Best Side Characters in BoJack Horseman | Netflix

Best Side Characters in BoJack Horseman | Netflix

– Would you like a alcohol? – I certainly would, you
sophisticated smooth talker. – Are you seriously
trying to make me jealous by flirting with what is very
obviously just three kids stacked on top of each
other under a trench coat? (lively music) – What is the message behind your music? – Are you kidding? I’m Sarah freaking Lynn. I’m gonna be sexy forever! – Uh, this a bad time? – It’s fine. I can talk to you and also judge these women’s bodies at the same time. – I love Sarah Lynn. I grew up on her music, okay. And she’s like an inspiration, but now she’s old and shriveled and broke and nobody want her anymore, okay. They want Sextina Aquafina, baby! – That slippery, slimy,
cold-blooded, bug-eyed– – What’s new, pussycat? – Gekko. – In the flesh. – (laughs) How are you? – What a morning, huh? – Ana? – I won’t be working with Jurge anymore. I let him know this morning. At first he thought I was just
doing a really good prank, but eventually I think he understood. – You dropped Jurge, Jurge Clooners? Sexiest man in America, Jurge Clooners? – Well, I was talking to Wayne. – Who’s Wayne? – I’m Wayne. – Wayne’s writing an article
about me for BuzzFeed. – [Sebastian] Diann. Sebastian St. Clair here, famed billionaire
philanthropist adventurer. Please hold your applause. – Okay? – Well, you can applaud a little. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold up. – If your story can have Princess Diana, why can’t mine have Emperor Fingerface? – It’s not actually Princess
Diana, she’s just named Diana. – I been picturing Princess Diana. – The show came to me when I was in rehab. I realized I’m only here
on this Earth for a bit, why not dig deeper? – Hah. – Don’t get me wrong, BoJack, I’m proud of the seven years
I spent on Krill and Grace. – That show did so much for the way society views krill people. – What are you doing here? – Wanna get a drink? – It’s eight in the morning. – Well, it’s 5:00 p.m. in Los Angeles. – That’s not true.
– I actually don’t know what time it is. – You, that dress is hideous. Go home, burn it, and come back. When we know what we know
about a monster like that, and we still put him on TV every week, we’re teaching a generation
of young boys and girls that a man’s reputation is more important than the lives of the women he’s ruined. – As your accountant, I felt it necessary to do this in person. – Us too, because we’re
really accounting on you. – Oh no.
– To get in on the ground floor of this exciting new- – Oh no, no, don’t do
this, please God, no. – Hello, drug merchant. Is it lit under here? – What? – Are there illegal pharmaceuticals
available for purchase? And please, talk into my lollipop. – So, you’re the famous Yolanda? – I’m not famous, you
might have me confused with another more famous Yolanda. – I know, I just meant because
Todd talks about you so much, I feel like you’re famous. – Steve, you still fixing up your truck? – You’re thinking of
Emily’s old boyfriend, Firefighter Steve Demarco. Yeah, I’m Firefighter Steve D’Mazio. We’re very different. – Computer BoJack had so much
charisma and screen presence, we ended up going back and
replacing you in every scene. – Wait, so I’m not in the movie at all? – Well, not technically, but computer you is giving the
performance of your career. (dramatic music)
– It is now day three of the great BoJack jerk-off. Really? That’s the name we came up with for this? Who came up with that? Was it Randy? Did Randy come up with that? – Um? – It’s me pickles, from before. Pretty cool you’re dating a celebrity. – Okay.
– I’m also dating a celebrity. – Wow.
– Should we start a club? I call Vice President. – So, to be clear, my drought plan is actually a drought relief plan. I see now how that’s confusing. Any other questions? – Are you going to race Mr. Peanut Butter? – Any questions about the drought plan? – I talked to 23 women today, and none of them were my mother. How did you find me? – I went to everyone on that list. – You talked to all those women? Someone them- – Really haven’t aged well, I know. – I was gonna say really hate you. – Okay, what if we got relevant superstar, David Copperfield, to make the
World Trade Center disappear? – Oh, I hate to be the
one to tell you this, but David Copperfield really
isn’t a big draw anymore. – You’re a cat. – And you’re a mouse. I think I know how this ends. (both laugh) – Well, let’s not waste each other’s time, and cut right to the chase. It was nice to meet you, uh? – Ralph Stilton. It was nice to meet you. May all your disasters
be this easy to avoid. – Hey girl, just checking up on that applicable content
you were working on. I’m doing a new
fully-immersive 3D spin class. Oh you know what? I’m just biking. – Do you love your character? I mean–
– Do I love Internal Affair’s director Sassy Malone, whose primary character
traits are that she hates bras and loves cold rooms? Not especially, it feels
gratuitous and male-gazey. – Judah! Can I get your John Wilkes Handcock? – Oh I never developed a signature. I find them unnecessarily ostentatious. But I can print my name legibly. – Thank you, Rain Man Bun. That’ll do nicely. – Vincent Adultman, how are
things at the old nine to five? – Good, I went to the stock market today. I did a business. – [Princess Carolyn] I keep
telling him he works too hard.

100 thoughts on “Best Side Characters in BoJack Horseman | Netflix

  1. All would’ve been forgiven if Erica was on here and got a six, but she isn’t and didn’t so I’m pissed about a lot of these rankings

  2. When I get to the best side characters in BoJack Horseman video, look me up! I won't be there, but my fans in the comments will!

  3. The popping noise on this video is super awesome and fun. It makes the video way hip and it also makes it more enjoyable to watch. Cool noise. Thanks for putting it in so much.

  4. for me the best side character has to be paige sinclair in season 6 i just love her vibe and every thing i wish her story was more shown in depth about her husband and why she talks like that and she's so old fashioned when her sister is not!

    flip the director was also amazing!
    Judah – glad we could see a bit of his story
    officer meow meow

    honorable mention to lenny turteltaub …raphael said if the show wasnt cancelled he would have done an episode with his backstory too, that would have been cool to see

  5. Please, how this shit works on little Bojack count? Why Charlotte a careful mother have 2 LB (little Bojack) and Flint a creep sexiest have 3???? (Sorry for my hurtful English)

  6. Calling Sarah Lynn a side character is insulting. Also for the people who ask where esteemed actress, fugitive of the law and ex-nun, character Margo Martindale is, haven't you realized that she's the actual protagonist yet?

  7. I feel like the was one of those cute side ideas that Netflix has been putting out, where they just have the idea, slap it together, randomize it, and publish it just for some quick extra marketing for these shows.

    But they don't realize how many of us have been scowering for breakdowns and interviews and any extra information that we can to fill the void this wonderful show has given us! We are going to take these rating and placements Seriously!

  8. So instead of listing the "best" side characters, or even ranking them, Netflix just vomited most of the characters into a video and gave them arbitrary scores.

  9. How does Netflix itself think that Sarah Lynn is a side character?!!? she was one of the main characters in all of the last season, particularly the penultimate episode.

  10. Excuse me, guys… But where's the most important side character on this list??? WHERE'S HENRY FONDLE? I can't take this seriously without him.

  11. my favorite ones are the sexy animal girls: Yolanda, Wanda and Stefani, the latter is a somewhat greedy and corrupt being, but with a cool style, about Yolanda i think that she still had a lot of potential to show, same with Wanda, aside new charming stories abouth both of them, and their lives.

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