Adjusting Volume of Individual Instruments in Ableton | Loop Master Class

Okay so let’s say you’re in a rehearsal,
and you’re like you know what, that track on that song, that specific track is
really loud. We need to turn it down. Or you’re like you know what, we don’t need
that keyboard track anymore because our keyboard player showed up or he wants to
play that part. And we just want to mute it. Well, you have to be really careful
how you go about this. So the first thing people want to do, is they want to use
the mixer down here. Which looks like something you could do and it wouldn’t
be a problem. For example so let’s hit play on the song, And maybe you’re like okay well I just want to turn down this instrument by just going like that. The problem with doing that, is by turning it down here, it
affects every single instrument that’s in that column. So it’s not just
adjusting it for “This Is Amazing Grace”, it’s adjusting the volume for
“Unstoppable God” and “You Make Me Brave”. So you don’t really want to adjust the
volume here, and these are the mute buttons. You wouldn’t want to mute these
because if you mute them it’s going to, mute it for every song. So, I like to just
leave this stuff alone. And just a little pro tip, if you ever have settings all
changed like this you and want to set it back to default, just click on it, and hit
the delete key, and it will set everything back to the default volume. So
leave these alone. If you want to change the volume of a specific instrument,
simply double click on it. It brings up the clip overview window. In the bottom
left side of the screen, there’s a lever here. And this adjusts the gain of that
individual clip. So I can turn it down, Or I could turn it up if I needed to, and
that’s a much safer way to adjust the volume of an instrument. Now let’s just
say I wanted to mute that instrument. Again, don’t mute it here because it’ll
mute everything. Instead just right-click on it, and go to deactivate clip. Deactivate is the same thing as mute. So now this clip on its own is muted. If you want to reactivate it, just right click and go to
activate clips. So that’s a safe way, of adjusting the volume, and muting or unmuting individual instruments.

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