Britain’s Homeless In Winter | Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

Britain’s Homeless In Winter | Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

I had two old women, surprisingly,
came over to me, gave me some money. They read my sign and said,
“To be honest, I don’t mind if you “do abuse drugs or alcohol.” And then gave me some money.
I was like, “OK, fair enough.” People just tend to leave
homeless people’s stuff alone, unless it’s, like,
another homeless person that doesn’t have a sleeping bag
or whatever, that’ll probably get nicked, but I could just get another one. Yeah, today’s been all right. I had a few weirdos come up
to me, though, like, asking me to go back
to their house and stuff. Er…one brought me a microwave
burger and then said, “Do you want to come back to mine?”
I was like, “No.” You all right? Can I have
a popcorn chicken and barbecue beans and a Fanta, please? Oh, that’s handy.
They didn’t give me a fork. Well, the other day when it was
raining I made £12.50. And I had to get tobacco, food for my other half, our sleeping bag was soaked, so we had to sleep with just
blankets, no sleeping bag. My other half don’t sit out,
it’s just me doing it. No-one really looks at men twice, whereas I’m a woman,
people feel sorry and more inclined to give me money. It’s not really very fair. HE RAPS He’s very good. Brighton’s full of some characters. SHE LAUGHS SHE LAUGHS Oh, my God! # Na-na-na-na. # Woo! See you, mate. All right,
see you. See you later. Have a lovely day.
You too, see you later. Let me throw one at you. All right, I can’t do it
with my left hand. Did you throw it? I did. I threw one, yeah, but I’m not going to throw too many
Jcos they’re fucking nice. Aw, it’s got black bits as well. Our landlord was illegally renting. He basically had loads of safety
issues he was meant to fix. He had someone living
in the cupboard. He had, like, loads of
people in, like, rooms. He even had a couple with a baby. And, yeah, the council took the
house back, basically. Yeah, we were called intentionally
homeless, unfortunately. It was awful. When it’s boring, we take the piss
out of each other. We like a lot of the same stuff, but we’re also
different enough to not, like, not, you know, not get bored
of each other. Do you love him? Yeah, course. I love him loads. I want to be with him to the end.
You know? Oh, that hit the lip, though… There’s people starving
in the world. I can change anything about me
and, you know, he’ll love me. Like, he’ll love the person inside. I never had that before. So you had a kid lifting the shutter
up and he was like, “What…” He was like, “What, what…” The times we have
done it outside, like… Like I said, when
we’ve a heavy sleep, I’ve woken up with this shutter
open and my bum to the window with loads of
people sitting in there. I don’t think they
would want it again. Maybe it’s just sex. People are just
funny about watching people… watching homeless people have sex in
the middle of the street, I suppose. Kiss? I bit your lip then.
SHE LAUGHS I’ll bite your lip. Come on in. Welcome
to my humble abode. That is another homeless guy’s
mess that I cleared out. And down here… a door… Oh, he’s in. To where we can get in.
This is my partner. Are you all right being on camera? Yeah. You’re on it now.
SHE LAUGHS We’ve got to sweep it up cos
the wind’s blown all the crap down. Do you want to come in? It’s a bit
dark and a little bit smelly. And, yeah, this is just… ..this was sort of all the crap
that was left in here, so we just pulled it all down to one
end to keep it sort of maintained, if you like. Nah, they’re all off. We had a… ..the beautiful tenant,
that was on the meth. Oh, is it Dil’s room? Yeah.
This is how he actually lived. He would sleep in that. It’s just as well you’ve got no
Smell-O-Vision, to be honest. So our room’s a bit more light,
so we might be able to see. Yeah. Excuse the mess, but… Wardrobe malfunction this morning. We’re quite lucky to
have this, really. Yeah, you can sleep here.
Cos you can lock the door, you don’t have to worry about
your stuff being stolen, someone hurting you in the night. You don’t have to worry, really. How long have you been here? This one. About three and
a half months? Yeah. And then… About three and
a half months, easy. Yeah, about, yeah. We were in
Addaction for about a month. Well, we were in… With a shelter
bit, weren’t we, in a tent? That was awful.
That was really scary. And before that, we was
in there for about a month. Then we were in a car park
for about three weeks. In a tent, wasn’t it?
It can be quite scary. Well, not… Probably not for you,
cos you’re a male, but… For a girl, yes. I found myself on
the train the other day. This lady was quite well-spoken.
I thought, “Aw, she’s quite posh.” And I thought, “Actually,
it’s not that she’s posh, “I’ve just been around
lots of scumbags.” You know, I know it sounds awful,
but, you know, it’s the difference. It’s like a totally different
life being homeless. CAT MEOWS
Oh, there he is. Oh. There he is. That’s Rudolph. Lovely. Lovely Rudolph. Our red-nosed
reindeer. Yeah, red nose. Mwah. How long have we been living here? For about…
Yeah, it’s about… Two weeks. Two weeks. In this place. The only… The only thing that keeps us warm is
each other’s body warmth. If we could be on our own…
Yeah.’s impossible to survive
in this kind of cold. What happened to your eye? Can you see that? So I was coming down, yeah. That hill. And I thought the
entrance to the tent was over here. So, I was trying to get in… And… And I… I crawled…
SHE LAUGHS I fell and crawled.
Somewhere here. Somewhere, yeah. Somewhere here.
So why were you evicted? Because of the arrears. I’ve tried to start
Universal Credit again. Just recently. And now
I’m waiting for decision. We will see. We lived there for 13 years. Yeah. We worked here for seven. Mm. Hm. You’re grumpy four-year-old. They can only re-home the cat,
but we don’t want that. And they told me, “Think with your
brain, not with your heart.” I’m thinking with both. He’s like a child to us. Yeah. We can’t leave him. We can’t leave him, no way. I’m going to die from heartache. SHE GROANS
I fucking hate you sometimes. You do make my life just
that little bit longer. That’s men for you, darling. Have you got a filter? When I first got homeless, I came straight to Brighton and
Cat and Ped were still here, so… Can I have the…?
Did you recognise me? Yeah. I recognise everyone
I know in the street. Shit, I have people walk past me on
the street every day that I don’t even know that come to check if I’m
OK because apparently I’ve spoken to them in the past.
What’s the plan for today? Er, we’re going to go to the lanes, sit out, try and make
£35 for a hotel. That’s it, really.
That’s what I do every day. I don’t have any
regulars in Brighton, but that’s cos
I don’t have a set spot. Everyone else has got set spots,
so they ask me to move when I’ve sat down. Right, I’ll see you later, Cat.
See you later, darling. See you later. See you
later, darling. Good luck. Kelly. Our lost a little girl. I think she just needs
a little bit of guidance, like, a little bit of help. Like a mum figure
sort of thing, you know, like, that is going to
point her in the right direction. KELLY HUMS I don’t think she’s got a lot
of family that she has a lot to do with. I’ve been on the street only
about six months now. It feels like forever, though. # Another head hangs lowly # Child is slowly taken # When the violence… # I want to be a jazz singer. Sometimes I get enough
money to go to, like, an all-you-can-eat buffet. That’s fun when that happens. # But you see
It’s not me… # My sister lived in
the same hostel as me and so did my brother
when they were younger. And they got treated pretty
much the same in there. My brother, he’s in prison
at the moment, till 2020. He’s got really bad mental health. I used to take drugs myself. A lot of drugs, actually. I think it’s just a bit of a circle. A lot of us come from
the care system as well. I guarantee you every single
homeless person’s been in care at one point. I went into
care when I was six. They came and actually took me
from school, social services, I didn’t even get to
say goodbye to my mum. They… I was in a cooking class and
they came in, drove me from Hastings to Ashford. I was only meant to be there three
days, which turned into three years, which then turned into
till I was 18. And now I’m on the street.
SHE LAUGHS For sleeping, I’ve realised it’s
about underneath you, not above you. Like, it was so cold
a couple of times, like, you haven’t wanted to get out
your sleeping bag so you, like, literally wet yourself, like,
thinking it would help, do you know what I mean? And you can’t just have a bit of
cardboard and a sleeping bag, it’s too cold, you know. My dad, I sort of stopped talking
to, like, when I was about, I don’t know…when
I was about eight years old. It’s pretty hard to explain about
my mum, to be honest, it’s…’s one of them, erm… It’s not a love-hate relationship. It’s more like she’s
like my sister. So… And I think cos she got put
out at a young age… erm… ..she thinks, you know, everything
should be done by yourself. I can’t go there for
help, basically. Unfortunately. Erm, it’s hard to talk
to her, basically. It’s always ended in argument, so… Next step – home, yeah,
I guess, basically. Or a job, really. Cos they all come in
hand-in-hand, really. Got to have a job to get
a home, a home to get a job. She says she’s not coming out. And Rudolph not coming out. Yeah, come here. Thank you so much. I can’t…I can’t even move. It gets, the pain was so bad,
honestly, honestly. It was so bad I couldn’t move. You should see her legs. No. Show me your leg. No. Show me your… No. Give… No. Show me your leg. No. She’s going through so much pain. Oh, and I think…
I think it’s my kidneys. I think it’s my kidneys. Diana, are you…
are you thankful to have, erm, someone like Greg? Yes, absolutely. Would you be able to do
this on your own? No. Never, never. No.
She’s going to die on her own. Mm-mm. Not on my own, no. Yeah. There he is. There he is. My boy. Diana have to see doctor first, and so we’re going to go to Seaview
to see doctor about her eye. And then I’m going to be busking at
the Co-op in St Leonards probably. We’ll see how it goes.
We’ll see where is empty spaces. We used to be on drugs. It took us to hit bottom to
realise what we need in life. Some people, some people just say,
“We don’t give a…” you know, and keep doing drugs. But we are not
like that. We are different. HE SINGS IN OWN LANGUAGE What did they say
about your nose and eyes? He can call me a taxi to go
to the doctor’s to have, erm… ..scan. Are people thinking that it
was Greg that did this to you? Yeah. Yeah. They say… They all say that’s me. I mean, we
argue, yeah, we arguing sometimes, but not to the point… Everybody knows we argue, but… But not to that point. SHE SIGHS Yeah, I’m always looking after her. I was bloody in the woods, innit?
Yes, well, sometimes I can be a little bit over the line, but not like that. No. No, no way. Oh, come on, darling. I love her. Ooh! I was in a relationship with
a partner who turned out to be… And I had my son, who’s seven. My partner turned out to
be very violent and basically stopped… The relationship obviously stopped. But for a safe way to do it, I had to put my son with
my sister to look after him, cos I was mentally just,
like, destroyed and I ended up losing
the accommodation with the pub and stuff, so I went through
to Worthing Churches, cos this is my local
connection area. Can you do wheelies? It’s not as hectic over here. The services are crap. But it’s not hectic, like, Brighton
lifestyle’s hectic anyway. Even though services aren’t
good out here, it’s safer to me to be out on the
streets in Worthing than Brighton, cos it’s bigger, there’s
more people out there. Is Lance there? Are you all right? How are you? How are you? Yeah. I’ve got
a bloody stinking cold. Really? Yeah. Is that a onesie?
Well, I’ve got a cold, too. Yeah, I told someone I was ill
and they brought me this. There you are. I’ve got some more. They’re for your blocked
nose and stuff. They helped me. Yeah? Yeah, I’ll give it to you like that. Yeah, OK, go on, then. Yeah. What are you…?
I’m going off in town with him. Yeah? And then I’ll give you
a ring when we’re heading back. Yeah. I’ll give you a call, come see
you before I head off. You’ve got my number? Yeah. I just
haven’t got your new one. Yeah. Do you know what I mean?
No, give me a hug. See you. Sorry. All right. All right. It’s all
right. I’ll see you later, babe. Yeah. Do you feel that you have
to protect Charlotte? Erm, I do and I don’t.
If ever the need arises, then of course I would protect her.
I will protect her at any point. But I don’t feel that
I need to, generally. She, like… I think she prides
herself on looking after herself and being quite independent,
you know, strong. Couple weeks ago I got beaten
up by two guys here. Like, gave me a black
eye, a fat lip, like… Bit of a bad tooth.
Then one of them was like, “You’re lucky you’re a girl.” I’m thinking, “What would you
have done if I was a guy?” You all right, mate?
You all right? You all right? Are you rolling one? It’s raining, it’s cold. I’m not well. Hopefully, we’re going
to rent a room out. We’ve saved about 100 and something and we’ve got about 150 more to go. Well, the landlord, he
didn’t mind about a deposit. We explained our situation and he
said he didn’t mind us paying it weekly rather than
monthly, be easier for us. Oh, bloody hell. Oh! We’re nearly at the end. I don’t think they’re
feeling very well. Bless them. It’s sad because… ..I don’t really feel for
the ones I don’t really know cos they’re not very nice to me. Charlotte and Lance have always been
nice and when I see them, like, not doing very well on a day
or something, it makes me sad. It’s £100 a week, so
I can shower and cook. I’m not going to miss this. I’m not talking to you. You drank two and half litres
of cider yourself. Look at yourself. Oh, my God. That looks good. How do you feel?
Well good. 100%. You look better. Looks well good, yeah.
Mwah. It does.

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