Alan Watt – Groups Vs. The Individual

Alan Watt – Groups Vs. The Individual

Meanwhile, I also get letters from other characters
saying, “Why are you going on RBN? Why are you going on Genesis Radio? Our group is not
sure about this.” Our group is — I don’t care about your groups, Borg. I talked to
individuals and I say my peace as an individual. Your groups are no different than all the
other mayhem on this planet or they create groups or Homeland Security groups or anything
else. You’re the easiest to manipulate by the big boys who put your leaders in and you
follow the Pied Piper. My message is to start thinking for yourself.
Unless people get out of the group think mentality, they’re doomed. This is a war to end the individual.
It’s only the individual down through the ages that’s stopped or waylaid or diverted
anything. Groups are loved by the elite at the top. It’s much easier to control a million
people in a group as long as you put in the leader who gives the rest their thoughts and
their opinions. Just a mini-version of government. The
war is to destroy individuality. I’ve had people in the past say, “oh how do
we save the people?” The people you must understand are choosing even if they don’t understand
all of the nitty-gritty details of what’s been happening. They’re choosing all through
their lives as to where they want to be. What they accept. What they don’t mind. What they
don’t mind is happening to other people. They’re choosing. You can have the most ignorant person
with regards to facts or what’s happening but their choosing their whole lives long.
That’s the big group you see who choose all the same things and if you even had the power
as an individual to change the world then you would be imposing your will upon them.
You’d be the next tyrant and control freak.

5 thoughts on “Alan Watt – Groups Vs. The Individual

  1. I don't know about 'war' but there is a certain disapproval of people who don't 'fall in line' and to that there isn't much of an argument. Whenever you aren't doing what everyone else is, people don't like and you can tell by the they talk to you or look at you. The people to ridicule you the most are the ones that know they sold out and were too afraid to live the life they really wanted and now, they don't want you to either.

  2. They want you to play the same game as they are, to compete. After all competition is the name of the game here in America. Be the first, the best, the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, the richest, the most attractive, etc. The thing is, none of those things mean much because you're too caught up in the competition of it to enjoy it. We've had creativity sucked our of our culture and it was the one great thing we actually had… Time to get it back.

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