Americans Pick the Most Beautiful Indonesian Celebrity?!

Americans Pick the Most Beautiful Indonesian Celebrity?!

Who would you think is the most attractive to you? I think F F? Why? F… I like the way… Her look is like Very confident, like she’s about to just… Attack you Three two one! What’s going on everybody, how are you? I’m Xiaoma (@xiaomanyc) And… Dude! What’s up?! This guy!!! Hey it’s everybody’s favorite friend Abraham!!! Abraham: What’s up bro?
Xiaoma: Oh my god! Dude! I love the haircut!!! Oh my god! Yo guys, what’s going on everybody? How are you? I’m Xiaoma, this is my friend Abraham This is like an international kind of channel Where we introduce things from all around the world To people here in New York City And I am back here with my Indonesian friend Abraham For another amazing…Indonesian video! Today! Yes sir! What prompted the hair cut? Why did you…decide to get that? I just want to be like you What?! Like same color hair? Yeah exactly, almost the same bro! Nice, nice, nice! Alright guys, now! Recently, I asked you all on YouTube If you guys would be interested in seeing a video about Indonesian celebrities Right? Indonesian celebrities So I asked you guys what people you wanted to see on the video And you guys sent me… This list! We have the list of the people who are gonna be on today’s video The Indonesian celebrities So today we are gonna bring Indonesian celebrities to New York City Indonesian female celebrities And see what people think about them! And now…! Here it is! We’ve got… Maudy Ayunda is A We’ve got for B… Isyana Sarasvati For C we’ve got Cinta Laura Kiehl For D… We have Pevita Pearce! For E… Chelsea Islan! And F… Last but not least… Agnez Mo! And we are gonna go find some people And ask them today Who they think is the most beautiful or attractive of these people They’re all really beautiful We don’t want to say that one is any more beautiful than the other I think it’s just really interesting to compare What Americans’ beauty standards would be relative to people in Indonesia And I think it’ll be really interesting to see what people think about these celebrities that they’ve never seen before Are you ready for this?! Yes sir! This is gonna be fun! Who do you think’s gonna win? This is my favorite though! F [Agnez Mo]? You think F? Why? But actually… She’s so beautiful! E [Chelsea Islan]? E and F For me I would say… E, absolutely! I just think Chelsea Islan, she’s just so… …beautiful, she has such an amazing smile Exactly And by the way guys, if you like watching these videos Please subscribe and leave us a comment Letting us know what other videos you guys would like to see about Indonesia And also…! You guys should definitely check out Abraham’s awesome Instagram @abraham.kantono! Lots of pictures of his new haircut On @abraham.kantono Thank you guys! Okay, let’s see what people think about it! I’m so excited, alright! Let’s go man! So a lot of people in Indonesia watch my videos So they’re really interested what people here would think about Some famous celebrities in Indonesia Okay I like her A? [Maudy Ayunda] Yeah I feel like her hair is really nice Okay Her hair’s cool, the color And her hat I like her E? [Chelsea Islan] Yeah, E Why? Because she’s… I like the natural look… She looks natural, yeah And she’s smiling And… I don’t know, I just… Smiling’s so attractive! Yeah, I totally agree So I have here a list of six different celebrities From a certain country in Asia And we want to know if people know where they’re from If you can guess as to which country… I have no idea… The Philippines? That’s what I was thinking… So It’s actually Indonesia, so kind of close! I was gonna say that! And then basically what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to see like… People according to their own beauty standards Who they think would be the most beautiful or attractive and why D? [Pevita Pearce] Why? Yeah, why? Just because, that’s what I think! Cool! I don’t know, I’d say E [Chelsea Islan], she’s super natural Girl: No, her!
Guy: She [Cinta Laura Kiehl] doesn’t look like she’s from there… Because she’s [Isyana Sarasvati] got it all stylish! Yeah, she’s stylish! She’s like more natural looking [Chelsea Islan] She’s natural Not her! Not F?! [Agnez Mo] Why? Because she’s got too much… She’s got too much going on Okay… Less is more! This is hard! Yeah, I feel the same way! I like her! [Maudy Ayunda] They’re both really pretty! [Maudy and Agnez] Isn’t she a celebrity? Xiaoma: Yes, they’re all celebrities!
Girl: I think they all are… She collaborated with Chris Brown, right? Yeah, nice! I actually just watched that music video Really sick! Yeah, I’d pick A and F [Maudy and Agnez] Why? Getting technical… Yeah I don’t know, she just… I mean she seems like she looks… Like I feel like she looks really natural Like, this is how [she] actually looks Right, right Like effortless! Effortless? Yeah But then she looks really natural too! She has a more innocent look She has a more like… Exotic kinda… But not as exotic as this one! Like this one looks like she’s really… Like she’s coming to get you! Yeah! She’s coming to get you! And I don’t know, she’s just really pretty to me! Xiaoma: F? [Agnez Mo]
Girl: Yeah We’re looking to see if there’s one person in particular That might stand out to you As being particularly beautiful or pretty And why They’re all really hot! Wow, they’re all gorgeous! I think A [Maudy Ayunda], I kinda like her aesthetic, I guess Me too, I like A! Just her vibe, it’s so… Chic! I like her feel, she’s very natural D, yeah [Pevita Pearce] She’s super natural I like her fierceness too, D Yeah, D’s really intense Her eyes are like… Yeah, totally But they’re all gorgeous! They are, yeah! Wow! And, uh… We’re basically looking to see who people here Would think is the most beautiful or attractive And why She got some cleavage there, but like… You said C? [Cinta Laura Kiehl] I’d say C! I’d say B, C! [Isyana Sarasvati and Cinta Laura Kiehl] C, B!!! C and B I hear? I think B! B, C! Why B if you said B? She got some nice eyes! She’s cute! And then C…? She looks like Taylor Swift! The background’s nice! Yeah The background? Yeah Okay, and Taylor Swift, I heard? Yeah… Benny, what do you think, who’s the most attractive one? I think the… You think D [Pevita Pearce]? Why? [Speaking foreign language] He’s into long hair! Long hair! Yeah! Okay! What about you guys? A [Maudy Ayunda]! A? Why? Like the hair! What? Same thing, long hair man! Long hair? Wow, you guys really like long hair! They are all beautiful! And this one is sexy! Yeah, F? [Agnez Mo] Yeah This one is more delicate! E? [Chelsea Islan] Yeah She’s a powerful girl Who, D? [Pevita Pearce] Yeah Powerful! Yeah! She has that look? Yeah Like Wonder Woman! A little bit, I could see that, yeah! Who would be your pick if you had to pick one? I think A! [Maudy Ayunda] A! Yeah, I like her style Style Yeah It’s about Indonesian celebrities… I don’t know any of them! That’s okay! Who would you think is the most attractive to you? I think F [Agnez Mo] F? Why? F… I like the way… Her look is like Very confident, like she’s about to just… Attack you Yeah, that’s what I think! She’s gonna go for it! Yeah Nice, aggressive! Isn’t that Chris Brown’s…? Yeah, bingo! It is, she just did a collab…with him I don’t know any of these women! That’s the only one I know! I think her! A? She’s just so simple And… I don’t know, I just…yeah She’s just pretty! Between these two, they look the most natural You can tell this is edited [Isyana Sarasvati] D and E? [Pevita and Chelsea] Yeah Cool, the most natural? Mmhmm Good question! I like A [Maudy Ayunda] Just her style, yeah Between A and C [Maudy Ayunda and Cinta Laura Kiehl] A and C? Yeah Why? I don’t know… Well her, she’s blond, so… [Because] she’s blond?! And then what about A? I don’t know, she just looks like… Looks put together Yeah I’m gonna go with D [Pevita Pearce] D, why? Because… She might try to tell me what to do And Imma slap her around! We’re trying to see if people know what countries these celebrities might be from I don’t know any of them! Okay, that’s fine! Where do you think, just purely based on their looks Where do you think they would be from? They’re all from one country All from one country?! Yeah Probably… …Korea Korea?! Yeah Okay, so they’re actually from Indonesia Oh, okay Yeah And so the thing we’re trying to do today is just… See like if there’s one in particular That you would find particularly beautiful or attractive and why Probably this one! Xiaoma: A? [Maudy Ayunda]
Man: Yeah Why? I don’t know! I say B! [Isyana Sarasvati] You say B? B! Why? I like her style! You say F? [Agnez Mo] Yeah Why? Because she’s pretty! No A, A! [Maudy Ayunda] Why? Yeah, yeah, B or A B or A? D! [Pevita Pearce] D! Why? Her…I don’t know, her hair and her eyes I guess Yeah yeah Cool, thank you guys! Really appreciate it Thank you They’re all beautiful in their own way Their eyes are even Their faces are very even, and… They have a sense of natural beauty They have very minimal amount of makeup on Right To enhance their natural look So I think they’re all beautiful C! [Cinta Laura Kiehl] Why? Real natural look Yeah Nice hair Right So you prefer a more natural look? Yeah, in my opinion anyway Right I just go with D [Pevita Pearce] D? Why? More natural, I guess? Okay, natural? Yeah B [Isyana Sarasvati] Or D, both! [Pevita Pearce] I just like her face, it’s good! A, B, and D, similar facial features Not too much of a produced look It’s not like photoshopped Or maybe it is, but you know… It looks nice, it looks natural I don’t know much about them, but tell me about them Just purely based on appearance I gotta say, I have a thing for blondes, so she’s probably [my favorite] C? [Cinta Laura] C, yeah [Cinta Laura] Cool man Sweet! Man: Thank you brother
Xiaoma: Thanks dude, appreciate it! There is a thing in America where a lot of people actually do have… …a thing for blondes Like people definitely… It is a thing, yeah I don’t know why, but… Xiaoma: Dude, that was so fun!
Abraham: Amazing! But you know what? It was actually a little bit of a disappointment for me Why? You know why? Because… My favorite I feel like not that many people are picking here Chelsea Islan Yes! I mean she’s so beautiful, oh man… A lot of people were going for A today [Maudy Ayunda] Yes, also D though [Pevita Pearce] Also D… That look is obviously so fierce… But I wasn’t really expecting… …so many people to pick A, Maudy Ayunda I think a lot of people really appreciated… The natural look They didn’t like it if it was photoshopped They just kinda liked the so casual and natural look Which I thought was really interesting And it was really interesting I thought that a lot of people did know Agnez because of her collaboration with Chris Brown That’s pretty cool though, right? Wow, what did you think man? So yeah… [Chelsea Islan] is my favorite! Yeah I know, I know man! Don’t you think she’s so beautiful? She’s so beautiful! Yeah, yeah I agree DM me! DM you?! You! Sneaky! Bastard! Yeah, you know what? If Chelsea Islan DMs you You gotta DM me too! (@xiaomanyc) I don’t know if that’s gonna happen man Okay, it’s okay, at least we tried! It’s alright, at least we tried Anyway guys! Thank you all so much for watching, remember to subscribe And…we’ll see you next time! Bye bye!

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