9 Reasons Why INTJs Love ENFPs

9 Reasons Why INTJs Love ENFPs

9 Reasons Why INTJs Love ENFPs Among other personality types, it is worth
mentioning that INTJ and ENFP are quite interesting partners. They really have things in common that make
them a good match. INTJ and ENFP are really good match for some
reasons, there are at least 9 that make them a great match. But before we see the whole lists, if you’re
new to our channel, make sure to click the subscribe button below, and don’t forget to
like this video if you find this information is helpful to you. #1 – Opposite attracts If you look at it, the only similar trait
is Ni function which is for Intuition. Shared Ni is important because it allows good
communication which is the basic foundation of a good relationship. Though it is the only thing that keeps them
similar, it does not make them separated. In fact, the other opposition functions keep
INTJ and ENFP in a nice harmony. #2 – Fascination through other functions It is surprising that INTJ and ENFP can respect
each other’s difference seamlessly. It is probably because their capability in
making good interaction. The best interaction keeps them from judging
and misinterpreting. This keeps their relationship in a good condition
unless there is a serious problem. #3 – Both appreciate ideas The shared Ni also enables them to have a
conversation about reality and imaginary world seamlessly. They talk easily about a wide range of topic
even though the topic is unconventional. One of the examples is talking about business
ideas which people haven’t implemented yet. Both are really creative, and they appreciate
new ideas that they can try. #4 – Both focus on the future They appreciate the meaning of life from a
real and fictional events. They then draw conclusion based on what they
have experienced and making it as thought for the future. They also do not want to stuck in the past,
keeping them moving straight forward to the betterment of the future. They are really a good couple to begin with. #5 – ENFP appreciates INTJ emotional strength INTJs are usually calm and objective. It is because of the judgment based on thinking
as their main function. Additionally, they can take rational approach
when problems arises. The best of all, INTJs are also able to provide
a comfort and security when ENFP is in depressed state. #6 – Sharing intuitive humor INTJs usually like to make dark humor, and
fortunately ENFP understands and appreciates it. Both like an uttering ironic statements, and
followed by hilarious punchline in the end. Both also share a satire and smart comedy
as well, making them a really good match. They just cannot be insulted so easily, and
that is why they really like enjoying every words from each other without burden. #7 – Love languages Quality time and words of affirmation and
the magic love languages they commonly use. They do like enjoying different things in
the same space. #8 – Social dynamic As we all know, both are different except
the Ni function. Since ENFP is basically extroverts, they can
help INTJ to broaden their network. ENFP also can help INTJ to get better social
skills. #9 – Shared values INTJ is genuine, and they will not put false
acts. They also both have personally value system
of right and wrong. This allows them to stay on the right track
as long as their partners also stick to it. Well, at least that’s all the 9 reasons why
INTJs fall in love with ENFPs. Really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you
have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments
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21 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why INTJs Love ENFPs

  1. Both are highly intuitive but there is no Ni in ENFP. On the other hand, both share the same middle cognitive functions leading to similar thought processes and genuineness. (ENFP: Ne Fi Te Si / INTJ: Ni Te Fi Se)

  2. I love ENFPs, but not for any of the reasons stated in this video. ENFPs are the gentlest extroverts in terms of being the least obnoxious about it to the INTJ. Every other E type tends to either berate or mock introversion to some extent, some more than others, but I've never been hectored by an ENFP. They are always trying to coax us to be more social, not make us feel like we're less than because we're not socially inclined. ENFPs are also a little on the "kooky" side, which captures our attention in a sea of conformity. ENFPs make great brainstorming partners for the INTJ because Ne is a rapid fire idea generator and Ni is a rapid fire idea evaluator (it's why INTJs like ENTPs, as well). Shared Te and Fi means we judge the world in similar ways. ENFPs and INTJs tend to complement each other well, in terms of having sufficient overlap to be compatible and sufficient difference to be intriguing.

  3. i'm an INTJ male and my female counter part is an ENFP. most of what you said does apply; however it's a constant battle with due to her misunderstanding how well i plan out things and am constantly in my own head viewing over all available data. this tends to cause issues because she can't win an argument and per other relationships I've had i'm constantly called "Mr. know it all" or that i have to always be right or refuse to lose an argument. when they can present facts that counter what i have already analyzed….then yes i'll accept that i was wrong and correct what i have observed….otherwise i stick to my guns knowing the facts re-enforce my stance on a topic.
    she hardly ever thinks of the consequences or what it takes to achieve something, she just wants to do what she enjoys and what feels good; where i'll endure the hardships to achieve my goal at the end. i could go on a bit more; however i'm off to look up more stuff. 🙂

  4. I'm an INTJ and my older brother's an ENFP. Despite our quite differences, we still could relate each other especially in topics (mostly I listen to his) but sometimes I hate it when he burst his anger out on me…

  5. Found out recently that my best friend of 10 years now who I love as a brother was an ENFP and that I'm an INTJ, never did understood how we connected so well but was happy to find out in the end.

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