Celebrities donate time and money to Australia bush fire victims

12 thoughts on “Celebrities donate time and money to Australia bush fire victims

  1. Hey
    I request you to make a video with caption for how to give donations from other countries
    I'm from India
    And please make a full video by explaining in the laptop that how to donate.
    Australia needs help and so many of us wants to help but there are so many websites we don't know which is the verified website to donate?
    We want our money to go in safe hands
    Every single donation counts🙏
    I hope you'll reply soon and make a video and I'll try to share with so many people in all over India.

  2. …….The GREENS did this on purpose so they can point at it and say CLIMATE CHANGE. They murdered a BILLION animals….for more power.

  3. Worldwide people have been very, very generous with donations. I wonder if our X Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, a very wealthy man has donated at all.

  4. It IS heartbreaking to watch the devasting news from Australia these days. BUT giving donations to Australia is wrong. Australian politicians, that are elected by the Australian people, have been ignoring the climate scientists for decades and have supported and promoted the Australian fossile fuel industry, specifically the coal industry heavily. The coal industry, the politicians and tv stations like Sky news Australia have been lying for decades to the Australian people. Its a bit like the South Africa boycott many years ago. Only a financial boycot spoke the language needed for change. Donating to people hit by climate change extremes are a good thing if it are for people that have educated themselves, have acted on the knowledge and are changing thier ways. Donate to island nations that havent done anything wrong, like Vanuatu. They are going to loose their nation if countries like Australia, USA, China, Russia, Brasil dont act differently. Australia had 511 424 730 acres of agricultural land in 1968. Since then climate change has, bit by bit, made large areas impossible to grow anything on, WHILE the coal production in same period has gone up up up. Today Australia has only 371 837 000 acres of agricultural land. The coal lobby have more concentrated wealth and has been far better organised than the farmers…..They bribe, sorry lobby, better and they ensure well paid, do nothing jobs, for all the leading politicians that have been promoting the expansion of the coal industry against the knowledge they posses. SO PLEASE DONT donate to Australia. IF they change their destructive polititics and later get hit again, then you can donate, but the only way to get Australia to change their ways are the realisation that it costs more to treat the symptoms, like fires, than to cure the patient, namely closing the coal industry down and change into solar and wind power. Australia has SO much land and SO high temparatures and many solar hours. They are in a perfect position to a fast transition into going green electric and even maybe make hydrogen for exports to the new needed machine types that will need it.
    SUPPORT the innocent hit by climate change, DO NOT support the worst emitters. THEY need to change. Dont give money to the evil doers, give it to their casualties. Climate refugees from island nations that have to relocate may be the first to get any donations, not the emitters…they have to learn the lesson and change first.

  5. Wait the money going to Australia but what is going to do I’m confused but I get that we could help and volunteer but we’re the money going to do? Ps it just a question that I’m really wondering about

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