Celebrity Juice S22E07 Christmas Special 2019

Celebrity Juice S22E07 Christmas Special 2019

Oh Santa Claus check out these Christmas
titles holy riding the Christmas tipper how
lovely new team captain man be going for a
Christmas Christmas metaphor which is how wonderful this television show is the Christmas special the only time of year well commence
levee juice Christmas special lets me have team captains first up is hold the
movie well on my right as it Christmas it
wouldn’t be Christmas without the whole family back together
it’s Patti McGinnis Joseph she’s Essex’s answer to the
Virgin Mary in Stacey Solomon hey let’s see our overseas taxes you’re
a Christmas cracker if Melby to my left he’s the man the myth the
legend its Gino de Cobo she is the og of tele dude like that like Cindy Lou from the Grinch and turn
around let’s see the back of your hand it’s beauty has gone into it I will say
it always starts really nice yes but these ends in tears sorry about the
first time you found out about the truth about father Christmas so me and my
brother said to my mom and my dad we don’t think Santa’s real so that’s not
that’s not the way that it is so me and my brother got fishing wire and set up a
full booby trap in his room for Santa and all we heard was clattering and it
was like fuck shit fucking everything went flying and my dad completely
stacked it just a had a very shit Christmas though no it’s been a over a year that you
haven’t been on the show it’s been a Hoover I yield because do you understand
we’re not all I’m trying to listen very very clearly because your accents very
thick I think it’s a beautiful accent it’s
very kind of like sexy isn’t it yay sexy AJ no sexy Gina what’s
Christmas lacking your gas in my household or balls in their pizza like a
mummy with the maid I celebrated because I have to fucking rat but you don’t like
Christmas I wish I were you tell us about you fashion statement that y’all
doing bandana on thirds what’s that about we’ve got picture of you here to
commercial these days well Gino to welcome you back and because it’s
Christmas I’ve got your present thank you that nobody’s camera five your Christmas message see
family all right merry merry merry Christmas whore whole
fucking home I mean a career after being a twats we’re after you’ve been seriously what
you mean up turn i traveling around the world yeah we were filming the new
Gordon and Fred American road trip picture of you guys together
there you are oh we’ve got a picture of you here drivin a donkey
there you are riding a donkey yeah these are bigger donkey than the usual kind of
sized donkey bar riding a bigger donkey call the horse you run as well yeah a little picture you riding a cock as well
if I look at this one babe let’s look at the background let’s zoom into the
background now seriously a gene are you now doing
the Italian version of beer cough are very similar but not it’s not the
version on but like do you guys do bacon in it law judging kicks and such yeah
yeah I want to see how good you have a point for you to say Mont you to judge
these kicks see I’ve got some lovely kicks that have been made here by my mum
lovely taste these and give me a critique on them I want to see what
you’d be like but do an Italian do it in English so we know margarine on top
it’s just margarine butter on top we saw no B to punch in the middle right you tried or not my mom made these come on the straggle
off my feet they travel come on presentation second big bites Paki now
justice oh my god what’s that Michael we’ve gotta put up with all those bookie it’s like the devil’s cock little baby
we missed you got some pictures that you have a look at this cutest baby in the
world look there’s another one pajamas stared at my baby
there he is dresses job what about joy a must be over the moon as well he’s got
someone to share his toys with so this is gonna be your first Christmas with
your new family yes yes I’m really excited I think Christmas you know me
start my favorite time of the year she loves getting pissed hey Siri booty
sputter beginning what’s a goodbye are you ready for
Christmas I am RAL I love Christmas can I just say
we’ve been on this shot so there’s a lot of ex captains on the shore this is like
the crème de la crème yeah why did you lose the job
top gear in what you get sucked I decide to resign as a captain bar works I was copied under four to three years stockings I just use your foreskin a big
wheel every one of those need a big wheelie no he’s peddling this myth that
I’ve got a very long foreskin oh that’s all right
sir we do the job got one parking oh yeah
huh one parking yes these coins since Wahpeton do you know what I like the
most about Christmas no what do you like the most is saying a
lot of things Kevin Kelly have you ever put all your hoodies at once into a
washing they’ve all got tangled up by the drawstring no well tell you what
I’ve combined those two things together to make a really lipid link as we play I’ve got Kelly and Holley here they’re
in their hoodies which have been tangled up in the wash and what’s happened is
some Christmas food has got stuck on the back in this game what you’ve got to do
is identify your opponent’s Christmas food whilst defending your arm and
you’re not allowed to exit the Christmas pudding okay yes yeah you got keep your
hands easy for the people at home this is what some Kelly’s this is what some
Holly’s Spanish accent No we nothing then Oh such a stupid salami is on the back of
Gino’s and this is what’s on the back of having what they love to win this a June
because you’re friendly funny character on the sound of the Spanish Christmas
klaxon Oh 2019 all nominated by you the British
public all you have to do is tell me who you think the British public voted for
there’s different categories and the first category is for Holly’s team and
the category is celebrity spots of the year okay the nominees are Justin Bieber
starting a fight with Tom Cruise on Twitter Justin Bieber started a fight
with Taylor Swift on Instagram Mel B and Jessie J after Mel called her overrated Coleen Rooney and Rebecca foul they all
the stories allegedly leaked to the press but who did the British public
vote for for the lemon of war its Copic Wailea Christie I mean just the name is
of course Rebecca Vaudreuil has denied it and claimed others have access to her
Instagram accounts I think the biggest one of the year
I think definitely by far is Colleen and Varde yeah as your final answer yeah
yeah okay I can tell you that the lemon award goes to a Christmas special tonight but she has
this little VT which stands for videotape have a look at this oh but you
know what I like the lifestyle like the clobber I like to choose like the facts
in all these days but who ever said anything about me you have a really
heavy period Mel’s team and the category of the year the nominees are Piers
Morgan for identifying at the penguin Jeff Collins for falling over again
Geno Sheffield D’Acampo for wearing bandannas
oh the Boris Johnson for being Boris Johnson Mel C who did the British public
vote for I think it’s Forrest I think I think we’re gonna say Boris
yes alright Boris can tell ya the winner old be lemon the wall
mm 19 days we know how busy Boris Johnson is
inventing facts for us to hire and such so it’s not here tonight but he did send
us this video message best moments of the year and the nominees are the game
of frogs finale the Spice Girls we’ll talk
the arrival of baby t-rex and drags for inventing the vegan sausage all
I think I saw a lot of spice I think it’s the Spice Girl
because it was epic it was big with the main box thanks guys yeah okay I can
tell you that the British public vaulted the arrival of baby t-rex Theseus here
and she did make the baby with her womb but she couldn’t have done it without
just wash unfortunately he couldn’t be here because he’s busy filming of ET for
this morning where you can pay your mortgage our winner an iPad or a mini
but we have got a genuine message from him
takeaway swash love you okay this is for Mel’s team and the
categories of the year John Barrowman Amanda Holden’s of Alderman’s
mcginnises British public board fall here is that your yeah yeah you know you
know happened he accidentally took a photo of his ass
by accident and that your own Instagram no you should have seen the bit a
cropped off the fruits yes our final answer is Amanda Holden Amanda Holden’s
are oh yeah well let’s see who woman lemon award for after the year the windows video receiving the award silly bill
florid let’s booming Bolton one Shelia will they tell you building K you
flat-out battered now be there for it I’m busy on top gear with Lynch off with
over fella anyway that’s Hotel pump up fish double pudding Mickey do and thus causing that router coming up after black I’ve been walking down the street and
seen a celebrity doing something that rhymes with their name like posh spice
with a head full of lice no I’ll tell you what let’s go down Christmas rhyming
stream and look out for celebrities doing something that rhymes with their
name then you have to bid for how many you fit you saw if you don’t gamble the
point will go to the upper team okay it is a red herring in there also yes Ravi
now okay that was the BT Holly’s team how
many do you think you spotted that I’m gonna say six strong six six melty can
you get seven oh you can pass it over to me if they don’t get all six yeah we’re
personnel passing it okay oh yes one truly piston honoree let’s have a look
yeah Ellen car chasing a star I thought a
look okay that’s correct yeah Colin Farrell singing in a car along yeah Liam
Payne in a cad cane well they’re home yes honey y’see mint advice have a look
there is Oh Mariah Carey do we have a look I think it was was it Bruce Willis with
Brussels sprouts let’s have a look round young bambino do you have a dream of
getting so many presents you could stack them up and climb up them like they were
Everest I was only allowed one present oh well tough shit since the Box Mountain sponsored by
boxes in association with Mount Everest first of all I’d like to say thanks to
our sponsors for sending us all that sweet cash and people gonna go live to
Mount Everest now hello can you hear me Patrick and Gina and this is the first
on Celebrity Juice at this stage in the game it’s very close this could be a
deciding point right here come on do you know do is get to the top of box
Mountain and get the box of our boxes the TCO box retrieve it you win a point
for your team that’s all you’ve got to do hey I’ve got a nice shirt on Oh Oh coming up the black Christmastime I don’t know about in your
house but in my house on Christmas we open a present on Christmas Eve oh my god oh my god a black came on the
lawn against Marlys what about Wayne oh shit we’re gonna go live to the quarry
down now things in the corridor all whole alone and scared little there Kevin for Malone in back here giving
some cookies and milk if I have to yeah you’ll go on the sound of the Christmas
Paxson why do I need to do this 13 point and go bloody find it Gino come on there
is no need for violence our the Sharia Santa’s grotto inside
everything man baby go ahead Santa Claus it’s very dark who’s that jumper is grumpy take off your shoes please take your
shoes after shows oh okay now why do I need to take my shoes off to find Kevin
this is stupid relax let tracks out like you did in the
movie this is impossible yes he’s a soldier this is poking fun at all Jeremih Oh this stupid this is bullshit
come on this is fucking bullshit let me mix fires I don’t like those
Kevin we got you some milk for your favor filthy animal it mouths did you hear of the idea that
I did it was the amazingly slick idea that I pitched the ITV it was called
what comes down the tube No well they loved it so much they want
me to try it out one more time but put a Christmas spin on it
ramp ilk for more jeopardy you wanna play it yeah yeah okay that you’re
wearing a poncho you must really want to play it please welcome – what calm down
Christmas Schubert us to play it’s Kelly Osbourne in clay underneath the tube there’s
gonna be a product coming down here you have to give me the identification of
that problem as it hits your face that’s easy isn’t it but not when you’re
blindfolded as we play what’s come down let’s miss shoe bang these are lovely
Gino in Italian what’s the Eden look you can come down easy
Christmas joke okay under the tube you can see this is normal if there’s a lot
bigger than we normally do in holidays yeah okay this is what’s gonna come down you guys if you’re playing along if
you’ve got some scaffolding in your living room
they say for a Hey good stash walk him down you’re on the right track
is it sweet or what is it holy I’m gonna give you a chance here to Anna point
yeah if you go up to stay say lick atop her face and tell me what it is
guano look out for face Mel Bay such a good job as team captain I’ve got
you a Christmas gift somebody’s gonna play on your behalf
please welcome our special guest you do as a Christmas party so far we’ll
come along and we want to get you join in ma’am
you know Bowers we like to get you joining in we’re lovely people by just
forget them inspire some yeah we’ll get mince pie afterwards you might down oh my he came for the party
shut your mouth Fabio tastes like fucking soil Wow is it soil this guy it’s not fucking
catch it the black box a puppy and Gino if they
keep each other under the mistletoe I don’t do this kind of stuff anymore anyway Holly what’s your butcher jerky
oh fuck it Cherie boot mouth team what’s your
father my name is Gina I am a prick fantastic
or question who’s the bigger prick Gina or this cactus I think the audience for us didn’t you
what did you say Gina Wow Holly and Phil saw Mary in this picture
Christmas pudding our cookie what surah Booch it’s because we’re sharing a
jumper no that’s incorrect off right to mouth team it’s because they’ve just
made out yes they’re fiddling with each other
under the jumpers let’s have a look yes I’m gonna go fiddle who’s happy about to
get off with hey oh come on he’s acting you’re at Jason Statham a lot no it’s
Gina Bobby and Gina if they keep each other under the mistletoe office party a
proper tongue I’d be team if you can name the worst
pop music video of all time my name is Gina and I lick the ass of
Gordon Ramsay fantastic whole thing I think it scar chance it might be one of
my videos who’s this cheeky Jesus look-alike ah give me a really nice compliment keeps
you really nice thanks I want you to remember you punish me thing is on this
morning so could be Holly and feeling let’s have a look shouts no that’s
incorrect it was no one nobody nobody can see me deep in Santa’s sack here
Christmas to write off your bats just get me
let’s have a look might be themed if you can make up a Christmas single now Jing
my balls Jing my boss please dodging my ball
and when Santa’s coming down talk with my wife the end of this week slippery Chuseok
Christmas special the winners of this Christmas Celebrity Juice special you

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  1. Probably right about the "virgin' Mary and Stacey.
    Stacey has how many kids to how many dads? And Mary obviously had more than old Joseph lol

  2. after a couple weeks of waiting finally you've come back with another CJ.
    thank you so much for this & i hope you have a good weekend.

  3. I still don't understand this show, or the premise, or anyone's accents except Mel B. Is this ripped off a Japanese show? Lol
    *Edit: i understand Gino better than anyone else hahaha

  4. Massive thanks to you mate!! Your work to upload has made 2019 bearable and enjoyable. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and may 2020 be stellar and lovely.

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    Also, Paddy's arse…..hell yeah. 😏

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