Benjamin Franklin Cartoon! Ben Franklin (Biography Cartoon Network)

Benjamin Franklin Cartoon! Ben Franklin (Biography Cartoon Network)

Hey it is time to start learning with fun
facts about Benjamin Franklin. Come on! Let’s get this party started Benjamin
Franklin. Did you know that his is one of my favorite peeps in history. Benjamin Franklin
was known as a Diplomat, Scientist, Inventor, and Writer.
Now if we were singing go Benjamin it’s your birthday, his birthday would be singing that
on January 17th for Benjamin Franklin. The year he was born was 1706.
When it comes to baseball, football, and basketball many people think of this city for the Red
Sox, the Patriots, or even the Celtics, but Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston Massachusetts.
When it came to Ben’s father, he was a soap and candle maker named Josiah Franklin. Josiah
had a lot of kids and Ben was his 15th child and youngest son. Now as a kid today many
of you go to school. You probably might be watching me at school now, but this wasn’t
the same back then. At the age of 12 Benjamin Franklin began working under his brother as
an apprentice in a print shop. It was there a lot of people say this is where he got his
skills in reading and writing because he got to read a lot of stuff in the print shop.
When it came to inventing things Benjamin Franklin was very smart. For example he taught
himself how to swim and many people knew Ben for swimming long distances because he made
flippers out of wood. That’s crazy! Also when it came to seeing Benjamin Franklin took glasses
to a another level. I’m telling you. With glass people where them so they can see far
or they wear them so they can see up close. But Ben Franklin did the two for one and he
made bifocals where you could see long distances and up close all with the same pair of glasses.
In the world of politics Benjamin Franklin helped to draft the Declaration of Independence
and the U.S. Constitution which gives us our laws here in the United States today. He also
negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War. Ben Franklin
died on April 17th 1790. Although Ben Franklin is gone his works and life will never be forgotten
as he will go down in history as one of thee greatest Americans, and that was all the fun
facts about Benjamin Franklin for kids.

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