Celebrities in College : MacMohan Singh | TVF

Celebrities in College : MacMohan Singh | TVF

Turn on voice chatTurn on voice chat Look, Macmohan. I stole all this coal from the chemistry
lab for tonight’s hookah party. Look…
Smell it… It’s black and fantastic. We’ll have a lot of fun!
I’ve even ordered different flavors. Apple, Mango, Pan, Barfi Again? What is this, dude?!
You ruined the party! Suresh, the common wealth you took from
the college fund’s treasury to buy sports equipment, has such a weird bill. 5 lakhs for a carrom board,
10 lakhs for carrom and 20 lakhs!
Which carrom powder costs 20 lakhs? Sir, that’s not carrom powder. Why don’t you ask Macmohan? Mr. Macmohan, haven’t I told you
several times, about getting 1 Parle-G packet
with 1 cup of tea? But this friend of yours, Anil,
has taken 2 Parle-G packets! This is a 2 Parle-G scam! You know what he said when I asked him?
That Macmohan had told him to do that. Which is you!
You’re the student union president. Why don’t you say anything? Mr. Macmohan?! Macmohan, you’ve been the president
of the college union twice. But you’ve never spoken a word. Today’s your last day at college,
atleast say a few words today, won’t you? Speak, son.
Please speak. Speak. I… Macmohan is trying to say that we should
make our college great again. Just like Italy. All students will have parties
and best canteen food in the world. Pizza, pasta, girls, clothing, everything
will be…

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  1. Baat hai kaam karne ki.naki charendra rodi ji ki tarha cillane ki.aaur bjp khud law amend Kar Rahi hai ki koi agar legally 6 years India mein rahe to wo Indian citizen ho jata hai. to monia ji kya abhi bhi Italian hi hai.

    Akal Ka thoda istamal karein

  2. Mr. Manmohan Singh ek bhot ache economist the lekin Sonia n unhe India k liye na kuch bolna na krne diya..

  3. What is the use of his great knowledge, Cambridge and Oxford degrees if he was unable to use that knowledge for nations benefit. Instead such highly educated man remained silent and openly watched nations treasury being looted, inflation all time high, nation in fragile 5, country under big debt, zero benefit reaching poor, etc. Many people say that he is honest, very talented and feel sympathy for him but what is the use of it. Its not the matter to be emotional for him its the matter to see the reality. He was on PM post and it was his duty to safeguard national interest, prevent corruption, make economy stronger, have good policies, etc and not act on instruction of some foreigner woman. So please stop being emotional and see the reality.

  4. वो कैरम का पाउडर नही है । 😀😂😂😀😀😂😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😀😂😀😂😀😂😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😂😀😀😂😀😂😂😀😂😀😂

  5. Bhai tuna Jo video banya ha na. Kis Admi ka mazak udaya tuna.bahut galat Kia.

    Ma Dua kar ta hu ki bhagban tuja apna jiban ma kamyab kara.

  6. A worth reading statement….
    Victor Hugo once said, “no power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.” I suggest to this august House that the emergence of India as a major economic power in the world happens to be one such idea. Let the whole world hear it loud and clear. India is now wide awake. We shall prevail. We shall overcome.
    Manmohan Singh ji 1991 budget speech…..
    Inspiring words of a silent visionary man.
    Huge respect…

  7. Please respect our former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. He is living legend , the best economist in India. BJP people are underestimating him .

  8. Dr. sahab is a great human being and a tremendous economist..what he did for the country is beyond comparison..par madarchod congressiyo ne inki image kharab kardi

  9. 16 press conferences in 10 yrs, he knew where to speak and how much, he was accountable, he had real guts, not 56 inches chest for show off

  10. Man Mohan Singh was a great economist and he should have remained and retired with that tag. But congis made him bandar.

  11. Sir ….I respect u always…,live strong sir.,..ye mc chutitiya hai…,knowledge or degree ka koi madherchodo ko gyan nahi hai. Be bhodsadiwale ko samajh hoti na aaj modi nahi hota.,aap hote sir.

  12. Sir kuch bhi khai lo par economy toh Manmohan singh ko he samj at thi baki prime minister ko toh sirf sauch bharat samj ata hai aur wo wohi kar raha baki puri economy ko sauch kar ke

  13. Manmohan Singh is brilliant person….they control unstability in economy of India from 1975to1989…they solve many problems …….but Congress are ….currrrrrrrp…t…..

  14. Manmohan singh ji is best PM of India, history will be very grateful to him for leading country away from Economic Disasters

  15. Respect You Dr.Singh….
    We know 1991,2008 story… You saved India, by techtonic shift🙏
    I am very sad that His image was damaged by Few Congress leaders, including Sonia Madam

  16. Oye sardar laanat hai tere pe ek imaandaar sardar Ka mazak banata hai he was most intellectual PM of nation ever…

  17. Guyz u can also try Benedict Cumberbatch sherlock in college would be fun with his deductions🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍😍😍

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