Are You a Gemini? Here’s What Makes You Unique

Are You a Gemini? Here’s What Makes You Unique

Hello and welcome back, viewers! In this video, we are going to talk about
the uniqueness of the third zodiac sign, Gemini. Gemini is the third zodiac sign. It symbolizes the departure of spring and
is often portrayed as a metaphor for the last years of adolescence in humans. So what makes Gemini so special? Let’s find out. The Gemini Personality Traits When you are a zodiac sign that is ruled by
Mercury, you will definitely be an excellent communicator. Geminis are not an exception to this rule. Whether it is giving a speech in front of
100,000 people or a one-on-one discussion, Geminis are good in both scenarios. They can make a deal with anyone and talk
their way out of a situation. As a result, they are called the smooth talkers
of the zodiac. Speaking of being a smooth talker, there is
one person who comes to mind, Johnny Depp. Is it any surprise that a Gemini would choose
to be an actor? We didn’t think so either. His acting is renowned, with some of his roles
becoming iconic. One of the most significant being that of
Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Carribean” franchise. Depp creates a personification of a self-centered
human being, who comes through heroically when the occasion calls for it. While there is an entertainment factor related
to the character, there is also a deep sadness. His unpredictable nature keeps him complex. At the same time, he can be quite vulnerable. Jack Sparrow is not only the product of good
writing, but also the genius of Johnny Depp. Johnny is like a ghost in the night, or an
artist painting a canvas, very subtle yet very loud. To be able to portray such a paradoxical character
on screen, one needs to be able to communicate it properly to the audience. Fortunately for all of us, Johnny Depp is
a Gemini. On top of that, Geminis are really good at
being analytical and observant. This trait comes to good use in investigative
journalism, editing and research. Probably one of the greatest examples of this
trait can be seen in the “Diary of a Young Girl”. Yes, we are talking about the dairy of one
of the world’s most discussed holocaust victims, Anne Frank. Her Gemini observation skills can be seen
in her diary. Nearly every moment she spent during that
period of time is documented in the diary. It was through her documentation that the
rest of the world could learn about the horror faced by Jews at the time. Unfortunately though, this young Gemini never
got to live her life to the fullest, as she died at the age of 15. Moving back on track, another Gemini trait
that is very fascinating is their childlike curiosity. Yes, Geminis can be in their 40s or 50s and
have the curiosity of an eight year old. They are always looking for new things to
learn and they need constant stimulation. A good example of this type of Gemini was
actress Marilyn Monroe. Despite all the controversies and her reputation
for playing the “dumb blonde” stereotypical characters, Marilyn Monroe was anything but
dumb. She was apparently an avid reader and owned
more than 500 books. Whenever she wasn’t filming, she could be
found reading. These books included biographies of historical
personalities, the latest trends in technology and interviews of well-known musicians of
that era. She also had an interest in learning about
other cultures. Come to think of it, it is sad that people
only remember her for her stereotypical blonde roles and her controversial public image,
when really she was so much more. On the down side though, Geminis have somewhat
of a dual nature and may be perceived as being fickle and two-faced. Many people may not find them trustworthy. They can also be a bit indecisive at times
and may find it difficult to make important decisions in life. Additionally, their decisions may be just
based on one point of view and not from a proper assessment of a scenario. For all the qualities in a Gemini, this one
stands as a tragic flaw. Now, that you have a hang of the Gemini personality. Let’s talk about… The Gemini Compatibilities Gemini is the first air sign in the zodiac. As an Air sign, Gemini is a good match for
both Aquarius and Libra. Aquarius finds a person who is equally curious
and eager to learn. Libra balances out the Gemini’s eccentric
nature with their rationality. In other words, it is a win-win situation
for everyone. Of course, both signs better watch out because
Geminis aren’t known for their loyalty. Hmm, maybe this is why they struggle with
Water and Earth Signs. Earthly signs like Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn
find these folks to be too shallow. Gemini may find them to be too traditional
and grounded. Similarly, Gemini may find Scorpios to be
too intense, and Scorpios may find Geminis to be unreliable. As such, this is another pair that might need
a lot of work. The same thing can be said for Cancer and
Pisces. Although, astrologers believe that Gemini
has the best chance with a Pisces among other Water signs. Interestingly, astrologers also claim that
Gemini’s best chance of a relationship is with a Leo. They both can be childish at times. Additionally, the Leo charisma is sure to
catch the Gemini’s attention. Similarly, Geminis do well with Aries and
Sagittarius. Of course, Sagittarius would require a lot
more work. Why? Well, it is more of a case of “like attracts
like”. Aries and Gemini are both very childish. The difference lies in the fact that Geminis
can be manipulative at times and Aries hates manipulation. So, it can work as long as Gemini learns to
keep those mind games in check. As we have shed some light on the Gemini compatibility. It is time to talk about their… Likes and Dislikes Geminis love intellectual conversation. Their sign’s motto is “I think”, this is
why this sign is always looking for mental stimulation. In that case, it should work well with Scorpio,
right? No, not really. You see Scorpios are very intense, passionate
and emotional. The flighty nature of a Gemini doesn’t appeal
to them. So, Gemini will have a hard time flattering
a Scorpio. Geminis also love socializing and partying. For them it is important that they are around
people. They are drawn to everyone they meet. Anything or anyone new catches their eye and
they want to know more about them. As a result, this zodiac despises loneliness
and can be seen as depressed when alone. Many Geminis may even hate loneliness with
a passion. This is probably why they don’t do well with
Water and Earth signs, who are usually loners at heart. One of the most interesting things about this
zodiac sign is despite how smart they are, they can be quite naive. So even if they were to decide on something,
it may not turn out the way they would have imagined. Perhaps, this is why Gemini is called the
child of the zodiac. It suits them as some Geminis may show childlike
qualities. So, are you a Gemini? What Gemini traits do you have? Let us know in the comments section and stay
tuned, because we will be back with Cancer.

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  2. Are you a Gemini? What Gemini traits do you have? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  3. 👍🏾👍🏾 I'm a Gemini! 💜 The Video! I will say from My experiences I believe all Zodiac Sign traits can vary depending on Age, Upbringing and Life Experiences. Definitely more Similarities than Differences Tho 💯

  4. May 29th♊ Gemini🌞♊ Mercury♊ Gemini Mars and Venus♊ moon in Cancer♋We r truly the best zodiac ever♊we not only intelligent🧠 but we love music🎶and r very affectionate❤🥰🥰♊🥰

  5. 6:59 holy shit…. she is gorgoeus

    btw if you are a gemini introvert person then some of these statements dont realy imply to you

  6. I am Gemini ……….♥️♥️♥️yes I do have some qualities that you mentioned above 😓 somehow ……….but not all …….. We Gemini Are best Talker… person to make other laugh…..we make friends easily😛😘more to go♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. I'm a Gemini but I enjoy being alone I cnt stand ppl who cnt make a sensible conversation with a person and yes I hate when some cnt re read what they wrote and uses words thats really past tense.

  8. I'm Only Here For My Mom 👩 She Is a Gemini ♊
    I'm a Scorpio ♏🖤🦂 we better be next I hope since seems like everyone having their own vid so far like Aries Leo gem Taurus

  9. U forget to mention that Sagittarians also hate liars and manipulators, indeed the truth is the most important thing to a sag

  10. I'm a Gemini and my boyfriend is actually a Gemini so far I haven't found a video that talks about how compatible both Geminis can be in a relationship 🤔

  11. I am a gemini and love being alone most of the times and an spiritual empath as well so i most likely guarding and protecting my energy from negative or toxic energy at all times…😔🙏🙏🙏 namaste

  12. I m a Gemini…indecisive and cant b alone ….hate being alone….my husband is a Cancer…is it really bad ?

  13. I'm a Gemini I'm sorry but I like being alone. And as far as being manipulative some Gemini's can be. But I was always brought up not to do that because it's dangerous so all Gemini's are not the exact same. But you pretty much hit it on the nail thanks for sharing😊

  14. Im a Gemini and cancer cusp it’s when your born on the 21 or June to me I find my self very special crazy I have allot of freinds and my weekend if never empty I always find myself to be very adaptable to people that’s why I get along with anyone and when I snoke it hard for me to talk because I get lost in my thoughts but when I’m drunk I’m the fucking life of the party I used to think the way I was is fake but really I have a huge personality that fits with everyone tbh I love this and I’ve always been a smooth talker but always made the right choice I have allot of feelings this one quote I made is for the cusp that other people share with me “i care to much about everything and sometimes I care to much so I have to act like I don’t care ,and sometimes I care so little so I act like I care ,and sometimes I just don’t care “ 😂🥰

  15. i am a gemini, i have attention to detail, i am highly curious about some things, very good at talking, i have a huge liking for knowledge especially anything historic, i can be a bit childish but it's in a good way

  16. I am a Gemini. If we read so much why would we make bad decisions? Why would we be superficial if we talk and want information? We are never lonely! We have too much going on in our heads! I know plenty of Gemini’s and they like to live alone. You are so wrong! We laugh at Leo’s! We love Aquarius and Libra. Do you homework.

  17. Just because we’re social and are good at multitasking in communication doesn’t mean we will talk to just anyone. I’m personally very reserved but open to people I trust. In order to know a Gemini you have to really open the depths of their minds. Even then, I highly doubt you will figure them completely out because we’re good at masking our emotions in order to not get hurt. Personally I bond with Water Signs more than the other elements. They just get me and don’t judge me for ever feeling the way I feel.

  18. I'm a Gemini, I want to move out, I have a YouTube channel, the woman who is gave birth to me is a tourus , and i need to get far away from her

  19. Gemini with a lot of venus (Libra/Taurus) and earth-influence in my chart, I actually get along the most with water signs. Other air signs are too flaky for me (Well, I get along with them but it‘s not the closest of relationships).
    While I love the compassion, intelligence and emotional spirit of the water trio. 🌊❤️

  20. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, if you are a Gemini you LOVE your alone time. They are very good at observing. Even if they are quite childlike, Geminis are highly detailed and intelligent people, so if you even try to use a Gemini, think again. They already know what you're gonna do before you even started it.

  21. Am a Gemini am 32 years old but am so childish its like am 16 and when am alone its like depression and whenever someone makes an eye contact its like iwant to really know them to get along and to b honesty we can't b trusted

  22. i am a Gemini and i find it very difficult to make decisions.
    I like to be alone…
    I have a crush who is a Virgo and it's been almost 3 years and I still have a crush on him!!

    Thanks for reading💜

  23. I am a gemini and with my high cheek bones and big fore head, not only am I gorgeous but brainy too. My child like nature is shown through a love of console games, cartoons and tantrums. My dual nature is kind of unusual and has developed over a long time, it is that I enjoy time alone just as much as social gatherings.

  24. i have 2 crushes; one of them is an aquarius and a libra. my best friends are both guys and they are sagittarius and aries. sorcery boom

  25. Water and earth signs are NOT LONERS, THAT IS LIE 🤥 THIS IS ALL LIES 🤥 AND CRAP. Why are you using these people to justify this is how all Gemini are🤔🙄😒😕🙁. NONE OF THESE PEOPLE REPRESENT ME AND NO GEMINI ARE NOT 2 FACE, THEY ARE FIGURING YOU OUT AS THEY FEEL AND KNOW, YOU ARE UNTRUSTWORTHY.

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