Celebrities Play: Pie Face ! (Feat. Desmond, Romeo, Jeffrey, Hong Ling, Ying Ying and Edwin Goh)

Celebrities Play: Pie Face ! (Feat. Desmond, Romeo, Jeffrey, Hong Ling, Ying Ying and Edwin Goh)

The way you’re doing is suggestive Reset Okay let’s go I won’t lose This is set They set it This is set already, they set up for us All you have to do is just put the whip cream and Is there any secret tips I played it once before You have to hit 4 times consecutively Wait it’s slightly tilted NO IT’S NOT LOOK AT THIS No it’s not What is this you? Wow Someone sneaky 3 2 1 Go! Oh Shi*t Consecutively whack it 4 times Eh but I Eh eh eh it’s human reaction You’ll dodge when something approaches you YOU CAN’T AVOID IT! Still smells pretty good It does smells good It’s not a lot I should lump them all in the middle No because when it comes up It’s not like those Baam It hits you at once It’s still kind of gentle Get set 3 2 1 GO! YOU AVOIDED! YOU CAN’T DODGE IT! Yup It’s okay As long as she’s happy right I think I need a hand to press on my head Because I really will naturally avoid it I can’t help it This is really indeed a lump at you I could feel it Okay The last round let’s get it on Want another round? Last round Okay la last round I have a new strategy HAH Okay I’m ready Use our non master hand That’s more exciting Come Non master hand right I feel later I get excited I take a deep breathe and I breathe it like the shaving cream I want to win back my pride Okay okay I’ll give you back your pride Do you want to adjust a little more? Right right It’s a little unfair My left hand is really very very weak 3 2 1 GO So happy Dear audiences Let me teach you something Men Don’t always look to be victorious That’s honestly quite a lot Compared to the first Okay la It’s still pretty fun Wow What a cheater I’m sorry but Cause he was like Is there like any penalty now? Like if you remove your face Half way in the match Then you’ll get to You get to Okay never mind let’s start 3, 2, 1! Eh? It didn’t It didn’t touch my face Okay Oh my god I guess it’s a tie Someone keep saving me So it has been It has been fun Next time we’ll just put durian Yeah can we have a tournament? Yeah can we pick like a better player Normally The winner Will play with another new player If you rewind the second clip where I lost You could actually see my hands slowing down significantly Check that out! Okay I hope that the lies you say in the day Haunts you at night when you sleep That’s why I don’t sleep Love you guys so much

39 thoughts on “Celebrities Play: Pie Face ! (Feat. Desmond, Romeo, Jeffrey, Hong Ling, Ying Ying and Edwin Goh)

  1. Finally Romeo didn't escape. 😂😂
    This pie face challenge is more intense then the previous pie face challenge, more funny!

  2. What does their parents work as? Driver, open stall, factory worker, security guard, supervisor, a small cleark, manager, army officer or teacher😎😎😎😎😎😎

  3. Ying Ying is freaking adorable

    Also who else came here from watching TV ads? Nobody?


    You thought this comment is done? Think twice(hehe Tzuyu)

    Jk I won't do those weird stuff where pple say like 'scroll further! '


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