8 Intelligences – Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained – Dr. Howard Gardner

8 Intelligences – Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained – Dr. Howard Gardner

so when you think of intelligence you
normally think of the one intelligence that most people refer to in that is
intellectual intelligence and Howard Gardner says they’re actually multiple
types of intelligence and I’m gonna go through them with this video of the
first is called logical mathematical intelligence and this is basically what
you think of when you think of intellectual intelligence has to be
stuff like logic or if you’re good at taking tests you’re probably have pretty
high logical mathematical intelligent and this also has a dialogue with
critical thinking and making ring reading graphs as well as organization
if you like to organize your stuff and you’re very organized and are good at
organizing it then you probably have very high logical mathematical
intelligence and the second one is called verbal linguistic and if you have
high verbal linguistic intelligence will probably get it saying that word you are
good at poems forget it raining words fighting words that rhyme forget it
reading and writing and learning other languages you learn them pretty quickly
compared to other people in your probably greater turning a little tiny
story into a huge fascinating story that can involve an entire room the third as
interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence would be like understanding
other people’s emotions understanding with this social norms are of the
situation yet to be able to be good at reception to other people’s moods and
what motivates them if you are a business administrator and you’re good
at motivating some pretty high interpersonal intelligence if you’re a
good leader or just a manager in general you can coordinate work with other
people were probably really intelligent in this interpersonal field the fourth as body kinesthetic which
means we’re good at handling and maneuvering your own body can handle
object skillfully and basically move them around however you want them to as
well as your body people that are very intelligent in the
body anesthetic field are dancers actors soldiers and even many sports athletes
the fifth is musical intelligence in this is and this is associated with
rhythmic and harmonic music being able to interpret sounds rhythms and tones
and pitches and being able to understand them on a level than most people can
understand if you’re good at this you can probably compose or at least play an
instrument the next is visual spatial and this is like basically how well can
you visualize something in your mind’s eye however can you think of something
in your mind and another example of this would be how well can you get through a
maze you see in your mind’s eye where you’re at in the maize or corn field and
garner went so far as to say that this could even be used as the judging
distances or how well can you read a map the next type of intelligence is called
in trouble personal intelligent and this is different from interpersonal
intelligence in truck personal intelligence is more about how you
understand yourself are you still feel where do you know what feelings you were
feeling emotions go through your mind when you’re in certain situations how
well can you control your thoughts and actions and feelings in general you know
your strengths and weaknesses in the last which came out a couple years after
Howard Gardner came out with his multiple intelligences theory is called
natural naturalistic intelligence and this has
to do with being of them recognize stuff in the real world basically flowers and
trees in anything that’s living hunters and fishermen are pretty intelligent and
naturalistic field so our chefs and botanists back in growth plans and
basically anyone that has learned in any biological sciences pretty intelligent
in the naturalistic filled me with my next video is going to be and how you
can improve these how you can become a better person through improving each one
of these single intelligence has become a better human being a smarter a more
intelligent beings help you learn something from this video and I hope you
enjoyed it you like it subscribe because I’ll be
putting out more videos like this soon thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “8 Intelligences – Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained – Dr. Howard Gardner

  1. This video is ideal for a brief overview of MI Theory.  I will definitely show this to my students in my Skills Strategies course I teach at a local college.

  2. the brain is drawn on the reverse ! the brain stem is travelling downwards, towards the frontal cortex !

  3. Thanks for the video. Not only the content is well said, also your voice is pleasant to be listened to.

  4. Intelligence is intelligence, you cant muddle the definition of intelligence to mean whatever you are good at in order to make you feel good about not being intelligent. People skills are not intelligence, being good at math is not intelligence, intelligence is "the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills" (that's the definition). Someone who is intelligent will be better at learning and doing math, as well as with people skills if that is what they want to do than someone who isn't intelligent. Intelligence's connotation has somewhat become value as a person, and it is important not to confuse the two for the sake of how words work and for the sake of not feeling bad about yourself because you're not good at x or y which would be things commonly associated with being intelligent. Everyone (me included) wants to think they're intelligent, but just because you don't fit into a box doesn't mean you should contort to or change the shape of that box to, especially when there is assuredly a box that would fit you more comfortably anyway. edit:I put intelligence where I should've put intelligent

  5. I would rather be a logical-mathematical intelligence kind of person – – I am more on the interpersonal intelligence, kind of sucks.

  6. There is not such thing as musical intelligence, because art is much more complex than music, which make no sense that there isn't an intelligence for art.

  7. Great video. Whoever did this really summed up the multiple intelligences nicely and who ever did the voice over must be used to interacting with all different kinds of people because he wasn't monotone at all. Excellent work keep it up.

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  9. a) purpose of the video i think is better to understand yourself everyone have different point of view for the things
    b) i am a kind of visual and intrapersonal intelligence because i can easily learn from the picture that I don't understand through theory i can learn from picture by sitting alone and talk to myself.
    c) different people have different intelligence like some people like to study science but some not that's all based on their interest and all about there attention they are paying for the thing.

  10. @practical psychology
    please can you provide us with a sum up page in which all the animations are gathered on a single page that can help us remember and recall everything you have discussed in the video
    thank you

  11. What would creative intelligence be? People who can easily draw, create things easily. would that be visual and kinesthetic?

  12. I am bother interpersonal and intrapersonal and i am shit at everything else sooooo i have no idea what job that need this type of intelligence XD

  13. I really appreciate your way of explaining.Those sketches were wonderful. I think I am partially visual.

  14. I’m in accelerated AELA and all of the other classes are doing research about the rainforest while we get to do this which is a much more interesting topic in my opinion. I’m so happy I’m smart.

  15. this is where the real diversity in humans lies…not in their color, gender, social status, etc. its funny how many pretty good jobs require none of these skills too. how many jobs are calling on your interpersonal intelligence? lol. some of these can not be fully taught also – interpersonal skills for instance – someone who's naturally shy – will not become outgoing no matter how hard you try to force it. seems to me like the majority of our modern world we owe to that logical-math box. idk computers and measurement hold more weight to me then anything else.

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  17. Naturalistic intelligence? What do they mean with that? So basically its you're better at understanding nature in the social aspect of animals and …whatever aspect that plants and ecosystems have. (Low verbal-Linguistic intellectual here). Why would these understandings not fall under other intelligences? The social aspect of animals is really similar to intelligence nr3 and understanding the rest of nature is similar to logical intelligence.

    (In a countryside village)

    -Oi mate greg can ye come over here yeah?
    -Steve what'you need mate?
    -Com an have a look at this
    (Its just a plant)
    Steve: What de fok is this what does it want
    Greg: Mhmm yes my lad. This is clearly the Plantago Major, a medium-sized member of the familly of Plantaginaceae. The plant is native to most of Europe and northern and central Asia, but has widely naturalised elsewhere in the world. Plantago major is one of the most abundant and widely distributed medicinal crops in the world. A poultice of the leaves can be applied to wounds, stings, and sores in order to facilitate healing and prevent infec..

    Does this not mean every kind of study should have its own inteligence?

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