Can My MBTI Personality Type Change?

Can My MBTI Personality Type Change?

hey Dan here and we have three ask ten
questions sent in from Darina actually sent in like six but I’m the little
bunch of using my free question policy if you ask me I’m gonna do one video for
each though and the first question is dear Dan can the MBTI which is the
myers-briggs Type Indicator myers-briggs being all this personality type II and
FB infe infj can that change over the years and this is something that’s asked
a lot and it’s debated a lot and my opinion in general is well my opinion is
that it cannot change but there’s a lot of things that can influence this and
influence why people think it’s changing and that’s what I want to cover here so
I’ve had coaching clients one-on-one clients tell me that they were an INTJ
and then through personal development work they evolved to be an ENFP and well
maybe that is possible what my hunch is more is that when we’re taking a test we
get influenced by what we believe is sort of the right answer or the right
way to look at life some personality types are more
susceptible to this and others so let’s say that you are an ENFP which tends to
be a type of personality that isn’t the most organized that is a little more
spontaneous but you grow up in a household where you know being organized
is really important and you were told that you should be organized and you’ve
been reading all these books about how successful people are organized and plan
ahead then maybe when you’re taking that test you’re going to unconsciously kind
of mark it in different ways that aren’t in indicative of how you would actually
act or you do actually act in a very organized fashion because that’s what
you feel you have to do but you’re constantly burning yourself out and like
using all your energy to do it so at your core you always say been an ENFP
but you might score as like a tea and a jay somewhere at the end there because
that’s just what you think you should be behaving like and it could have
influenced you similarly I think this happens with different like personal
development aspect if you go through all this Tony Robbins
and these different things that you can get told hey you know this is a good way
to think and it can temporarily change how you might score on a test more than
that though I think there is a level of a evolution we go through that on the
surface seems to change or type but it’s actually part of a natural evolution
that’s built into type psychology so I’ll use the example of an ENFP since
dureena is an ENFP is that over kind of different decades of our lives basically
we grow different aspects of our our ways of interacting with the world I’m
forgetting our functions this is it so generally through our I believe it is
teenage years I might be messing this up on the decade but initially we would
grow our n our intuitive function right which is how we interact with the world
how we kind of taken information so that’s the first thing that tends to
really mature and strengthen with an ENFP which explains a lot in terms of
kind of having all this like these different thoughts of the world and
understanding things and all that but at this point we haven’t grown our f
function which is for feeling which is part of empathy which is why probably is
teenagers enfps can be little assholes at least I was
so generally later on we will then grow our F function right which is to do with
empathy and feeling and all that and that’s why in theory in our 20s we then
develop a consciousness a consciousness conscience fuck yes that’s what we
develop and then we so this is part of the evolving and the next step after
that is developing our T function which is thinking and it’s our third function
so it’s the one one that we’re weaker in and then our fourth function is s which
is sensing which were the weakest in and that would be around very much the
physical world and that side of things now the the t function i think is really
interesting because I I feel accelerated my growth there so traditionally we
would develop our tea function through natural kind of maturity in our 30s some
people may never develop it and that’s where you meet some enfps who are in
their 50s and bouncing off the walls and totally have never held down a job other
people may develop it earlier I develop mine in kind of my 20s and I think a lot
of that was because of personal development work and starting a business
and failing at that business and going through a lot of stuff quickly so I kind
of condense 20 years of experience into you know seven or eight and I think that
accelerated that I also made some proactive choices to try to develop my
thinking so that I was making decisions more logically then then I previously
was so in this case say I developed this thinking function then if someone were
to look at me they would probably see the ENFP function but if they may also
look at it and see a different function like maybe it’s like an intp or maybe an
ENTJ in there at certain points if you look at my life it seems very organized
so you could and I can be very driven so it might come off as like an ENTJ it
types and things like that so if you’re looking at one type of people like
you’re looking say at an ENFP type and they seem to be quite different
different people that’s usually part of it there’s a whole bunch to it as well
that we’re all different people and we’re not we’re unique and whatever else
but also that we go through these developmental phases and and so that is
another area where I think could possibly influence your type changing
that would be my main point I don’t think in general types change there can
be things of course like traumatic events brain injury or taking like some
nice drugs or different things that can probably change a type and have some
serious changes in terms of how you’re wired and there’s things like that but I
would say for the vast majority of normalised situation
I don’t think tight changes I think we can evolve within our type and I think
that our circumstances can change which can also influence our behavior a lot in
terms of environment and and things like that so someone who’s maybe a very
disorganized always changing direction ENFP suddenly has a kid and is super
committed to being a great dad and providing for his family may then really
develop like his structure and drive and focus and all that in order to you know
succeed in that situation which on the outside might appear more like they
could change in tight but really it’s just an evolution within the type so
that is my very off-the-cuff answer that hopefully is useful or interesting to
you I will say in case it wasn’t obvious this is a topic that I haven’t read the
research on I don’t know if there is a lot of research on my answers really
based on my own experience with clients with people and just kind of theorizing
based on what I know about people and my respect as well thanks for watching keep
watching and we’ll get to the next two questions from dureena on the ass down
here Cheers

18 thoughts on “Can My MBTI Personality Type Change?

  1. Great video! I definitely agree with you- MBTI can't change. Someone might take a personality test at two different times in their life and get typed as 2 different personalities- that's what happened to me. But then I looked into function stacks and learned that I typed myself incorrectly- tests are subject to change of mood or whatever type of person you want to be, while reading through the function stack for the personality you think you might be will actually let you know if the test was right. I thought I was an ENFP because I always tested as one, but reading through how ENFP's process the world made me realize I'd been wrong all along because that's not how I operate! Turns out I'm an INFJ. I would love to see more INFJ videos on your channel by the way haha. If I can think of any relevant questions I'll definitely submit them 🙂 Oh and also, explanation for how we grow and mature, how we can seem like a different type, can be found in reading about your cognitive functions! Most of the time we lead with our first function and our third and fourth don't develop until later in life, which is another reason why we seem so different as we get older.

  2. Wow! That answers stuff!😯 I'm on Te development (29yo). My mom is ESTJ and my husband is ENTJ( who is developing his cognitive functions as we grow older). That's a fascinating observation!

  3. Right. Although it’s not just N F T S as an ENFP. It’s actually as extended is Ne – Fi – Te – Si. Those are the cognitive function stack of an ENFP. Extroverted intuition (Ne) is objectively looking at different possibilities to come to a conclusion about something and can a lot of times come up multiple answers.
    Introverted feeling (Fi) is being aware of or analyzing ones own feelings about things and basically what introversion and extroversion is in the functions is that introversion is about subjective thought and extroversion is about objective thought.
    And so then Extroverted thinking (Te) is about Objective logic, I’m still trying to understand that function more but I do know that that’s the general theme of it.
    Introverted sensing (Si) is about subjective experiences and will a lot of times relate the present moment to the past. But overall Si is really just about subjective experience about the environment. While Se is more objective in the sense that it’s actively paying attention to what’s in the environment and very in the moment usually. I’m honestly still trying to get a better understanding of those two but that’s the general idea as far as I know.

  4. Really enjoyed the video. You are a great speaker. Nice job!

    I do have one tiny bit of feedback, which is that I personally am confident that you are an ENFJ, simply based on my own assessments of type, observing cognitive function usage. In your case there are a lot of tell-tale signs of Fe and Ni. So, like you said, there may be a developmental phase where you (as self-identified ENFP) are appearing as ENFJ. However, I would think it's far more likely that your identification with ENFP was a developmental phase in the overarching configuration of your cognitive functions as ENFJ.

    I have many reasons for saying this, but I don't want to try to prove it, not least of which because it's already thin ice telling someone you don't think they are the type they identify with. At the same time, I thought it may be useful for you to get this feedback, so at the very least, if a number of people tell you this down the road then you may consider it as a data point.

  5. I disagree with what you said because I believe your MBTI can change throughout your life. Mainly since personality as well as views on life for a lot of individuals change as time goes by. Personality isn't something fixed from the moment you're born till you die.

  6. I disagree, i have changed SO MUCH in my life, even my principal cognitive function and so the way i see the world. We all have every function (like E/I S/N and so on, your type is based on wich you use the most and you CAN CHANGE THAT and thats true even for the cognitive function)

  7. First test im INFJ, second test im INFP, third test im ENFJ
    I think its possible that personality can change or atleast mindset
    Im not so smart, i cant really say.. but..
    Ive been thru alot and learn alot

  8. I believe that everyone has a capability of change because of experiences, I do not believe that mbti types are in born because it’s being stagnant. I used to be an INFP last year but then a lot happened and I feel like I changed including how I decide and all. I took the test last night carefully and turns out I am an INFJ. I was pretty shocked but that do I retake the test 3 times and again I am an INFJ. So I analyze what an INFJ is, then yes I am really an INFJ.

    Ps: I use to relate a lot about infp’s articles and facts but now it all changed.

    Experiences are a big role for change, I don’t believe everyone can be stagnant.

  9. I always take mbti test yearly, 2017 i got INTJ, 2018 i got INFP, then this year i got ENTJ

    I can't believe myself from introvert to extrovert 😂😂

  10. I was an INTP in college. Then INTJ after a few years. Currently INFJ and I think I’ll settle here coz I see a lot of incidents common to this personality.
    Your thoughts ? Pls share

  11. I would say it can be changed , as I experienced . I took MBTI test once in my first year of college and found out I was INTP , but after many ups and downs , in my final year I've taken one more time and it said I have ENFJ personality . Our emotional and direction change when we're in different environment

  12. Depends on your situation, what if your thrown into a war riddled with combat it's possible to see life different after that so extreme stress can

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