A Look Back at Ellen’s Celebrity Scares

A Look Back at Ellen’s Celebrity Scares

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m not afraid of clowns. I– but I heard that you were. [ROARS] Oh! [BLEEP] [SHOUTS] [LAUGHS] Does your mom approve
of– does she– I think so. Ah! [SCREAMS] Oh, my god. [ROARS] [SCREAMS] Ah! What the hell? If she probably– Ah! [CHEERING] Oh, my god. (SINGING) Happy
birthday, dear Dax. Ah! [SCREAMING] [LAUGHS] That’s how creative
we have to be. Ah! [SCREAMING] There are just– [BLEEP] It’s nothing. These are dummies. Whoa! You’re nuts. [SCREAMING] I also want to say– Ah! [ALL SCREAMING] Oh, wow. Wow. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ah! [SCREAMING] Do you have a cat– was that– Ah! [SCREAMING] Think of one animal that– That scares me? Yeah. That I wouldn’t want
to be in a room with? I mean– Ah! What the– [LAUGHS] Wow. [ROARS] [SCREAMING] And I knew I wanted
to talk to her– Bah! Bah! [SCREAMING] [LAUGHS] Hello? Mrs. Warren? Is everything OK? Something is happening
inside your house. We’re not really
sure what to do. Can I speak to Annabelle? What? She wants us. “Annabelle Comes Home,” rated R.

100 thoughts on “A Look Back at Ellen’s Celebrity Scares

  1. Kris Jenner's had me dying. they way she almost tripped and how before it happened, she was walking so confidently 1:11

  2. Hey Ellen? Theres this really funny YouTuber, MacDoesIt. He made a video of him drawing you. Maybe tweet about it? I think he'll really love it. Thank you😅

  3. Hi my name is jason i am 13 i watch your show all the time when i get a chance my birthday is in about 20 days anyways i live in a domestic violence shelter with my mom and my older brother i love you and thank you for your good deeds and making the world a happier place

  4. I just feel like to cry every time i watch your show Ellen just believing I'll never see you😢😢😢. I'm a big fan of your show from Kenya. I really love the show and whenever i get a chance I'll come watch it live and just shake hands with you. Such an amazing queen.

  5. My son lost one of his three cats he records all the time and wanted to make a channel for them all, we have been trying to find him but management won’t let us put any flyers up because we couldn’t afford to pay for the cats rent portion I think, my son is devastated what if Ellen helped somehow

  6. Ellen reminds me of that little African albino girl that scared the little black girl!
    She just enjoys it! Lol. She's so sweet but mean!

  7. This is probably one of the best marketing tactic for the movie…but seriously, not everyone's a fan of scary movie

  8. GUYS. BILLIE IS THAT FAMOUS THAT SHE IS ON THE ELLEN SHOW. still can't believe it. My baby so so popular omg. Love you forever ♡

  9. I'm surprised Eric Stonestreet isn't on here. He even tried to detect a scare ahead of time by bringing two of his best friends as backup, but that plan backfired miserably.

  10. Lol it look like billie was ready to fight she put her fists up when that man jumped out the box🤣🤣

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