Artists Draw Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters (They’ve Never Seen)

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee,
where we take dumb ideas, – [Karina] And make even dumber drawings! – [Nathan] I’m Nathan! – [Karina] I’m Karina! – [Jacob] I’m Jacob! – [Julia] I’m Julia! – [Nathan] And it’s time
to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-draw! – [Jacob] Was there like
cell interference there? – [Karina] It’s a Yu-Gi-Oh
reference, Jacob, you idiot. – [Jacob] Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh. – [Nathan] We’re doing Yu-Gi-Oh. We tried to do it once before,
but that episode got banished to the shadow realm. (laughing) – [Karina] Or in the
original, it just died. It was killed.
– Yugi killed it. – [Karina] By setting it on fire. – [Nathan] Horrifying. Karina, you are our
resident Yu-Gi-Oh expert. – [Karina] It’s me, I’m the
one forcing you to do this! Although a lot of people have
told me that now that I’m a host for realsies, I should
make more Yu-Gi-Oh episodes happen, so here we go, we’re
starting with this one. – [Nathan] Yeah, probably
months after we announced you were a host, but– – [Karina] And after we
tried to do it once before. Some very cursed content occurred. – Things are going great.
– That episode went to the shadow realm!
– She already made that joke, were you not listening? – [Karina] No. – [Julia] I thought it
was better punctuated by saying it again. (laughing) – [Nathan] This is going
great, this is definitely the better of the two episodes already. Karina, you’re gonna give us
Yu-Gi-Oh characters to draw – [Karina] Some real
obscure Yu-Gi-Oh characters, ones you’ve probably not
heard of, and you’re gonna draw them for me.
– We’re gonna draw ’em based on your descriptions of them. I wanna draw one of them
pointy anime boys, please. – [Karina] Well there is one thing wrong with that statement. – [Nathan] Is it a pointy anime girl? – [Karina] You got a pointy anime girl! – [Nathan] Yay! – [Karina] Your character, Nathan, is… I forgot her Japanese name, but what more do you need to know? – Cathy Catherine?
– I’m drawing Cathy? – [Jacob] Don’t draw Cathy,
I can’t see Cathy today. – [Julia] Wow, you just busted out that– – [Karina] You’re really
good at drawing Cathy. – [Jacob] Nathan, I’m gonna fucking flip. – [Karina] All you gotta do
now is make her Yu-Gi-Oh. – [Julia] I’m always so
amazed by Nathan’s ability to just recall anything on the spot. – [Jacob] But only like
the dumbest bullshit. – [Karina] Only Cathy. You forgot the sweats. – [Nathan] Oh yeah, that’s
right, yeah, there he is. (laughing) – But she’s so relatable.
– Very relatable. All right, Cathy Catherine. I’m gonna try and draw anime Cathy. – [Karina] Yeah, you can
start with Cathy as a base, but I will let you know
that Cathy Catherine is kind of just like one
of the side characters of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. – [Nathan] Zexal. – [Karina] Yeah, she’s
part of the friend group, and you like that? Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal? – [Nathan] Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. – [Jacob] Can I just say it one time? Zexal.
– Zexal. – [Julia] I don’t wanna say
it in case I mess it up, and I say something that sounds naughty. – [Karina] That would be bad. Like Sexal? Yu-Gi-Oh Sexal? – [Jacob] Yu-Gi-Oh Sex Hole? – [Karina] I have told you
nothing about Cathy Catherine. – [Nathan] I don’t need to know anything– – [Karina] You need to know one thing. – [Nathan] So what’s Zexal about? – [Karina] What’s Zexal about? What a loaded question. Zexal is about a lot of things. – [Nathan] Are they still
playing duel monsters? – [Karina] Of course they are. It’s kind of like
Yu-Gi-Oh but space opera, and I watched all of
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal in five days, and that was not enough
time to process everything that was presented to me.
– How many episodes is that? I dunno, like 140? – [Nathan] Jesus Christ! – [Karina] I was having a week. So Cathy, like I said, she does not play a huge major role I think. She is just kind of part
of the friend group, but I like her because she
is a Yu-Gi-Oh cat girl. – [Julia] (gasps) Catgirl! – [Jacob] Nya! Does she do that shit? – [Karina] She does! You know those like, girls
you meet at anime cons, and they really just like
the whole catgirl schtick? That’s Cathy. – [Jacob] You’re making
her so fierce, Nathan, but she’s just a Nya girl. – [Karina] Yeah, she’s kind of like shy, she’s kind of a loner. She’s just a little catgirl. Yeah, she has long gray
hair, but it’s styled. – [Nathan] Oh, describe the style, please. – [Karina] Imagine– – [Julia] Imagine, if you will. – [Karina] It’s long gray
hair, but it makes cat ears because Yu-Gi-Oh. – [Nathan] She’s like Archer Red in Fate Apocrypha.
– Nathan, shut up with that, we’re not on a Fate video,
and we never will be. – [Karina] And I will say one
more thing about her hair, her bangs are very long
and also very pointed, so it kind of comes down
like a little kitty nose. – [Julia] Like a Love Hina? – [Nathan] Does she
only have the cat ears, or does she have human ears too? – [Karina] No, she’s a
person, she’s not a cat girl, she just really likes cats. She plays a cat themed deck,
she has a bajillion cats, she can talk to cats, and she
makes them do things for her. – [Julia] She’d get along
well with our friend Ajani. – [Jacob] Ajani Goldmane! He is a cat. King of the cats, one might say. Much like our boy, Yugi,
is the King of Games. Right, Karina? – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] Did I do good? – [Karina] Yeah, you
did it, you did a Yugi. – [Nathan] Is she like an Inuyasha? – [Karina] No, the ears
aren’t cat ears, they’re hair. They just look like cat ears. I wanted to present you a bit
of a challenge of making hair that is Yu-Gi-Oh hair, but cat ears. I wanted to see what you came up with. – [Julia] This is also
just like Princess Peach cosplaying as a kitty. – [Jacob] You’re right, it’s
Cat Peach from Super Mario Ultimate 3D Land. – [Nathan] What else, what else? – [Karina] So you
remember how I said she’s like a catgirl you’d meet at an anime con? That’s her outfit, she’s
wearing a little lolita dress, got a little bell and shit. – [Julia] Does she have
like one of those paws that goes over her hands? – [Karina] She does not, but
she does like to do the paws with her hands like nya. – [Julia] Got it. – [Jacob] You’ve gotta
make some nya hands. – [Karina] Yeah, you’ve
gotta do little nya hands, and I will say she does have glasses, because she’s a catgirl at an anime con. – [Julia] Oh does she
have cat eye glasses? – [Karina] I’m afraid she doesn’t, but that would be
– What the fuck!? – [Karina] Very on theme. – [Jacob] It was a perfect opportunity, and they squandered it. – [Julia] The one easily
translatable thing, and they decided like “Nah.” – [Karina] She just has bad eyesight. – [Julia] Eyesight is
not a gimmick, all right? – [Nathan] What’s a lolita dress? – [Karina] You know, it’s
got frilly puffy sleeves and stuff. – [Nathan] Her hands are coming up. Let’s get the hands on first. – [Jacob] Yeah, let’s see
a hands first approach. – Nya!
– Nya! You know, like nya! – [Julia] She looks like
in one of the bad animes where the morals are questionable, like one of the main
teen’s moms who is like just weirdly hot and sexual. – [Jacob] Yeah she does look
like one of those hot moms. – [Karina] I will say that
she is definitely not a mom. – [Julia] Is she like 14 or something? – [Karina] Yeah she is. – [Jacob] Maybe she’s a mom at heart. – [Karina] She’s a mom to all of her cats. – [Jacob] Yeah, you can be a cat mom. – [Karina] Cat moms are valid. – [Julia] Like the friend group moms. – [Karina] Yeah, I
dunno, she’s kinda feral. She’s a fun character. Because she’s just a little catgirl. (laughing) She’s just causing little mischiefs. – [Jacob] Little mischief
here, little mischief there. – [Karina] Acting like a cat. Bringing her cats everywhere. – [Julia] And trying to
make that cat mouth too, and I’m like “That’s
literally impossible.” – It’s pretty hard.
– You can’t do that. – [Nathan] Does she have two
tone hair like all Yu-Gi-Ohs? – [Karina] Not really, it’s
mostly just like gray hair, but there is some like sort
of two tone where the ears are because of how the hair is
layered, I’ll put it like that. – [Nathan] I’m just
gonna leave it like this. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Julia] She’s not sweating
enough to be Cathy from Cathy. – [Nathan] Oh yeah, hold on. (laughing) – [Jacob] She should be saying “Nyack!” No, Nathan, N-Y! In the Japanese style!
– You fool! – N-Y!
– N-Y! – [Julia] You fool! – [Karina] Like “Nya”! – [Julia] And also Nathan’s initials. – [Jacob] This is a Nathan Yaffe Ack. – [Nathan] Did I do it? – [Karina] Did you draw a Cathy? From the Sunday Funnies? – [Jacob] Cathy Catherine? – [Karina] Yeah, all
of her fun little cats. – [Jacob] That’s a good anime cat, Nathan. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Nathan hates it. – [Julia] Nathan wants to move on. – [Nathan] This is a
screenshot from Cats 2019. – [Julia] All right, let’s look her up! – [Karina] There she is. – [Jacob] That’s pretty
much what you described. – [Karina] Yeah. I described her perfectly. – [Julia] Nathan did well! – [Jacob] I feel like pretty close. – [Julia] Actually really close. Good job, Nathan. (nyacking) – [Jacob] Let me do one now. – [Karina] Well, Jacob. – [Jacob] Yes? – [Karina] The last time we
tried to record this episode, you complained because I didn’t give you a Yu-Gi-Oh hair. I gave you a bald demon. – [Jacob] You gave me a bald
demon with a dragon for a dick. – [Karina] Well this time, I’ve heard you. Your character is… Paradox is a character from
5ds, but is most notable as the main antagonist of
the, I dunno, side movie, TV special, Bonds Beyond
Time, which is a cross-over time travel movie, and I love it so much. So Paradox is the main antagonist
from Bonds Beyond Time. – [Jacob] So Paradox is evil. – [Karina] He’s a bad guy. – [Nathan] Paradoxes are the villains of all time movies, right? Because time travel creates paradox. – [Karina] I’ll just
start you up on some shit. He’s very tall. – [Jacob] Very tall,
let’s get him up here. Here he is! – [Karina] There he is. He’s your Paradox. – [Nathan] Physician
comes and checks you out, that’s a Pair a Doc’s. – [Jacob] Nathan! Good joke! A pair of doc– Julia! – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Do you get it? – [Karina] Julia was not listening. – [Julia] Explain. Yeah I was listening, it was a good joke, I like pair a docs. – [Nathan] When you have
two Word Documents open– – [Jacob] Okay, you
have to stop now though. – [Karina] So let me
say this about Paradox, he’s got long blonde hair
down to about his waist. – [Jacob] Wow, okay. – [Karina] Very long. – [Julia] A little bit
of a Sepharoth going on. – [Karina] You’re gonna
need a little room, because he has a lot
going on, and I will say that his hair’s a little tall, so. Plan accordingly, please. – [Jacob] There’s not
enough space in the world. – [Nathan] His hair is
tall, and he is also tall. – [Karina] He has like some face markings, I don’t remember what they are, I’m sorry. – [Nathan] Is he a human man? – [Karina] He is a hu– Is he a human man? That’s a good question.
– Or is he some sort of– – [Karina] I think he
might be a clone, I dunno. Yeah, he has some markings
over his right eye, and one of them is kind
of like an eyebrow, in that it kind of goes
vwoop right off his face. (laughing) – [Julia] It’s a marking
that leaves your face. – [Karina] I dunno how
else to describe it. He’s got a lot going on, and I
hope this is what you wanted, because it only goes on from here. – [Nathan] Oh I like that. – [Jacob] That’s an eyebrow
that goes off the face. He doesn’t look very evil right now. I need to angle this down.
– He looks a little worried. – [Karina] I mean don’t worry, there’s still so much left to cover. – [Jacob] Angle this down a little more. And the evil “nya!” Sort of an evil look. – [Nathan] So he’s in
the show, but he’s also the villain of this movie? – [Karina] Yeah, full disclosure,
I haven’t finished 5ds, I’ve just been dragging
my ass forever on it. – [Jacob] Fake fan. – [Nathan] You finish Zexel in five days, but you couldn’t finish 5ds? – [Karina] So he is a
character from the show, but the main, I say
“crux of his character” kind of happens in this side movie just tangentially, I dunno. – [Nathan] Is he a
villain in the show also? – [Karina] I can’t answer that question. – [Nathan] Unbelievable. – [Karina] I’m sorry, I don’t
have all the Yu-Gi-Oh answers. There’s a lot of knowledge, and
I only have two brain cells. – [Jacob] What does his other eyebrow do? Does it also go off his head?
– It’s just kinda normal. It’s just kinda there, you know? – [Jacob] Okay this one’s normal. – [Karina] It’s because
the one on the right eye is like a fake face thing. I dunno, it’s just a marking on his face. – [Jacob] Should I fancy it up more? – [Karina] Whatever you feel like. It does go around, it
does go around and under, I will say that. – [Julia] I’m looking at a
picture of him right now. – [Karina] Julia was very curious. – [Julia] Do you want me
to describe the eye thing somewhat in a vibe?
– No, I’m sticking with this. Oh a vibe? Okay, give me a vibe. – [Julia] Picture, I’m
gonna say it’s the vibe adjacent to the first
Fast and Furious movie. – [Jacob] What? – [Julia] I’m getting some
like street car stripes vibe. – [Karina] Yeah, I can see that. – [Julia] It’s not racing
stripes, but it’s reminding me of like the early 2000’s
car culture design. – [Jacob] I’m sticking with this. – [Nathan] This looks great. – [Karina] Do what you feel. – [Nathan] I think, you know,
with these drawing characters ones, you’re already being
very generous with the physical descriptions, Karina. – [Karina] Yeah, we haven’t even gotten into the actual meat. This was a side note. – [Nathan] You’ve gotta keep it vague. I mean this is… – [Jacob] I mean I’ve already
got a real look going on here. – [Karina] So as I said, he
has very long blonde hair. – [Nathan] What kind
of a deck does he use? – [Karina] What kind of
a deck does he use… He plays Maleficent? Is that what it’s called? He stole a bunch of
main character’s dragons and made them evil, and I
think that’s what the archetype is called, but maybe I’m wrong. – [Nathan] Steal dragons
from, he’s a dragon thief. – [Karina] I will add in
since I see you going in for those bangs, he does have large bangs. – Large bangs?
– Yeah. As I said, he’s purple, he’s blonde. – [Jacob] He’s purple? – [Karina] The bangs are
purple, and they both frame his face, but also stick up in a way that looks like horns. – [Jacob] Wow. – [Julia] Yeah, he has the most
Yu-Gi-Oh hair I’ve ever seen in my life.
– You wanted hair, Jacob, so you got it now. – [Jacob] Yeah, you’re right,
you got me on this one. – [Karina] You made a big ol’ fuss, so I got you not even the worst one, not even the worst one from
5ds, but the one I’m most familiar with. – [Nathan] They’re hair horns. – [Jacob] I get that, Nathan. – [Karina] But don’t
forget, on top of the horns, they also kind of frame his
face in a way that’s just deeply unflattering. – [Jacob] On top of the horns? – [Karina] No, just the bangs. The bangs are all one
piece, and they’re purple. Just do what you think. – We’re gonna frame the face,
– I’m gonna leave it at that. – [Jacob] Like this, and
then this is gonna be hair. Hair horns. And then this frames the face as well. – [Julia] I think
something that’s important for you to remember, and
it’s something that I learned in the lost episode of
our Yu-Gi-Oh series, Yu-Gi-Oh hair, not really hair. – [Nathan] Oh it’s like a
bunch of construction paper someone stuck on top of their head. It’s pretty great. – [Karina] I see you’re
getting into the body. I’m so proud you’ve made it this far, we’re about half way done
with the description notes. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’m just trying
to get a really long torso, since I know you said he’s very tall. – [Karina] Yeah, you know
those Yu-Gi-Oh tall men, they’ve got long torsos. – [Jacob] You’ve gotta
have a long torso here. – [Karina] So I’m gonna give
you some clothing notes. – [Jacob] Yeah please,
right now he’s nude. – [Karina] He’s got big shoulder pads. Just huge metal shoulder pads. – [Nathan] He thinks he’s
in World of Warcraft? – [Karina] And when I say
‘big’, I’m gonna stop you for a second, I mean ‘tall’. – [Jacob] No! – [Julia] Everything
about this boy is tall! – [Karina] He’s just
a tall boy, I’m sorry. – [Jacob] Tall? – [Karina] He’s an
absolute mess of a design, and you asked for this. – [Jacob] We’re gonna go like this. – [Nathan] Oh I like that,
they’re like pretty fairy wings. – [Karina] Yeah, so he’s
got these real tall armory shoulder pads, and I’m
just gonna read my notes. “Outfit has two main sections,
top black with rib-like “design, and he has dark
jeans, BUT” in all caps, “white cape over legs only, like jacket.” – [Jacob] White cape over legs only? – [Karina] He has like,
you know when you tie a jacket around your waist,
and you think it’s like a little leg cape? He has that going on. – [Jacob] Yeah, this is metal,
these are metal pauldrons. I want two on this side. – [Karina] You’re taking
some artistic liberties. – [Jacob] I’m having fun. – [Karina] I’m glad. – [Jacob] I’m here for a good
time, not for a long time. So what did you say about his armor? It’s like a rib cage? – [Karina] He’s wearing
like a sleeveless top, and it has a rib-like
design on it is the best way I can put it. You know what, do whatever you want. – [Jacob] I mean I’m
doing a rib-like design. – [Julia] This is a
strong fashion statement. – [Nathan] His chest is that guy with that helmet from Dark Souls. – [Jacob] It is kind of like
that helmet from Dark Souls. You’re right, Nathan. – [Nathan] I remember because
I drew it on a mug one time. – [Jacob] You did,
Lautrec is the guy’s name. – [Julia] Toulouse? – [Jacob] No. – [Nathan] Touwin. – [Karina] You made a little crop top? Give him a cute little crop top? – [Jacob] I really want
the shirt to be black, and I have to finagle this situation. – [Nathan] Is 5ds the one where
they’re riding motorcycles? – [Karina] That is the one where
they’re riding motorcycles. – [Nathan] So does
everyone sort of have like a biker aesthetic in that one? – [Karina] Kinda. – [Nathan] That explains
the Fast and the Furious. Julia, you were right! – [Julia] I told you, early 2000’s like SoBe drink vibes/car culture. – [Karina] My remaining
notes on this character were “gloves up to shoulder, kinda BDSM.” – [Nathan] A lot of the
Yu-Gi-Oh designs are kinda BDSM. – [Karina] I’ll add to
that one I missed which is that he has about 2/3rds
of the cape on his back. – [Nathan] Yugi himself wears
like a belt around his neck. – [Julia] 2/3rds of a cape? – [Karina] I don’t know
how else to describe it. He’s got like the sides of a
cape, but not the back part, that’s what it looked like. He’s a design. – [Jacob] Glove goes
up to here, I’m saying, and it’s got a flared top in my design. – [Karina] I’ll let you wrap that up. I’m gonna tell you a little
about this character, because he’s kind of bemusing. – [Nathan] What’s his motivation? – [Karina] So he’s from the future. He’s from like way in the
future, and he travels back in time in order to
kill Maximillion Pegasus so that Duel Monsters is never invented. – [Jacob] Somebody needed to do it. – [Karina] And it’s
because far in the future, so much shit has happened because of all of the Yu-Gi-Oh things, like you know, there have been all of
these mystical problems, and wars and– – [Nathan] And it’s all
Duel Monster’s fault! – [Karina] It really is! (laughing) – [Jacob] That’s so wild. – [Karina] I think he’s like
the survivor of a genocide. Like I said, I didn’t finish watching 5ds, but that’s a thing that happens in 5ds. – [Nathan] It’s the plot
of Days of Future Past, but instead of getting rid of mutants, it’s getting rid of a card game? – [Karina] It’s getting
rid of Maximillion Pegasus. – [Jacob] Is Paradox not horny? – [Karina] He’s, I mean, he’s very ugly, but he does have a lot of horny energy. – [Jacob] Oh, I made a hot one. – [Julia] I am looking at
a reference image of him, and he has nipple piercings
that are on his shirt, but like none of where
his nipples would be. It’s insane. – [Karina] I missed that,
I was referencing, oh yeah. I was referencing him
with like his shit on. Hence the large shoulder pads. He does take his jacket
off at some point I guess. His cape, question mark? I dunno. – I’m not doing the cape.
– He’s got a lot of layers. – [Jacob] I’ve done enough here. – [Nathan] Let me see this– – You wanna see this boy?
– Lemme see this boy. – [Karina] Here he comes, ugly boy! – [Jacob] You know… – [Nathan] Karina, you’re
doing a good job describing. – [Julia] The hair is wild to me. – [Jacob] Now Karina, I
can’t help but notice here, he doesn’t have any pauldrons. – [Karina] That’s his
art with the jacket off. – [Jacob] Oh, jacket on! Big tall pauldrons. – [Karina] Yeah, huge, giant. – [Nathan] Are those just
knives coming out of his elbows? – [Karina] I mean, maybe. – [Jacob] He’s got knife elbows– – [Karina] He’s got a lot of moving parts. – [Jacob] I wasn’t that far off. – [Karina] You really weren’t. – [Jacob] The thing I
couldn’t have accounted for is the hair is not anything
anyone could’ve guessed. – [Nathan] You didn’t make the hair nearly ridiculous enough. – [Jacob] I’m done. – [Julia] All right, Karina. – [Karina] Okay, Julia, well,
I’m gonna cheat a little, and you’re gonna get three characters. – [Julia] What!? – [Karina] Who function
effectively as one, kind of. – [Nathan] Is it the Egyptian God cards? – [Karina] No. – [Jacob] Is it Slifer the Sky Dragon? – [Karina] That’s one of
the Egyptian God cards. No, Julia, yours are… – [Julia] Pajama Trio? – [Karina] Ojama Trio. – [Julia] Pajama Trio. (laughing) Okay, so we’ve got the pajama shirt. – [Jacob] You’ve got
the bananas in pajamas. – [Nathan] They’re coming down the stairs. – [Jacob] You’ve got Pajama Sam. – We got…
– They’re holding teddy bears. – [Karina] Wow, you’re really nailing it. – We got…
– The slippers. – [Julia] We got the slippies. – [Nathan] Julia, those
slippers are really good. – [Karina] These aren’t
Yu-Gi-Oh characters though! – [Julia] Okay, they’re
Yu-Gi-Oh characters, so hold on. (laughing) – [Karina] Julia, you’re
gonna have to draw these three little gremlins whether
you like it or not. – [Julia] No! – [Nathan] Draw the gremlins. – [Julia] So they’re little gremlins. – [Karina] Yeah, so the Ojama
trios are actually monsters who are characters in Yu-Gi-Oh GX. They’re three brothers,
they’re small little humanoids, so we can start with Ojama Yellow, the main of the Ojama Trio. He’s a little yellow man. He’s kinda got like this
dad bod thing going, where he’s kinda chubby, you know? And (laughing) – [Julia] Are these bad dudes? – [Karina] No, they’re
delightful, and I love them, and you’re gonna draw them for me. – [Nathan] Julia, please draw
a little yellow man for me. – [Karina] I would like
that very much, please. – [Nathan] It’s what we want. – [Jacob] I feel like you’ve really, you’ve done a switcheroo on me and Julia. – [Karina] Yeah, I think this
was the right thing to do. Well, let me put your
fears at ease right now. None of them have hair, and none of them are wearing clothes, but they are very human-like.
– You’re gonna have to draw some genitals, oops! (laughing) – [Karina] So Ojama
Yellow, he’s kinda like, he’s a little chubby. I will say his distinguishing features are his giant mouth, and his
giant lips, and his eyes, which are on eye stocks. – [Nathan] Eye stocks! – [Jacob] Yeah! – [Karina] He’s got like
a lot of snail energy, like if a snail were
your annoying neighbor, that’s Ojama Yellow.
– That sounds like a monster from One Punch Man. – [Jacob] Yeah, it really does. It reminds me of the
lobster, Crawblante, yeah. – [Karina] I will say
that they do have like kind of chibi proportions of
their head being quite large– – [Julia] How do you do chibi
proportions of eye stocks? – [Karina] No, like the whole
thing, his head’s real big, his body, which is very human– – [Nathan] He’s got a dad bod. – [Karina] Yeah, his little
dad bod is kinda small. – [Nathan] Don’t worry, Julia,
you only have to draw this and then two more characters. – [Karina] They’re not wearing clothes, they’re only wearing little underoos, little like bikini bottoms. – [Jacob] He’s so sad. Oh no, he doesn’t want to be here at all! – [Nathan] He has old man eyebrows. – [Karina] Why is he old? Because he’s my dad. – [Julia] You said he
had dad energy, right? – [Karina] I mean he has snail energy. – [Nathan] He’s got a human
body and big lips and teeth. – [Karina] Did I sign you up for too much? I’m sorry. – [Jacob] No, you signed
Julia up for my task. – Yeah, this is a Jacob task.
– I would’ve been done already – [Karina] You wanted big hair. – [Nathan] You got the
worst hair, you did it. – [Karina] So I gave you
really one of the ugliest boys. – [Jacob] This is definitely
a challenge episode, because you’ve given Julia
the little squat horrible men, and you’ve given me the big
beautiful ornate god character. – [Nathan] And you gave me a catgirl. (laughing) – [Jacob] You gave Nathan Cathy. Are these the lips? – [Karina] Just big ol’
mouth, big ol’ lips. Real toothy smile. Yeah, that’s a little Joker smile. – [Jacob] A toothy smile. So make sure to get a
lot of teeth in there. – [Karina] Teeth is hell. – [Jacob] Oh, you’ve drawn
the “Ahh! Real Monsters!”, what’s her name? There’s Ickus and Crumb,
Oblina or something? – [Nathan] Let’s say her name is Oblina. – [Jacob] I think it might be. – [Karina] It’s just
Oblina, but with a dad bod, and she’s yellow. I don’t wanna make this too complicated. – [Nathan] Except for
a little bikini bottom. – [Karina] That’s the only
other distinguishing thing, but he is very humanoid. He does have feet. – [Jacob] Oh, is it just
like the belly’s hanging over the underwear? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] It’s Oblina! (cheering)
I was right! – [Nathan] Jacob knew the thing! – [Jacob] Guys, I knew the thing! I said the right thing for once! Oh this feels great! Is this how you guys feel all the time? – [Julia] I’ve never said
anything right on this show. Does he have a nose? – [Karina] He really doesn’t, it’s more of a nostril situation, yeah. – [Jacob] You’ve got two more
of these, remember, Julia– – [Karina] Don’t be too precious about it. He does have feet. – [Jacob] He’s probably wearing socks. – [Karina] He’s not, but if
it makes you feel better, I like those. (giggling) – [Jacob] He’s wearing toe socks. – [Julia] Yeah, they’re gonna stop there. – Toeless socks.
– He’s having like a huge toe wedgie right now. – [Nathan] And sandals. – [Karina] He’s my dad! This is the new Ojama, Ojama dad. This is an archetype in the card game, I like playing Ojama decks sometimes, they’re really fun, and
there are different Ojamas. So the main ones are
yellow, green, and black, but there’s also Ojama Blue, Ojama Red, there’s a bunch of unnamed Ojamas, they live in Ojama Country. – [Jacob] Of course they do. – [Karina] They have Ojama parties. – [Nathan] Thanks, Ojama. – [Karina] So the next
Ojama brother (laughing) The next Ojama brother is Ojama Black. He is chubbier than Ojama Yellow. Unlike Ojama Yellow, and
his brother, Ojama Green, his distinguishing face
feature is his nose. It’s enormous, he’s got a big ol’ nose. He has very small eyes. Little beady eyes, (laughing) and he does have a bit of
a fang situation going on. The other two have very human teeth, but for some reason, he’s got fangs. – [Jacob] Julia, this is just cute! – [Karina] I like this! – [Nathan] This is like
a “My Ziggy Vampire” OC. – [Karina] It’s the
Sunday Funnies episode. – [Nathan] My Ziggy Vampire
AU where Ziggy is a vampire. – [Karina] And he’s also wearing nothing but little underoos. – And gloves.
– And also gloves. – [Karina] I love the
choice to give them gloves. I never said that. Well I’m gonna stop just
so you can move right along to Ojama Green. – [Nathan] What is happening
with his underwear? – [Jacob] Yeah, I can’t
decipher at all what’s going on with those. It’s just some… – [Nathan] It looks
like just some strings. – [Julia] Yeah, that’s it. – [Jacob] You just said ‘yeah’,
but that doesn’t answer. This isn’t helping. This is helping. Get rid of that big hole. – [Karina] They’re being stretched out around his stick legs. – [Julia] It looks like he
has like a butt saddle now to keep everything up a little bit. – [Karina] That’s really
all it’s there for. We do not get to see
what’s under the underoos. – [Julia] Do you want… – [Jacob] No, what’s the third one? Please stop. – [Karina] So the third
one is Ojama Green, and I’m just gonna read you my notes. “One eye, big mouth and
tongue, incredibly muscular.” – [Julia] One eye… – [Karina] He has kind
of a weird shaped head. – [Nathan] Ojama Green’s the
bro of the Ojama brothers. – [Karina] So as I was
saying, in the show, we got Chaz, he’s like the
designated rival of the series, because each Yu-Gi-Oh series has a rival, but he’s kind of the
most comedy relief rival of arguably the entire franchise, and so his whole thing
is that he starts seeing duel spirits, and it’s these ones. These are the ones he’s stuck with, and he is not happy about it at all, but he can’t get rid of them. They’re just there forever. – Do they talk?
– Yeah, they do talk. – [Nathan] Great. – [Karina] Isn’t that great? In the dub, they kind of
sound like The Three Stooges. – [Jacob] Oh good. – [Nathan] Yuk yuk yuk. – [Karina] Yeah, I think
Ojama Black is that one. Which one is that again, Curly? Yeah, Ojama Black is Curly. – [Nathan] He’s got a
big eye on his tongue! – [Karina] Interesting. – [Nathan] You said one
eye, big mouth and tongue, very muscular. – [Karina] You know what, let her. (laughing) – [Jacob] The human-ness of this mouth is really unappealing. – [Karina] He’s like cylindrical. Remember, it also has to
be incredibly muscular. – [Nathan] Oh, Julia remembered. – [Jacob] Here she comes with the muscles. – [Karina] Perfect, thank you. – [Nathan] If ever Julia
would remember something, it’s to draw muscles. So we’ve got these two
sort of lovable characters, and then their brother, Ojama Green, who is a creature of pure nightmare. – [Karina] His mouth is always
open, or else he can’t see. – [Nathan] Everything tastes like my eye! – [Jacob] He could bite
down on his own eye if he fucked up. – [Karina] Yeah, like how
you bite your own lip. – [Nathan] Yeah, which
is already so painful. – [Jacob] Thank you, those
are Jacob-style nipples! – [Julia] I really had to lean in, after the dad character,
I decided I had to go big shapes, which is a Jacob strat. – [Karina] I mean to like, not to go back and say you did it
incorrectly, but the other two do have a bit of like, body, moobs, I don’t think they have nipples, no one in Yu-Gi-Oh has
nipples really, but. Yeah. – [Jacob] Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it! You’ve done it. – [Nathan] Now you’ve done it. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, let’s go lower. You are the Jacob of this episode. – [Nathan] Julia, you
made that drawing rude. Julia don’t make this a rude episode. Up until this point, I think
I was still a little sad that we lost the original
one we did of this, but now– – [Jacob] I’m very sad. (laughing) – [Nathan] Goddammit, Julia. – [Julia] I’m back, baby! – [Jacob] Back from where? – [Karina] Where’d you go? – [Jacob] Oh is that a butt? What in the world? – [Karina] Julia… (laughing) That is where I draw the
line, that is grotesque. – [Nathan] Everything
about him is so tight, and he just has this real saggy– – [Karina] I wasn’t
gonna say anything about his giant you-know-what in his undies. – [Julia] Because I was
still trying to figure out how the legs were gonna work. – [Karina] So I just made it really big. – [Nathan] Ojama Green fucks. – [Jacob] I think we can all agree. I don’t recall Karina
specifying that he just had like an enormous hog that threatens all the other little monsters. – [Karina] I like how
he’s on a different plane than the other two. – [Jacob] He is, he’s like closer to us, but also further away. – [Karina] The ground’s sunk a little. – [Julia] Do you want me
to move down the other two? – [Jacob] You have to move him up. – [Julia] I can’t! – [Karina] You can’t
move a force of nature. – [Nathan] He’s immovable. – [Jacob] He’s too heavy to lift! – [Nathan] There he goes! – [Jacob] Let’s put him on the same plane. – [Nathan] Yeah, there they all are. – [Karina] See? I knew
it would be a good idea to give this one to Julia. – [Julia] I think the boys
would like to disagree with you on that idea. – [Jacob] You did great. – [Karina] Well, I’m
hosting and they’re not. – [Julia] There we go. – [Jacob] I’m pulling them up for you. – [Nathan] Do give him armpit hair, good. – [Jacob] Here you go, Julia. – [Karina] You did it! – [Julia] You know, not super far off with the last one there. – [Karina] Green? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] You did kind of give
him a real thick strong bod with the eye on the tongue. – [Karina] Yeah, that
was a bit of a choice. – [Julia] Yeah, I just
messed up the strong face. He has like literally a strong face. – [Jacob] He’s not just a
screaming hole with an eye tongue. – [Julia] I can’t wait
to render this later, and just regret
everything, and think about my career as an artist, and if this is it. – [Karina] Well, I for one am
truly appreciative and happy about you drawing some of
my favorite characters. – Good god.
– What a day. – [Nathan] This drawing
destroyed all of my life points. – [Karina] Nathan found
dead in the shower. – [Jacob] We all deserve
some time in the shadow realm I think for this one. – [Karina] All right everyone, get in. – [Nathan] Thank you so
much for watching, everyone. Be sure to check us out
on Twitch as well as subscribing to this channel
if you like the stuff we do. We’re on so many platforms. Go to all of them, they’re
all in the description. Right now at once. We’re sorry. – [Jacob] I’m sorry. – [Karina] I guess I’m sorry. – [Julia] Sorry! (laughing) I’m sorry! That’s the last dude I drew. – [Nathan] That’s what the, yeah. – [Julia] Sorry!

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