BTS J-HOPE Outro: EGO Meaning Explained: Lyrics and MV Breakdown and Analysis

17 thoughts on “BTS J-HOPE Outro: EGO Meaning Explained: Lyrics and MV Breakdown and Analysis

  1. 5 minutes in and im ooohing and ahhhing and saying 'F*** OF COURSE!!' to myself over and over again. mind kept being blown till the end, cant wait till the full album. You're the best. Thank you.

  2. thank you soo much for these, the way you express your opinions and how you explain your theories by relating them to Carl Jung's work is really clear. Its incredibly helpful!

  3. BOOKISH THEORIES GIRLLL! YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE DOING THIS LIKE FOREVERRRR BECAUSE I LOVE YOUR BRAINN AND ALL THE DETAILS THAT YOU SEE AND EXPLAINNN!! This was my reaction after watching this video that’s why it’s in capslock! I especially loveeeeee the bts explanation videosssss, every meme every theorie that you link and explain pfff! I’m going to stop now but you continue doing thissss🙏🏼💜

  4. I think BTS story lines has some gnostic symbolism. For the shadow, which is darkness, chaos, won't be destroyed,but gnostics believe that the darkness will someday be destroyed, or return to it's original form which was the light. The darkness derived from the light as a mistake/fallen.

  5. I had to repost my comment again because my browser crashed. This is all of what I wanted to say in that earlier comment I made and tried to edit.

    Thank you again for another well-informed analysis. You were right about Outro: Ego with J-Hope. 🤭🥺 Hoseok looks so adorable in this trailer ❤️ There's a lot going on in this video; I mean a lot of symbols in this Outro. Like that CGI Maze design. They also sampled sounds form their older tracks again, it sounds cool. Just a thought, the intro to Outro: Ego and their INTRO: 2 Cool 4 Skool always reminded me of the Fallout games with the narration lol

    I really like the melody and the flow of this Outro. The lyrics seem simple but there's a lot more to it. This trailer made me smile the whole time; Hoseok just lights the whole video, even with the sad/nostalgic sections ☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️
    You've explained everything really well and I love all of your video edits, especially the beginning of your videos where everyone is waving; in this case, J-Hope waving 🙂

    We have to give Big Hit and BTS credit for taking the time to do all this research and talk about everything before they come up with all of this. I watched a press conference for Map of The Soul: Persona a while back, and Namjoon said that he learned all of this from researching and he hasn't finished Map of the Soul by Jung. He said that he has a brief understanding of Jung’s concepts of persona and ego, but I think he understands a bit more than that. For Intro: Persona Namjoon talked about how we shape our true selves between the person we were born as and the person that we make ourselves into. The Intro: Persona started from the question “Who am I?” “Map of the Soul” is closer to a journey into your soul, exploring your identity and studying its components. Namjoon was curious about the components of his inner self. They’ll be addressing something about their driving force- – the power and shadow of that force and where it’ll take them. He said if your position gets higher, I think it’s the same as your shadow getting longer when you grow taller.

    In Map of the Soul: Persona "you’ll be able to feel the 7 different colors of BTS’ 7 members" (J-hope said this). I guess that it makes sense that they chose the title Map of the Soul: 7 for this new album. Also, you have to watch the Outro: Ego shooting, it's so cute, sweet and funny. Even though we have fears and hardships there is always hope ☀️

  6. Wow, amazing…I don't know how you do it, figure it all out, but you are amazing. You really have me thinking. Thank you💜

  7. I just had a thought. Does the album colors have anything to do with the feminine and masculine parts of our soul? I know why Map of Soul: Persona album cover has pink hues. I wonder if Map of The Soul: 7 will have blue hues for the album cover. I know the album on their channel is white with the 7 being dark blue.

  8. I feel like the intro, interlude, and outro were given to the perfect members to have them as their solos. Like RM=Real Me so like he tries to find himself. Suga has always been very open about his anxiety and darker parts of himself. J-Hope is always really joyful and seems to be very level headed.

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