A Couple Brought a Baby Puma to Their Apartment

A Couple Brought a Baby Puma to Their Apartment

So, are you a dog or a cat person? Well, the Dmitrievs, from the city of Penza
in central Russia, are definitely puma people! You know, puma, another name for a cougar
or mountain lion? Anyway, two years ago they adopted an 8-month old puma, Messi, from a
petting zoo. You think their choice of a pet is a bit strange? Well, Messi is special because
he’s more like an ordinary cat than his wild counterparts. His story inspires thousands
of people around the world! Messi and his brothers were born on October
30, 2015 in Saransk city zoo. The three cubs were named after famous soccer players – Messi,
Suarez and Neymar – to celebrate the future World Cup. After 3 months with his mother
and brothers he was sold to a petting zoo in Penza. Alexander and Maria, his soon- to-be parents,
met him there in January, 2017, and it was love at first sight. After 3 days of thinking
and doubting, they made up their minds to buy the puma. They offered a high price to
the zoo, which was accepted right away. The zoo authorities warned the Dmitrievs that
the 8 month-old cub was sickly and needed a lot of medical attention; but it didn’t
scare them off. Maria and Alexander had to adjust their one-bedroom
apartment for their new family member. They rearranged the hallway, and covered the wall
and door jambs with bamboo to make a huge scratcher for Messi’s sharp claws. They
also made a special den for Messi with a tree and a hiding hole. Like all cats, pumas are
fond of climbing and snuggling away for a nap where no one can see them.
Taking the advice of experts, they also made a mirrored wall; Messi’s fond of his own
reflection. Ha, sound familiar? Morning and evening walks didn’t save them from the
puddles on the carpet, but they soon found a solution: a bath was a nice litter box for
a kitten that big. They brought in all sorts of toys and the puma’s favorite treats;
the Dmitrievs did their best to make him feel at home. Messi’s health turned out to be really poor:
chronic cystitis, rickets, and muscle atrophy were the first problems they had to face.
When they started walking him like a dog, he wasn’t really active. They couldn’t
walk for long because of Messi’s health issues, but nothing’s impossible for loving
and caring pet owners. 3 months of vitamin therapy, and Messi managed to walk for as
much as 2 miles and actually tried to jump. Maria and Alexander continued the treatment
and were happy about every small improvement. But when he started limping again, it turned
out he had a problem with his hip joint. They had to give him dietary supplements again
and find some more balanced exercises. But where can one find a wild animal handler?
They called a dozen different trainers, but none of them had experience with big cats.
Finally, they found a handler who’d trained lynxes before and agreed to try working with
Messi. They had 4 classes per week – first individual
ones, then together with some other four-legged friends. Messi stood out among the dogs, and
it took some time for all of them to get used to each other. But the handler’s wise approach
and a friendly atmosphere in the group finally worked. The dogs embraced Messi, despite his
difference.Alexander says that now they walk twice a day, as it should be. In that sense,
having Messi as a pet isn’t much different from having a dog. When they first started walking in the street,
their neighbors would come out to see the unusual pet. Now they’re used to the big,
friendly cat who’s kind and communicative. Professional training did well, not only for
the puma’s health, but also for his relationship with his owners. Now they have a stronger
bond and a better understanding of each other, and Messi himself has become a more genteel
cat with nice manners. Before, he would get mad and lose control at the sight of food,
but now he can wait patiently and only starts eating when he’s allowed. Messi currently responds to about 10 commands
from Alexander and Maria and they’re constantly teaching him more. There’s nothing strange
about how quickly Messi learns new commands: he’s really smart! He can open and close
windows and doors by himself, goes to the corner when he knows he’s been naughty,
and the way he apologizes for the mess he’s made will melt your heart.
But don’t assume that his whole life consists of commands and training! Cats are always
cats, no matter how big they are. And his owners treat him like an ordinary cat with
all the cute habits. Messi’s fond of hiding inside any box he manages to squeeze into.
And, like any ordinary cat, he can chase his favorite ball for hours. He’s a true athlete,
just like his famous namesake. He probably lacks some dribbling skills but he can bite
the ball instead. Which of the human players can boast that? He even loves having a watermelon
or a pumpkin instead of a ball; when it comes to toys, size matters. But his favorite, by
far, is a plastic bottle. Maybe toys just don’t last long enough for his huge paws,
or maybe plastic bottles just make the right kind of noise. Despite all the rules and training, Alexander
and Maria don’t always keep the upper hand. Quite often, Messi keeps the upper paw. For
example, the “no pumas in bed” rule is broken, well…daily. Bed is usually where
they find him when they come home from work. Like all cats, Messi sleeps a lot and it’s
his favorite pastime when he stays home alone. Wild pumas, or cougars, or mountain lions
mainly live in North America and are the forth biggest felines. They have strong bodies that
are about 3 – 6 ft long and 2 – 2.5 ft high and weigh up to 231 lbs. Alexander says
Messi’s size is roughly the same as a big sheep dog, weighing only 99 lbs. Due to the
health issues he had as a cub, he’ll always be much smaller than other pumas. But, great
care, medical attention and lots of love made Messi’s life much happier. Messi’ll never be able to live in the wild,
not only because of his size, but because he was brought up by humans and doesn’t
know anything about chasing prey. But he can travel with his owners in a big
car and discover new territories, forests and fields, sea coasts and mountains. Now
that they have Messi on their hands, the Dmitrievs only go for vacation by car. Keeping such an exotic animal at home is pretty
rare, and the Dmitrievs show their life with the puma on social media with great success:
people love watching Messi on YouTube, and his page on Instagram already has about a
million followers. Maria says the star has no idea he’s that
famous. And it’s a blessing, because he’s not used to any royal treatment. He eats what
his family eats; he sleeps where they sleep. As for the food and its cost, the Dmitrievs
spend about $300-$600 every month on Messi’s food, mainly raw meat. But it’s worth every
penny when spent on a loved one, isn’t it? The Dmitrievs know that having such a big
wild cat at home might be dangerous, but Messi is special. He’s shown his owners that he’s
a member of their family and would never do anything bad except for some minor pranks.
His behavior has proven his kindness, and he gets along well with people.
The Dmitrievs are planning to move to a house, and have quite a bold dream to add a leopard
to their family. This is all for Messi’s sake too; they don’t want him to feel lonely
when his masters are at work. Are you inspired with the story of a true
love at first sight? You can follow the cute puma Messi on his Instagram clicking on the
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  2. I'd normally say they don't have enough space for a puma, but I'm not sure how much his health and size plays into this (consider he has a hard time moving). It's great that he was kind of rescued (depending on the state of the petting zoo), goes out on forest walks, and will probably have more space in the new house, but I don't think the leopard (or cheetah according to the animation) is a good idea. He's used to dogs so that might be a better choice. Pumas might actually have more in common with little than big cats despite their average size.

  3. Going too far man going too far ..I will stick to dogs as for having a big pet ..no big cats no no no ..ah he is a true athlete the narrator said smh no sir the big cat is a true predator..given the right situation and temperament that big cat will turn on you and have himself a wild life fest with your body parts

  4. This Messi is as good as the real
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  5. I haven’t been watching a lot of Bright Side videos lately. But, this one was an interesting choice. I have always liked large cats. I wouldn’t own one, unless I lived outside a city. But, more power to this couple for helping a young Puma live a longer healthier life. (:

  6. Wow he’s so cute. I’m going to follow their IG and btw the parents have tons of money if you think about it

  7. These people clearly have no idea what will happen to them…They have no understanding of wild nature…

  8. After 2 years they will be remembered as DEAD COUPLE. Cuz cats love human meat…..ahem, ahem I mean human.

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  10. This is so adorable. I love it. I wish I could afford to have a big cat. I also wish I had the room for one too.

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  12. Leopards are INSANELY dangerous and incredibly smart. They are pound for pound the strongest of all cats, please. Dont get one. Its a mistake you will surely regret.

  13. I guess in Russia there is no a problem to have a small cougar in your apartment! Here in the USA you can’t do that. Too bad, will love to have a sweet and gentle Puma Messi in my home. Love Puma Messi, I follow them and pretty soon Messi is going to live in a house with a big backyard so he can run freely. Love Alex, Mariya, Messi and his sister Kira, the beautiful Sphinx cat. God bless them all, and may God keeps Puma Messi healthy and can live a long life. This Russian couple are remarkable human beings taken such excellent care of Messi and Kira, they are good hearted individuals and real heroes for saving Puma Messi’s life. To Rusia 🇷🇺 with love from New Jersey, USA 🇺🇸 Hugs and kisses 😘 😘😘😘😘😘😘😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😻

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