100 thoughts on “BLOOD SUGAR™ ❤️ PALETTE & LOVE SICK COLLECTION REVEAL | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

  1. I bought this and showed my mum who does not like makeup and she was obsessed, work of art was her exact words 💕

  2. I live in Australia so this palette is $75-$80 in the few AU retailers who sell them. 🙁 Still waiting for Morphe to open up in Melbourne! I love you Jeffree!!! <3

  3. I have honestly never been that much into makeup before. I would only ever wear it on special occasions. However I have now officially bought my first ever eye shadow palette and I cannot WAIT to learn and have some fun with it. The colours and shades look amazing and drop dead gorgeous. I am a HUGE fan of red anything, and the reds in here are mind blowing. Thank you for creating products like this, and for helping me open up to a whole new world.

  4. I didnt realize this but it would be really cool to see jeffree go into the skin care side of makeup. It would be so cool to see him make skincare.

  5. I love how JS took a moment to explain the difference between "pigments" and eyeshadow formulas. That truly shows he is very involved with creating the products for his customers and that he is very clear that it may potentially cause issues if you have a very sensitive eye area. That shows he is very responsible with informing consumers and as a CEO and brand owner, he covers his ass.


  7. I want to get this palette and the blue blood palette to do peoples eyeshadow. People would come to me so much because your palettes are SO BOMB!!! I want these so much.

    Yes, I want to be an entrepreneur so I always think of business ideas for stuff I see

  8. Still traumatized by being sent to the office at school when I was 12 because I was wearing red eye makeup 😓

  9. I think it'd be kind of cool if you were to donate some of the profits from this palette to JDRF since a lot of this palette pertains to diabetes. My fiance is a T1D and I kind of want this palette because it relates to something he's lived with since he was 4 years old. That and it will complement my skin tone.

  10. Jeffree: I’m really interested in the medical field, I always watch documentaries on Netflix…

    Me: Omg same!!!
    only watches greys anatomy lmao

  11. Love this pallet! So pigmented it’s just gorgeous!! I have all Denona pallets & the pallets I receive the most compliments are Jeffree Stars Androgeny & Blood Sugar… it def has a
    Summer sunset 🌅 vibe or Valentines Pink Red… your gorgeous Neutrals … I mean if you know how to use color … U can make any look with this…

  12. Can we just say that we're grateful that he charges like reasonable prices for his products even though he could charge a lot more because of the quality of his eye shadows and other products he makes and I'm so grateful that he's not super greedy and that for that is why I support and where his awesome makeup

  13. He's so passionate when he talks about his products. You can tell he's really involved and isn't just slapping his name on something and calling it a day.

  14. I know im way way fucking late on this pallette but i am so damn excited for mine to get here i love all the colors and i cant wait to play around with them and see how it turns out i already know i wont be dissapointed because every thing jeffree puts out is next level amazing!

  15. Sometimes i hate to read this comment section whos here after bla blah blah. Lord we will brag about anything. Omg ppl. Or teenagers nobody cares.

  16. Gorgeous palette love it. I would adore this one or blue blood. But am waiting for the conspiracy palatte. I dont wear make up but gonna start. Haha

  17. This is what the Too faced Gingerbread and Sweet Peach Palletes were going for but like done right and not bad and patchy.

  18. Jeffree Star your palette rocks bitch! I’m so saddened to hear what happened to you and I hope they get what they deserve tenfold. Anything makeup related and has your name involved is of quality and quantity more times than most. I am very mind fucked when it comes to how creative and passionate you are as a makeup mogul. May god continue to bless you, Nate and your families. Love you Jeffree!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. here after shane’s series omg i didn’t realize how good quality jeffree’s stuff was. i want blue blood and blood sugar now omg

  20. The Blood Sugar Palette is actually really nice! And if you need really vibrant colors, then this is perfect. Just be careful because it’s extremely pigmented and hard to get off. I work at my mom’s party business and when I need to dress as the Mad Hatter my coworker does my makeup and on my eyes is the blood sugar palette as well as another palette, she also uses it as a blush to my cheeks to add definition to my face. I went to wipe it off and when I looked everything was gone except the faded remains of the pink shade Cavity so because I was tired I shrugged and went to my bed for a nap. It came off a few days later but it was that pigmented.

  21. The time has come for a new pallett.
    I'm one of them people that only have one at a time, and this is the one!
    Legit 100% daily use able colours 💖💖💖

  22. As soon as I get a job, I'm gonna buy it alllllll!! It's soo affordable and awesome quality like work gurlllllllll😍😍
    Love ya❤️

  23. I finally bought ur amazing palette..jeffree u put so much effort into ur makeup..u are my idol..thank u so much

  24. This was the first video my sister showed me of jefree… now i have jefrees and shanes new palette it rocks ❤️💚🧡💜💙❣️💛

  25. I don’t wear makeup, I barely own makeup other than mascara. But I have never wanted an eyeshadow palette as much as this one

  26. Hew is here after the Shane dawson X jeffree star palit sold out…😘😇😊😇😃😀☺😊 I'm so proud of them

  27. All the Diabetics rise up. Diagnosed date 12.28.07

    Edit: it would be cool if he names one of the shades Hypo. but I guess 4 Diabetic named shades for a Blood Glucose eyeshadow Pallete is fine.

  28. Okay I just saw Shanes series and although I love the conspiracy set it is perfect! But I think this one is perfect more me 😍

  29. Literally goin back in time watching all your old reveals an seeing how far you came is amazing. I love this so much i cant wait to get my hands on my very first jsc palette love u 🖤🖤🖤

  30. I've bought so many eyeshadow palettes and nothing, absolutely nothing compares to this!!! It's absolutely beautiful. The pigment and quality is unbeatable.

  31. me, going in the comments and seeing “anyone watching this after blue blood?” or “lol i’m so late jawbreaker just launched” sis i’m watching this after conspiracy palette

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