real world, real time, based on a consistent set of values. And for the ESTP with weak Ne they might be insecure about generating conceptual ideas that have personal value or meaning to them. Moving on to the Se blind spot. So this is for INFPs and INTPs. So this blind-spot might give insecurities and sort of navigating the physical world with confidence and seizing like, real time, real life opportunities. [Calypso] Yeah, I relate to this one so hard because I was so insecure in gym class – like anything that you needed to move around guess what, I still don’t know, like I didn’t get my drivers’ yet. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle This is not all, like, INxPs but Like my dad’s an INTP and I feel like he just has no sense of urgency unless someone is forcing him to apply a sense of urgency, which is also like an Se thing and I hate it when people I hate it when things change last minute. Just like “Oh we’re supposed to go to this place at 7pm.” And then it changes to another place, like ~NOOoOo~ Like, I was not prepared to handle this! [Calypso] Umm, yeah.
[Alex] Right, yeah. [Alex] For the insecurities for the INFP, they’ll also have weak Ti. So again, they might have kind of insecurities about having consistent logical reasons for their actions and how that relates to sort of the Se physical environment. And for the INTP, I feel like they might be insecure about understanding their own emotions in response to real life Se events or sort of attuning their values to the present moment. Okay, and the last one is the Ne blind spot. So I think for the Ne blind spot, this is being unable to see multiple theoretical possibilities in the world without bias or preference and just generally being able to like, brainstorm concepts. [Calypso] This is the opposite with the Se blind spot, which is like we’re in conceptual la-la land, and we just fail to see what’s in front of our eyes. I think the Ne blind spot is that they just see so obviously like what’s real that they don’t springboard into like what’s possibly real. It’s like “what, the reality is right here like what are you talking about?” It’s like “what, the reality is right here like what are you talking about?”
[Alex] Right. [Alex] Yeah, and then paired with Ni, they’re like “Oh Okay, all of these things generally fit this one trend and like that’s the only conceptual possibility there is instead of like, all these other ones.” Okay, so I think for the insecurities – so for the ISFP, they also have weak Ti. So I think their insecurities might be Understanding the logical principles behind abstract notions or ideas. And for the ISTP, it might be understanding their own emotions or value systems through conceptual ideas or possibilities. Yeah, okay, let us know if you guys agreed with those Let us know what your blind spot is and if it results in some insecurities for you. And also, if you guys want us to talk more about socionics Yeah, let us know so maybe we can go into like all of the different Five six seven eight function slots for every type. [Calypso] Yeah, that’d be interesting. Well, thank you so much for watching! If you enjoy our content, consider pledging your support on Patreon since it really helps us out And I hope to see you next time!

75 thoughts on “8 Blindspots (& Insecurities) of MBTI Types

  1. Entp weakness not acting consistently on values
    What does that even mean
    I get the neglecting own feelings but my values are don't be a dick.

    I don't get fi

  2. I think its weird a lot of Infp´s claim to be bad at sports? I was quite good at sports like Tennis and I was playing it at a high level. I guess my Si helped me a lot with with muscle memory which is important in the sport. I liked the sport because it was one-against-one and it was easier to focus than in team sports (tho I was always a streaky player with ongoing concentration-issues). I think my Si helped me emulate certain strokes from the pros and apply it to my game, my somewhat poorly developed Te helped me be consistently attacking every ball, and I was a very stubborn with that, which made me a player constantly on the offense, my Ne helped me find solutions fast in match-play and helped develop my game plans on-court , which made me a creative, yet inconsistent and risky player, since my plans weren't always very well thought-out, lastly my Fi gave me that fire and anger, but unfortunately it often meant emotional breakdowns.

    All in all I was a brave, creative and aggressive player, with a big game, that often suffered from concentration-loss and emotional instability, which probably was one of the reasons I didn't go all the way.

    Now I absolutely love to watch the sport on Tv and in person, as I love the tactics, the drama, the big personalities, the fancy dresses and polos, the beautiful traditions and the wonderful atmosphere.

    Does this make sense for an Infp?

  3. Does the weak Se in INxPs lead to being terrible at flirting or receiving flirts? My INTP friend and I have the worst luck but our INTJ friend has men just throwing themselves at her

  4. wow alex. you are at your best in this video. bare sexy shoulders meets angelic white meets classic intj upright posture = classy.

    other than that, you keep mentioning polr but i didn't see you ever explain what that "abbreviation" even stands for: point of least resistance.

    "it deactivates, demobilizes, slows, bores, or shuts one down." oh what i feel as an entp, what i feel right now? i don't even care. it's boring me indeed and when i try hard and force myself it takes everything for me to reach it.

    entps and estps has ti in 2nd slot, so that's how they make sense of things. that's how they judge things. after that fe, after that te. there's just nothing left for fi to judge because stuff has been judged by three other judging functions already. the effect i am exposed to must be nuclear level strong so it can reach my fi. otherwise, it will be judged scientifically or sociologically or practically. the only time i ever used fi was when i got dumped by that one girl when i was a teenager, i think. world collapsed on me and yes i was feeling something and it was crystal clear to me what that was and it was freaking the worst experience in my life, lol.

    so yeah, i'll go and continue ignoring that shit.

  5. Great video! I think being Fe blind is one of the big reasons why IxTJs come off to people as really cold and emotionless. With the ISTJs i know, a lot of them will not hesitate to kinda spit fire at new ideas presented to them that they’re not comfortable with since they’re rejecting Ne and are attached to what they already have in a Te-Fi way. As an INTJ I tend to say things that often come off the wrong way to people because I’d only be thinking about the logical implications of my ideas without regard to how it’ll emotionally affect people. Mainly because I skipped over taking stock of my surrounding and went straight ahead to thinking (Se inferiror).

    Also to add to the Fi blind, I normally see this with ENTPs. With all the ones I’ve gotten into an argument with, they tend to think everything they say is factual and universally logical in a Ti way and they wont shut up until you’re on board with whatever ‘fact’ they give you. Almost as if there’s something wrong with you if you don’t recognize what they say as remotely interesting (seems also like a product of inferior Si). I’ve also noticed that when you actually do play the Fi card on them, whether it’s your own or theirs, they completely freeze and run out of things to say.

  6. Gonna halfway disagree with you guys on si blind spot. I am some what concerned with remembering details of what I care about, but I would definitely say it comes out more in me by having absolutely no idea what looks good or not. I have no taste what so ever in clothing or anything like that and when I ask for advice from people, and they don't give it to me, I get really mad. As far as FE I get along with people really well, but can be off putting with rolling up on people being super familiar with them.

  7. Te blindspot with weak Si 'general organization'. YES. It helps me to work with other people to get things done because often they have some kind of method and way to coherently organize everything and I just get so immersed in the content to be communicated (and overwhelmed about how much there is to communicate) I can't effectively communicate it. My sentences often come out, out of order.

  8. I believe these qualify as examples of Fi PoLR in action:

  9. Your assessment is fair. For the most part, I'm organized in my physical space. Speaking wise, it's hard for me to gather my thoughts quickly without sacrificing the exact thing I'm trying to convey. Or I get tongue tied. Writing is a lot easier, but it's so taxing. I'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to writing. And I hate confrontation because I either blow up or past the point of caring. Any other INFJs out there like this or just me? Anyone know which MBTI type is most susceptible to mental illness and which kind?

  10. ESTJ here, Ni blindspot is real for me. Thanks for this description, however, I feel like it was a lot more accurate to me than most on the internet. So many people say the Ni blindspot is just "you dislike anything abstract or conceptual" which is just the opposite of true. I actually love playing around and seeing the different possibilities in abstract scenarios, it's seeing the implications and hidden meanings behind them that screws me up. For example, I was watching my first episode of Black Mirror today with an ISFP and an ENFP, and halfway through the episode I was like, "Woah, guys, I think this might take place in a simulation!" Turns out they had that figured out near the start and were questioning how on earth I didn't realise that earlier. With the same ISFP, I was watching a kind of shitty movie and there was a character dressed in all black and another in all white, and they said very sarcastically "Jesus, real subtle symbolism right there, I almost missed that one is good and the other is evil!" Of course, that flew so high over my head that it ended up in the sun, I felt like such a dumbass.

    I'm also glad you didn't go into "well, they simply avoid planning at all costs and just take everything as they come" because I think I plan more than anyone I know, Ni-doms included. However, the reason I'm planning so much is simply that I can't just IGNORE the other possibilities! What if this happens?!? What about that?!? Gee, I guess I'll just have to plan fifty years into the future in every single scenario taking every little detail into account (thanks, Si). Ugh, the life of a chronic worrier.

  11. My mom is ISTJ and I'm INTJ. We're terrible at registering what the ideal emotional-social conduct should be for a situation. We're still considerate when we interact with others, but "blind spot" is an accurate term for Fe. I frequently wonder, "How is this going to come off?" Yet no matter how much I try to figure that out, I still feel like I'm driving blind, I even have a car visual in my head with Fe as that kind of blind spot. Then for me I'm terrible at figuring out socially important rituals and whatever are the kinds of specific things most people enjoy or hate. It's like most people share this subculture or group of lifestyles that I'm not privy to. If a friend or my parents are around I'll often ask, "What's the social protocol for this situation?" which is something my mom rolls her eyes at because that is common sense for her. For my mom, well, let's just say I try to get her to join intellectual discussions and she just doesn't get overarching concepts or viewing things from other angles.

  12. I'm insecure about Fe because it is my critical parent, therefore I wish I was better at it! Ti is my blind spot but I've always had ways of getting around it, maybe having several family members with high Ti has helped me to feel that it I don't need it as much?

  13. (INFP) 35 years old. Had an additional 2 years of swimming lessons over my peers, still can't get the coordination and breathing down. Terrified of the practical side of learning to drive. Have walked into lamp-posts.

  14. Would blind se be related to not recognizing that someone is consistently hitting on you and your just like 'there so nice!' but your completely blind to them OBVIOUSLY hitting on you? For a long period of time? and your utterly clueless to real hints of 'hey i don't like you' (as a friend/person not as a romantic interest) and merely have theoretical hints in your head of what that would be but isn't in reality xD (oh complicated brain)

  15. I am not the most confident at sports and such. I believe it might be an Se thing to be insecure/uncomfortable about balancing ourselves on things. I have to stand up on a chair to reach a light bulb in my place here and i hate doing that. I feel like i'll fall so i am super conscious of that and it leads to some kind of fear. I'd appreciate feedback on this!

    On the other hand, i can learn quickly. I remember that one time i learned to drive a quad and it came to me near instantly.

  16. INFP here. I notice my Se blind spot a lot. I mean I have sensitivities about my relationship with physical space, keeping track of stuff, forgetting or not noticing what's right in front of me. When people criticize me in frustration for "not paying attention" or "not being aware of your surroundings" it makes me feel defensive and confused. I do reproach myself in hindsight for missed opportunities, feeling stupid for missing something so obvious that I would have benefitted from. I'm also painfully insecure about my abilities in sports requiring physical intelligence, even though I do love it when I can master something small in that area, usually with someone's coaching who is also patient with me.

    But there is another aspect of Se– well, Socionics Se anyway– of assertion and force. I noticed that this was absent from your description and I was like 😮 because for me, this is a huge part of how I experience polr. This "force" aspect of Se ties into sticking up for yourself, asserting yourself, and managing conflict or clashes in physical space: for example, moving forward (i.e. getting in someone's face) or taking up space, using/defending physical territory to represent psychic boundaries, territory such as your bubble, your room or your corner or possessions etc., or knowing how much and what kind of force to apply in order to defend something important or get a necessary result. This part of Se is extremely painful for me because my weakness in it feeds my enneagram Nine fears and fixations surrounding conflict and taking up space and permitting myself to "exist". So compared to this aspect of Se polr, which can give me anxiety attacks and incapacitate my thinking, the other Se sensitivities such as what you mentioned are rather mild.

  17. Te blind here with low Si–I've always felt completely crippled when it comes to telling others what to do and figuring out normal procedures for things such as baby-sitting and teaching. Classroom management was my Achilles Heel. Not only did I hate it, I didn't know what I should do.

  18. I am an INFP with an SE blind spot and also a martial arts instructor. I can use Fi to co-ordinate myself because good technique feels better to perform…or it feels safer to stand at a certain distance or to attack from a certain angle. Fi also allows me to be in my opponent's head and know his next move. Combine this with Ne creativity and it works pretty well.

    That being said, I will always try to carry too much and occasionally bump into door frames, lol.

  19. Right at 6:27 Alex moved her shoulders for no apparent reason kinda like a Perceiver even though she's a Judger.

  20. Blind spot Ne….I remember as a kid they would always ask me to brainstorm in school….nope….brainstorming is still not in my dictionary to this day. I was just….never good at it. Then I saw others brainstorming like it's nothing and I was like…"Are you serious? How are you guys doing this?"

  21. ah yes, i get very stuck in my head and don't notice surroundings (INFP) but i am a good driver and a good dancer…i've even gotten compliments on my dancing. it's like i shut off everything else, and get in some sort of "zone"…i think it's the Si zone since the Se is so weak.

  22. 0:05 why are you even laughing there? i mean i want a real explanation why. don't say i just feel like it. we are here to discuss psychology and shit right? what's going on inside? don't you have any insight to share with me other than saying cliche stuff like fi is so subjective and illogical? imagine you are talking face to face with a high fe user. he or she starts talking about something and you sneeze a laugh like that. that might be really off putting for them you know. they didn't say something funny? they didn't say anything out of ordinary? yet there you are laughing for some reason. is this person fucking with me? wtf? thinks/feels high fe user.

  23. Hello can you do a video on the relationship between one's demonstrative (shadow function) and inferior (4th function). For example: ESTJ's and INFJ's are opposing duals, and their demonstrative and inferior functions are switched. I'm convinced that since supressing the fourth function leads to trouble, and using your demonstrative function unhealthily also leads to trouble, so one has to ignore their demonstrative function a little, and embrace their fourth function.

    Also can you do a video on what it means to demonstrate NI, as an INFP or INTP. I'm very intrigued that someone can demonstrate NI, that just sounds weird lol.

  24. I have Se blindspot as an INFP (INFj). I am always not as in the moment or as present in reality as others. I'm insecure about being able to execute some actions like the rest (weak Se and Te). Yes,would love to see u both delve into socionics if u can!

  25. I'm an INFP, so Se is my weak spot. However, I'm actually really good at physical activities. I was told by a coach that I was good enough to be an elite level swimmer, and I'm also good at martial arts, tennis, dancing and driving a car. The problem comes with my tendency to detach from reality! I frequently (and sometimes suddenly) go into Fi and Ne mode and completely space out, forgetting where I am entirely. This is what makes me unsuited to competitive sports, especially team sports. Loud noises (like the bang of the starter's pistol) and screaming people frighten and startle me and I don't have a cut-throat desire to win, even though I'm good at the actual movements.

    I remember playing soccer at school when I was a kid. We were on the field, waiting for the game to start. I bent upside down and was imagining what it would be like if the grass was the sky and the sky was the grass. Next thing I know, the ball is coming towards me and people are screaming, "April, what are you doing?? Wake up!"

    It's no coincidence that so many INFPs have walked into lamp-posts! (As many of the INFP commenters have said!)

  26. Interesting video. So I'm an INFP and my blindspot is Se. I do feel awkward driving a car, gym class, other "Se" activities, but I'm not necessarily bad at them. Are these blindspots not necessarily weaknesses, could they just be things we feel awkward about?

  27. I really didn't know about blinds spots. In fact, I've always wondered what happened to the others 4 cognitve functions that wasn't in the structure of the MBTI type. That makes a lot of sense now! My Se and Ti sucks so much hahshs. Very useful video! Thank you so much!

  28. I'm an INTJ and I accepted a long time ago that most people will start to hate me at some random point, sometimes it's when we first meet, and I won't know why. I don't care anymore and I just move on. I really appreciate it if people are willing to point out what I'm doing that offends them, and then I try to fix it. But most of the time it seems like they just assume that I ought to know something that I don't and they accuse me of things and I don't know what they're talking about, and that is the point at which it no longer makes sense to continue the relationship.

    I think I have had a bit of trouble in my relationship with my mother who is an ESFJ because her primary judging function is my blind spot. She is often incapable of understanding my motives even when I tell her what they are.

  29. INFJ – just got in trouble at work for having an unorganized desk and I can never do anything by a step by step process.. my attitude is always as long as the work gets done what’s the point of how neat my desk is?? Neatness is just for appearances! Lol still feel that way. Also when it comes to teaching anything physical related I’m the absolute worst, I always understand it but I can never explain it to others without totally confusing them.. also I am terrible at speaking my thoughts out loud in a coherent matter

  30. I so don't brainstorming out of nowhere. I could add ideas after I saw a theme going on the board, but I could never be first or sit there just with paper and write down random ideas. Give me a general topic, and then, I can pick a specific theme.

  31. I’m an ENTP and I also can’t ride a bike or drive, nor can I swim although I’m thinking of taking lessons. I’ve never tried to learn to drive but I do feel I’ll probably suck at it. So yeah, I think I’m equally blind to Se and Fi.

  32. why is it the 7th function and not the 8th function? If I'm an INFP wouldnt Ti be my blindspot because it's my last? Why is it Se?

  33. Now that my type has been corrected I am ISFP and yes most of my life I heard look at the big picture. I like mbti alot but it's still hard to grasp as a sensor because im.very literal at times

  34. My ethical reasons for my actions are very consistent and I don't find it hard to understand other people value and why they do. And I am an ENTP so am I very special or something?

  35. I'm a very introverted ENFP and my weakest function by far is Se. I definitely know ENFPs who are totally confusing to me because they seem to have no Ti logic at all for what they choose to do…I think because my Fi is so strong (giving me strong personal convictions/personal reasons for my actions) and my Te isn't too terrible, I somehow compensate for the Ti blindspot, because I feel like I'm really different from mostly ENFPs as an Enneagram 4w5 (the 7s tend to be way more extroverted). But I cannot explain how I reach the conclusions I reach, since I do that entirely through intuition and feeling. I have trouble breaking things down. Then again maybe all that was to say, I don't even understand what Ti is because I'm so blind to it?!?! 😛

    But yeah, logical principles in the real world = definitely hardest thing for me! haha I really related to the INFP here, I just do not get Se. I get stressed by plans changing too and I thought I was supposed to be more flexible as an ENFP but I'm not. lol I'm also scared of driving on highways and well I'm just scared of myself driving basically, I can be very spacey and leave food burning on the stove because I went to do something else, etc.

  36. I'm an INTP with Se blindspot, and I think it kind of makes sense. I can get anxious if I have to figure out even incredibly simple physical tasks on my own in public, like how to open the door in the middle of the bus from the inside (even though it just says on it that you just push it to cause it to open). I usually just watch someone perform any task first (if I'm in a line for something I watch intently on those in front of me so I can mimic their procedure) or ask someone I trust for very specific, unambiguous instructions for how to perform these things and follow it closely. I also have trouble sometimes with responding in the moment to things, especially as it has to do with what I want (Fi secondary blindspot)—like I will end up deciding to do something while the pressure is on and later realize that I in no way wanted to be a part of it from the start. Despite that though, I'm fairly athletic and pretty good at sports—and I like a fair number of them, too. I think it's just that once I get a hold of something physical all the anxiety and klutziness completely vanishes. It's just responding in the moment to unexperienced physical tasks that is the weakness. Just some rambling thoughts.

  37. It would be nice(in sense of trolling) if the INFP or the INTJ was hiding behind the curtain and speaking later in the end come out.

  38. INFP here. Despite my Se blind spot I did learn to drive a couple years late though I went through a period of learning not to bump the curb with my tires (driving by the braille method). I'm uncoordinated and hoping my three year old doesn't some day get into sports because it's one of few pursuits I'd genuinely struggle to relate to her on. Please, little girl, be an artist or a musician or a nurse or a gourmet chef or anything but an athlete! I'll still love her, I'll just have to learn out how to support her in this alien endeavor. At least I have enough INTPs in my life that I don't feel alone in my Se blind spot!

  39. (INTP questioning if they possibly mistyped)
    I’ve walked past doors to my destination multiple times, once it happened at this place where my friends wanted to meet up and the door was glass so they saw my idiocy live. Also when I went to my swimming classes I was always extremely nervous about being told how to do things and then messing it up completely or having people observe my form for any mistakes. It was embarrassing, I loathed those experiences more than I should have. And I could never do a damn front flip under water for the love of my life, I got so frightened when my body turned upside down. I felt like I could have drowned then and there so I start scrambling and panicking to get back upright. I’m also a proud member of the Bumping Into Everything and Everyone Physically Existing committee. Then in Cross Country I’d always look for the spot where the least people would notice me, I didn’t want to be known for being a slower runner or being mistake prone due to my exhaustion in the early morning. The Se-Fi combo is terrifying, ever since small I struggled with the “How are you?” question. At first I didn’t understand the question, how am I? I don’t know how I am, I am human. Then once I figured out it meant explaining my emotions on the day I think it may have gotten worse, I’d struggle to explain how I feel because I’m unaware to how I feel. Even if I were aware I certainly wouldn’t feel too comfortable voicing out my feelings, it’s odd and I’m simply not used to it. I typically answer with either “Fine” or “Okay”. I never ask others the question because, I don’t know, it just doesn’t make complete sense to me. The scenario just makes me uncomfortable so I would rather avoid it. I imagine if I ever did ask the question and received a heavy answer I would just freeze and not know how to communicate back to the person. XD It’s just not my type of conversation starter, maybe I might ask the question mid conversation if I feel comfortable enough with how constant/strong our talk may be.

  40. Omg wtf is that girl on the right even doing , she doesn't even say anything very valid , the only person contributing is the girl on the left

  41. Weak TeSi in INFJs, YES. You've nailed it! Thank you! I often read that INFJs are fairly organized and I've always found this an insufficient portrayal. The problem for INFJs is the linear measurable procedures and the literal step-by-step goals.

    I'm deadly anxious any time I have to interact with the administrative side of life. Also, trying to implement any "productivity hacks" or "routine optimisation" in my life has so far invariably lead to paralysis, rebellion or Se grip rearing its ugly head. SMART goals are the death of me. "'specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-based", each of these words is a nail to the coffin for my life force and enthusiasm.

    What (sometimes) works is to infuse the literal-boring-factual-procedures with symbolic imagery, make it alive. For instance, after graduation I had a lot of job applications I wanted to do in a restricted period of time. I named the computer file in which I kept track of all this "Operation Machine Gun". It made me smirk every time I saw it and it made it easier to go through the mechanical motions.

  42. im an INxP and have always been a bit confused on how Se is my blindspot since ive always been a really good athlete and appreciate beauty in the world ect but when you were talking about being slow as hell to everyday tasks and just normal things like getting your drivers license and stuff i just started cracking up because that has always been me 😂 im extremely slow to do normal stuff like i can stay at home for weeks on end without batting an eye and can take weeks even months to just make a simple phone call to the dentist and shit and once i do i might only sort out one part of something then leave the rest for another week hahaha it all makes sense now

  43. Great video!! This explains my fear of escalators. I struggle with being in the moment enough to get down the coordination to get on the stupid things. Then my imagination kicks in and I am seeing all the worst case scenarios and I just shrug my shoulders and take an alternative route. Also when I am driving if it is steep and I cannot see the road on the other side, logically I know the road doesnt end but it freaks me out until I can see the road again. Weak SE bites:)…..

  44. I always wonder whether I'm going to relate to the INFP reasoning behind your videos, and almost always do I relate completely.

    I'm actually pretty physically adept, but I'm horrible at sports, however great at dancing. I'm always a featured dancer in all the musicals I'm a part of, and I have absolutely zero training. My mind however works much faster than my body when it comes to choreography. I always understand how to do it in concept, but it takes a few tries to get everything down completely.

    Anyway, my biggest insecurity is taking action. I'd always linked that to low Te, but had no idea that Se impacted it in a way too. I know I'm horrible at Se through things like walking into walls, clothing stands, tripping over my own feet, and really just failing to see things right in front of me. It makes sense for Ne to completely blindside Se.

  45. Yeah, my Fi blind spot is a bitch. But I know what you guys are talking about with the idea that "all logic is subjective logic." I'm not sure if that's true, but a ton of things we apply logic to has assumed Fi preferences, ie, a decision is more effective, so we should do it, one must Fi value effectiveness to make that decision. I just realized that, and it's really sent me down a nihilistic spiral and made decision making even more difficult than it already was lmao. But other ENTPs don't seem to realize it and it's annoying, because they are unaware of some Fi thing underpinning their argument and they're radically blind to the idea of Fi so they can't understand when you try and point it out or they mistake it for some sort of Fe universal good truism type thing, like you mentioned. Also, I can understand people's motivations, I think? Actually, not sure how good I am relative to others in that regards, but will say, Fi blind spot more manifests itself for me as having a hard time building deep connections with people, communicating in a way that is not either explaining or having fun, obliviousness to why people are getting offended (I can anticipate they will though 😂 #trolllyfe) and inability to express genuine emotions without being awkward even in circumstances where it's completely normal to do so

  46. 0:47 – Fe blind spot, ISTJs and INTJs
    3:27 – Te blind spot, ISFJs and INFJs
    4:44 – Si blind spot, ENFJs and ENTJs
    7:20 – Ni blind spot, ESFJs and ESTJs
    9:19 – Ti blind spot, ESFPs and ENFPs
    11:12 – Fi blind spot, ESTPs and ENTPs
    13:00 – Se blind spot, INFPs and INTPs
    14:32 – Ne blind spot, ISFPs and ISTPs

  47. The way socionics words this can often be a little confusing… Because how can something be both a blind spot and yet be the insecurity we all inherently know it to be… The latter implying awareness of it. The way I came to understand what it truly means by blind spot is not that we aren't aware of of the existence of said function, in fact, we are painfully aware of its strength in others and our own lack thereof, but, rather we have no idea of how to actually disseminate information in that particular manner – how to use the function in its natural form. So that what we often try to present to others is an artificial re-creation of what we understand the function to be in order to make ourselves feel better but which often to others (especially to those who excel in that function) seem flat and fake and can irritate them even more due to the functions obvious "misuse". For example, INTJ's (excuse me Alex) extroverted feeling to me at least often feels very forced and unnatural when they try to present themselves as adequate in said function… It creates a sense that theyre are not genuine emotions but "pre-planned" and their congeniality does not seem to exactly always be in line with what the situation required or they completely misjudged it all together and wonder why everyone is offended by what they said.

    Now using me as an alternate example… As an INFJ when I am around ISTJs or my ESTJ brother-in-law I will often be aware of how lazy, impractical and efficient I am with organising my day, financial decisions, lateness, career buildinh etc… So that I will try to over-compensate and present this pre-calculated image of being naturally capable in organising practical things and understanding the logistics of any given situation, etc. But this often falls on its face as I can't keep it up and my inadequacy in regards to certain practical matters will reveal itself in humiliating ways sooner or later. Which often ends up making the situation worse and them more irritated.

  48. Te blind spot is to be totally unaware of other people's opinion, combined with Si I forget other people's opinion. This is perfect for INFJ who is here to execute future vision into reality. Because so many people will tell us how impossible it is. I am highly organised. But I need NT suggestions on how to turn a dream into a vision and ENFP fresh ideas about the first step.
    Logic and linguistics are easily when we write. My logical conversations have shifted many people's perspectives to a higher more efficient belief system. I think INFJ are unmanageable and no one can shift our belief system without our permission, No matter how much they try. This is a built-in protection mechanism . I talk with people and if their arguments are not logical or practical or have a search thread , I forget all their frustration and disappointing thoughts about my future dream. After 5 minutes of departure.

  49. As an ENTJ, I asked an ISTJ friend what Si is about, and she said it is about comfort. I have noticed that my ENTJ friends have a tendency to force social situations that are uncomfortable, so I probably do the same thing. My ENFJ friends and family definitely have a slave driving streak.

    My take:
    Fe blind spot: rudeness
    Te blind spot: magical thinking
    Se blind spot: oblivious
    Ne blind spot: no sense of danger
    Fi blind spot: amoral
    Ti blind spot: chaotic/messy
    Si blind spot: makes others feel uncomfortable
    Ni blind spot: cannot predict outcomes of stupid decisions

    Sorry for being so blunt, that is my Te coming out. 😎

  50. I know this is old, but yes. Absolutely true for me as an ENFP. I feel like I don't understand how the world works. People are constantly explaining things to me. My husband does all the money stuff and investing and whatnot. My sister explained how debit cards work after I'd been living on my own for ONE YEAR! I'd been walking to the bank for cash the whole time! Reservations, when to call the school office vs when to tell the teacher something, and anything government/regulation related goes in this THIS IS TOO BORING/HARD!!!1! part of my brain. It's difficult. I think of myself as able to learn, so I like to think I COULD do these things, but realistically it's unlikely. I have lots of smart, trustworthy people all around whom I can just ask, and they will help me. And then I learn that one thing, and can do it, but it doesn't transfer any skills to figure out the next thing.

  51. Totally identify with the Fe Si weakness here for INTJs. Would any Fe doms / auxiliaries please explain what life is like inside your heads? How do you see the world? And what do you want from it?

  52. Im intp and used to be in marching parades and military ceremonies. I could barely keep my feet in line or even pivot correctly when we would change directions unless I had my head down staring at the persons feet infront of me. My instructors knew to never put me as the lead cuz of walk into walls

  53. Thank you for clearing things up for everyone. The more I learn about my type and functions the more they make sense in my personality and confirm my mbti type.

  54. Can you convert this info into a website? It will make the insights searchable (SEO) and compiled. The page can also include the video for more views.

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