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  1. I found your videos yesterday and I have been binge watching them because I agree with so much of what you say. I genuinely want to be your friend because you say so many of the things that I try to talk to my friends about, but they never really give back the same amount of interest to anything I say.

  2. i am a introvert but also i didnot avoid people and social gathering like parties function and hanging out with my friends

  3. I want to make friends, I just can't. Why does it feels like there is always a boundary whenever you wan't to talk to someone? Why does it feels like you are not good enough whenever you want to make friend?

    I am also an introvert and often feels insecure about something I don't have.

  4. Hey Nathaniel, thanks for this content. I've recently started watching your videos, and value finding a channel where somebody is talking about introversion in a more positive light. I've always felt very comfortable to do my own thing, and learn more about myself. However, it is hard to balance that with the development of more extroverted capacities, such as confidence in communication and being fun to be around. The label "introvert" is definitely not an excuse to avoid talking to people, and learning how to deal with conflict, but it seems like an important conversation to be having. I'm hoping in the future that I'm far less insecure about not being as extroverted as many men around me, and can just focus on my strengths. Anyway thanks!

  5. Any Random extrovert : Hi bro how are you?😃
    Me: Fine.🙂
    Extrovert: what are you doing?😁
    Me: Nothing special.🙂
    Extrovert: Ohh🤨
    Me: Yeah.🙂
    Extrovert: Why are you so quite😧
    Me: Nothing, I'm just think what I say.🙂
    Extrovert: what???😧
    Me: cause I have no words to say.🙂
    Extrovert: Ok bye.😠
    Me: great bye😀
    Extrovert: 😐🤐

  6. spot on. I never liked people calling me introverted, because to me that meant just shy and probably does to them too, but this one is a definition i see myself fit in. I never had trouble doing the first step to get to know someone but i always find myself be disappointed in their character or ethics and wanting to cut them off. I really do carve a deep connection with people, superficial smalltalk just doesn't do it for me, but for me at least it comes with loneliness and depression as it doesn't feel good to constantly disappoint people for not wanting to hang out with them even after getting to know them.

  7. I never really thought about it that way and I don't know why but you're actually 100% correct on everything maybe not the best well put in way of saying it but I definitely get it it makes me think a little bit about myself in a different light

  8. Agreed! I'm a social introvert, but much rather be alone than be social with those I don't resonate with. There's no fault, blame, or judgment in others; I see strengths in others they don't see in themselves. But won't compromise time or happiness by spending time with those I can't either help, learn from or have an equally beneficial relationship with.

  9. I'm the same way. The only thing keeping me the same now was (and probably still is) my motor skill development. I didn't roll over for the first year and a half. I was also in ESE. Overall I was quiet. Still am. People judged me, of course. I guess they thought my craft was found in being an "overthinker." If only they knew that I was, in fact, not thinking at all. Some people knew I was heady, wordy, etc. They did not know I struggled mentally. There's no point in being sorry for people who don't understand. But thank God for mothers. Apparently mine was smarter than church.

  10. I am literally liking a bunch of comments on this video because they speak on what I am going through (which I thought I was the only one) and I was starting to feel bad because other people have been pointing out that I'm too quiet and that I should stop isolating myself, but truly I feel "I prefer to be alone than in bad company."

  11. Thank you for your videos, they have helped me a lot to understand who i really am and to know better my self. Keep on the good work

  12. for the past month I've noticed more self-hatred regarding my introversion… it almost got out of control… but this video comes to my recommendations and saves me and gives me relief again… thank you very much bro, seriously thanks

  13. I am an extroverted introvert. I kinda trained myself to be one since my profession demands of me to be engaging. I meet clients. I deal with suppliers. I argue with contractors. I teach in uni. I coach athletes. I enjoy the interaction, and in a way, love being able to give. However, i do have days when I prefer my solitude. I have days of loneliness as well, since, I guess, despite all the public aspects of my job, it never really affords me to form deep relationships, or even prevents me from developing such (professionalism prevents me).

  14. I'm not a very approachable person, so I dont approach people. I let them approach me so then I will know who really wants to be a friend. Idk if I'm the only one who does this.

  15. #INTROVERT are the best persons if you know them … they are awesome,genius,emotional,intelligent,care,love … all these are extremes in them …once u talk to them u gonna feel what a wonderful person i missed … if your lucky enough to make them speak to u comfortably 😊

  16. does anyone know about highly sensitive people (HSPs) on here?

    just wanted to see how many people actually know about this

  17. It's very hard to find someone with who you can reciprocate your thoughts; I don't blame anyone, but when you see people giving weird looks when you start discussing about, say, the meaning of life, you know it will not be a good discussion, and you go quiet. I do not know why that is. That going quiet becomes a habit, and you're labelled as shy, not much of a talker. We just aren't into discussing about superficial topics every time, one of them being gossip. I've always found it difficult to belong in a "group" of friends since childhood. 🙂

  18. I really like this vid,and can relate so bad,i like the way you think,i wish we were friends or something,and its a great video actually💙

  19. I typed INTROVERT in utube ,and this vid was the 4th one,
    The level of quitely attract me ,
    I search that cuz i want to understand more the type of personality ,i spend time alone almost all my 22past yrs.
    Btw u were right in mentioning that its hard to find someone that we can cominucate as much as we do with ourselves.
    Thank u for the quite and very comfortable vid,and i do sub.

    From iraq

  20. I'm an introvert AND I have social anxiety. Two separate things. One is like you said, where I get my energy from. I get drained when I'm with people, even though (in certain situations) I really like being with people, especially people I feel I can be myself around, and not be judged, and we have things in common, and can talk about deep stuff. But again, I also have social anxiety, so if I'm worried about what people will think, I won't want to hang out with them.

  21. I am described in a well worded video by you!!! An introvert's bad and good side. A very confusing person. One who is misunderstood a lot because of paradoxical thoughts and actions. I am into Stoicism right now and it is helping me in dealing with people( keeping mum to things out of my control, and more mindful of what i can and that is within myself ). A stoic introvert personality might be a saving grace for me to understand and connect to people. I am a christian btw, i believe in God, His grace and final judgment but i do believe in the 4 cardinal virtues ( prudence, courage, justice, temperance ) of stoicism. And Buddhist philosophy interests me a lot as well, and mind you even Sadhguru. Talking about confusing personality🤩. True blue blooded introvert here.

  22. It is great that there is someone who can speak out the stuff stumbling in most of human being’s brains. Good work, Nathaniel. I really admire your point of view. Your videos help me putting those things in right places. Thank you

  23. I fully %100 understand and have had that feeling of desperately needing to escape from certain people! I am super introverted. I totally get it.

  24. I just want people to stop thinking I’m antisocial. No. I really like social interactions and to me, sometimes meeting new people is fascinating, because they’re just a whole new being you can just figure out, like a puzzle. But constant social interactions and engaging in conversations that are absolutely pointless, now those things tire me to no extent. I can be a very social person, but take that for granted, you’ll just make me dislike you more and more.

  25. Lmao I never talk much to new people because it makes me anxious. But then I get anxious because I imagine the new people to think I'm prestige, as if I'm above talking to them. Which, obviously, Isn't the case I just can't bring myself to making small talk. Haha lol

  26. Surely one of the best digital creator discovery of this year. You’re an inspiring guy and this video is the best I’ve watched so far from you. The quality, the details and the way you express yourself. Can’t wait for the future content. 🙌🏼🤍

  27. Introverts aren't shy necessarily…we just conserve our energy for the important stuff…we value a true deep relationship, we value FREEDOM….we become more creative in our own stillness or quietly observing the external world. I am more than halfway through my life and I finally realise that I am not weird or odd. I spend all my working hours intensely communicating with people to get the maximum efficiency in a minimal amount of time. I know how to talk to people, but feel the same as you do…if I scratch the surface too deeply with others I tend to get disappointed. I am learning to accept that I have high standards but that I cannot PUNISH those around me who don't rise to them. I am learning to laugh at MYSELF. I think you are wonderful. You will have a fascinating life, Nathaniel. You are inspiring!

  28. Nathaniel, introversion and extroversion is 100% part of what phase of life you are in. I was introverted and thought the same way you do for years up until I joined the military and my wanting to be alone and do my own thing couldn't happen. I changed and now I'm watching your videos because I'm having a hard time relearning where I thrived, introversion. Don't get me wrong, extroversion has its pros, definitely, but it's not my normal

  29. “Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.” CARL JUNG

  30. I want to make friends but only who is introvert..hello guys who wants to be my friend.i really need friend but I couldn't make best friend…

  31. I hate when ppl ask me like "hey wassup, u don't talk alot, did something happen" and I reply like. "I'm fine I just hate talking" then they get all offended by my answer???? Chillllll I'm just not good at talking😂

  32. I totally agree with you and I have always felt these things but have never been able to describe it. Thank you for putting it so beautifully and perfectly and in a way that i can finally relate to someone.

  33. Introverts don’t always have social anxiety! They just like and need more time alone to be able to function and feel well!

  34. Im an Introvert but it doesn't mean tht Im not good at talking to ppl…The issues tht I always had are actively avoiding ppl coz I love being alone…but there are times tht I can consider myself to go out with friends…I also had anxiety problem with social pressure which it keeps haunting in my head & it would make me lose my concentration when Im studying…but I always tried to be positive and stay calm coz I dont want to end up having a depression for 2-3 times b4 tht…depression does ruin me physically & mentally

  35. I'm an introvert and i love it ! I never saw it as an obstacle..i'm not socially awkward, i can start a conversation if i'm interested & want to, (actually all the people who are in my presence point out how easy going and funny i am ! And i'm always flattered ), i'm also super close to my family , but i still value my 'alone time' a lot ! It's a preference and no introvert should feel the need to change it cause it's not a flaw ! We just recharge better when we're alone enjoying the peaceful quiet 😊

  36. A lot of social pressure yes, one time i read this Instagram post and he’s lien I’m so glad I get to do something “I’m missing out on”; partying, meeting new people

    And I’m like I don’t even label that as something I’m missing out on 🧐😂😂

  37. I have recently learned how introverted I am, now let me explain.

    So most of my life, I have been an extrovert very out going friendly and more so wanting to go out and be around many people at once.
    This wore off about 5 years ago, when I became more introverted I started to stay inside and was more interested in myself and realistic things than going out and parting. This negatively affected a lot of things for me, my family started looking at me differently and I was often pressured and humiliated into uncomfortable situations. I am never intending to be rude or disrespectful to anyone when I am quiet or act a bit shy. But I think it's just me. And I have learned to love myself for who I am. I do have friends, only 4 but we're so close with each other I'd rather have 4 close friends than 20 people who I don't even have a clue who they are.

  38. man i prefer to stay alone than staying with people who might ruined your life , i still a student and to be honest find most of my classmates disgusting , and there is nothing in common between us all they care about is money , girls and all that kind of garbage , staying alone in ma room is more comfortable cuz i can do whatever i want , so yeah this introvert kind of thing suits me

  39. I became an introvert when I was a little kid I had a stutter and I didn’t want to talk ever like if there was like a million dollar question I wouldn’t even make a sound

  40. I may not even receive a reply but if anyone knows what the song playing in the background around 3:50 – 4:10 is please please please tell me

  41. But also talking to extroverts is easier because there’s nothing harder than small talk with another introvert

  42. I’ve always found it frustrating when introversion is interpreted as being ‘shy’ or that we feel uncomfortable with crowds due to possible self consciousness or lack of self confidence. I am neither self conscious nor lacking on confidence. It’s about energy and the fact that I’ve always had a very rich inner life.

    My avoidance (or limiting of time spent amongst them) of large crowds is due to the amount of pressure it exerts upon me in relation to energy. It drains me and I develop sensory overload in conjunction with that.

    Socially, I feel most expansive and able to give 100% concentration in one to one interactions with my friends. I hardly ever meet my friends in a group scenario, rather I will arrange lunch or evening dates on an individual level so depth of connection can be felt more. I don’t cope very well with superficial interactions and ‘small talk’ can feel like a torture because it’s extracting energy from me with no return benefits at all.

    In regards to loneliness or boredom, I have never experienced either when in my own company. I’ve only experienced both of those emotions when in unhealthy relationships or just poor company overall.

    My nourishment is primarily internal. It’s where I look to recharge and realign myself.

    Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that can’t Stop Talking’ is very good btw.

    On a side note, I do believe that there is a strong correlation between those with introvert personalities and creativity 🙂

  43. I'm introverted but can be extroverted when I need to be – its like an on/off switch for me. On weekends I prefer to stay home doing my own thing.I don't like going to parties anymore but if I have to, I turn on the extrovert mode, show my face, avoid staying long and leave quietly. Loneliness doesn't really bother me, I meet people to and from work which I talk to. Loneliness can also be when you are in a crowd and feel drained so I'd much rather be alone working on me.

  44. I feel im very weak ! I feel im nothing ! I hate every single thing about me ! I dare not do anything but blame myself ! I'm 30 years old and I'm still shy and cant took to girl ! All i have are negative thoughts !!!!!! I am too weak to change myself !

  45. I made my first post on blog that is all about introverts…

  46. Great video, infact your outlook on Introverts is on point, the most amazing thing is also you get to make the right decisions because your actions are not influenced by others.

  47. Honestly…being an introvert I must say that just because we have the tendency to spend time alone, this also hides the danger of isolating ourselves. Yeah, we can deal with being alone for longer periods of time than extroverts, and we don't need other people to recharge, but it should never be an excuse for not being around others. "Introversion" does not equal "isolation", and it certainly does not equal "antisocial behavior". We believe that there is a "norm"; that we must go by extrovert standards, and any other type of behavior it is judged or will be judged upon by others or even by ourselves.

    Introverts talk. Introverts socialize. Introverts can lead. The difference between Introverts and Extroverts is in the approach…this is what we have to understand.

    Maybe then everybody will stop believing in the misconception that there is "one" way things are done…

  48. Being a teen introvert is real struggle in these digital days…..btw today in a birthday party i officially came to know that i am an introvert and surprised to see people like me ,made me feel better

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