100 thoughts on “Benefits of Fasting for Weight Loss Put to the Test

  1. why do people need a gimmick? just eat nothing but plants. maybe eat less plants if you want too lose a few. you will lose weight. no need to put your body through the dangers of starvation.

  2. I like the notion of fasting, simply to break up bad eating patterns, if nothing else. As for sustainability, I see fasting as an intermittent disruption, just like running is. I can't run all the time, but certainly intermittently. If intermittent running is a "lifestyle" choice, so too with fasting. Be a runner or be an intermittent dieter. An "unsustainable" choice?

  3. hold up hold up. How can you survive for 382 days without protein? I understand he gets energy from his fat, takes vitamin and mineral supplement, but what about protein?

  4. I think enhanced mood comes from ketosis? While I was in ketosis I experienced this feeling of euphoria and incredible mood.

  5. Aside from the life style choice issue, I do have concerns that fasting will screw up your system from lack of nutrients and messed up biota. Check out the responses to the Quora question "What's the effect of prolonged fasting in gut flora?"

  6. '…in 1915 two Harvard docs indelicately described 2 extraordinarily fat women…one of whom was a veritable pork barrel' I lost it! Indelicately, indeed!

  7. Intermittent fasting has become another lifestyle choice, along with Vegan. Some days I cut the fast early, some days I will eat later, but generally I stick inside the 16:8.

    I typically consume 1,600-2,000kcal with regular exercise and my weight will fluctuate between 152-156lbs. Gives me a healthy baseline and an easy template to work with if I want to built strength or focus primary on endurance.

    It was amazing to see that the weight was under my control with focus on the habits of eating. Going vegan 6 years ago, I had this idea I could eat whatever I wanted, and weighed ~ 165-170lbs. Since then it has been a refining process

  8. I knew a girl who did I guess it was considered a liquid fast for a few months. She was obese already. She did this fast with her doctorโ€™s supervision too. She saw the doctor I think every week or so. The doctor had her on ensure and some weird smoothies (and not fruit and veggies smoothies, I think powders or something) ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ. She did lose so much weight! I mean so so much! But then I recently saw a foto of her at a family event and unfortunately she gained all of it back, plus 3x more weight than what she was. I couldnโ€™t believe it ๐Ÿ˜ช.

  9. I use to intermittent fast, then I had heart problems (arrhythmia and palpitations) and my metabolism tanked so I gained twice as fast. Now I eat dense low caloric foods, and exercise. When I use to fast the brain fog from the lack of glucose was so impactful that I would have serious memory problems, and was so low energy that I would nap, non stop during the day. Unless I was having seizures, or stranded somewhere, I am never fasting again.

  10. This is interesting stuff and I enjoy all of these videos!
    As far as the euphoria in fasting, it might help explain the 'hook' in the mirror side of obesity – anorexia eating disorders. Eating disorders have, of course, a starting point with the perception of food, eating and body image coupled with the endorphins that can contribute to underlying compulsive/obsessive eating issues. That is a whole other discussion. I think where I'm actually going here is that it is important to mention and address all of the eating disorders. Obesity related eating disorders and Anorexia eating disorders are both very damaging to the body in a functional and nutritional context. Unfortunately, one is shamed and the other is praised.

  11. Stick to a healthy WFPB lifestyle and exercise rather than eating whatever and then starving yourself. We all fast in our sleep, prolonging the fast is just gonna make you binge later to make up for the lost calories and glucose. I wonโ€™t be draining my glycogen stores anytime soon.

  12. Is it safe? We know the scientific community can't say it is no matter what because of the liability. Most responsible people with knowledge will suggest it is only safe under medical supervision. Most people can't afford to be under medical supervision for their weight loss. One even created a way to cheat the effects by eating the bare minimum over a week or so. It is a good topic to resolve though and hopefully it is solved before too many people go too far. For myself I fast about an avg of 18 hrs per day. I feel fine but wonder if it is the best solution. I am not overweight but just want to be as healthy as possible.

  13. Man you are so careful about what words and subject you avoid. No mention of the fasting reducing insulin/blood sugar levels. No mention of the body producing and using more ketones during a fast. A bit too keto I suppose. …

  14. This is great info. However, fasting is very difficult for most people and sometimes unrealistic for people who have busy lives. The crazy thing is, there is a way to get the benefits of fasting, without fasting. Check out the unusual effects of molecular hydrogen water on the body and how it mimics fasting. And it has other amazing benefits. If you or anyone wants any links, let me know and I could possibly share some.

  15. I used to be sick so frequently that I decided to replicate a study on mice which the researchers said rebuilt the immune system (MICE being the key word here but I was sick so often I didn't care). Essentially water fast 2-3 days once a month for 6 months. I did that, and it seems to have worked. I went from sick 10+ times per year to 1-2 times per year. I think that was 4-5 years ago now. I'm hoping those studies will be covered in future videos.

  16. I did alternate day fasting for 7 days, eating 1800 calories on non fasting days. I gained 12lbs. I think it might work if you actually overeat and that's why you're fat. But that's not always why people are fat. I once "fasted" for 4 months, it was called anorexia nervosa. I lost 120lbs, a kidney, and my gallbladder.

  17. โš ๏ธโš ๏ธwarning do not take Zantac (ranitidine). Just recalled for causing cancer!! Canada was last to know.

  18. I used diet alone to get down to within about 20 lbs of my bmi normal weight. I couldn't seem to make any more progress until I tried fasting one day a week and I was down to bmi normal within about 3 weeks to a month. I've kept if off just fine without doing any more except one time a partial fast of skipping breakfast and supper. It definitely helped me get control of my hunger. That and getting all the sugar, fake sugar, etc out of my diet. I can easily wait an extra few hours for my scheduled meal now sometimes going 8 hours between meals.

  19. If it wasnt for fasting, i doubt i would be on a whole food plant based diet. Yeah fasting is temporary, but it helps reset the palatte somewhat, and that helps eating previously less favorable taste to plant foods, especially greens, much more tolorable.

  20. The Fasting Fatman (he has a YT channel) is currently on his second extended water fast. His values donโ€™t align with most on this channel (he tried and like the carnivore diet during a break from full fasting, for example), but his resolve is pretty amazing.

  21. Lol. At people think theyโ€™re made differently because no diet works lol. Hilarious. Iโ€™ve heard females say this the most. Including my mother.

  22. I aspire to an existence of "exceptional usefulness" myself, ha-ha! This was a real eye-opener; hope there are more assessments of recent fasting research upcoming. TFP!

  23. While I enjoyed the fasting information in this video, I wish we could do away with the casual fatphobia. If a study from 40 years ago had referred to an ethnic minority population in a prejudicial manner, we wouldn't think of including that in a video. And yet, the inclusion of the damaging remarks by the medical community describing an obese woman were included for laughs. I urge you to reconsider this.

  24. I have done IF for some time, but I fell off the wagon and now I can't get back on it. I struggle and fail daily. I normally plan to break fast at 12pm but end up getting really hungry around 10am (I am normally up at 5am). And it just goes downhill from there.
    Any ideas on what I could change? Improve on? Any methods or routines that work very well?

  25. No calorie-deficit weight loss diet is sustainable. It doesn't need to be. The important thing is whether it's healthy not whether it's sustainable. Looking forward to you actually discussing whether it is healthy.

  26. I hope you go into more detail in your video about the effects of fasting for men vrs. women. As far as my understand goes, a lot of studies have researched men on fasting diets but not women. And as such, at this point we don't know the effects that fasting can have on women's hormones, especially in non-obese/ healthy women. From my own personal experience and bias ( as a non-obese woman) stupid enough to think water fasting would have beneficial health benefits, I found the process to be far more damaging to my body than I was led to believe. It took months for my body and hormones to normalize afterwords.

  27. Deficiency in vitamins & electrolyte imbalances is not healthy. Fasting every day for 20 hours is not good. Better to fast for 2 days with 2 days of replenishment & feeding. Long term fasting for a week or more is not healthy, even with supplements. Supplements are synthetic vitamins and no substitute for real food.

  28. Think the study shows something else very important… that obese people can go without food very easily, yet I am sure they all put much of it or more back on. IMHO some of us dont have an OFF switch (Perhaps our genes as we advanced turned of the constant craving for food (which we used to need for survival) but it didnt get turned off for all of us).. I am not obese…but struggle all the time to maintain a healthy weight. I can go forever with no eating…but once I start… I cant stop. Seriously

  29. I guess if we starve ourselves, we can lose weigh. I think thats a good research topic for seventh grade. Does it really take a Phd to figure that out?

  30. So timely… I have been reevaluating my fasting practices and have some additional clarity about the direction I am heading in. Thanks Dr. Greger!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  31. I dont get how you calorie restrict when you calorie restrict you get really hugnry. even if you eat a lot of vegetables and fills up on it, i still "crave" like in my throat and mouth calories from potatoes, beans, rice etc. any tips? i wnt to get the health benefits pls. but i feel like a failure.

  32. "Booda". My first 5-day fast had 3 days of detox, which resulted in headaches. Day 4, however, it all cleared up and I had stupendous energy. Day 5 had settled down and very clear head. I do 4-day fasts from time to time, should do one next week. That chart demonstrates a 50% increase during fasting. I'd rather a regime of plant-heavy diets. "Eat To Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman lays out all the groundwork for this. Lost 30 pounds in two months, while weekend "cheating" and drinking beer during all this. Hehe.

  33. I just had my first โ€œI canโ€™t wait for the next episodeโ€ moment on YouTube. Cโ€™mon man! Who shot JR? Who did Sam call on Cheers? Did Riker kill Borg Picard? This video is officially in my top ten of season cliffhangers.

  34. I find that fasting and intermittent fasting helps with my binge eating disorder and helps me not gain any more weight. I can go without food for 24 hours every single day and sometimes even 48 hours or more. When I do eat binge-eating episodes don`t occur cuz I only eat when accompanied since I`m completely unable to control my food intake when I eat alone. I almost feel like a normal person without an eating disorder when I force myself to fast for hours or days. Otherwise I`d be snacking on nuts, dates, fresh apples, tomatoes, rice, buckweat, oatmeal, garlic, kale etc. until I feel too stuffed to walk, gain a lot of weight and end up constantly criticizing my body. Fasting also reduces my hunger so that I don`t eat too fast when I finally eat my family dinner. So, for me personally fasting works very well.

  35. I went to a fasting clinic in Germany. The national health insurance pays for it and it is quite common there. Wish the rest of the world would jump onboard with this already.

  36. Me and my husband lost a combined 230+ lbs doing fasting (not intermittent, days of fasting in a row). The euphoria is real. I have kept the lbs off for two years, only gaining some back because I am wanting to get pregnant. The best part is that my husband no longer snores!

  37. The improved mood is partly due to stabilized blood sugar levels.

    Not to mention the improved mood and clarity observed by those on ketogenic diets. A diet that stabilizes blood sugar levels.

  38. Dont stop eating, think of the poor big corporations that wont get the trillions of dollars and the CEOs who wont be able to buy their 20th mansion and jet.

  39. "We'll find out next" let's see what product is going to be pushed in the next episode. Book possibly? Just don't call it a "diet" book. ๐Ÿ˜‰ sinical me. ๐Ÿ˜ž maybe he's just seeking new subscriber revenue ๐Ÿ’ธ ๐Ÿ’ฐ.

  40. fasting is a permanent lifestyle. not eating on Sundays isn't that hard. the biggest danger you need to watch out for is not getting enough salt during your fast, which is why most proponents of it will tell you to create an electrolyte mix that you drink to keep your body functioning properly.

  41. once you fast more than 24 hours, your body will start releasing growth hormone, which will repair all kinds of things in your body that it never gets a chance to because you're always shoveling food in your mouth

  42. Today I found an article proving the correlation between excess vitamin & minerals and weight gain.

  43. to say that diets fail and people revert to previous body weight not only applies to intermittent fasting, but WFPBD as well. In my opinion, it is easier to convince someone to do a 16:8 fast than tell them to go on to a WFPBD. I understand the benefits of going vegan, but it's harder than the fasting regimens I get patients to do, at least to start their life choice on weight loss. Fasting should be done with guidance from your doctor, if suitable for you.

  44. Come on, Dr. Greger..you should know better than to call fasting a "starvation diet". ๐Ÿ™„ (Unless you were just mimicking what the research calls it?) Fasting is a centuries-old practice that induces autophagy, blunts appetite and burns fat naturally … allowing your body to use fat as an energy source. It's continuing to go without food when there aren't sufficient fat stores in the body that results in starvation. That's when it's taken too far and can result in death as the body breaks down muscle, organs and bone. Also, certain people shouldn't fast, which I'm sure you already know. But for the average healthy person, fasting from one day to five days (per Dr. Michael Klaper), is incredibly healthy for you..and beyond that, even..and intermittent fasting is just as good for those who just want to create some space between feedings, yet still attain fasting benefits. Most people seem ignorant when it comes to fasting, and I've rolled my eyes at those who state that skipping a meal means you're starving yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But we're so conditioned to eat at every opportunity, that it's little wonder that people fear hunger and don't understand what it means to fast. ๐Ÿ™

  45. Day 9 of a water fast and feel great! Lots of energy and extremely clear mind.

    My longest fast is 21 days but starting a 22-day vegan challenge with my gf here, so just 10 this time.

    If you can fast 4 days, you can fast 40.

    It sounds hard but it's not at all. Ketosis is smooth sailing.

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