1. Gotta get more RWBY characters, must haves are complete Team JNPR, Qrow, Cinder, Merc, Emerald and Neo. Maybes are Adam, Sun, Penny, Raven and Winter. And it would make sense if the new faction would be Guilty Gear. I don't see any other license that ASW has besides Dragon Ball and I highly doubt that will be the new faction.

  2. So let’s break the game by bringing Merkava into it….. if you guys aren’t worried about him it means you never played under night lol

  3. To be honest I wish they would add more RWBY characters, but I guess making RWBY characters takes a lot of work for them to do since RWBY doesn't have a game like the rest of the franchises in this game. Although they could be making more RWBY characters that they have not announced yet since it would take a while to make them.

  4. Let down. where is Raven and Qrow, or team jnpr. Or Penny. Come on guys!!!!!! All new characters are from P4, Inbirth, or Blazblue. AND NONE FROM RWBY SERIOUSLY!!!???!??!??

  5. At the end, they mention that a new fate intertwines, hinting at a new seires from Arc being added.
    This correlates with the rumours of Kill la Kill being added, or by some miracle, a new Persona Arena game being added. (Potentially with persona 5 characters based off of the Pink, and rwby already had red.)
    Another reason for P5A being added is due to Arc saying that if Bbtag gets enough support, they'll consider making persona 5 arena or a rwby game.
    Kill la kill is less likely, due to it playing in the Naruto style, unlike the Blazblue, Persona, or Uni style.
    I have high hopes for the new cast, even if it isn't a new cast, like i would like.

  6. Pls just release Terumi, I will give you my money and sing your praises for all to hear, just please, please release Terumi so I can play him with Hazama <3

  7. Please please please for the love of god don't be senran kagura be Arcana heart or neptunia anything but senran kagura 😓😨💧

  8. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/mcleodgaming/images/9/95/Luigi_sprite_by_spid3y916-d7b52kg.png/revision/latest?cb=20141123134918
    McLeodGaming: Make a new sprite.
    Arc System Works: Ctrl CV

  9. It's starting to feel like RWBY is getting shafted in this deal. No new characters since launch and we're coming upon season 2 of DLC. Yeah, I know they have to be built from scratch, but how about using the time to add a character like Jaune, Qrow, Raven, Cinder, or Adam instead of adding a whole new series to the mix.

  10. it cant be senran kagura or neptunia the light purple color refers to melty blood if they wanted to guilty gear and others it should be the right color for it but melty light purple theme so im callinh melty on this one

  11. 5 days till They announce the fifth fate Lol, eventhough Asuka, and Yumi have been confirmed for switch butthey hinted at hyper dimension neptunia so…

  12. Season 2 Incoming
    Naoto Kurogane
    Makoto Yuki(Protagonist)
    Hibiki Kohaku
    Bang Shihigami
    And more
    Will join in 2019 or soon

  13. spolier alert: senran kagua in bbtag confirmed, i dont get why people are trying to ruin there chances by saying 'Senrsan Kagura in bbtag confirmed' but come on, you have to be patient or else no senran kagura in bbtag for u.

    spolier alert: senran kagura is in bbtag confirmed its offical. put them in game now.

  14. Day: Almost 6 months later, and still nothing aside from the 2019 announcement plus the mystery of the Pink Diamond continues. I am willing to bet that it is either Arcana Heart or Hyperdimension Neptunia given that both of them fit the theme of Pink perfectly since Senran Kagura fits more to being a Green Diamond than a Pink one.

  15. At 2:00 people were making rumors about Asuka and Yumi joining in BBTAG, but according there was a pink symbol and I might predict it might be Arcana Heart! Or Hyperdimension Neptunia! I mean. One of their color logos for them were pink and same goes with their background pictures it might match with the pink diamond.

  16. Which of you pedos want to see the 5th fate if CROSS TAG?

    Like= AH/ Neptunia
    Comment: Senran, Guilty Gears Melty Fate

  17. i hope the new fate is arcana heart & neptunia and not guilty gear cuz we are going to show that NEPTUNIA AND ARCANA HEART ARE THE better FRANCHISE ! and besides, i want both AH & NEPTUNIA to be in the game together.

  18. Everyone, (announced from the live stream) the 5th Fate, was Arcana Heart. (Poor Neptunia) And they announced there’s gonna be a sixth fate as well…

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