Belle Delphine | Before They Were Famous | TikTok / Instagram Star

Belle Delphine | Before They Were Famous | TikTok / Instagram Star

Before Belle Delphine would have over 350 thousand
followers on Facebook, a couple thousand over on Patreon account, over 2.7 Million followers
on Instagram and over 225k followers on her 2nd Instagram at the time of this recording… Before Belle Delphine would give us such classics
including smashing a cupcake on her face… Before Belle would get someone to pour eggs
all over her body Before that video would get this video demonetized it also racked in 6 million views for her instagram account and the girl seems to have something against eggs.. I guess they were all the rage in early 2019… anyway. Before Belle would show off her incredible dancing
skills Before popular YouTubers Will Ne, Pyroncynical
and PewDiePie would make videos where they pay Belle Delephine some insane amounts of money Okay, to be fair, PewDiePie paid her zero bucks. But you know.. he got some views out of it Belle Delaphine blew up online through her
provocative cosplay pictures and videos of her, well, unique videos on Tik Tok. She used
food and costumes to create an online persona that has gained her close to 3 million Instagram
followers in a short period of time. But it’s the controversy that surrounds Belle that
has taken her fame to a new level. And after popular YouTubers found out about her Patreon
account, which includes some interesting rewards for becoming a member, well, everybody seems
to want to know the story behind Belle Delphine. On her Patreon account, she begins her bio
by saying: If you’re into weird elf kitty girls who try
too hard then you have come to the right place

100 thoughts on “Belle Delphine | Before They Were Famous | TikTok / Instagram Star

  1. Why do we as a society keep making talentless hacks rich and famous

    You'd think we would have learned by now

    I hope when we free the aliens from Area 51 they turn on us and destroy us, we probably deserve it idk

  2. I followed her at 200 followers on insta…. it’s crazy

  3. girls like her are pretty common in england nowadays – unsure if thats a good thing or not – she clearly has some blend of narcisstic, boarderline and histrionic personality types

  4. If I was a billionaire, I'd offer her a billion dollars to be mine and guarantee to buy anything she wants for the rest of her life.

    Then I'd tell her "Naw just kidding~ I'm not into whores!! But chu cute tho. Crazy, but cute."

  5. Dude fix the thumbnail for this video its ugly Kylie jenner and i wanna punch her face so bad. But belle is good i wanna see her

  6. She seems like one of those girls that put on a big front that she's sluttie for all the attention but in all reality she's a virgin

  7. Sorry but she didn’t move straight to London she lived in Hampshire and went to the high school I live next to , she used to babysit someone I knows sisters whilst she was in year 10 or 11

  8. She's so gross looking when you see her off angles/huge underbite and jaw in her bedroom tour video.
    She uses meitu apps to edit her videos and photos.

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