9 Traits Of the INFJ Personality Type That Makes Them True Introvert

9 Traits Of the INFJ Personality Type That Makes Them True Introvert

9 Traits Of the INFJ Personality Type That
Makes Them True Introvert People with INFJ are quite rare, as it only
makes up 1% – 2% of population. They have different mindset, and they are
absolutely introverted. Here is the list of what makes them real introvert. Before we jump to the lists, make sure to
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in the future. #1 – Frequently misunderstood People frequently cannot understand what INFJs
mean in a conversation. The reason is because their orientation to
patterns in human is highly sensitive that other people ever barely notice it. That is why others find it hard to understand
INFJs. #2 – Absorbing emotion They absorb other people’s emotion deeply
that they become irritated or happy after series of corresponding conversation. At the same time, the INFJs can motivate people
around them if only the INFJ knows how to control his emotion. #3 – Fortune tellers This ability is based on their strong sensitivity
of human pattern. They can predict more accurately than other
people because of this. #4 – Feelers and logicians This is what makes INFJs true introvert. Though INFJs have sensitive heart, they actually
can focus on what matters at the same time. Their thinking ability is not hampered especially
if they are trained to do so. #5 – Intimacy INFJs easily feel and go deep into emotional
state with people around them. Indeed, INFJs are selective just like other
introverts. However, they can make excellent bound with
those close to them. #6 – Real introverts
People may think that INFJ is basically extrovert due to enthusiastic, passionate, and free-spirited
traits. However, they actually need time alone for
recharging. #7 – Sensitive to conflict Introverts live for avoiding conflict. When INFJs are faced with a conflict, they
typically want to get away with it using diplomatic approach as it is the skill that they have. Otherwise, it can be super distressing moment. #8 – Know deeper about people INFJs are really great when it comes to understanding
others. They even know whether a person is lying to
himself, or herself, and explaining to them why and how. #9 – One-sided relationship People usually use the ‘service’ from
INFJs as they are good counselor and listener. However, INFJs do not get something in return
which makes the one-sided relationship painful and exhausting for them. All in all, that’s the 9 traits of the INFJ
personality type that makes them true introvert. Really cool information isn’t it! Please share your thoughts and experiences
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  1. Well,you are describing me.Thank you for your advices,such a big help.I will work on my weaknesses. GOD BLESS

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