Acquired Situational Narcissism (ASN) – Evening TV

Acquired Situational Narcissism (ASN) – Evening TV

Celebrity culture is nothing new. I mean
there’s been rich and famous people around forever, but it seems like with
the internet and with reality TV things have kind of taken on a whole new flavor
and it’s even affected people that are not celebrities are not rich and famous
there’s something called Acquired Situational Narcissism that I wanted to
talk about today on today’s episode of evening TV so stay tuned so the premise
is that we can we can acquire narcissism by becoming famous or rich or successful
in some way and the difference is that it will have from regular personality
disorder our there’s three main differences between between that and
regular personalities or what is it starts inside in adulthood to is that
you know when it started and three is that it is immediate all to treatment
Robert B Millman professor of psychiatry at Cornell medical school started using
the term in 2000 to describe what occurs to some famous actor of sports sports
figures and rock stars however it’s likely that the condition existed a long
time ago for example early civilizations were aware of the danger of power and
pride and Roman generals during a procession in there are for instance had
a slave behind them in the chariot whispering over and over stepping along
the lines of remember that you were only a mortal human being the idea was to
prevent them from falling into the trap of acting like a god how well you knew
yourself and the family you came from really seems to make a difference when
it comes to helpers and how well a person handles becoming famous or who
remembers this from the first time we saw Madonna you’re the least bit scared
to do that not really I think I’ve always had a lot of confidence in myself
we are we are a couple of weeks into the new year what do you hope will happen
not only in 1984 but for the rest of your professional life what are your
dreams what’s left to rule the world go ladies and gentlemen this is Madonna
at a big Italian family around her and you know that kept her grounded over the
years and basically reminded her who she really was so even though she had the
confidence that she needed to go out and do what she need what she wanted to do
and make her dreams come true Shallon family kept her grounded and
down to earth someone like the Kardashians who are all in this together
with everyone they know is wealthy and like they they seem to completely lost
touch on how it was that they came to be famous what you know what their
contribution to the world is you know they really have kind of like they’ve
gotten way ahead of themselves and what their importance is it seems that this
person’s forgotten that she’s not a singer another dancer she had basically
no skill at all I’m starting this whole career so quote-unquote based on a sex
tape you know she’s kind of lost all perspective on who she is and how she
got there she’s the least exciting to look at this is a society family know
that but it’s only since they become super super mega wealthy that these kind
of things they’re you know these kinds of things are happening they’re in
competition like this and and the fact that the whole family was around is all
around when they’re having these kinds of arguments and reinforcing it and all
participating in it and they all act equally as bad yet she has no reason to
be grounded because everyone around her is telling her how fantastic she has
even Madonna person he was completely self-made multi-talented is on the same
stage with Kim Kardashian telling her that they’re equals and and Kim believes
it as Milman points out they get so used to having people look at them they
dollop a very strong belief in their own importance and this is a this is
reinforced by the way they are treated by the people around them they are
treated as special superior gifted by fans groupies and agents TV interviewers
and the public football stars are asked for their opinion on the economy
stars are asked about what should be done about world poverty the individual
develops grandiose fantasies loses touch with what is actually happening because
money in it of itself seems to be the new celebrity so just the fact that you
get rich from whatever whatever means possible even if it was a sex tape that
gets you there you have no skills of talent no hard work nothing you no claim
to fame other than the fact that you are just rich that is celebrity enough and
proud to act like they are experts and they have all kinds of reasons to be
high high on themselves and looking down on other people because of when a
person’s self-worth is completely wrapped up in their financial
achievements he or she may experience a gradual of ank’s for example of the
project of losing if substantial part of their personal fortune can prove
emotionally debilitating there’s often also the perceived need to keep up with
the Joneses when the Joneses are also super rich they can easily lead to
excessive and actually undesired spending accompanied by considerable
tension acquire situational narcissism starts with the symptoms like this and
then degenerates into a disregard for rules and laws and moral codes the
narcissist considers himself above such things those restrictions are for the
lesser people this means that just like those with personality disorders they
have affairs drink to excess take drugs get into trouble with the law and
various ways and cause chaos and destruction all around them but as I
said it doesn’t have to be a wealthy necessarily a famous and wealthy person
that this happens to basically it’s defined as any person who is exhibiting
narcissistic behavior after becoming successful or popular in some way
typically it’s a situational narcissist someone who at one kind behave
reasonably and diplomatically but developed an egocentric complex as the
result of gaining measure getting a measure of accomplishment fame wealth or
other form of external success situational narcissism can occur in just
about any arena of life it changes a person after the individual receives
elevated status real or perceived which instills a sense of superiority
entitlement or privilege the narcissist believes that he or she is now above
others at least within their personal and or professional circles
here are a few examples of what can be Alice can happen a colleague who
receives a recognition of promotion becomes more egocentric an individual
who is accepted into an elite school organization becomes arrogant or
entitled a person who dates or marry as a trophy partner is prideful of the
elevated status prompting an air of superiority to peers while basking in
the partner’s reflected glory and athlete who’s the star a team is self
aggrandizing and boastful someone who becomes independently wealthy shows
contempt for those in the lower socioeconomic status and is rude towards
the little people and attention seeking public figure who develops of
megalomania after gaining a direct a degree of popularity and or not
notoriety so here’s five signs of situational
narcissism or asm1 a superiority complex one of the most common signs of the
situational narcissist is that after they receive this elevated status they
begin to feel after speak as if they’re superior to others they are not while
situational narcissists may show their ugly side to those whom they perceive as
lesser they will often be friendly gracious and generous with those who are
part of their exclusive peer group and especially turn on the clenched arm
toward individuals of higher status instead of treating people as human
beings regardless of their background relationship and our determine based on
status consciousness and social comparison 3 view others as superior or
inferior but rarely equal for some situational narcissist professional
social and even family relationships are determined based on perceived social
caste factors such as wealth education societal sets professional position
exclusive memberships social upbringing refinement nationality and ethnic
background determine how if someone is to be treated for some situational
narcissist people are either superior or inferior but rarely equal they embody
would it wait the embody what it means to be snobbish for entitlement
situational narcissists typically expect special treatment due to their elevated
status at work they may feel like they can avoid some cat tasks receive extra
perks and be exempt from a certain rule at home and in social circles they may
automatically expect others to cater to or defer to them they want you to place
them on a pedestal narcissistic supply of course even when such actions are
clearly inequitable and undermine and demean your value as an individual and
five condescending verbal and nonverbal expressions to put up and maintain a
facade of superiority some of the worst offending situational narcissists will
put others down to boost their own power and prestige they may target select
victims for ridicule blame shame sarcasm and overall marginalization non-verbally
they reveal their sense of superiority through their lack of eye contact
demeaning glare eye rolling dismissive gestures groans and sighs quick at
inattentiveness impolite yawns and overall condescension narcissists
generally don’t seek treatment after all they don’t consider that there’s
anything wrong with them and of course this is confirmed by those around them
who forever complimenting them and praising them however if they’re having
problems with their relationship or they’ve got a substance abuse problem
where something brings them into treatment they are able to and the
therapist is able to get in there and introduce the idea of they may have
developed some narcissism the concept of narcissism these folks are able to take
that in they are able to consider that differently than people with regular
personality disorder that is unless of course they did just have a personality
disorder to begin with which a lark has people that are seeking fame and fortune
will have in the first place so you don’t always know until you’re until
you’re in the middle of it but if they actually have acquired a situational
narcissism they will be able to get some help and the therapist will be able to
break through them those who spend time with narcissists are taken advantage of
they become sources of narcissistic supply there are various ideas about how
fans project their own desire for fame and celebrity says on their idols while
secretly wishing for their idol to fall off their pedestal and so on the fact
remains that those in the close proximity to narcissists are used to
feed the narcissus ego wallet and doing they will usually end up worse off and
frequently end up a lot worse for the wear the usual advice for narcissists
applies learn to spot narcissistic people and keep your distance this is
very difficult the culture where fame and fortune and those who have it are
seen as very attractive and something to aspire to but the best way out in fact
currently the only way out is to learn about garces’s why they do what they do
how they use mind control techniques what techniques they use with you and
what your response was only then is the manga told manipulation lose its power
over you do you have any experience with acquired situational narcissism do you
know anyone who’s gone through this and and if you did if you do know anyone did
they ever get better I’d love to hear about your experience with this in the
comments I hope you found this video helpful please like it if you did and
love it if you subscribe to my channel alright thanks a lot you guys I’ll talk
to you soon

4 thoughts on “Acquired Situational Narcissism (ASN) – Evening TV

  1. Do you have any experience with people you know who changed suddenly because of success? Did they get it together eventually or were they "snobs" for good? Have you ever temporarily lost track of your own importance? Let's talk about it.

  2. I have really enjoyed this video. I have had a few days to think about the content and it is an excellent new awareness for me. This must be how people who have poor self esteem that formed later in life and then win the lottery in all kinds of conceivable ways react with an attitude that is so distasteful but it is their way of coping. It expands the definition of ways in which people will pick up narcissistic traits in an effort to use their new circumstances to try to raise their sense of self worth when, as we know, only internal change will bring about the good sense of self they are, and have always been, looking for. Thank you Evening. It expands our functionality of the word "Narcissism" to situations that a lot more people can relate to and get benefit from. I would not call my sister a narcissist but she is definitely following in my narc mom's footsteps anyway. She has gone "Kardashian" with her "success" in the corporate world and I don't even know her from the great little sister she used to be. She is even "better than" me, her older sister, if you can believe that!!!! What a disappointment! I am now "the little people" that she is rude to. This is all especially taken hold at the death of our mother. I think she actually thinks she is her "replacement" in the family hierarchy. I am glad you continue to put out excellent content. I like the way you are researching and then adding on to it. It is working for me and has powerful implications, maybe, for all who listen to it. Like all great, meaty videos I come across, I will probably listen to this several times and will recommend it to others.

  3. Do you think it is possible to be a celebrity and not have it make you more narcissistic? I often think of who do I think would be a cool friend? I think of Tina Fey or some of the other female comics of her time like Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig . Who would you pick?

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