Angry Nerd Rant- Episode 1: How Good Omens Made Game of Thrones Look Bad [CC]

Angry Nerd Rant- Episode 1: How Good Omens Made Game of Thrones Look Bad [CC]

Hello, my lovelies! Welcome to the Geek Suite! I’m your host, the Kidner Bean, and today it’s Angry Nerd Rant Time! So, on today’s Angry Nerd Rant, we’re gonna be talking about Amazon Prime’s Good Omens- and how it makes Game of Thrones look like trash. Okay, not really. Game of Thrones does that on its own. But, there’s something very particular that I noticed while watching Good Omens that really just Reset a fire under my butt about what they chose to change from the books, because I am a book snob. Even though I watched the series first and then read the books. So, enough rambling about Game of Thrones. Let’s talk about Good Omens. So Good Omens tells the story of the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale, and how they want to stop Armageddon (whines)because they like stuff! Earth is fun! It has sushi! (Normal voicing) So one of the characters in the show, Archangel F*cking Gabriel, played by the wonderful Jon Hamm, and all the characters that we follow are either angels or demons or Otherworldly beings. And there are very specific traits about these characters that make them stick out from the other mundane humans in the show. And the thing that sticks out about Gabriel, at least for me, is not just his overly intimidating stature, which Jon Hamm brings to the screen very well, it’s something physical about his appearance. And, if you take a look at these pictures do-do-do-do-do-do-do What sticks out, at least for me, ( and for a lot of people that I’ve noticed) are his eyes. They’re purple. And so, the fact that Gabriel has purple eyes makes him stand out and look otherworldly Re-lit a fire under my butt about Game of Thrones, and their refusal to give the Targaryens purple eyes. Now, I understand that there are certain things that are difficult for actors. Like, I didn’t have any problem in the Harry Potter series when Daniel Radcliffe couldn’t wear green contacts because they irritated his eyes, and they didn’t bother to do anything with special effects at the time to change the color because you know, it’s 2001 and that’s fine. You know and minute changes like that, Even though Harry’s eyes being his mother’s eyes were a very critical part of the series, they still very much played it up. Even though they didn’t comment on the eyes being green. And very much the same, I have no problem with Emilia Clarke not wanting to wear purple contacts because they were irritating for her and It didn’t work for her on-screen. I mean, come on guys. She had two aneurysms filming Game of Thrones. They were torturing her enough. But as you can see in, you know, the following videos links in the description down below, Nowadays, we have the technology where for very Low-cost and very quickly, you can change a character’s eyes using computer-generated graphics. So the fact that they didn’t give the Targaryen purple eyes in the show is ridiculous. They tried saying that, you know, it couldn’t come through on screen. But the fact that that you can see it very clearly in Good Omens shows that, yes, It comes through on the screen, and it’s a very dramatic difference. The fact that it’s a dramatic difference Plays into the Targaryen role. The Targaryens were supposed to be almost Not quite human. They thought themselves as more than human, that they were, ” the blood of the Dragon,” and if you read into George RR Martin’s Extended works: The World of Ice and Fire, where they give you the Targaryen history- there’s another great link in the description down below for a wonderful YouTuber who covers that- you can see where he plays with the Valyrians in the olden days playing with you know, genetic engineering and altering. And so, one of these distinct characteristics of the Targaryens, other than their white hair which came through on the show wonderfully with her wigs Was these purple eyes. Daenerys wasn’t supposed to be just the most beautiful person in Westeros or the beautiful most beautiful person in Planetos. She was supposed to be otherworldly and vaguely Intimidating, like all Targaryens. And as you can see in all these fan photos where they’ve changed her eyes to purple the difference really comes through. Alright guys, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Let me know what you think in the comments section down below: Do Gabriel’s eyes on Amazon Prime’s Good Omens come through on screen? Is it a dramatic enough difference? Are HBO’s Benioff and Weiss right where it doesn’t make a big enough difference anyway on screen? Do you think the Targaryens should have had purple eyes? What other characters do you think changed from books to show that you really think really messed you up? Let me know in the comment section down below! Be sure to click like and subscribe. Hit that notification bell! And for those wonderful viewers who have disposable income and want to support more content like this, Be sure to follow me on Patreon and subscribe. Thank you guys! See you next time. Mwah!

5 thoughts on “Angry Nerd Rant- Episode 1: How Good Omens Made Game of Thrones Look Bad [CC]

  1. I really feel like they missed the mark on making Melisandre extra creepy by not having her red eyes to go with the rest of her redness.

  2. Gabriel's eyes definitely put an impact on me, it adds so much character to him, and really puts into your mind where he's supposed to be. It's little details like that which I love about Good Omens

  3. I've never seen Game of Thrones but I feel this was a very put together rant! Also your voice is very pleasant to listen too, sorry if that sounds odd just something I noticed. (Also also loving the 'this is fine' dog doll in the back! 😊 Hope you have a lovely day)

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