8 Traits of a Charismatic “High Value” Man | and 8 “Low Value” Traits to Eliminate

8 Traits of a Charismatic “High Value” Man | and 8 “Low Value” Traits to Eliminate

okay glad you clicked over to watch this
because the lesson that you just learned in the previous video the value that
other people place on you is the number one thing holding you back from the life
that you know you deserve so remember what I want you to take from the
previous video is a few things right first off a woman must believe you’re
socially above her when you present yourself as being socially subservient
or less important than her or below her you take on the role of a fan in your
social scene in your social world and you give her the role of celebrity and
the thing is celebrities never want to date their fans right the first step in
moving from a low value guy to a high value guy within your social scene to a
high status celebrity role within that scene is understanding some core
differences right understanding the core attitudes behaviors the core traits that
make up this socially powerful high-value person versus a low value
person within a social scene so let’s make a list right let’s make a chart I
want you to to make this chart on your paper right have a piece of paper and
let’s make a chart alright so let’s talk about let’s talk about high value and
let’s talk about low value right so when we talk about a low value guy let’s talk
about some of the characteristics that may pop into your head when we think of
this low value guy and I want you to pay attention because what you’re about to
discover can mark the end and the struggle and the frustration that you
might have felt in the past or you might be feeling right now in terms of your
social life also this video will be removed from our servers very shortly so
it’s crucial you watch this now and watch it to the end to get the
surprising real reason most guys are never seen as having high value Plus as
a thank you for clicking over and watching this video I’m gonna give you a
free and exclusive online workshop and report worth a hundred and twenty seven
dollars to help you get rid yourself of the low value behavior holding you back
okay so you’re ready to dive in now as I fill out this chart I want you to be
really honest about where you fall on this chart some of the things you’re
gonna hear right and I’ll warn you it might make you cringe a little bit right
might make you realize some things that you’ve been doing wrong and maybe some
things you don’t like about yourself but I also bet you’re gonna see that
there are some high value traits that you already have that you can even
amplify them right and make them make other people notice them even more and
increase your value so let’s get started so low value guys the first thing they
are is they’re try hard right so write that down try hard see low value guys
when you watch them right they always seem to be trying very hard and a lot of
it is because their mentality is same because I’m low value and and they all
kind of know that they’re low value they all kind of know where they stand on the
social totem pole they think I have to do a lot right it all goes back to the
mentality of what you do they focus everything on what to do what they do
because of that they appear very try hard now high value guys high value guys
make it seem effortless if you ever seen a guy and you just say that he has
charisma right the reason that we use that word charisma is because they seem
to make it very natural right they never seem to be trying really hard the girls
seem to come to them without them really having a work for it and a lot of times
you don’t really understand why right you’re you don’t know why you’re kind of
like you know what did he do right how did he get her he made it look
effortless okay so second high-value people tend to have presence and low
value people tend to be plain so let’s write the word plane down under low
value and presence down under high value right a way that I like to think about
it is if you go to a parking lot and you look around the parking lot you’ll see
immediately you know what I’ll catch your eyes will be like the BMWs the
Mercedes is the Porsche is the Tesla’s right and the rest of the parking lot is
filled with the Honda’s and the Toyotas and the Fords and you know the
Chrysler’s and the other million types of cars and there’s nothing wrong with
those cars right they’re reliable they’re safe they’re fine but they don’t
have the presence of the other cars right high value people in a group in a
room something about them immediately catches
your attention the same way a BMW or a Porsche catches your attention in a
parking lot all right so next high-value people tend to be demanding and low
value people tend to take a backseat right so right backseat what I mean by
that is high value people tend to want what’s best they tend to treat
themselves very well they tend to demand respect from people low value people
they tend to take a backseat right and using the backseat as even an example
when you’re getting in a car with a group of people the low value guy he
tends to let the high value guy take shotgun right he lets him take the front
seat and he doesn’t even fight for it he kind of knows that that’s his role they
have that mentality of you know I’m gonna give the other person more respect
I’m gonna give the other person I’m not gonna take it right I’m gonna let them
have it high-value guy he takes it next is an
edge and soft right so low value guys tend to be soft high-value guys tend to
have an edge to them high value guys tend to have that edge right that edge
Kem’s it comes from being that sort of r-rated character right you never really
know where they’re coming from right there’s that scene in the movie swingers
where he talks about you know you want to be that r-rated character not the
character in the PG movie right a low-value guy he’s the character in the
PG movie right he’s safe he’s nice he’s likable he’s predictable but he doesn’t
have the claws he doesn’t have that killer instinct that the high-value guy
has all right and a lot of this becomes is because because because he’s
demanding right the high value guy’s demanding he’s ambitious he wants more
where the low value guy he is just a little bit soft he’s a willing to settle
he doesn’t really go after what he wants he doesn’t have that killer instinct all
right next high-value guys tend to be talked about and low value guys tend to
be boring so right boring and talked about what I mean by this is the high
value guy he’s got so much going on in his life he’s got the presence right he
demands a lot he’s got that a so people are always kind of talking
about him because they’re talking about him remember we live in a celebrity
obsessed culture the more he’s talked about the more people are sitting around
going what’s he up to you know what’s he doing and they’re telling stories about
him right his value is going up in their eyes it’s just the way it is right on
the other hand the low value guy because he lives in a very boring life he
doesn’t have the ambition he doesn’t have the edge he doesn’t have the
presence he doesn’t have the drive because of that he’s really not talked
about all that much right and even though he’s there and even though they
find him you know they might find him attractive they might think he’s a
good-looking guy right the girls might acknowledge you know he’s cute or you
know he’s good-looking but because he’s not talked about he doesn’t have the
same value that same level of social power as that high value guy next the
high value guy tends to be intriguing and the low value guy tends to be
predictable right so we’re gonna write predictable and intriguing high value
guys because they have so much going on in their lives because they have this
persona of power women always want to know more about them right there’s
always looking for the next real right the the movie it’s like an onion for
instance right they’re always peeling away layers right and they’re getting to
know more about him the low-value guy though because he’s focused on doing and
he’s doing all the same things as all the other little value guys
he’s very predictable she feels like after a date or after a conversation
with this guy she feels like it’s the same guy she went out with ten times
already he doesn’t stand out he doesn’t have anything to offer her so she
doesn’t have that desire to get to know him more all right next high value guys
embrace his character and low value guy is uncomfortable with his character
right so we write uncomfortable and this right embrace character it’ll make sense
in a second what I mean by that is the high value guy he takes on a character
of being high status right or of being high value he walks around and he plays
that role it’s almost like he’s playing the role of the cool guy of the powerful
guy he embraces it and he owns it and because he embraces it
and because he owns it he looks very comfortable in that role whereas a
low-value guy he always seems a little awkward a little uncomfortable a little
out of place even when he’s trying to deliberate like a flirty line or he’s
trying to say something that demands respect he just seems a little bit off
he never quite embraces his character and because of that women pick up on
this and he’s not congruent right whereas the high-value guy comes across
as very congruent the low-value guy looks a little incongruent a little
uncomfortable and a little phony even when he’s trying to be cool finally the
high-value guy is a very sexual persona and the low-value guy almost appears
asexual right so we got asexual and sexual the interesting thing here is
that the high value guy doesn’t really do anything differently right he’s not
talking about sex more he’s not dressing that much sexier although although he
will dress sexier than this guy but but it’s not like he’s going out of his way
to do it it’s got nothing to do with anything that he’s doing it has to do
with who he is because he’s got the edge because he’s
more demanding and he’s more focused and he’s got that ambition and because he’s
talked about by people because he’s intriguing because he’s comfortable in
his character because he never seems to be trying too hard because of all these
things he gives off a sexual vibe all these things lead to be a high-value
person so where do we go from here right where do we go from here we got our list
now pay attention because here’s the most important part now that you’re
aware of the specific traits right that tell a woman how much value she should
place on you the good news is that you can eliminate these low value traits and
you can amplify it and even get more of these high value traits once you learn
the secret of developing status power and charisma and I’d love to invite you
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