Celebrities Who Completely Killed Their Careers In Seconds

Celebrities Who Completely Killed Their Careers In Seconds

When it comes to stars, the brighter they
burn, the faster they fade away. Fame may not happen overnight, but it sure
can disappear that quickly. In the case of these celebs, one wrong decision
cost them their staying power in the spotlight — and sometimes even more than that. ​Troy Duffy The Boondocks Saints director Troy Duffy was
something of an instant legend thanks to the unusual way that his cult classic film came
about. So the story goes, he wrote the screenplay
on his breaks from tending bar, and sold it to Harvey Weinstein, who also offered to buy
the bar where Duffy worked and sign it over to him as part of the deal. That’s a sweet arrangement by any measure,
but Duffy blew it by getting into an argument with Ewan McGregor, whom Weinstein wanted
for the pic. “Harvey was sorta set on names, you know,
so I shot a screen test with my guys to try and convince him, and he was just kinda stuck
on the movie star thing.” After Weinstein dropped the film, Duffy accepted
a lesser deal that left him with no distribution rights, so when the film finally earned its
hype upon its DVD release, Duffy got nothing. Though the film’s underground success eventually
led to a sequel 10 years later, The Boondock Saints II barely made its money back at the
box office and was also viciously panned by critics. Perhaps the third installment of the film
series will mark a turnaround for the writer-director at long last. Sinead O’Connor Pop singer Sinead O’Connor found out the hard
way that going on the offensive against a religious figure is a good way to end a career. The singer appeared on Saturday Night Live
and tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II during her a cappella rendition of Bob Marley’s
“War.” But the sacrilegious act did more than just
get the bald-headed songstress booted from late night TV. O’Connor was also instantly reviled. At one demonstration, people threw their records,
tapes and CDs of O’Connor’s music into a pile and had them crushed by a steamroller. Her career never quite recovered, but she
has no regrets about her decision. “If it never did anything before or since
I… I would be happy. If that was all I ever did on Planet Earth
that’s what I would be.” Nowadays, O’Connor’s name only makes headlines
for salacious reasons, like when she engaged in a Twitter feud with Miley Cyrus. ​Oscar Pistorius This double-amputee Olympic sprinter was a
fan favorite. Known as “Blade Runner,” he became an international
sensation after his performance in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Though he failed to medal, his participation
in the games was not only historic, but the result of a five-year battle which overturned
a court ruling stating that his prosthetic legs gave him an unfair advantage. But everything changed within six months when
Pistorius was charged with the murder of his model/actress girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. She was shot and killed by Pistorius on Valentine’s
Day in 2013 while she was locked in the bathroom of his home. Pistorius claimed he thought she was an intruder,
but a jury didn’t buy his self-defense plea. He was convicted of manslaughter, and within
a year, a higher court reversed that to murder, which earned him a six year prison sentence
and an untimely end to a once-promising athletic career. Ray Rice NFL star Ray Rice ended his career in 2014
when he decided to physically assault his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, in an elevator
incident that was ultimately captured on video and distributed by TMZ. Rice and Palmer might have stayed together
after the incident, and even married shortly thereafter. But his team, the Baltimore Ravens, dropped
him from their roster immediately. The NFL also suspended him indefinitely, although
he successfully sued them and won a monetary settlement for wrongful termination and was
reinstated as a free agent. However, Rice remained unsigned after years
of begging any team to bring him on, even pledging to donate his salary to domestic
violence prevention organizations. “I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to give up on something I know
I’m really good at.” Elizabeth Berkley Showgirls director Paul Verhoeven did not
mince words when he took the blame for his movie ruining Elizabeth Berkley’s career. He told the New York Daily News, “Showgirls certainly ruined the career of
Elizabeth Berkley in a major way. It made my life more difficult, but not to
the degree it did Elizabeth’s. Hollywood turned their backs on her.” Verhoeven even attributed the “abruptness”
of Berkley’s performance to his direction. Berkley has also publicly acknowledged the
post-Showgirls destruction. “At the time it wasn’t really met with a lot
of support There was a lot of criticism and it was humiliating at the time and it… It hurt.” She’s since gone on to enjoy a stint on Dancing
with the Stars and a few small screen cameos, but her career has never been the same since. Maybe she should’ve taken notes from her Saved
by the Bell counterpart Jessie Spano, who would’ve never, ever signed on to a poorly
written stripper movie. “Five bucks.” “(Shreek!)” Mo’Nique Winning an Academy Award is usually a golden
ticket to A-list stardom, and with comedian Mo’Nique’s win for her powerful dramatic turn
in 2009’s Precious, it seemed like she was destined for that track. But the second she walked off that stage with
her trophy in hand, everything went sideways. She wouldn’t get another role for five years
until 2014’s Blackbird. Mo’Nique claimed she was told by director
Lee Daniels that she had been blackballed as a result of her husband’s aggressive salary
negotiation tactics. Incredulous, Mo’Nique went on to blast Daniels,
claiming she believed he was behind her career downfall, because she didn’t thank him in
her Oscar acceptance speech. “So no I was not blackballed, I was white balled. By some black d**** who had no balls.” This did nothing to get Mo’Nique back into
the good graces of the Hollywood elite, nor did her later doubling down on both Tyler
Perry and Oprah Winfrey, who she accused of conspiring against her. Mo’Nique’s career may have been unfairly pushed
into an early grave, but she’s been doing nothing but shoveling dirt onto it ever since. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  2. Elizabeth Berkley is doing just fine married to Greg Lauren (Ralph Lauren's nephw). He's a rich model/ actor and gets all the free polo attire they want!!!

  3. O'Connor completely regrets her decision and her life's downward spiral ever since is evidence of that and of extreme mental illness.

  4. I am a doctor in South Africa. When Reeva Steenkamp's autopsy was done I was at the same mortuary and swiftly popped in. The amount of damage oscar pistorius caused to her is impossible to explain and something that baffled my mind ever since even though I've seen numerous gruesome cases before.

  5. I never realised that Sinead O'Connor was a walking advert for B & Q , thats what she's got tatooed on her mug . B & Q is a store in the UK that sells lots of cheap shite . And apart from all that she's a fucking ugly piggy

  6. The act of vandalising their own property just strikes me as common stupid…

    You bought it and now are destroying it, only message you have sent is how low can you go… you already cause shit with imaginary friend fights, now you want to harm someone by buying their album and destroying it?…..

  7. Though that ray rice is cut perfectly to show him as the guilty party where the whole vid shows her striking first, him retaliating, backing away and she coming in for round two and him defending himself…

    Poor guy.

  8. You're late with Sinead O'Connor. She converted to Islam. Misogynistic, "peaceful" , anti-Semitic religion, homophobic religion. But not Christian. She's choosy in which religion is bad.

  9. Monique is a joke and should have never won an Oscar in the first place..she is not funny or a good actress #PATHETICBLACKS

  10. Ray…it’s over.
    Colin didn’t touch nobody…only took a knee…see what happen to him smh
    Colin should play.
    Fuck ray rice.

  11. Eluzabeth Berkley,Mo'nique two women who didn t have much of a career to start with,entitled little harpies…no one misses them.

  12. O'Connor had it right, though. She is still mocked, but she was courageous and right on the money about the Church.

  13. Elizabeth Berkeley is actually a good actress. Check out her performance on NYPD Blue. She was damn sexy in it too.

  14. We owe Sinead O'Connor a huge apology for she was spot on correct about the evil pedo-pope who's a major hypocrite criminal covering for sex orgies human trafficking pedophiles possibly murder human sacrifice and cannibalism so she was right.


  16. Elizabeth Berkley waz amazing in show girls she nailed that character and proved that she isnt just Jessie from saved by the bell i hate that she got so much negativity thrown her way im glad she embraces the movie and all the fans of the movie and her work if someone like jennifer till did the role they would have been fine so not fair

  17. Playing a stripper in the US can end someone's career.Strange the US has the biggest porn industry in the world but showing your tits in a mainstream movie is not done.Unbelievable

  18. Elizabeth Berkleys
    (Show girls)💃👯‍♀️
    Has always been a fucking awesome movie ! How absolutely ridiculous it ended her career wtf¿

  19. Monique is one rude selfish inconsiderate woman. She doesn’t deserve another chance. She’s a very mean and negative person.

  20. Good for Sinead. Fuck that predator-hugging organization and all the butt-hurt Christians. Perhaps a little context next time, you garbage "Top Who Gives a Shit" channel.

  21. Troy Duffy- 0:18
    Sinead O’Connor- 1:22
    Oscar Pistorius- 2:17
    Ray Rice- 3:13
    Elizabeth Berkley- 4:01
    Mo’ Nique- 4:59

  22. Shinade O'Conner hero…. The Title Father or Pope has tricked everyone into thinking Father Son and Holy Ghost are a name and trick you…..

  23. This is a good channel. One of its strengths is not blindly defending celebrities like other channels often do.
    Sinead O’Connnor is a phony. I am old enough to remember the Saturday Night Live stunt. There has been much rebranding about this incident. The truth is this: backfire on dumbassery.

  24. This scratches the surface. There are a great many Hollywood actors and actresses who are simply no longer marketable because they cannot keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics or religion. Many have stupidly thrown away their careers.

  25. I mean, religion is the most destructive, abusive cult, they get away with everything including kiddie fiddling, I dont see the issue ripping up a picture of the lead paedo

  26. Yes he got 6 years for murder , here you'll get 6 yrs just for thinking about it !! ….. Here in America , we like retribution , not rehabilitation …we're still living in the 19th century when it comes to a lot of issues .

  27. It's so fucked up O'Conner lost her career for protesting the church and their cover up of rampant sexual abuse of children by priest

  28. Monique lost her career because she wasn't that talented to begin with. She got lucky with one role than acted like she was Marlon Brando

  29. Ray Rice was hit by that woman several times before he retaliated. I'm sick to death of women getting a pass for what ruins a man's life.

  30. When you consider what girls went through with the nuns at certain Catholic young women's homes in Ireland O'Connor had been perfectly correct in publicly denouncing the Church for what it did to them but perhaps ripping up a photo of the pope might have been a step to far for American Catholics. A large number of these girls have now been exonerated and given apologies from the church for what they suffered.

  31. Sinead was demonstrating the Catholic Church before we were aware of the complete and utter lack of empathy they had for the many people who they physically,mentally and sexuality abused. She was right and I applaud her for having the guts to do that.

  32. Sinead O'connor Tore Up The Pic Of The Pope To Protest The Sexual Abuse Of Children By The Catholic Church In Ireland And As We Later Found Out All Over The World

  33. monnique see antonio brown or vice versa dont need psychic their future sometimes you need to just shutup and be acountable for your actions over emotioal idiots challege higher power see what happens

  34. Anyone who worship the "Pope" are being deceived. There is only one God and One savior that is Jesus Christ and only through him one is saved. You only have to talk to God and ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ NOT an antitrust who is the pope

  35. O'Connor is crazy BUT taking a stance against the evil delusion religion is very brave!! We need more people to do that and not act like they believe to get fans(who want fans dumb enough to buy into religion in the first place?)

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