CareerExploreNW Engineering Technician Q&A

CareerExploreNW Engineering Technician Q&A

– My name’s Josh Newberg. I’m an Assembly Technician
with Pearson Packaging Systems in Spokane, Washington. As an Assembly Technician here
at Pearson Packaging Systems, we build automated machinery
for the packaging industry. I could work on subassemblies at the beginning of the project, or I could be the end of
the project where I’m doing quality control for a
machine that’s already built, putting programs in
the different devices, or even showing that
system to a customer before we ship it out. In a typical day, we
could be using a robot to fill a solution
for a customer. Whether that be taking in
placing product in a box, erecting cases, or sealing
cases down the line. I chose this career
path here with Pearson because they have an
outstandingly bright future, and it gives me a great
lifestyle for me and my family. I started as a base
level Assembly Technician building subassemblies
on the floor. I was then promoted to
doing quality control, where I test the machine and
get it ready for the customer before we ship it out. So here at Pearson
Packaging Systems, we create a machine that
either opens or erects or packs cases for the
customer’s specific need. Yes, here at Pearson we have
a lot of on-the-job training, whether it’s from our
mentors, my supervisor, or my co-workers, we transfer knowledge within
the company very well. Important personality
traits for this job would be on time, being
friendly, motivated, attention to detail
is absolutely a
highlight for this job. The highlight of my career
here at Pearson was in 2018. I was selected to lead the
assembly of a Pack Expo machine where I built a
dual robot machine, which we took to
a national show, in which we won an award
for doing something that had never been
done at a show. This job is very rewarding to
me because I am able to travel as an assembly technician, I’m able to go out and install
the equipment that I build, and see it all the way through. I use computers in
my everyday job. You don’t have to be a guru
to start here at Pearson, but you do need to know the basic functionality
of a computer. We use 3D models and prints
to help us build the machine. We use electrical drawings,
pneumatic CAD drawings, all to help us
build the machine. Math and science are a must. You must have basic skills
in either one of those. I use math on a
day-to-day basis. Whether it’s reading a tape
measure or calculating a number, you need to know how to do that. There’s a lot of
opportunities here at Pearson, and Pearson does promote
growth within the company. Since I’ve been here, I have
grown a lot here on the floor, but I have also been given
opportunities to learn and take on new tasks.

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