Baby Names With Nicknames You’ll Completely Adore

Baby Names With Nicknames You’ll Completely Adore

Nicknames may be even more important than
people realize. Did you know that people who go by shorter
names tend to earn more money and may ultimately be more successful? While there are some traditional ways of deriving
nicknames, such as taking part of the name and ending it with a “Y” or an “I.E,” that
formula doesn’t always work smoothly. It’s worth taking a look at these gorgeous
baby names that pair with nicknames we know you’ll love just as much. Amelia One of the most popular names in the world,
Amelia is a variant of the Greek name Amalia, which, in turn, comes from the Germanic Amala. Possible nicknames for this charming moniker
include Amy, Mel, Lia, and Millie. Francisco The Spanish and Portuguese version of the
name Francis is Francisco, so it should be no surprise that the name is most popular
in Portugal and Spanish-speaking countries. Some of its best nicknames come from variations
in other languages. There are the English names Frank or Frankie,
the Italian Franco, and the multinational Frans. Evelyn The English last name Evelyn was ultimately
derived from the Germanic name Aveline. In modern times, the name is mostly considered
feminine due to its association with the feminine name Evelina. While you could still use Evelyn as a name
for a little boy, its nicknames, Evie, Eve, and Lyn, work better for girls. Penelope In Greek mythology, Penelope is remembered
as the wife of the hero Odysseus, as memorialized in Homer’s Odyssey. Today, there are some pretty adorable nicknames
for a young lady named Penelope. There’s Penny, of course, which could also
be shortened to Pen, and Nelly, which can similarly be shortened to Nel (or Nell with
two L’s). Gabriella One of the most popular names for babies in
the United States, the Hebrew name Gabriella is used internationally. While it’s only two letters off from its male
counterpart Gabriel, those two letters make a big difference, making nicknames like Ella
and Briella possible. Other lovely nicknames include Gabby, Brielle,
and Bri. Melinda Debuting in the 18th century, one theory about
the origin of the name Melinda is that it could have been inspired by the nearly identical
name Belinda. Of the many ways to customize this pretty
name for your little girl, some of the choices include Mel, Melly, Linda, Lindy, and Mindy. Leonardo Thanks to such famous figures as painter and
inventor Leonardo da Vinci, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and, of course, Leonardo of the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this name’s popularity is safely locked in for years to
come. Ultimately derived from the German words for
“lion” and “brave,” some of the cutest nickname options are Leo, Leon, Nardo, Lee, Len, and
Lenny. Nicole The name Nicholas means “victory of the people,”
and it’s feminine form, Nicole, only started gaining traction in the U.S. in the mid-20th
century. Some of the most creative nicknames come from
other languages. The Slovene variation of the name, Nika, makes
for a gorgeous nickname, as do the French nicknames Colette and Coline. Gianna Technically, the name Gianna is already a
nickname — the shortened form of Giovanna, which is the Italian form of Johanna, and
ultimately traced back to an ancient Hebrew name. Nicknames for Gianna are short and sweet,
and include Gia, Gigi, and Anna. Dominic This Latin name was traditionally given to
boys who were born on a Sunday, but we’ll look the other way if your baby Dominic is
born on another day! In use in England since the 13th century,
it’s still quite popular in English-speaking countries, making the top 100 in the United
States, Canada, and Australia. Good nickname choices for the name Dominic
include Dom, Dommie, Nick, and Nico. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
channel. Plus, check out this other cool stuff we know
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100 thoughts on “Baby Names With Nicknames You’ll Completely Adore

  1. My name is Lily but I have another Lily in my class so everyone just calls me Max

    And my nickname at home is Lil

  2. My oldest daughter is ariana she gets ari aria Rayna and rain. My 9 month old is emmalina she can get em emma lina emm emmy mali malia lia mena

  3. I'm so weird I'm 14 and literally just can not wait to have a baby and be pregnant its well weird 😂😂😂 always have been very family orientated

  4. My name is Olivia and my nick names are Liv, Livvy , Olive (which I don’t respond to and via which most people call me

  5. Please don’t nickname your Dominic ‘Dom’ or ‘Dommie’. In the Netherlands, dom means dumb or stupid, and dommie is just a very belittling ‘nickname’ for someone who is stupid

  6. My cousins name is collete we call her coco my cheer freinds name is giovanna. But we call her gio and my cousins name is gianna but we call her gigi or bing bong

  7. My name is Laura and my family calls me Laws and get ready for it….. Lashoump yes ik it’s weird but it has a story

    So when I was little obviously I wasn’t very good at pronouncing things so I called the lounge room the lashoump so I would say stupid like “c’mon c’mon let’s go to the lashoump!” Now they just mainly call me lashoump.

  8. Mines Alicia ( A- liss- ee- ah ) and I’ve been called Lissy or Liss since I was a baby. I’m hardly ever even called Alicia at this point 😂

  9. my name is elizabeth but people call me libby. yes it is unusual as a nickname from elizabeth and annoying when i was younger having to tell supply teachers because literally nobody calls me elizabeth and classmates would get confused when they asked if ‘elizabeth’ was in the class

  10. I’m skyler my nicknames are sky,sky sky, earth, ground, and weasel the last 3 are weird but people call me that so yea

  11. my daughters name is Arden and my family calls her “Ardo” or “Ardie”
    never really thought of the nickname just loved the name Arden.

  12. Why can no american YouTube channel look up the pronounciatian of Gianna before making a video about it? 😫😫 it sounds horrible!! It‘s not jeeahnuh —> it‘s pronounced j-AA-n-uh

  13. Lyn/Lynn can be a male or female name. My great grandfather (rest his soul) was Lynn. But my mother (relation to my greatest by marriage) is Dana lynn

  14. One extra one for Evelyn could be Lanie too (pronounced lane-y) One of my friend's name is Evelyn but spelled a like Evelaine (pronounced just like Evelyn is)

  15. My name is Michaela but ppl call me migget, Mich, kayla, michael-ay, muquayla, mich-ayla… Yes i have alot of nick names 😂

  16. My partners name is Francis and I would love to honour his name in our future son or daughters name!! Drop options down below!!

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