Celebrities Who Jumped the Barricade and Attacked WWE Wrestlers

Celebrities Who Jumped the Barricade and Attacked WWE Wrestlers

– [Zach] Celebrities
have been squaring off against wrestlers for decades, but they don’t always
wait for the bell to ring to start the fight. These are several
incidents where celebrities jumped the barricade
and attacked wrestlers. Back in 2008, the undefeated
boxer, Floyd Mayweather, sat front row at a WWE show to support his friend, Rey Mysterio, but he got a little more
than he bargained for. Rey ended losing his match against Edge and the Rated R Superstar left
Mysterio pretty beaten up. Almost immediately after the contest, The Big Show made his return. To make a statement on
his first night back, the World’s Largest
Athlete wrapped his hand around the helpless Rey Mysterio and started shouting at Mayweather. Just before the giant could
hit Mysterio with a chokeslam, Floyd jumped into the ring
to save his masked friend. Big Show wasn’t fazed and started taunting the
boxer by shoving Floyd around and getting down onto his knees. Finally, Floyd Mayweather had enough and delivered some lighting fast punches before hightailing it out
of the arena with his crew. Furious, Big Show chased after Mayweather, knocking down anybody that got in his way. Thankfully, Shane McMahon was
there to calm the giant down. If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that if a WWE wrestler invites you to watch their match, you’re probably gonna end up getting involved. The three-time Super Bowl
champion, Rob Gronkowski, learned this at WrestleMania
33 when he sat front row to cheer on his real-life
friend, Mojo Rawley. Rawley was one of the 33 participants in the Andre the Giant
Memorial Battle Royal and held his own as the match wore on. Finally, there was just
three wrestlers left; Killian Dain, Jinder Mahal, and Mojo. The Modern-Day Maharaja sent
the former Hype Bro through the middle rope and continued
his assault on the outside. After he noticed Rob Gronkowski, Jinder Mahal started
taunting the football player by taking his drink and
throwing it back at his face. Not happy with Jinder’s attitude, Gronkowski decided to take
things into his own hands. He hopped over the barricade and after a brief moment
where one security guard thought it was real, the 6 1/2-foot New England Patriot entered the ring. He got into a running stance and when the moment was right, charged forward and sent
Jinder Mahal flying. Mojo took care of the rest and after winning the match,
the two celebrated in the ring. Going back to 2000, the
infamous David Arquette was sitting front row on
an episode of WCW Thunder to help promote the recently
released “Ready to Rumble”. The main event of the evening
was between Bam Bam Bigelow and Diamond Dallas Page, and this is when the
actor had to get involved. During the match, Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett interfered
and knocked out Page. Arquette came to his friend’s aid by getting on the top rope
and diving into Bischoff. Jeff Jarrett quickly
grabbed David Arquette and threw him over the top rope and proceeded to beat him
all around the ringside area. The Chosen One concluded his
attack by laying out the star of “Ready to Rumble”
with his finishing move. Ironically, just two weeks later, Arquette would win the WCW
World Heavyweight Championship. During Cody Rhodes’ run as Stardust, he got into some beef with the
Green Arrow, Stephen Amell. It began in May of 2015, when
Amell was sitting front row enjoying an episode of Raw. While Stardust was making his entrance, he spotted the actor and
got up close and personal. The Green Arrow scared
the Prince of Dark Matter away that time, but their next encounter wasn’t so peaceful. A little over two months later, Stephen Amell was once
again in attendance for Raw. Stardust ran into the ring and ambushed Neville,
who had just won a match. After the assault, The
Interdimensional Oddity took the opportunity to reintroduce himself to Stephen Amell, but this time decided to ruff him up a bit by shoving the superhero
down onto his seat. Amell didn’t take kindly to this and jumped the barricade
and tackled Stardust. Security broke it up just
as soon as the fight began, but Stephen Amell still managed
to get a few punches in. While Amell made an enemy that evening, he also made a friend in Neville. Floyd Mayweather and
Stephen Amell’s attacks were my favorites, but
which one were yours? Leave an answer in the comments and hit the video on
the right to check out the times superhero actors
attacked WWE wrestlers. I’m Zach from Tap Out
Corner and take it easy.

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  1. Gronks because the guy that took his drink and threw it at him got destroyed by grind and then him and the other guy celebrated

  2. Just like Mojo, the Patriots are an absolute joke.
    Jinder Mahal actually did the right thing were he attacks Gronk

  3. You mean celebrities were involved in the match by booking, not by jumping over the barricade. This channel man, clickbait wankers

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