Bitcoin Q&A: Aadhaar and blockchain identities

Bitcoin Q&A: Aadhaar and blockchain identities

[AUDIENCE] Andreas, I have just come from Mumbai. As you are aware, our country went through [demonetisation], in which 86% of the currency… was [no longer deemed legal tender] by the government. In that time, the interest in bitcoin has surged.
On Friday, I had a meeting where I had a chance… to discuss the digital identity platform called Aadhaar,
by which every Indian’s biometrics [are collected]. [We are given] a unique number and they
have a whole process of de-duplication. I had a chance to ask about how blockchain would
fit into this system, and he said, “No, not right now.” His opinion was that we already have database
systems for identity available if you need [them], and the blockchain would not play a large role in that,
so I just wanted your perspective on that [opinion]. [ANDREAS] For those who may have not heard the
details the question, India recently had demonetization. About 86% of the currency was
withdrawn with four hours notice. For some odd reason, interest in
bitcoin skyrocketed thereafter. India is also building an identity and biometric
management system called “Hack Me.” [AUDIENCE] Aadhaar. Oh, okay. [Laughter]
[ANDREAS] It is not called “Hack Me, Please”? It should be called “Hack Me.” Or “Bribe Me,
And I Will Make You Whoever You Want.” I can’t wait. I think the most important criteria for
systems like that is, everyone should be registered… including the politicians who voted for it,
and I hope they are the first people to be hacked. Then they will see why [such a system] is a bad idea. The fundamental problem with systems like [Aadhaar]
is the same problem with all systems we’re trying to fix. Whether it is stored on a database or
a blockchain that is really a database (but with better chances of [attracting] venture capital)
[the question is], is it centralized or decentralized? All the identity systems managed
by governments are centralized. They are the source of inequality, injustice,
misery, and corruption on a massive scale. And you can’t change that. [Applause]

12 thoughts on “Bitcoin Q&A: Aadhaar and blockchain identities

  1. So true!
    And anything decentralized will be attacked, infiltrated and possibly destroyed by government. The more centralized things are (such as chinese mining companies and bitcoin whales that can be located and threatened into sabotaging bitcoin) the more likely that the movement will be destroyed.

  2. I am from India…. and adhaar is really keeping every single record of human linked to that 12or14 digit number… somewhere it feels good from perspective of identification… but our privacy is really fucked up….. our govt also wants us to link everything with adhaar… our addresses , our banks…, our phone numbers… the adhaar technology is not based on blockchain and it can be hacked easily….. not long ago… adhaar details of millions of people were sold for about $2 or $3 per person …. Ignorant people don't know how these information Can be used for criminal purpose…. some people don't know anything about privacy…. but it's a real thing privacy is very important for us as an individual…. please everyone contribute and support decentralization…..coz soon there will be nothing like
    " terrorism " because " politics " will be the new word for terror… and we all will be controlled by stupid politicians and govt like a puppet !

  3. New technologies will always generate bubbles, because investors get excited more quickly than the technology can develop to keep up. However, after bubbles, the technology always catches up and the market recovers.

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    Και σ' ευχαριστώ πολύ για τις πληροφορίες

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