Adventure Time Series Finale Megareview: S10E13–16 – Come Along With Me

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  1. I return from my hiatus to bring you thoughts on the end of Adventure Time.

    While the series is over, I will keep discussing this brilliant show into the distant future.

    As a heads up to anyone concerned, depression is still kicking my ass on a daily basis, but I'm hoping I can push through and work on creating stuff despite that. I've been having more luck recently (as you can tell by my return), so let's hope I can keep it up. Don't worry though, I'm not going to push myself to my detriment or to the point of burn-out. I'll continue to place my health first, but I do legitimately feel better when I manage to be productive. It's just that my flavor of depression is the archenemy of productivity, so it's a big dumb psychological battle in my brain goo.

    Anyway, my current goal is creating two videos a month (assuming they’re not super long like this one). Thanks for sticking with me, everyone!

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  2. Hey is it possible glob was a normal being just like Betty by that I mean someone else merged or took the mantle of glob by similar means as Betty, in which everytime someone became glob the form would change completely killing off the last person who held the title. Which if right would beg the question who was glob before? I thought of this when he brought up the idea that glob willing gave in to the crown and the wish.

  3. 1:13:50 to 1:14:05
    I want to use this little clip in like… 13+ reviews of things.
    I don't make videos right now but I'm planning on it
    I'm 100% serious can I make homages to this moment
    it's poetically true

  4. “Bigotry is not criticism, and if you have a problem with gay people then I hope you become a better person, but till then, you can fuck right off” – 10/10 top tier comment 😂

  5. Do the Lich thing! Do the Lich thing!
    The Lich is, by far, my favourite character (second is the Demon Cat from 'Dungeon'), and I loved you videos! S2
    Thanks for taking your time to do that.

  6. God I miss Adventure Time, I was really content with the finale, I just miss having new adventures with Finn and Jake. I really believe the show changed the game as far as "children's" entertainment and cartoons. Loved the in-depth analysis, I still kinda needed it after all this time, lol.

    By the way, has anyone ever said you sound kinda like Matpat?

  7. Shermy is so fucking adorable like he seems like a cat dogish warrior like omg adventure time makes me want to live in it's destroyed loving world

  8. 1:10:43 Holy shit! I didn't even realize that was Carol in the end until just now! Hell yeah Carol, lookit you being water and drawing your elves.

  9. 11:04
    *pronounced depending on your upbringing and all
    like its not wrong if its a foreign word sorta shoehorned into our language for movies sakes
    (also annoyed af that it matters how something that'll never exist again is pronounced, like grow up n let it go you fucks, no one but your sparse tribe gives an atomically sized piece of shit about that n thankfully you'll be gone soon enough <3)

  10. Makes me sad that Simon could have wished for a biological clone of Betty taken from before she became magic Betty, that likely would have worked. Or wish that someone had made it at that point in time.

  11. My theory is that they didn’t win the fight, that Bmo’s singing that defeated golb was his imagination trying to deal with losing everyone. Everything that happens after he finds jake is made up in his head 😮

  12. It's funny how this show just seemed like a wacky (in a good way) cartoon. It definetly ended up being that and more.
    Awesome show, and awesome job with the review.

  13. The colour scheme it reminds me of the series at the beggining you know season 1 had a more pastel feel to it perhaps it just looks like this because its not ripe yet

  14. 1:00:17 OMFG THAT IS BETTY IN FORM OF GOLB OOOOOMMMMMFFFFGGGGG can someone still please tell me what video to see so i know what golb and glob are plz

  15. What the hell, I just realized that this video is 1 hour long when I'm already on 1:16:16 and just read the comment that it's an hour long. The only thing I regret on adventure time is that we never get to see how they lived their lives after that.

  16. just finding this video after not being able to watch adventure time for around a year or two and man all these shows i grew up watching and that were my childhood are all coming to a close and it makes me so sad. with gravity falls ending around three almost four years ago seems so out of this world and watching a show that’s been up since i was ten years old finally end is so amazing. having five almost six whole years to build this amazing world with and amazing story and amazing characters with its funny light hearted moments and it’s incredibly sad, heavy moments that let us know “hey these characters are people too” just really grounds everything and makes it feel right. i remember watching the series of events leading up to the Lich being u leashed in probably 2013 and seeing the Lich take billy’s skin again now i’m like “damn i was really scared of that” when now i know how much of a deeper meaning it has for finn seeing his hero taken by an ancient evil and how he’s locked it away in his vault all this time just really brings a sense of movement and how time really does fly by.

  17. I'm really sad that I know it's over and haven't even watched past like 3 seasons. Why is it always so sad and depressing when something like this ends? Something that's not even real! Why do I wanna cry when thinking of shit like Jimmy nuetron, Danny phantom, regular show? Everything I feel about nostalgia makes me feel messed up in the head and heart. I either have to strong of emotions or I just can't handle being human.

  18. oh god the way you started this made me just hhhhhck agh mmmnm gon cry,,,

    i just
    want to see what its like now and experience that and its just not going to be there for us anymore. we can only imagine and that breaks my heart. but at the same time, it's all i would want with a world i made. still i just

    the sads never go away,,

  19. Not going to lie mate the finale felt like the writers snorted cocaine for a week,saw Dragonball GT’s finale and said we can do it better thus writing a botched conclusion

  20. 1:13:50 Just because I dont agree with the mental illness that is homosexuality doesnt mean im not a good person. I dont hate gays either, some of my good friends are gay/bi. Besides, its just wrong to force such an agenda into a kids show. I was going to like the video, but im disliking it now because of your ignorant remark…

  21. cry some more about people criticizing forced gay relationships in every decent western show meant for teenagers, im sure youll change lots of peoples minds…

  22. I think PB is in Finn’s vault for unresolved romantic reasons as well. While I agree that Finn deserves time to figure it out, being so young, I do wish his love life had been addressed more specifically. Not explicitly, but maybe he has an identifiable descendent make a cameo? The theme of heterosexual boyhood and the romance that comes with that was laid on thick early, and Finn only ever seemed to suffer beyond the promising moments of its beginning. Granted that we are shown fairly holistically that Finn is at peace in the end, the extremely tumultuous nature of Finn’s love life, and willingness of the writers to focus so heavily on his relationships throughout the series leaves me feeling like something addressing the concept specifically was deserved. Something tiny. I don’t even need to know who or why or how, just that it worked out and they were good to him. Lol. Maybe its cuz I resonated very strongly with that aspect of the series.

  23. I almost feel bad about watching this without being able to see anything past season 1, but by the time I can actually wach the full series, my bad memory will make me forget this anyway…

  24. Weeeeeeeeeeell……Marcy is actually a hybrid between a demonking or whatever he is and a human that learns how to absorb vampire souls, then she get bitten, which makes her a demon/human/vampire humanoid being

  25. 1:14:02

    I have a problem with pawns like you. You put the ideology of queerism above the artistic merit of it. You don't like the gayness because of the CHARACTER RESOLUTION. You like it because it suits your ideological bias. I have nothing else to say to you other than the insult: die.

  26. I’ll make an theory:

    Finn might have not died yet since
    Minerva might have programmed Finn
    Into that screen so Finn is immortal
    He might have died but that’s just an theory

  27. What the hell happened to cartoon Network like all it is is fart humor like why can't it be like adventure Time and regular show I guess everything comes to a end

  28. I like to think that it’s golb but with the constant thought of Simon or just to people sitting around in one body

  29. In my vision, the finale is sad ending, I just can't help but get a heartache whenever I even think about it

    Looking at other shows finales just don't hit as hard, even Regular Show, which made me cry when it ended doesn't hit me that much now

    I think it's the fact that literally everything changed, and that almost no one remembers the characters, Bmo forgetting Finns name was a fucking gut punch man

  30. Magic Man was a Scholar of Golb. When he lost his powers, the Liche became the last scholar of Golb. Some examples (though there are more), is magic man has always been chaotic in Adventure Time and has knowledge on both Golb and how to stop/ summon him. That's why M.A.R.G.L.E.S. was made and how Golb was summoned. If Betty knew enough on how to summon Golb a Magicless King man would not be necessary. Also In season one, Magicman turned Finn into a foot and other citizens to body parts that form together into a weird being that fights magic man. There's more, but I think the point is there.

  31. I think that fern fin turned back into a sword would play a big role because shermy and beth miht find a way to get fin out of that sword and revive him in a way so yea.With this hypothesis I can say that fin would continue to live on but jake and the others probably wont be there. It makes sense to me.

  32. The finale goes against one of the meager themes of the show “the fun will never end” but the end makes me so sad 0/10

    (This comment is a Joke the finale was obviously great and i love it)

  33. I love this video, thank you for taking the time to make it. I missed so much in so it's great to revisit and learn new things.

    Also, as far as the big red Martin Monster, I feel like this isn't a bad thing/event that befell Finn and then scared him, it's a deep, subjective fear that manifested because of the glasses. The fear is in both Finn and Fern not because they were both there when the glasses thing happened, but because the glasses thing drew on something that had been there a long time. What I mean is, I think the Martin Monster has been in Finn's vault as long as he's known his father.

    EDIT: I forgot! About the open-ended nature, because I got into AT after the reveal that Ooo is the post-post apocalypse, I always saw the show as being open at both ends and it always struck me as a show that was super into the idea of how the passage of time changes people and places. As a fan, it's painful because you are forced to face the fact that the people and things you love will be gone one day, replaced by things and people you don't know, but it's reassuring because the show's always been about that, and because nothing really ends.

    Like how Finn may die but because he's an incarnation, he's always been here and always will.

  34. By this point I was so sick of the pb and marceline shipdom that the kiss was just the cherry of top of an annoyed sundae. I started of as a shipper too, but people just kept ragging on it as the greatest thing about the show when there's so much else going on.

  35. to be fair this show is meant for a younger audience and I can see how parents would be upset at a Gay scene in a children's cartoon I could care less on the matter be gay whatever floats peoples boats but yea if I had kids I wouldn't want that popping up in a cartoon they watch day in and day out but everything else was Superb

  36. U missed the little detail that golb Betty has secan par of eyes that look like Simon's glasses that simbols that she remembers

  37. In the soup scene lady jumps forward into the vampire pups and they are emideatly happy and playing which I think means she is always there to catch them when they need redirection but as a pup says the fart joke Jake in still insecure about his influence on the pups, at least that's what I think that scene means

  38. bmo may have recounted the story properly

    remember the story he said to marceline was based on a story that was originally finn and jake telling bmo

  39. wait how can shermy and beth live in marcelines house (sorry if i mispell it im too lazy to remember it) if shes alive as you say

  40. I enjoyed the finale as much as everyone else, but I can't help but feel a bit gipped that whatever plotline / resolution they had going on with Margles in particular was either neglected or just dropped altogether. Poor King Man… 🙁

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